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01-25-2008, 06:01 AM

In life, two types of manifestations exist: unchangeable or permanent, and changeable or not constant. By studying the human character, scientists find both manifestations in life. They know the reasons for these manifestations. At the same time, they also know the exact position of the centres related to these manifestations. For instance, the inner side of human fingers have some special flaps, special lines that hardly change. Sometimes these lines form a spiral, a snail shell-like figure, etc. By them, you can tell what the human character is. Criminology uses these lines to trace criminals. They take the fingerprints from the criminal’s thumb thus revealing his crime. Instead of a signature, people used their thumb-mark. This signature is more permanent than the one that is used today. The signature they use today might be falsified, but the thumb-mark – never.

As we talk about permanent and changeable things in life we mean the stability and the instability of things. The stability of things is due to the constant values, while the instability is due to the changing values. The stable, the constant value is a unit with which we measure things. We call this unit “law”. Each human thought, feeling, and deed that corresponds to this unit is good. If they do not correspond to it – they are not good. So, in life there exists a unit of measurement, with which things are being measured. It determines what is good and what is evil. Good is all that gives humans the conditions to grow; good is all that gives a full range to the human mind, so that it can develop. Good brings Light within the human mind. Good is what allows the human heart to reveal itself. Good brings Light within the human heart. The Light and the Heat that the Good brings within the human mind and heart are called the Light and heat of the Good. They manifest the objective side of life. When the Divine Light is missing – man makes mistakes. He cannot think rationally. When the Divine Light is missing – a person is always ill.

Many people want to be healthy, rich, and beautiful. The words health, wealth, and beauty are synonyms. The one, who is healthy, is at the same time rich and beautiful. But man can be healthy under certain conditions only. Consequently, a man may be healthy and rich only if there is clean air, clean food, and a hygienic home. If these basic conditions do not exist – he cannot be healthy. The truly healthy man is healthy from the point of view of his physique, mind, and heart. In order to be mentally healthy, man should have stable and positive thoughts and he should not to worry about trifles. Someone is worried by the thought that he will die. The fact that he is worried by the thought of death shows that he does not know what death is.

One of the anecdotes about Nastradin Hodja satirizes some people’s views about death and about the other world. One day, Nastradin Hodja went to the near-by forest to chop wood. He climbed a tree, stepped on a bough and began to chop it. During this time, a traveller saw Nastradin Hodja in the tree and told him: What are you doing here? – I am chopping wood. – Do you realize that as you cut the bough on which you are, you will fall on the ground? – This is none of your business. Nastradin Hodja continued his work, but as soon as he chopped the bough he fell on the ground with it. – Oh, my! It turned out as the traveller said. Since he knew when I would fall from the tree, then he should know when I am to die. Nastradin Hodja caught up with the traveller and told him: since you know so much, tell me when am I to die. – After three days. Nastradin Hodja got back to his home and told his wife: Do you know that in three days time I will die? His wife listened to him, but did not say anything. He took his pouch, took leave of his wife and children and went out of town to the foot of the near-by mountain. There, he dug himself a grave under a pear tree and laid down in it. From time to time pears fell from the tree – he ate them and thought: if this is death – it is not frightful - you lie under the pear tree and you eat pears. Two days passed. On the third day, he heard a loud noise. He raised his head to see what was going on. He saw several camel drivers with camels loaded with pottery. As they saw his head coming out from under the ground, the camel drivers become frightened and ran. As a result of this they broke many pots. Displeased by this, Nastradin Hodja was caught and cruelly beaten up. Then he came out from the grave and left. After he went home and saw his wife, he said: I returned from the other world. – What did you see there? – While the pears were falling and I was moistening my mouth with them, it was good. If this is the way to die, then there is nothing bad in death. But the situation worsened after the camel drivers came and thrashed me. It is not worth going to the other world.

The views of Nastradin Hodja about the other world are funny, but many people have similar views as well. As they encounter hardships in life, people start to look for a way to break free from them. If they cannot solve them properly, they seek the decision in death. So, various theories about death are being created. Some people say that death is an illusion; others say that death is a dream.

What is the dream itself? According to some people’s view, the dream is an illusion, while - according to other people - it is a prediction. Various theories exist about the dream, but in spite of all the theories there are cases when the person dreams something that really comes true. One of the Pharaohs in Egypt saw in his dream, seven fat cows came out from the river Nile, followed by seven lean cows and that the slim cows ate the fat ones. The Pharaoh gathered all the Egyptian men of Love, Wisdom, and Truth and all the dream interpreting men to interpret his dream for him, but no one could. Then the Pharaoh took Joseph out of the dungeon, so that he could interpret his dream. Joseph said: the seven fat cows represent seven fertile years, while the seven lean cows represent seven lean years of hunger. During these lean years, people will use the fruitful years’ yield. As he interpreted the dream, so it happened. There were seven fruitful years in Egypt, followed by seven lean years. If someone has a dream that a snake is chasing him, this means that he will soon meet a person whose character resembles the character of the snake and he will bring him some trouble. Through the dream, they warn him, so that he might know how to cope with this person.

A professor, who was a tamer, appeared in America years ago. He tamed bad horses that used to bite. There are horses that have bad characters. As man comes near them, they bite his nose and his ears and they kick wherever it comes. One day, a very bad horse was brought to the professor – no one dared to come near it. The professor managed to tame it in a very ingenious way. He ordered that beetroot should be boiled. After the beetroot was boiled, he took the horse. The moment the horse tried to bite him, he took a boiled beetroot out of the hot water and put it into the horse’s mouth. After he did this several times, the horse abandoned his habit of biting.

This is a method for taming that is negative, though – it is not a Divine one. They often apply this method to humans as well. There is one reasonable Divine area in life. In order to get there, man should live well. A prosperous life contains the conditions for an eternal life. If you do not want to die soon, you should live well. If you want to die sooner – you should not live well. Why should you live well? So that you will have a strong mind, heart, and will. In other words, you should do well, so that you can have bright thoughts, feelings, and deeds. A strong mind is known by its Light. A strong heart is known by its heat and by the stability of its feelings. Heat and the Light are creative forces. The human mind cannot be illuminated unless it has Light within itself. The human heart cannot be processed and cultivated unless it has heat within itself.

Contemporary scientists managed to decompose light in the seven colours that compose the first scale. These seven colours compose higher scales with the same, though more delicate colours. If a man concentrates his mind and isolates himself from all the outside impressions, concentrating in himself only, he will feel that he is sinking into a thick impenetrable darkness. After that, something begins to rise within him and he is within Light greater than physical light. This Light might be decomposed to the same seven colours as the physical one, but its nuances are softer and more pleasant. Coming out of your concentration, you will pass through the same dark zone again. All men who die pass through this dark area. Man might come out and go to this dark zone even without dying. If he does this consciously, he can get to the physical world again. If this happens unconsciously, a man thinks that he has died and that he cannot go back.

Soon, something special in America happened. A Hindu person used to put people to sleep with the help of suggestion and hypnosis. A young lady from the audience said that she did not believe in these things. The Hindu suggested that she to go to his room and let him do the experiment with her, so that he could convince her of the power of suggestion. He told her at what time she should come to his hotel room. She went to the hotel at the appointed time. The Hindu did the experiment with the young lady and put her to sleep, but he forgot to suggest to her the time to wake up. Due to an engagement he went out of the hotel for half an hour only, but a misfortune happened: he was run over by a car. Since the Hindu did not return to the hotel, the young lady remained there sleeping. The government announced a great reward for the one who could awaken her.

The law is: No one can release a person from the thought he has suggested to himself. As he knows this, he should be careful and not allow all kind of thoughts within his head. If someone lets into his mind the thought that he will not become a good man, he begins to believe in it and nobody can help him. Why should he let this thought enter though? Why does he not tolerate the thought that he might become a good man? Both thoughts are equally true. So, why does he not tolerate the positive thought that he might become a good man?

Remember: many of the thoughts that pass through your mind belong in fact to others. The thought that nothing can become of you belongs to others. God has created a man so that something might become of him. Each man has gifts and strengths he should develop. This is his civil law. Each one, who deprives people from this law, commits a crime. Each one, who deprives people from the right to do well – commits a crime. Consequently, when he lives well, a man does the Divine will. As long as he effects the Divine will he is healthy, strong, and rich.

Many of the contemporary people are ill. Why? They are ill because they do not know how to use the sunbeams. The Sun comprises all the medicines within itself. An illness does not exist that is not subordinated to the influence of the sunbeams. In order to heal himself, man should drive the sunbeams through certain prisms. These prisms might be physical, but they might also be mental as well. In order for the ill man to accept the sunshine, it should pass through the brains of several people like through a prism. The same thing happens also with the light that we receive from the Sun. The Sun’s energy passes through several transformers until it reaches our eyes as Light. So, the Light we receive from the Sun is refracted and reflected light – not straight. Due to this reason, we see things relatively – not absolutely. We do not see things as they are in real life.

The people we see around us are not the same. We have a relative concept about them as well. For instance, you meet a man, whose nose is 3 centimetres long and 2 centimetres wide, another one has a nose 4 centimetres long and 2.5 centimetres wide, and third one has a nose 5-6 centimetres long and 3 centimetres wide. These people have different characters. Their characters are defined by the length and width of the nose. This does not depend on the person himself. Many generations before him have worked for the creation of his nose. The length of the nose shows the development of the mind, while its width shows the development of the heart. So, the length of the nose is a barometer that shows the state of the mind; the width of the nose is a hygrometer that denotes the state of the heart.

Contemporary scientists gauge the atmospheric pressure by a barometer and the air humidity – by a hygrometer. When the pressure in both the barometer and the hygrometer rises – it will certainly rain. If the pressure in the hygrometer is not rising, but the pressure in the barometer is rising – wind will be blowing. As he observes the readings of the barometer and the hygrometer, one can tell even the slightest weather changes. If this can be done with outer gauges, it can be done even more easily and accurately by the human nose that is both a barometer and a hygrometer. These gauges cost a lot. The human nose also costs a lot, but man cannot appreciate it. There are many barometers within the human. For instance, the human knee is a good barometer for him. At even the slightest weather change the human feels some pain in his knee or in his joint. This pain determines that it will rain, snow, or hail. As soon as the weather starts to improve, the pain ceases. So, whenever you feel pain in your throat, leg, arm, or something else, you will know that your barometer notifies you. Thus you can become a prophet and you can forecast the weather. If you feel pain in your throat – the weather will break in one way; if you feel pain in your leg – it will break in another way, etc.

Contemporary people look for a way to break free from their barometers. Whatever they do, they will have some barometer within themselves, though. If they do not feel any pain, that is, if they do not have any barometer, then the pit of their stomach will play the role of the barometer. Being ill or healthy, they will have a certain barometer. For instance it was noticed that a certain correlation exists between the change in the weather and the human feelings. Without any reason, a man feels a pleasant feeling in the pit of his stomach. This shows that the weather will improve. Sometimes man gets up in the morning and sees that the weather is fine and bright, but he feels some heaviness in the pit of his stomach. He asks himself why he feels sad, he seeks the reason for this, but he understands nothing. Then several hours later the weather breaks. Then his sad disposition disappears. As a result of his dispositions, man arrives at the right psychological conclusions.

A family of six – a mother, a father, and four children describe their observations as regards the law of influence. They have noticed the following: if the father is indisposed on Monday, the mother is indisposed on Tuesday, the older brother – on Wednesday, the oldest sister – on Thursday, the little brother – on Friday, the little sister – on Saturday. On Sunday, all of them have a good disposition. The whole family is glad. As Monday comes, duty begins again. The father wonders what to do, so that he can avoid this duty. I tell him, that as soon as he notices a certain indisposition within himself, it would be better to take his rucksack and go for an excursion. In general, whenever man feels a certain indisposition, let him get down to work and harness his energy. The law says: when people love each other, they transfer to one another their mood and disposition. In this respect, man is a transmitter and receiver of energies. When a certain resemblance exists between two people, they mutually transmit their thoughts and feelings: whatever one of them thinks – the other will receive; whatever one of them feels – will be felt by the other. If one of them is indisposed, he will transmit his indisposition to the other. As he knows this, a man should look for the reason for his bad disposition. As he finds out the reason for the bad disposition, he will be able to break free from it easily. In this way man can easily cope with his problems.

The future hygiene requires people with developed feelings to know internally what food they should use and where they should take it. If something from the inside tells you not to eat some food, or not to go to a certain restaurant, listen to this voice. If you do not listen to it, and go instead to a restaurant in which you are forbidden to enter, you will feel a great disposition. Listen to your inner feeling that each time shows you what to eat, where to go, with whom to make friends, etc. There are restaurant-keepers that do not put good energy into the meals. If you eat their food you will certainly feel disordered. This law can be applied everywhere in life. If you go to the shop to buy something, listen to your inner feeling to see if you feel a good inner disposition towards the man from whom you are buying. If you make friends with someone, apply the same law. Make friends with people, towards whom you feel a good disposition. If you meet a man, who causes some internal contradiction within you, do not make friends with him. If he does not bring any contradiction within you and you have a good disposition towards him, make friends with him and do not be afraid. This man will remain true to you for your whole life. Consequently, do not make friends with the one, who causes a tightening in your heart and a contradiction within your mind. Do not ask why it is so and do not try to strain yourself and to overcome this feeling. If you sow wheat in the sand of the desert what will you get? No matter how much you plough the sandy soil, the wheat will not grow in it. If you want to get any harvest, plant it into black earth. The black earth has been processed for thousands of years in order to improve the conditions for good wheat growing.

Contemporary people have come to the law of harmony in life and say that everything should rest on this law. If you expect friendship between two people, see if they are in harmony with each other. If you like to listen to some music, see if your growth is in harmony with your disposition. When he creates, the musician applies the law of harmony of the tones. If two or more tones do not harmonize with one another, he does not combine them and does not make any chords from them. No matter whether you sing, play, or talk – you should observe the law of harmony everywhere. Without harmony, life loses its meaning. But no matter how much he strives towards harmony, a man cannot absolutely avoid disharmony. Bad people are nothing but disharmonic tones. If you cannot avoid the disharmonic tones, that are – the bad people, - you should know where to put them. As regards the good people, - they are tones from other scales, that have nothing to do with them. As soon as you meet a bad person – leave him alone and do not make friends with him. Some young man falls in love with a stubborn young lady and thinks that he will reform her character and that he will tune her to the scale in which he himself sings and plays. The stubbornness, though, is a disharmonic tone in life, for which a special scale is required. Have you tried to transform the disharmonic scale into a harmonic one, so that you can see how this transformation is to be done?

A Bulgarian suffered because his wife was very stubborn. No matter what he told her, she always used to put the cart before the horse. One day, while she pulled water up from the well he told her – mind not to fall in the well. She intentionally jumped into the well and never came out. The man started to cry for his wife, because she had left him alone with several children. But half an hour later he saw a Devil coming out of the well – the Devil had become all white. – Where are you going? Why are you running away? – Oh, dear, an hour ago a woman fell into the well and I had much to endure at her hands – my hair turned grey. As the man heard that even the devil ran away from his wife, the man said to himself: I’ll begin to heal people. As even the Devil runs away from my wife, then the illnesses will also run away from her. He began to heal people. As he entered someone’s home, he sat near the sick person and told him quietly: My wife is coming! On hearing these words, the illness left the sick person. Such a man soon improved his life.

What does “to become white” mean? The colour white is healthy – it is the colour of generosity. While the human hair is black this means, that he is constantly gathering everything within himself only. As soon as his hair grows white, he stops sparing himself. Many people think that after his hair grows white, the person becomes impoverished. No, people with white hair are in fact very rich. They are just beginning to give out. The people with black hair begin to grow rich, but until their hair becomes completely white, they cannot be called rich. The people with black hair are impatient and short-tempered. They spend a lot of energy in vain. The men with white hair are very gentle. They do not spend their energy in vain, because they know that it is hard to acquire this energy. Consequently, in order for a man to become wiser, his hair should grow white. The black colour of the hair shows a state of reception and rest. The one who wants to get rest should wear a black colour. For this reason, the night was created. Some people consider black as a bringer of misfortune and evil. But black has merit as well. When he wants to rest and receive fewer impressions, man seeks the night. As man receives many impressions and has many desires, his hair grows white as a result of many troubles and worries. The hair of such a man grows white untimely - his hair grows white before he gets wiser. This shows that not everyone with white hair is wise, and not everyone with black hair is bad.

So, as disciples, observe the following law: appreciate the Divine within yourself – your mind, heart, will, soul, and Spirit. As long as he appreciates his mind, man will apply it all throughout his life. Through his mind he can transform his negative thoughts, feelings, and deeds into positive ones. The one, who cannot transform his negative deeds into positive ones, does not understand anything of higher mathematics.

At a sanatorium in South America there were two paralyzed men who had stayed there for 20 years. Finally, the doctors announced them incurable. In the area where the sanatorium was, there were great snakes, though. One day one of these snakes – a boa - left the place where it lived and left for the hospital to show its heroism. The people tried to catch it, but it hid in the room where the two paralyzed men were. As they saw the boa in their room, the two paralyzed man jumped from their beds and ran out of the hospital. As they saw, that they could stand on their legs, they thanked the boa, that it had entered the hospital and scared them and thus helped them understand that they were healthy.

So, as he finds himself in front of great contradictions and troubles, man should know that they are nothing but goods. In times of difficulties, man concentrates. Through suffering man learns and sees that everything in life is advisable. There is nothing inadvisable. When you say that some man is stupid, while another one is wise, - these are relative assessments. In Nature, even the fool has some important function. Who can say that the existence of the Niagara Falls is inexpedient? Falling from a great distance, the water of the Niagara Falls makes a channel within the ground, but it is used for reasonable purposes. For instance, the Americans have made many channels through which they drive a part of the water of these falls. Today, they are lightened by the energy of these channels.

Many people have visited the Niagara Falls and various stories are told about their visits. Two young Americans visited the Niagara Falls and settled in one of the near-by hotels where they ate and drank well. As they got drunk, they decided to row by a boat in one of the channels. The boat hit one of the cliffs, though, and smashed. One of them remained on the smashed boat and the water flow dragged him downwards. The other one jumped on the cliff, where he remained for a while. The water was falling with a roar; the people stood on the shore and did not know how to help the young man. Suddenly, one of them suggested the idea of throwing a rope onto the cliff. They threw a metallic rope onto the cliff, by which the young man managed to cross the waterfall.

Another American also tried to test the mighty power of the Niagara Falls as well. For this purpose he bought a butt and tarred it well both from the inside and outside. After that, he wrapped the butt with a waterproof fabric, entered inside it and went with the water stream. After a long swaying in the water, the American reached the bank of the channel and after he came out of the butt he said: I wouldn’t enter a butt to measure the might of the Niagara Falls again even if they give me the whole world.

Contemporary people, due to misunderstanding the Divine laws, subject themselves to useless suffering – like these Americans. There is suffering that is useful, but there also is useless, artificially created suffering - that is not useful. As he comes across this suffering, man should avoid it. In order to avoid useless suffering, man should have a bright mind. Many people think that there aren’t beings wiser than the humans on Earth. In fact, there are intelligent beings not only in the Solar system, but in the other systems as well. The beings that inhabit the other systems are more intelligent even than the beings that inhabit the solar system. You might say: How do you know this? Imagine that among one hundred people there is one whose eyes are opened and who sees everything. He sees marvellous things around himself and talks about them. How he can see these things? He can see them with his eyes. He has eyes and sees, while the others do not see anything. They also have eyes, but their eyes are not opened yet. One day, as their eyes open they will see these things as well. Everything lies in the ability to see. There was a time, when people saw just three colours, then four, five, six, while today they can see seven colours. A day will come, when they will see more colours in comparison with the colours they see today. They will be able to see within the ultra-violet and infrared spectre of the light.

Everyone knows that besides physical food, man also absorbs special Light that is yet to be studied by humans. Not knowing about this Light, man has already felt its influence. For instance, a student tries to solve a difficult task, but it is dark in his mind and he cannot solve it. He thinks over it for a long time until finally some Light penetrates his mind and he manages to solve it. So, there is Light in the world that solves all the difficulties. Unless this Light penetrates the human minds, people will continue to live in darkness and – not wanting this – will clash with one another and will wonder what the reason is for these clashes. It is very simple. The reason for the collisions among people is the inner darkness that exists within their minds.

Now I mean the culture that does not bring Light to humanity. Only the Love and Light that the new culture brings can clarify things. As Light enters a home, it teaches people how to live like brothers. A home where this Light does not penetrate is doomed to discord and disagreements. Today there is discord everywhere – in every home and society.

Contemporary people form societies and they build towns and villages – like you, who are here on the mountain. Why do people gather together? They do it for two reasons: for good or for bad. You, too, have gathered here for good or for bad. As you see, the question was easily solved. There is not any other solution. If something is good – it is good in every case and if something is bad – it is in all cases bad. But the task of a man is to turn the evil into good. Everyone should study the forces of evil, so that they might know how to transform them, because they are Divine, too. Here, contemporary people take some poison in a homeopathic dose and heal certain illnesses with it. In this case, poison represents evil. Man should know what dose he should use from evil before he can use it. You should also understand evil as a creative force in the world – not only as they understand it today. The one, who does not understand the laws of evil, turns into ash – he gets destroyed. That is why Christ has said: “Do not resist evil.” In other words: Do not fight with evil. The one, who has tried to fight evil, has signed his sentence himself. No man has defeated the evil yet.

The only force that can defeat evil is the Divine Love. Remember, that God is among you and that He lives within you, within the soul of each person. As you know this, thank God for the life, mind, heart, Spirit, and soul that He has given to you. If you want to be happy, listen to His voice. The Sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the waters are running, the Earth gives its fruit, the mothers are giving birth to children, the fathers raise their children, because God ordained so. Things happen as He says. He is called the Father of all. All should observe His laws and love Him. I do not say how you should love Him. Love God in your own way: trust God in your own way and you will not be far from Truth. If you do not love your mother, father, brother, and sister and if you do not trust them, then how can you love others and trust them? If you do not love the people that are your relatives, you will not be able to love others, too. Have sacred feelings first towards your father, mother, brother, sister, so that you can have the same feelings towards the people that surround you as well. In this way only, you will be able to reach the new culture that will unite everyone.

The task of each man is to know his name and place within the whole – like the Jews - they were 12 tribes and each tribe knew what part of the tabernacle it carried. As they stopped to get rest, they joined the parts of the whole tabernacle, so that they could honour and thank God. Today each man says: I bear the Divine within myself. You do bear part of the Divine. One day, as all the persons gather at one place and each of them brings his part, they will form the new tabernacle in which everyone will worship God in Spirit and Truth. The law of Love will be the law of agreement. This law should be put into practice this year. If you do not put it into practice this very year, you will have to wait till 1999 and then you will have to begin anew.

Remember, that the future is for the wise, good, and strong people. If you do not believe in what I am telling you now, one day you will believe and see that what I was telling you is a hundred percent true. All the people, families, societies, and nations that are wise, good, and strong, will have God’s blessing. This starts from the present year. Whether my words are true, or not will see both those, who serve God and those, who do not serve Him. For a maximum of ten years from now everyone will be able to check the veracity of my words. God has already put into action the law of Love and those who do not obey this law will feel the consequences of their disobedience. As you reach this law, there will be only one way to continue.

Contemporary people stand before a bright future. Everything bad will disappear. The Earth will drastically change – the Moon will change with it too. God has prepared a new world and new opportunities for those who love Him. As I observe the present people I see that they eke out their living. They go from house to house and beg. In fact, they are royal princes, but they have forgotten this. Which person is a royal prince? The one, who serves Love, Wisdom, and Truth, is a royal prince. The one, who serves Life, Knowledge, and Light, is a royal prince. The royal prince serves Freedom as well.

Now I wish you to be royal princes, to be like brothers. Namely this requires God from all the people. The one, who loves Life, Knowledge, Light, and Freedom, is a brother; as for himself, so for the others. The music of the future will make the dead men come back to life. The paintings of the future artists will make the dead men come back to life, too. The statues of the future sculptures will resurrect people. In order that the ill person can recover, it will be enough for the future doctor to pass by his house. If the beautiful young men and women of the future pass by the house of people who quarrel, they will immediately make peace. The New people – the people of the future culture – will bring Love, joy, and fun everywhere.

The people of the future will be distinguished by great poverty and ignorance. They will be deficient in vices, but rich in virtues. They will not be aware what lies, theft, and violence mean and the Earth will turn into a heavenly garden. The people will meet like brothers, with Love. They will not talk much. They will understand each other with one word only. What is the strongest word? In Bulgarian, the strongest and the richest in content is the word “goodness”. No bifurcation exists in this word. Goodness is a Divine feature.

I wish that all of you were kind. I wish that all the Bulgarians were kind. The heat of the word “goodness” is high. It amounts to 35 million degrees. Wherever goodness passes – all the contradictions melt. Goodness comprises everything within itself. Goodness excludes all the weaknesses. The kind person is rational, good, and strong. He is both a master and a servant. He is the best, the wisest, the strongest master and servant.

I wish you to be kind servants and masters.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on August 6, 10 a.m.