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01-19-2008, 04:41 AM
Hi, I'm a new poster.

My name is stompk because my nickname around these parts is Stomp, and K is my middle initial.

Stomp formed from racing BMX in the 80's, and it stuck all these years.

I've been posting on ATS (Above Top Secret) since early 2006, after I had a spiritual experience involving a homeless man.
The story about Bill. (http://www.steamboatstuff.com/Bill__the_homeless_man.html)

As I floated around ATS, I started reading some of the conspiracies. The deeper I got, the more conspiracy I found.

But I stumbled on the general giant conspiracy.

I will say this. The Freemasons are a part of that conspiracy, whether some know it or not.

And we are at the time of population reduction, which I will show proof of.

But I got banned from ATS for arguing with the Masons. There are several moderators who are Masons, and ATS purposely channels anti-mason threads to one area where all the Masons can pounce on them.

Then the "neutral moderator" Intrepid comes in and starts defending the Masons, when my simple question is, why are the Masons posting here, when this is a "Conspiracy Forum", and "secret societies"?

So here I am. I saw that you have a Freemason section, so I will be using that for sure.

But I will show how chemtrails are more important than you think.

And I support Ron Paul!

11-11-2008, 06:30 AM
No, I found out he is a freemason.


But thanks for that important question.