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01-03-2005, 08:18 PM
Who here does not give a shit what the religious denomination of posters, or lack thereof, is? Is this a relavent question?

GRRRRRRReat idea Ana!


01-03-2005, 08:31 PM
(Hand raised.) Me! Me! Me!
I am here for the reasons described on this site's homepage, to explore further the NWO conspiracy against mankind.
I am not here to express my own religious beliefs (although that may peripherally enter into discussions), convert people to my beliefs, judge others who do not subscribe to my belief system or disparage the spiritual values of others.
Am I correct in assuming that you have received a certain "parting message" in your inbox, the same as I did? Is that part of the motivation for this thread?

01-03-2005, 08:42 PM
Hey freeman and Mary, I must of gotten the same message that you got, 'cause they think I'm one ot the devil's children on my way to hell. Little do they know that they're more likely to take the mark of the beast because they do'nt question anything they hear in their 501-C3 corporate church they attend as everything the good pastor says is "Directly from God". Talk about the blind leading the blind into the fire. They are it and you know who you are. :-P

01-03-2005, 08:55 PM
I don't give a sh*t either.. "They are either with us or against us" George W. Bush..

I don't think the difference in religions matters anywhere close to the amount of evil that is coming out of the mouths, and actions of Bush, and Blair, and the puppets that the powers in back of them install in so called democracies... Democracy is sick a joke.... As it is... Get used to it.

I say.. All religions of the world should unite against these evil slimes and puppets of "The Club Of Rome"...(NWO)... illuminati

Welcome Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus to our website.. You are welcome here.. This site loves you, as you love your children..

You have arrived in the right place, at the right time to help all of humanity.. and if you care.. please contribute your comments to this website... We want you here, and are awaiting your comments... You are welcomed..

01-03-2005, 09:35 PM
I agree, guys.
Separating us all through religious conflicts is one of the primary examples of the Hegelian dialect. We will never tackle this monster if we spend all of our time arguing and pointing the finger at each other.
Within almost every religion known to mankind (except for outright Satanism), you can find examples of positive, loving values; and you can also find just the opposite if you look hard enough: hatred, intolerance, sexism, bigotry. The former is generally derived from the purest, most original form of the belief system in question, while the latter usually comes from secular apostasy and ongoing corruption of religious scriptures and dogmas, such as "Rockefeller Christianity".
I think we are already seeing a prime example of this with the tactics of those disruptive elements on this forum. I am also very proud of the people in this group for not being easily deceived, manipulated or even "guilted" into compromising their opinions and beliefs.

01-03-2005, 10:07 PM
I second that. :-P

01-03-2005, 10:58 PM
"Within almost every religion known to mankind (except for outright Satanism), you can find examples of positive, loving values;" Freeman

"Welcome Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus to our website.. You are welcome here.. This site loves you, as you love your children.." SableFish

How tolerant of you! And with that comment, you have just subscribed to the NWO agenda that you rant so much about. There is a coming one world religion or agenda that even you will probably subscribe to, because your last comment suggests that even you can be deceived.

Isn't it interesting that the so-called 'tolerant' crowd always includes everyone in their little party EXCEPT those who follow Jesus Christ. Bow to a tree, a rock, a kabbah, a thousand goddesses, a frog--everything's ok except bowing to Christ.

Freeman, I'm well aware of the Hegelian principle that the globalist crowd uses to pit people against people in order to obtain a desired goal. (That's nothing new.)

But that doesn't negate my efforts to portray Islam as a false dogma with a false god and a false prophet. When Ahmad of this forum spews tripe about my Lord, I'll defend Him.

01-04-2005, 02:29 AM
Within almost every religion known to mankind (except for outright Satanism), you can find examples of positive, loving values; and you can also find just the opposite if you look hard enough: hatred, intolerance, sexism, bigotry

Thank-you for defining the human-race.

God's Word says "All have sinned". Jesus Christ is the pure and only atonenment for mankind. God needed a spotless lamb, no animal would do. Talking about how "all races" have "truths" and we should "all just get along" is not the point. Part truths don't cut it with a perfect God and Eternity. Jesus said if we sin in one point, one commandment, we miss them all. How can we get to Heaven?! Christ alone.

Sharing that we can find "positive values" really doesnt mean anything at all, nor does sharing the "inconsistencies" of "Christians", because that's not the point either. We are not perfect, only Jesus. We need Him.

Your way of talking there unites everybody, or all those who feel they are "good" men and "open minded fair" men. But it makes no distinction for Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is THE very dividing point which seperates we Christians from -all other- men (and women). When we are in Christ, we make a united agreement that we won't deny Him, or say that He "is not God". Once we are His, it is very hard to deny because He is faithful when we are not. We are His.

The broad-road is -inclusive-. The new world order's code words from its Satanic dictionary:

"tolerance"," diversity", words about "hate" "crimes, these are -all- geared to shove the Christians at the back of the bus and have men be minded to group together, often world events, along with media's -huge- anti-Christian campaign, is meant to have men (people) become, not only anti-Christians, but "open" to all faiths, and yes, even those well-meaning folks who know there is a new world order and a Satan, they miss the boat at Jesus. Europe, England, Canada? Engulfed in this.

God=Jesus Christ/anti-Christ=Satan

Do you see?

The former is generally derived from the purest, most original form of the belief system in question, while the latter usually comes from secular apostasy and ongoing corruption of religious scriptures and dogmas, such as "Rockefeller Christianity".

That sounds like a labeling and judgeing of Christians to me. in-tolerance?

Rockefeller funded abortion, Margaret Sanger on and on, not things we Christians are about. All the things the new world order is for, We are against. And more than you know..

I think we are already seeing a prime example of this with the tactics of those disruptive elements on this forum.


You have called me, rushdooney, another Christian I think, "disruptive elements". What foo, what hokum, freeman. You're sounding like the very folks you claim to despise. You know you should hate their sin, but not despite them. When you work against their sin, but do so to sin against us, who wins? Right, Satan..You need to know more truth on this freeman. You're wrong in these posts.

ephesians, "distruptive elements" is a thing that freeman has said of me and other Christians here recently. freeman code for "those pesky Christians I can't stand". Ok, he may like some of us..not me..not the 2 or 3 real ones and vocal I've seen.

Why? Because we "disrupt" your way of seeing things, as we see them differently.

I am also very proud of the people in this group for not being easily deceived, manipulated or even "guilted" into compromising their opinions and beliefs.

Freeman, you have suggested I am "disengenous","manipulative" and use "guilt" to talk to others. Well , you know what?:)

I'm not and I don't.

This is all your perception. And a sinful, hurtful, false one too.

The day you can read my soul- is the day you are very god- Sir

and you are -not- "very god"..

Let us never be overly impressed or taken with our own self perceptions, or followings reputations..that we fall so deeply in love with our own hype we out-hype ourselves..

*falls into a new age- grey-poupon swoon, hugging self falling to floor, kisses self's ring*..."but of course.."

I won't freeman, you shouldn't either..If you're a Christian, you suggested you are.

Don't you know as a leader and teacher you are more responsible for souls than the average man?
God's word says you are in deep danger if you lead them astray! He will require it of you. They look up to you here, you ought to know.

Or does that merely refer to public disucssions?
Your "real" Christianity-

My point is, freeman has other ideas, which he does not hide, I'm glad, about we Christians, ephesians. I won't speak for him, but this has been the experience for me.

And yes, I can speak more boldly with my brothers in Christ here. Being one woman being dumped on for Jesus was very painful here, though I still bless God for it and count it ALL joy.

And you know freeman, you made me cry man, but I thank you.

You don't know me and I am a label to you..

One more thing,
on another post here, you talked to another guy,
and he was talking about a "conspiracy theory" that "lynn" is "probably a man", well I'm not- and now I have seen your varying colors?..You loved and agreed with his colorful yarn about "lynn" being a "new world order worker", well, I'm not, again..

Deal with it.

What is more disturbing though, is that God has..seen your own sin in this. I won't go on in the public. I truly hope you get this.

"Do you think the One who made the yes cannot see and made the ears cannot hear?"

Learn to cultivate a conscience, freeman..not just for causes, but for people-
it may serve you well, if Jesus Christ is who you really want to serve.

And for the record, God saw your little communication to me earlier. And all your accusations of me, judgements of my character, man you know nothing of my heart. Except by some words on a page, and you know that might be some insight for our temporary places in the heart and passing behaviors and on here we stand. But who are you to talk to me that way, WHO!?.

You can imagine all the evil of me you want, but it left me in tears.

I know you think its bologna. But I don't care. It's true.

What's more, at 41 years of age, and 17 years as a Christian, I have never ever had a real Christian man leave me feeling in such a place to end up weeping for about half an hour, at least, maybe more. Freeman here will tell you I'm full of poop and playing on your "guilt", he's too good to have a conscience..And too blind to know who I am. The door for me is closed there, regarding freeman, his door.

I know I was less than kind to some, and even maybe a bit rude to others, but never did I expect anyone to ever come to such a cruel and false group of accusations as you made upon my being tonight, freeman.

If you can't see your sin, your error there, please don't talk about my Jesus.

For, respectfully, I have seen you too and do forgive me, I can't let you know in a private message, it amounts to a form of hypocrisy -perhaps you don't see. Not judgeing you, I know you think I am "judgemental" too, fact

Scarey that youre so darned set in your thinking so convinced, how could you possibly think I'm sincere, or take me seriously, let alone trust me or what I say? *Gasps*
Heaven forbid..*shifts*

I won't posture on this, I may've done this and some of what you said, maybe I should adress in part, who knows but NOT the way you put it NOT, NOT, NOT-that is NOT who I AM.

And freeman I am your friend in that I can see it, in you, too! But, no, I amnot your friend, right, sorry, my "error".

I know there's at least one who wrote me here while it was happening. I have no pretense. I mess up too.

The standard you set for me you can't keep yourselves.

Only Christ.



who is a Christian,
and is a woman,
and is not in any way invloved with the new world order..

P.S. and I got into it with some, and you know made some mistakes, and mentioned one Ann Coulter article, the man thinks I'm Nancy Reagan, strike that, he'd probably prefer her..freeman just hates me, and finds me one 'not to trust".

Fortunately, *newsflash*, he's not God :)

01-04-2005, 02:31 AM

love love LOVE

I am happily married..but would you consider being adopted by a loving Christian couple?:)


01-04-2005, 07:39 AM
Boo-hoo. I didn't get a message....

I feel left out. Will someone please post it to this thread?

Ana was inspired by freeman and sable and nohope and she inspired me and poof the thread appeared. I am pretty sure a few of us were thinking along the line of this thread, basically.

I wanted to question whether this was indeed a common thought and perhaps, a common threat. This is normal in life, so why should we expect any less in cyber space?

We all wear different shoes although some of us prefer a more individual style... independent mind, comes to mind.

I look forward to getting my copy of the letter... and hearing more opinions on this thread.

mary XXX


01-04-2005, 08:01 AM
I never got a message either, but then I think people on here know I won't be preached to. I told Mary I was tired of the religious subversion of this forum and said it is holding us back, she agreed.

The very fact that we have so many different religions in this world says to me that none are the real deal, religions are used to manipulate and control society creating fear and oppression leading to hate and murder, there is only ONE God and we are all his children. A relationship with God is a personal thing, why waste time and energy on self righteous judgements of others when that time would be better spent building up your own personal relationship. I do not believe in a one world religion but personal devotion to yourself/family and your creator, God is not boastful, judgmental or cruel, God does not command fear, God should let us feel free and content in our lives, a free and contented person will always do the 'right' thing - positive thoughts and actions that come from the heart not a fear of burning in eternal hell. My acts of kindness towards others come from genuine emotions not fake ones and likewise I don't want others kindness unless it's real and from the heart either. I love and respect all those who are religious I just ask that they love and respect me too, otherwise they're going to be pretty peeved when they see me waltzing through the pearly gates :-D

This forum is for us to work towards defeating the NWO not to go around in endless circles destroying each other with religious dogma. If people fail to acknowledge this then they are indeed subverting this cause.

01-04-2005, 09:23 AM
My 2 cents.

If we don't UNITE against the NWO we will loose.

The Muslim world is at risk of falling for

the NWO trap. The NWO wants to tighten

their grip on the Muslims. We must educate

them to help them ESCAPE from their evil

clutches. We can only do this if we UNITE

and NOT fight each other.

01-04-2005, 10:36 AM
"We have received complaints regarding some of your

We don't believe in censoring people, and we encourage
dissent, but we do not tolerate abusive posts and

If we receive more complaints, we'll have to terminate
your membership.

Club Conspiracy Admin"

Where ever you go, there you are.

Freeman and madcow, if you want my phone number, anna and sable have it. Nohope and darkchild too. I'll find you all in another place in cyber time.

I will terminate myself from this forum for if I cannot be who I am, in my most honest form, please or offend, I will not censor myself from the honesty of my thoughts. Funny, I had a very interesting chat with my brother in Ottawa, this morning, about this exact issue, pertaining to a completely different forum.


P.s. Was this the email that you all gave reference to earlier or was I the only one to recieve this message?

01-04-2005, 10:55 AM
I honestly believe that it's less about what religion or denomination one follows and more about developing spiritual qualities. I do not wish to write too much about what spiritual qualities are, but basically I'm referring to godlike traits such as a spirit of selfless service; working on faith towards whatever one's objective is with focus on action and detachment from results of the action; being open to receiving better ideas and plans from the Infinite; being sensitive to other people's needs; being humble and treating other beings with respect; being committed to constant self-improvement and becoming a better person; having a continuous quest for truth; and so on.

It's the spiritual qualities that are common to all of world's religions and these are what provide FULFILLMENT to any person. Anyone who follows them automatically finds more fulfillment within; if not, we are just missing the boat.

As far as Christians or Moslems are concerned, they are free to believe whatever they choose to believe in, but if they do not develop the spiritual qualities, then they too are missing the boat. Whatever they believe as "truth", if it serves them well, then it's fine. However, I don't think they can force other people to accept the same.

If they truly believe that other people need to accept their version of "truth", then they need to work on faith, with focus on actions, and detachment from results; also being open to receiving better ideas and plans from God; and being committed to constant self-improvement. With all these together, if God wishes to reward them for their efforts, they will certainly be rewarded.

The problem comes when people try to force things to happen through psychological fear-based manipulation, instead of focussing on selfless service and let their examples speak for themselves.

The NWO agenda is to blind the people from the awareness of true spiritual qualities, and they accomplish the same by dividing people on the basis of their denominations. This is exactly what creates unnecessary conflicts and disunity. And it's really upto us to recognize the problem and fight back by making a constant effort to develop spiritual qualities and spreading the same message to other people as well.

01-04-2005, 10:59 AM
Mary darling! You're not going anywhere! Ignore these people they'll soon get bored with no response. Twist up and get back on the dynamic realm, you're fabulous and bigger than them :-)

And anyway, we haven't had a belching competition over the telephone yet :-D :-D

01-04-2005, 11:05 AM
I just wrote too admin telling them to write Mary a note of apology. We can't let them scare her away. The religous zealots are losing this battle and we can't be scared off just because they cry to mommy. If you agree, you need to make yourself heard now.

01-04-2005, 12:01 PM
How are we going to beat the NWO without Mary ?

we need all the wide awake people possible !

01-04-2005, 12:09 PM
sometimes i, too, cannot resist responding to posters that try to cram their beliefs down our collective throats . this is not a religion forum and if it were , the true spirit of christ does not force things on people anyway . there have been very zealous posts by some, which push some sort of christian point of view but in a very un-christian way . and then there's the islamic stuff antagonizing the whole mix .

this is not a religion forum .


let's keep on the subject matter in the forum and save the conversions for the private messages .
oh ... and if this forum removes mary from membership, then it's a piece of crap and not worthy of my time .

01-04-2005, 12:49 PM
Agreed that this is not a religion forum

but Religion is a big part of the NWO agenda

so it must be included. However, you are correct

that we should we prostelizing to a bare


01-04-2005, 01:18 PM

I think i have said the following on another thread, however perhaps it would benefit somebody here, but please don't take it as an insult. I believe deeply that all human beings have a chance to be redeemed, that's why a reminder may benefit.

On every forum, in any family, country, community, there will always be people who fall in the extremes of Satan.

The first extreme is more rigid, self-righteous, intolerant, they are stuck in a rigid dogma, their whole phsyche depends on it to the extent that anybody who dares to question this dogma is considered as a threat, a kiler who wants to kill him or her, since he attacks what they put trust in, their idol, their religion. Many Christians, as well as Muslims on this forum have fallen in that extreme, and believe me i have no desire to redicule or insult anyone, but what you are doing is only suffocating you rather than freeing your soul. Along with that line are the "patriots", the war mongers, the conservative "elite" who because of depending phsycologically on conjecture, they see anybody who question it as a threat who must be eliminated (either by verbal abuse, or physical attack as in the war of Iraq).
I think and i maybe wrong, that the leaders of America were duped by a more evil faction into launching a war out of fear.

This brings us to a more evil faction, who is secretly manipulating the masses (who bought the first extreme of fake conservatism), perhaps they are the globalists who accomplish their agendas through deceipt, and lying. They are the bullies at work, home, factory, they are the ones who are totally free of any dogma or god, their god is their own egos, that's why they believe that whatever they say is the right thing and all others are dumb sheeple. You may call them "the liberals", the "new age", the "false gods" or whatever, but they are no better than the first extreme of conservatism, they may even be more dangerous because usually they have the upper hand because they pursue leadership from childhood (because they think they are gods), also i noticed that it becomes more devastating when this liberal is a woman (feminists) because she will pursue leadership at home, which is against God's design .

I can see that on this forum too, however i don't like to name names because i believe everybody still have a chance to repent and break free again.

One faction, the conservatives, defend their faith (which is ok), but try to force it on others (which is bad), so naturally the other extreme must appear to counter these forces, and thus the liberals (who are not actually that religious at all!) start rediculing, bullying, insulting the conservatives which is ofcourse bad and intolerant!

So what's the solution? i believe everyone should try to understand the other, without compromising his or her core values, we should be tolerant in the true sense of the word, thus when the conservatives start forcing their dogmas, a liberal should point that out respectfully, and i am sure the conservatives would appreciate that manner, and refrain. But when you start rediculing, insulting the conservatives, they would naturally as per their programing consider it as a threat and their forcing of the dogma gets more severe, and we end up in a never ending cycle of violence!

I recently saw the same situation in Egypt, with one prominent feminist who is a liberal declaring her candidacy for the presidency, this feminist is well known of her attack on religion and God! under the guise of being religiously moderate. Ofcourse the other extreme (the fundamentalists, conservatives) soon appeared and started attacking this infidel!, and the country is torn between these two extremes of liberals (ego=god) and conservatives (religion=god).

As for me and the submitters, we have no personal problems with those who don't follow us, on the contrary we are to be equitable and loving towards everybody without compromising our religion. Which means any attack, or forcing of dogma by another will be dealt with in the same manner.

I hope somebody here will realize his or her mistake and repent.

Qur'an [60:8] GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.

As for those who attack religion (the liberals), they should know that there is one true religion which is "Submission", why is it important on such a forum?

because the NWO is a religion (a satanic one) and NOTHING can defeat it except God's religion.

Ahmad Nishitoba

01-04-2005, 01:31 PM
It seems the NWO wants to destroy all three monotheist religions, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. All three of these religions believe in God and all three acknowledge Satan as the evil force

The evil force (NWO) is trying to pit every one of these groups against each other.. When we show intolerance against another faith, we are helping the Evil. The Lynne syndrome ultimately is divisive.. We will need a huge base of many different faiths to fight an octopus the size of monster that we are taking on.

When the 'Johnny one notes' come into the forum on a single issue, (That their religion is the only true belief), and everyone else is damned in Hell.. It gets in the way of CC's purpose, and that is to expose and possibly help defeat the NWO.

And the thought that these intolerant people, Would run to Mommy (admin) ,and claim some kind of victim status.. makes me sick.. "Victim Status".. Hmmm.. Where have I heard that before?

There are rules against abusive conduct posted, and it's good to have them..They keep us civil.

Mary.. They are just mean people hiding inback of the Bible.. Stay put.

I don't think they are like any type of Christians I know because, their posts reek with hate, and I sence no love in their letters.

Like I have said before, It is my conspiracy theory, that these two individuals are in cahoots, and are determined to disrupt this site.. They are from the other side..

01-04-2005, 10:07 PM
Like I have said before, It is my conspiracy theory, that these two individuals are in cahoots, and are determined to disrupt this site.. They are from the other side..

And I agree.

01-04-2005, 10:09 PM
Disruptors indeed. here! here! :-P

01-05-2005, 06:37 AM
devil in marypoppers

"Piss off with your posts. I don't want it. I'll check you when and how I see fit."

Very christian of you, I must say--Jesus would be proud of such talk to a fellow Christian. I think maybe you're the one "dancing with the devil."

Can you guess who sent me this in your mind? Please do not respond in type and sable has the answer.

For all the rest, thank you for your kind spirit. Truly and Sincerely. I thought I would come here this morning and tell you the conversation, me and my brother had yesterday. Our relationship has been strained, to say the least, due to the nature of our upbringing. There have been periods elapse where we have not spoken for many years. That is sad.

Happy to say, we know speak quite comfortably and quite honestly with each other, which to me, is a sign of a healthy relationship. This is good.

The story goes.

Being an at home mom, after many years in the workforce and on the treadmill, my brother got chatting on a forum about scuba diving as that is his thing. That and his boat. That's another story. (Sable we are of a kindred spirit - trust - many of us here, in fact.)

Funny, he was all set to retire and head down to mexico on his boat and love walked into his life. Two children later and he's sitting at the keyboard, like me, in a scuba forum.

I love my brother. He is one of the smartest men I know. N.B. I am adopted, a love child of the sixties, and their is no biological link between us.

Being an engineer and a clever cookie, he was listening how a few yobbo's were in this forum saying how hydrogen is a great substitute for nitrogen, in the diving air mix. (I think I have that the right way around.) Dude was saying you didn't have to be any more careful, it was "as good as". Seemed like a reasonable statement, on the surface of things.

But when looking a little deeper and understanding a little better... things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Hydrogen is a smaller molecule and hence passes quicker through membranes. If you imagine slowly opening up a bottle of pop, that is what it is like for a scuba diver to rise to the surface. With the hydrogen, escaping at a much faster rate, being a smaller molecule, it would be like shaking the bottle and opeing the top of quickly. Get the picture?

Diving and osteoporosis are also known to be associtated through the nitrogen rattling around and with hydrogen rattling around at a much faster speed, the damage could be far greater.

So basically, what dude, the idiot, was explaining was somewhat true and a whole lot dangerous. Extra special care must be applied to ascent when using the smaller molecules in the diving mix.

Of course, my brother pointed this out. Dude argued the toss and expressed his ignorance and, should people be gullible enough to believe everything they read, dude might have unknowlingly placed some people in harms's way.

The point of this story and what my brother told me is, that just like life, the world is now 98% asshole (my favorite saying) and so is cyber space. The idiots will always argue with good sense, invariably gang up on good sense and drive the good sense out of the forum.

This appears to be a tactic on many forums, is my point - not that I have good sense.

We also discussed industrialised agriculture... most fascinating subject - how to starve a world.
But my favorite story of his yesterday, was one of his many diving experiences.

Apparently, there is a wreck in lake Simco(unsure of spelling) where he used to go diving and also where he would teach others how to dive. The paddle boat Morrison, a relic of tourism from the days of old, is gradually sinking in poo, so say the divers.

Just like Halifax harbour, the sewage is shifted into this lake at the rate of about a foot of poo a year. The brown gellatinous goo is slowly burying the wreck of the Morrison. The boat is sinking in poo. It just sounds so ludicrous. It makes absolutle no common sense whatsoever. It makes me laugh, just writing this.

What do you do when a boat is sinking in poo? Jump ship? It has already sunk. And it is being burried in shit, year by year, layer upon layer. Sound familiar?

I personally believe that it is high time to stop chucking the shit in the lake, the lake needs to be dredged, the shit cleared out, once and for all, and a new system set in place where we do not shit where we sleep and piss in our own water supplies.

Religion is the oldest form of politics. Controlling people's faith through fear. Faith is the key issue here folks, not fear, nor religion. How you found your faith, I believe is irrelavent to God. I think he only cares that you have faith enough to care, submitting to the will of God, as opposed to our own lustful desires of power and control.

I am going to bide my time here, for a while... I want to see how this all plays out. I would also like to know who made said complaints as it apprears that there were more than one and Rushdoony was man enough to register his name.

Anyone else have something to say to me directly, please speak your mind freely. I am all ears. Bring it on. Right here. Right now. As I responded to Rushy, I want this bullshit over and done with, once and for all.

Terminate my membership? That is your right as proprietor of this site. Speak my mind until someone stops me - that's my right. I caught the play and the red flag. I understand things better now. Think about it.



N.B. I am blissfully surprised to percieve that this forum is 2% asshole - quite in opposition to the "norm".

01-05-2005, 09:42 AM
And back to the front home page, I go.

Good for the goose, is good for the gander.