View Full Version : The Titanic disaster was probably Japan's conspiracy.

04-20-2008, 05:14 AM
The Titanic disaster was probably Japan's conspiracy.

Japan's Conspiracy (1) P5 (http://japansconspiracy.hp.infoseek.co.jp/01/p005.html#page65)

It is said that Kim Il-sung set the date as his birthday in order to symbolize the fall of the West and the rise of the East. It is implausible that the dictator liked the ominous date. But, in those days, the nation that was concerned about the global hegemony was Japan rather than Korea. This story tells very well that Kim Il-sung was a Japanese-made puppet monster.

The Titanic story didn't stop there. The passengers on the ship included a Japanese man. And he was not an ordinary tourist. His name was Masabumi Hosono. I believe he was a Japanese spy. In those days, quite a few Japanese spies were committing sabotage in Russia. Japan poured a lot of manpower and money. These attempts produced results through WWI and the Russian Revolution. The Russian Royal family was destroyed.

This man boarded the ship on the way from Russia to Japan. He shoved old people, women and children and jumped onto a lifeboat, while other men stayed on the deck until the ship sank. I think that he had to survive and report this successful sabotage to the government. Later, he was accused of it for sure.

He was rehabilitated later. But this kind of rehabilitation is a familiar story in Japan. History is often fabricated here.....................