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04-25-2005, 07:27 PM

Subject: Your Driver's License

This is upsetting, thought I should pass it along. Check your
driver's license... Now you can see anyone's Driver's License on the
Internet, including your own! I just searched for mine and there it
was...picture and all! Thanks Homeland Security! Privacy, where is our
right to it?

I definitely removed mine, I suggest you all do the same..... Go

to the web site and check it out. Just enter your name, City and state
to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen,
click the box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public
viewing, but Not from law enforcement.


04-26-2005, 10:15 AM
Two years ago our local newspeople had mentioned this: you CAN remove your driver's license info.
I did.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, with anyone wanting to look into your background...all they have to do is take down your license plate and your name (if they know it) and ask a local private investigator (for only $29.99) to get this done. And get this!! Wallah!!! What appears?? Your name, followed by your Social Security Number!!!!!!!! That's right!!
And All Your Previous Address, along with ALL the neighbors that lived next or near you!!

I've done two of these background checks myself on two suspicious people in our neighborhood a few years ago after I came home early and found one of them roaming through the back end of my backyard which at one time was a 'through' for the sanitation truck. Which no longer is. And is very well known that this is private property. (Plus, someone walked through my home by prying open the aluminum screen back door, plus someone used my address to receive mail.)

Plus there were other 'suspicious' things that I won't mention here. I used to be on the crime watch for my area.

This particular fella had a criminal record that dealt with workman's comp fraud---5 different times under 5 different names--in Texas!! Yes, you will know of any doings the person had in another state!!!! It won't go into FBI stuff, but you will get PLENTY of info!!!

Yes, for only $29.99 I was able to even know ALL the cars that he had owned, plus the names of ALL relatives, his place of birth, mother's maiden name, and more.

So when you think you are blocking your personal info one way...they have another way.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though I used this 'avenue' for my own purpose of getting a background on this guy(s), doesn't mean I'm for getting info to be in the 'know' about someone's SS#, birthplace, mother's maiden name, and such. This is how identity theft is made easy!!!BSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I say!! We need to speak up.

When we acquire knowledge of things like this: that anyone can 'get personal info on someone'...
We need to address this!
We need to go to a public/citizens forum in our counties, states and speak up.

04-26-2005, 03:03 PM
Why do I feel like I've been raped? The dark hand of government strikes again. :-P

04-26-2005, 04:01 PM
get_real wrote:
Two years ago our local newspeople had mentioned this: you CAN remove your driver's license info.
I did.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wondering if remmoving ones name might raise a flag to some observer.
They might ask, why is this person doing this? hmmm.

sometimes its easier to hide in the crowd or in the open.


04-26-2005, 04:30 PM
Hi 55132:

I know what you're saying. But at the same time, I say: "they can find out anything they want, how can we really stop them"?

I was referring to the average person getting a hold of your stuff. Those are the one's that indulge in credit card theft, etc.

Sure the government wants to know about me and my doings. But so far Bush hasn't stolen my bank debit card.

04-26-2005, 05:40 PM
Good one ... for the NWO it really is that

easy to find anyone and everything about them.