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A few words are in order concerning the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. First, the student will know that the Garden of Eden was a real place in the world located at the tip of Mesopotamia. The Biblical poem of creation was given to Moses on Mount Sinai during his 40 days of receiving Torah. And though the Old Covenant Scriptures were enscribed through Ezra the Scribe after the captivity of Babylon, the Scripture of Truth has been perserved in the cannonical and holistic writings of the Bible. We will give brief clues herein. I shall say we will give certain points of Light and the student and disciple is responsible for 'connecting the dots'.


Now, that being said, we come to the subject of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man is created after the Image & Similitude of the ALOHIM. He is placed in the Garden of God. And he is given three Words or charges from the ALOHIM. First, he is to be fruitful and multiply and have dominion over the earth. Second, he is to tend and keep the Garden of God. Third, he is not to partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.

Therefore, one will deduce that the ALOHIM is a Gardener of sorts, one might say. Indeed, he is a Gardener, the Universe is His Soil, and Man is his flower and fruit. A grand environment of perfection did the ALOHIM place man into. Perfect Life, perfect Joy, perfect Peace, perfect and fruitful Life utterly and completely beyond ideas of Necessity or Want.

Now the Serpent was the keeper of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. One says that it was the Python and the Restrictor of Serpents. Yes, indeed, this is so. For that symbol on earth is the symbol of that spiritual reality of the Cherub of Occultation. Is one true when he says then that this 'devil' or 'satan' as he is now called is a spiritual snake? Indeed, he is the spiritual snake. Yet, the Serpent was created for a good purpose and not evil. He was set as the restrictor of death. He was that outer flame encircling the holistic ring of life. As such he was a good part of creation.


Yet what happened? Now this snake began in creation having but one head. Yet in the progression of prophetic scripture he then developes two heads and is shown as the Hydra or the Leviathan. That very real and actual twain headed fire breathing dragon that has since been slain by the dragon slayers of the middle ages. Yet by the time we reach the Apocalypse of scripture, he is now a Seven Headed Dragon with Ten Horns. Now the totality of the Knowledge and condition of evil.

The Snake was given the knowledge of Good & Evil, and was set to guard and keep man and creation from evil. But the Snake betrayed the ALOHIM & all creation and became the Liar & the Murderer.

And thus man too is tempted and falls by parkaking of this fruit of death. But, know and comprehend that the only restriction that man had was against his own destruction. And there was and is no knowledge of anything better than Life to be found in Death. The knowledge of Death is Objective and Absolute knowledge of Utter Deception & Falsehood. And its end is the destructive fire of Uncreation and Dissolution forever being unmade and separated from Life & Ecstasy which is of the objective Truth of the True and Living ALOHIM.


But, now let us come to man in a state of division, which is death. Now man is divided and cursed from his higher being in Union of ALOHIM and the HOLISTIC SPIRIT of Life Eternal. Now man is a 0 where he was formerly a 1. Yet 0 will not suffice to give man life. For every instance of man striving to regain 1 by his own power, there is now a -1 that confronts him. And on and on this waffling pattern of Blessed Knowledge mixed with Cursed Knowledge goes. And what does Paul describe this phenomenon as in the Book of Romans? Paul's word is the Law of Sin & Death. Even the Apostle described is teeter-toter effect of the knowledge of sin: "For when I, one who wants to good seek to do good, then I find another Law at war within all my componant parts. And this Law brings me into bondage under the Law of Sin. Therefore, I find that even when I will to do the Good, Evil is present there with me. Wretched man that I am! Who now will free me from this Body of Death! I will give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ who by the Law of the Spirit of Life has freed me from the Law of Sin and Death."

Now, in this world, even at this time, there is probably no greater Kabbalist having ever lived than Paul the Apostle, except for perhaps John the Apostle. And this tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil was the polar opposite of the Tree of Life. And if one looks into the orthodox and Biblical Kabbalistic representation of the Tree of Life one simply inverts this to find the knkowledge of Good & Evil which is 2 and not 1 and therefore division of soul and death. But the Apostles spoke of the Power of CHESED, which has been translated into the English as Grace.

The power of CHESED actually does triumph over Death in mankind. And why? Because CHESED can now have the reign again because a new (I should say RENEWED) serpentine force was introduced into creation. One finds indications that the ALOHIM was working to restore the correct and rectified serpentine force even the Book of Exodus. For the serpent of Moses swallowed whole the serpents of the magicians of Pharoah and Egypt. Then the student finds that XRISTOS, the MASIACH himself stating, "And as Moses lifted up the Serpent in the Wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whosoever believeth on Him should have ever life." And at last concerning the mysteries of the Resurrection in XRISTOS, we read the Apostle saying, "Then shall come to pass the saying that is written, 'Death is eaten alive by Life'. And how shall this apply to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil? There is a new serpentine force binding death and the false self and will of death. Death will be eaten alive by Life because that very rectified serpentine force through which XRISTOS rises from Death and becomes Ascended master of Heaven and earth will again be found in man. And it will be seen that salvation really was in is from the JEWS. For there is no conciousness religious or philosophical that is like or even approaches the consciousness that comes from mystico-spiritual Judaism, which is CHRISTIANITY. It will again be established an confirmed that JESHUA NAZAROTH was and is the only truly Ascended Master that has ever been and leads all men for follow in his likeness to bring about the Ascension of Mankind back to his former state of Glory, Life, Light and eternal Ecstasy in Union with the ALOHIM. JESHUA is indeed the Annointed Man and leads all men to become Themselves and One in ALL in the HOLISTIC ANNOINTING from the Celestorum.

Therefore, how shall all things be change in that mysterious phrase given through Paul, "In the Twinkling of and Eye." How shall the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil be restricted and bound in Life? Simply stated, Man will no longer sin because he will have no desire or even possibility of desire for it. He will know it to simply be a dark mirror and opposite of the Truth of Life. And the ALOHIM shall again forever confirm the everlasting BERITH of AHAV and ACHATH in Oneness of Union. Man will have no unity in diversity. He will have Unity in Unity. And why? For his knowledge and will shall have been unified, rectified and Annointed in the Crown Glory given through the knowledge of Himself made in the Image of ABBA Father.

And if one wants to see what the new Adam shall be like one need only look into the descriptions of the Annointed One of Revelation -- the man who is like ALOHIM and is one with ALOHIM. ...............................................


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This is an interesting survey of the qabbalah. I have a question, though. You say that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil makes man a 0 instead of a 1. Could you explain this a little more, please?

Thank you.

03-06-2008, 06:48 PM
This is a good question, Leonardo. As a member of E.'.X.'. you have already been given some of our handouts online.

Basically, the kabbalistic correction we are making to the 0 universe is that it was not intended in creation order. What I mean by Creation Order is the Purpose of the Creation, which is to become its own totality that began as potential and fulfills itself in reaching its maturity of growth.

The 0 state of man implies the imposibility of further growth. For the 1 x -1 = 0 is annihilation and inhibits possibility of becoming a positive. 0 is nothing. 1 is all. Therefore, when Adam ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil he destroyed the posibility for him to actually become Ben ALOHIM. For at each step of the knowledge of Good that is the actual experiential GNOSIS and status of TOV, the knowledge of evil at -1 canceled out that status. And so true progress and becoming in the state of 0 is an impossibity and implies simple annihilation and uncreation because the universe was created as a 1 not a 0. This is really at the core of the nihilistic philosophical stance, which at its core is the rejection destruction of everything. Before man ate of the Tree there was no such thing as 0 for 0 had been annihilated in the perfection of Creation in 1, and 0 is uncreation and disorder.

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Hello my brothers. Shalom-li in Jeshua MASIACH.

Just thought I'd add that Jeshua has created a new type of woman as well...

Not that I'm a feminist, just glad to be part of the kingdom of heaven. and the human race.

As Eve was first to carry the curse to the world, so Mary was the first to carry the cure. Just a thought.


03-06-2008, 09:22 PM
Good observation, Librae.

By the way, I apologize for being so late on the E.'.X.'. papers of Song of Songs. I know you've been reading up on the Introduction to Yahwistic Union & Ecstasy in Sacred Sexuality, but I've been having to juggle my series on Daniel: Hebraic Chief over the Chaldean Magi.

We WILL get it to you by Easter. At least we'll do our best.

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my opinion and belief isn't along these same lines..

is jesus magic? like david copperfield?...

03-24-2008, 09:37 AM
Personally I think i he was addicted to opium and and all this walking on water shazzam was just some really bad trips brought on by roman LSD.