View Full Version : FDA approved LASIK surgery technology in 1995

03-11-2008, 04:17 PM
I read something informative in one of the site that I look through since im planning to undergo the procedure (lasik) then early next month. I believed this well be helpful for some especially people who are planning to undergo the same procedure. I know we have the same question about it if how safe it is (of course its about our precious eyes) I found this information in my2020 (http://www.my2020.com) and I well share it to you, Anyway, according to the site Lasik is safe, after ten years of clinical trials the FDA approved LASIK surgery technology in 1995. Complications affecting vision after laser eye surgery are now reported at a rate of less than one percent. In fact, LASIK carries less risk of infection than wearing contacts.

Corrective eye surgery is extremely safe when performed by qualified doctors. Like any surgical procedure, there can be complications, but the complication rate is extremely low. Results of clinical studies indicate the chances of having a vision-reducing complication are less than 1%, and, there have been no reported cases of blindness resulting from laser eye treatment in the United States. So I believed that Lasik is really safe though, just wish me luck for my procedure next month. Ohh I almost forget about it they have this free VIP Lasik-1 Evaluation (250 value) by the way and that is why im also eager to have it as soon as possible to avail it.