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04-06-2008, 11:06 PM
I made this site to get the truth out, the time is now, (hence my nick) & I challenge you to participate in the needed revolution, - This is not a drill or joke.

(There are no ads on this site) : Social Justice - Awareness & Taking Action. If the truth is presented understandably, it will be believed... (http://criticalunity.org/)

- You do agree that it is critical to have a unity of the people with the verifiable facts? OK, so let's get moving!
Please print the document on the support page, for the many people who are not aware of the REAL conspiracies that are not theories at all...
Yes, I am plugging this again, because the 'this is creepy' post got 60 replies, when I only got one????? THAT is creepy! Must be because the post was long as hell, but this should do the trick now. :o

04-07-2008, 02:48 AM
For the most part, what I've noticed is, the avg person is too busy to pay attention, or too burned out and don't wanna hear about it. But the people who do listen are usually decent folks are quite often religious.

Also FEAR is a big deterrent. They're just too scared and wanna go hide!

I think that here, the best thing we can do is vent.

You're not gonna get much support on a forum. I think we are all better off speaking to people on the street, the cashier, fellow shoppers, at the gas station etc, not to mention friends and neighbors, but care must be taken not to go too far too fast otherwise it will be like putting someones face in front of an open fire hydrant, they'll be overcome in less than a second, then they'll never want to speak to you again!!

I know! Been there, done that!!!

04-07-2008, 06:58 AM
I'm looking for more traffic to my site that is recently ready so people can get this out to become 'mainstream', & have the news reporting 'many people are engaging in a peaceful 'protest' by learning what is really going on. ... There are people placing printouts of messages in strategic places, & the general public is really into what many snuffed at & disregarded... " :D

The support I desire is just what you mentioned, but instead of people saying "checkout infowars.com or disclosureproject.org ' , I'm hoping to get support for content, & support for ASAP as many people as possible saying ' checkout criticalunity.org '

- I know how to present these subjects... -For example, you can't just go & say 'Lizards run the World' :-)
Checkout the site: Social Justice - Awareness & Taking Action. If the truth is presented understandably, it will be believed... (http://criticalunity.org)

- The reality is it's more scary for us to NOT know what is REALLY going on.
- If a truck is heading your way, you want to get out of the way!

04-07-2008, 12:53 PM
Thanks for the post Time....I definitely will bookmark your page, and spread the word.

I already see articles i would like to share on other forums, with your permission.

Stay Strong

04-07-2008, 07:43 PM
It's only sooner or later that it's going to start taking off, but it's not just a page, it's a site, & I can have up to 500G on there ;-)
I am working on original content, like a bunch of sound bytes streamed together, images, etc, but currently its nothing more than a directory of need to know websites, basically. PERMISSION??? Are you kidding me? LOL That's what the site is for! of course!!! Tell everyone you know & tell them to do the same!!! Register in my forum too ;-)

Do you mean use my text? Not without putting a link to my site ;-) - Hey, here's an idea ;-) ---> Since I was banned from ATS, (dont ask, it's in my first post, I didn't do anything wrong) hopefully somebody could post my site in the interesting websites section of Interesting Websites Discussion Forum Topic List (http://www.belowtopsecret.com/forum/74/pg1/srtpages)

... Just one thing though... What's with the get rich online scheme in your signature?

04-08-2008, 07:41 AM
Heheh Lol...Good Question!

The thing is, THAT is not a Get Rich pitch in my signature. Its just an ad line for an official business system--that IS making hundreds of people money as we speak! We do real well to explain to prospects that it is definitely NOT a get rich overnight venture, ITS REAL WORK! Research it and judge for yourself.... (I trust that the intelligent people of this forum will be able to see this as a truly great opportunity)

Lastly, I will make sure to give you credit/linkage for your articles! ; )


04-08-2008, 09:14 AM
I'm sure there's something to it, I was just kidding ;-) Are you implying I'm not intelligent? :D I checked it out. PV me to tell me how I can get sptarted, & what I need to do. I figure if I put a donation section on my site, I can get some help to pay my disgusting (rip off) electric bill , but I want people to realize I would PAY to get the truth out, & that I'm not doing this for money, so I don't even have adds on my site.