View Full Version : Shame, Shame, Shame.....

03-01-2008, 06:15 AM
Shame on you Henry Makow, for turning this forum over to the Corporate Power Structure, (Jew-Overlords of Media Disinfo) I suspected this would happen, But from you Henry???

Well, to those less intelligent out there, there has been, and will be a steady decline of "independent" free thought forums, such as the previous CC, alls I see here is the same GARBAGE from that.....horrid place ATS and the other Corporate places. Now I also suspect that Henry did this for one of two reasons...

1. To get back at us, for causing him 'problems' or embarrassment.

2. Or maybe somebody out there has some 'dirt' on Makow.

No matter, the deed is done, what is, is what is. To be fair, I do enjoy some of the new post's here, even though it's been pounded upon for ages.

Henry, your website Save the Males.com provides a unique and conservative biblical view of what is happening to Western Culture and men at large. Keep up the good work. I don't, and will never believe the ILLUMINATTI HOAX, you know as well as everybody every entity designed with human subjecation, or degradation, is entirely a Jew creation. But it is fun to read from people who believe in some fantasy ""Illuminatti Hoax" it makes for good reading I guess.

NOTE: A thorough investigation of the Power Grab and consolidation of the entire internet media structure will be underway. AS IF!!!! everyone knows.

Also note: Sanjay??? those smilies suck.