View Full Version : Birth of Christ Astrological or Not?

02-13-2008, 10:55 PM

I guess you are aquainted with the theory of the birth of christ being basicly an astronomical event as presented in Zeitgeist. Has anyone any ideea at what date and/or region this people created the myths? There is absolutely no stellar configuration that should match this, including the Virgo and the Serpent under her foot. I tried with many astronomy software but did not got anything. Anyone got some lat/long and date and time?

02-29-2008, 07:33 AM
I Believe that a character by the name of Jesus did exist, however Christianity is n combination of early Jesus followers and other pagan religions.
There are 2 Jesus's in the bible, the fairytale Jesus and the preacher Jesus. If you read the bible and you follow the teachings of Jesus you'll see that Jesus was just someone that consistently peaches about a "The Kingdom of God/Heaven".

Also check out the "Gospel of Thomas", this is a ancient document that was found in Egypt in the 1950s. It is widely excepted as an authentic ancient text.
In it there are no fairytale Jesus stories, just teachings mainly about the Kingdom of God.
Read here --> THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS (http://www.goodnewsinc.net/othbooks/thomas.html)

It is interesting to note that Islam believes that Islam believes that God sent Jesus with a message for humanity, but unfortunately that message got corrupted over the years