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A Study of the Origin of Certain Banking Practices, and of their effect on the events of Ancient History, written in the light of the Present Day.

The intellectual faculties however are not of themselves sufficient to produce external action; they require the aid of physical force, the direction and combination of which are wholly at the disposal of money, that mighty
spring by which the total force of human energies is set in motion.

Every conclusion arrived at as a result of study of the fragments of information available in respect to money and its creators in the world of the Ancient Civilizations, indicates the existence of a far reaching conspiracy in respect to monetary issuance influencing the progression of manís history in the earliest times of which written record exists. It is also outstandingly clear that it was parent to that acknowledged and most obvious conspiracy such as exists today.

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susie, who made you the wazoo of this forum ?
This and the Sealed Train post I placed here 4 years ago. Are you re-posting the old books section ?

David Astle (1916 - 2008) The Babylonian Woe Babiloni tok (http://www.yamaguchy.com/library/astle/astle_index.html)

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susie is the Maria Bartiromo of the financial conspiracy world. A true financial conspiracy babe if there was one.

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Oh, dear ! How could I have gotten this far without her.
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