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02-14-2008, 08:35 AM
I wrote this letter to Mr. Paul through his blog.

Mr. Paul, with all due respect sir, I would like to see you talk as if you are going to be the next President.

For example, as a vet who spent three year on a base in Spain, I understand that;

Bringing the troops home from Iraq, I believe, will be much easier that estimated.

First of all, I think the majority of the troops are for that idea.

Now, as to the power vacuum concerns, and the problem with the Kurds being attacked unfairly, I would say,

we shouldn’t underestimate the Kurds. They stood up against Saddam, they can handle themselves. And there is a government in place. If we would stop meddling with their affairs, they might just be able to function.

Now, bringing the troops home from other countries where we have been for a long time is going to be much more difficult.

There are local governments and businesses in these countries who rely on the money spent by America, and Americans stationed at these bases.

There are many, many American troops entrenched in relationships with foreign nationals. We cannot forcefully tear them apart, and I believe you may be seeing a powerful opposition to people who understand this point, so

may I humbly suggest;

When we bring home the troops, we make it voluntary. If a soldier wants to stay in that country, they can voluntarily be honorably discharged, and keep all their rights as an American citizen.

Furthermore, we make the bases into trading posts, and employ those that decide to stay behind as civilian employees in a free market society, using the bases (with airports) as import and export point.

Effectively, we take the war aspect away, but leave the trading point and a feeling of wanting to further our relationships with our foreign brothers and sisters.

Thank you for listening.

Maybe he will listen, and tell the world of this idea. I feel much of the financial support for campaigns comes through foreign interests, because the do have economic ties.

02-16-2008, 08:22 AM
You write this crap and you claim to be a seal?

You are a seal, the funny swimming animal kind.

02-16-2008, 09:16 AM
I have a new boss now.

Let's just say, I saw the light.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln

"A private soldier has as much right to justice as
a major-general"

03-02-2008, 04:33 AM
I wrote another letter in the Daily Paul.

I was watching Top Gear on BBC. They did a show, where at the end, they drive through New Orleans.

Now the host of that show has the usual undertones of British despise of Americans, but the show is really good.

When they drove through New Orleans, they drove mile after mile of houses that looks exactly the same from the Katrina damage.

Where have those $billions and $billions gone? I agreed when the host put Americans down for letting this happen in our country.

Could you imagine if the let a city in England just sit there and rot, like we have done to New Orleans. We would be critical of them too.

So here is my suggestion. Instead of a march on DC, which would be asking for a real revolution,

I suggest a concert in the New Orleans area, with maybe a couple of days of volunteer work. If it was a huge turnout, we could get a ton done.

And if we didn't get some serious news coverage from it, we could feel like we are taking charge of the problems in America, starting with taking care of our neighbors, as we would have them take care of us.