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03-11-2008, 05:23 PM
If you buy so-called 'Christian' clothing than you are a STUPID BRAINWASHED COW! ALL, and I mean ALL of this fashion trendiness is straight from the Illuminati. If you are the type of person who does not understand what is wrong with Christian clothing, then you are the type of person I'm targeting with the hopes that you will either be convicted of your Jesus Christ Pose, or get OUT OF THE CHURCH, PERIOD.

If you wear or would wear any of the articles below, then you are a stupid person, a complete imbicile as to what Chrisianity is, and should be thrown into the church of Hannah Montanna, locked, and left there.




Any and all clothing articles of this nature are Silent Weapons of Worldview Warfare. They are trite mindcontrol devices for the trite and gnaw away at the Truth of the matter. In the butterfly effect of mental associations people are trained to think of Christianity in terms of Cheeseburgers, Chocolate bars, the GAP, Soft Drinks, etc...etc...all coming in under that rador and loved by millions of stupid children and their more stupid church going parents, most likely evangelical charismatic baptists and all the other fake, poser, wannabe Christians of their camp.

03-11-2008, 06:32 PM
Regarding the Christian Goth phenomenon, all I can say about this is that if you think your a Goth and a Christian at the same time, your'e not only a Loser, but a certifide IDIOT!


Oh, doesn't that just 'kill the joy'!

I have another saying for you, For whoever would brand himself as a Goth in the hopes of fitting in with his immediate peer group, even a Loser peer group at that, and claim it in the Name of Christ, what doth it profit him? For he shall lose his own soul nonetheless, O blind one!


Cause and Defect
06-25-2008, 05:07 PM
HAHAHAHAHA Oh my freakin' god dude! Breathe! I used to have one of those meant to die t-shirts but i'm an atheist. I just bought it cause i thought it was a stupid idea for some idiot to come up with ya know? Like he could have been reading a book or something... However i really don't buy into the illuminati creating them or anything like that. Remember man, if you look too hard you can easily find things that aren't there.