View Full Version : Black Hawk Down? "Ambush In Mogadishu" - PBS Doco - Propaganda?

04-20-2005, 02:14 AM
PBS documentary on the "Black Hawk Down" incident in Mogadishu. Some riveting stuff and first hand accounts of combat. Also a great deal of total bullshit. The book gives a fair account.

This is just a taste of doco but you'll get the drift of the subtle glorifying of the individual soldier.

"It's all about the man next to you"...yes it is, especially when you cant justify to yourself what you're fighting for. A great bit of brainwashing by the U.S army pioneered by the german army in WW2.

When you finally wake up that it's all crap...you'll keep fighting for the "man next to you"...

I spoke at length with a member of the Oz SAS back in 1999 on this subject. Friends of his in Delta Force were so disgusted by the ineptitude and cowardice of the Rangers that they swore never to go on operations again. After all the "hoo haa" and "get it on" bullshit they cried like babies when the recalcitrant natives shot back.

The actual movie by Ridley Scott was one of the most blatant pieces of Hollywood propaganda I have EVER seen. Conveniently released just as the 'War On Terror' was getting under way. Before this, when I saw "Saving Private Crapola" by Steven Spinberg I knew war was coming....and they say Hollywood isn't run by the Intelligence Services? Hollywood is obviously a complete owned and operated propaganda arm of the people who OWN the planet.

With the coming release of a wave of Alien invasion movies, I await the coming 'real life' Hollywood production of the event to keep us further distracted.