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12-27-2007, 09:55 PM
The world was created adam & eve got down on earth they hade children after them prophets came to tell the world how to live & who is god so came religion all the prophets told one religion but after the people did not beleave the prphets they tried to burn them prophet after prophet here is the story of jesus...

Jesus was born by a mother that has no father becouse no one wanted mary so god the creature who created the world in 7 days gave her a child magiclally but jews claim she had sex with god he spoke though he didn't breast fed yet it ws a miracle they gave him two plates one with fire & one with jewlery if jesus chose jewlery they would kill him if he chose fire they would think he is a normal boy. god led jesus hands to fire so that they do not kill him. but they still think he is the son of god after he got older & older he told people to beleave in god. but they refused they cried out loud he wants us to leave our gods. god sent a horse with s wing just like the company that makes movies (don't know name) so jesus flew away. luckely there was a replicant of jesus they went to him he says I'm not jesus leave me nooooo. but they didn't beleave him so you know the end of the story untill the cross. after the earth quake people sayd jesus is a god so they prayed to him thinking that he made the big sacrife so that they can have sex pork & wine with no sins they are free. there is no book of jesus now there is david & others but they aren't true but there are little facts in the bible about god creating the world in 7 days & that a man named :-o Ahmed(mohammed peace be upon him) will come.
so the summery is that mohammad came becouse jesus did not succeed in makeing the people beleave in god & pray to him so came mohammad.

muslims love all prophets becouse all are muslims they have one message one religion one god.
you christians make fun of jesus make characters make jokes saying that he is a player you say things muslims don't dare to say to a prophet but in your opinion you are saying it to a god!!! its like your cursing a god well I say to you see ya in hell hhh...

:-x I hope you see this topic usefull :-x
& it is not raisists muslims love christians & love jesus more than christians becouse they respect & don't make porn cartoons of him.