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04-30-2005, 09:36 AM
As we're moving into the final phase we see that the US is adopting many things from Nazi Germany, (i.e. homeland security, fascist militancy, etc.).

If Nazi Germany was the model, why were they set up for failure with that multi-fronted war?

04-30-2005, 10:03 AM
I don't know right now, but I'll take a guess.
Since globalism operates on long term goals, 1930's Germany was in no way equiped enough to even try world domination. Whereas today, Amerika has military stationed all over the world. Amerika has a fading window in time to divide and conquer. Supposedly Amerika is the #1 super power even though Amerika lost in Korea and Vietnam. Shit! I forgot where I was goin with this. I'll get back to this or someone else will. :-P

04-30-2005, 10:20 AM
Good question THUMPER.

It's complicated. Henry has written about it.

In many ways I believe it was a simple double cross by the financial interests in the U.K who operated alot through Wall Street.

There's so much to the second world war. It may be another 50 years before a clear picture develops.

I know one thing for sure...Hitler believed he had the FULL support of the U.K Elite. No doubt about that.

He was renowned as an ABSOLOUTE Anglophile...he loved England, it's ways and ironically it's class system...amazing when you compare that with the philosophy of Nazism.

He ABSOLOUTLY loved all of European and U.K Royalty.

Remember...he came VERY close to winning.

The German army was rife with dissent from the very start. There were over 30 documented attempts on Hitlers life. Even his most trusted betrayed him...Goering was warning Denmark and England of the coming attacks for Gods sake.

Admiral Canaris was a virtual agent for the British.

The ENTIRE Prussian Officer Corp (Masons one and all) despised Hitler but were certainly unsure of what would happen if they removed him...they feared Communism more than Hitler.

And then there's "Ultra". It's doubtful Hitler would have lost the war without the British cracking German cyphers. His entire order of battle was known at all times. When local planning was done on the Eastern front the Wermacht wiped the floor with the Soviets who were completely inept...completely. Without the British supply of exact German plans, the Soviets would have had no hope.

I actually have huge doubts about the entire "Enigma" story. I believe it was in large part a cover for the immense treachery going on in the German high command.

"Lucy" was the code name for a supposed informent at the highest levels of the OKW/OKH command...operating through Switzerland and Allen Dulles. They say this was simply a cover for "Ultra Intercepts"...however, how could the British have possibly broken the cyphers so quickly? Sometimes on the same day? Even with the elaborate stories and movies of late...there's no way they could have done it...the German technicians were not complete fools.

Look at the difficulty they had with the German naval codes where the operators stuck to protocol meticulously? I dont buy the story at all.

And then why did Hitler reduce the Western front at the expense of the East? He simply could not believe the Allies would allow the Soviets to advance and was positive peace terms would be issued forthwith as the Soviets raced accross Eastern Europe.

This did not happen much to Hitlers disbelief.

And then theres the PONDEROUS broad front strategy of Eisenhower...as slow as possible...Patton was fuming the entire time...Patton knew what was going on...and was got rid of it appears after the war while still in Europe.

Good luck on disentangling it all...I look forward to responses offering information.

04-30-2005, 10:33 AM
I guess thers also the obvious...the U.S is being set up for failure.

Bush has galvinised the Left to such a degree that people will accept the U.N and indeed the NWO as the only way to crush the fascist/unilateralist movement. To end imperial power...to be replaced by a socialist one world government.

04-30-2005, 11:50 AM
I don't think Hitler was set up to fall and I don't think he was part of the NWO either, in fact I'd say that he was fighting the NWO.

I believe that the people behind the NWO are the international bankers, they hold the real power in countries not governments or politicians, and when Hitler decided to print his own money that was unacceptable and he had to be stopped at all counts. Imagine if all the countries decided to take control of their economies, the bankers would hold no power anymore and everything they have worked for would've been lost.

In my opinion that was the main reason for WW2, millions of people died because Hitler decided to print his own money so Germany could get out of debt to international bankers.

04-30-2005, 01:33 PM
Not just that: let's not forget the fact that most people who allied themselves with Nazi Germany did so to fight the Bolshevik Communists and their agenda for "world peace", i.e. global Communism. These people had no way of knowing that the same bankers financed both sides and used the Nazis like they used the Bolsheviks to get the end result: a United States of Europe. Whether they got it through National Socialism or International Socialism really didn't matter.

Actually, if you think about it, the only way the masses would accept a United States of Europe was if NEITHER the Nazis NOR the Marxist-Leninists overtly imposed a united Europe. This way the masses are made to believe they didn't get neither a Nazi dictatorship nor a Commie one. They think a united Europe is their protection against dictators. They think they - "the people" - are in control and that they had (and have still) the power to withstand the onslaught from oppressive ideologies. They think "democracy" is strong enough to withstand the infiltration and subversion from both National Socialism and International Socialism.

Boy, have the Satanist/Socialist bankers got the masses fooled.

The problem is that the Marxist-Leninists have their own agenda and are SOOO much better at long-term infiltration and subversion strategies than the pragmatic, naive West. It's classic Sun Tzu: get your opponent to think they are in control and make them arrogant. If you're strong, feign weakness; if you're weak, feign strength. With that in mind; is not "The Fall of Communism" the most grand and wellplanned deception of all time?

04-30-2005, 01:40 PM
nohope187 wrote:
I don't know right now, but I'll take a guess.
Since globalism operates on long term goals, 1930's Germany was in no way equiped enough to even try world domination. Whereas today, Amerika has military stationed all over the world. Amerika has a fading window in time to divide and conquer. Supposedly Amerika is the #1 super power even though Amerika lost in Korea and Vietnam. Shit! I forgot where I was goin with this. I'll get back to this or someone else will. :-Pif that were true, why build up China militarily and economically?

04-30-2005, 04:21 PM
People in Amerikan govt. commit treason all the time. That's why China is most favored nation status as all our good jobs go over there and India. Amerika is destined to fall-economic collapse in the middle of a war. I can smell martial law coming this way. :-P

04-30-2005, 07:33 PM
:idea: Just dropping in to view this post it seems a few dont realise that Fascism is infact a form of Socialism after all.
So i think it is mistaken to call it righwing or pro market forces.The Nazis had many regulations to curtail corporate sized cartels from making Profit for the sake of Profit so the similarites to all other forms of Socialism are all there!. :-?

04-30-2005, 08:18 PM
angle wrote:
I don't think Hitler was set up to fall and I don't think he was part of the NWO either, in fact I'd say that he was fighting the NWO.

The evidence so far points to a setup of sorts.

Hitler was GIVEN carte blanche over Europe. Austria and Checkoslavakia were practically GIVEN to him. He was ready for war over Chekoslavakia and it's written he nearly fell over with disbelief when Eden and Co simply GAVE it to him...APPEASEMENT? No, he was used, egged on and finally double crossed.

France and England had vastly superior forces and yet they capitulated so easily. This cannot be explained totally by "inept" military tactics and superior German armaments and training.

People ask..."why did'nt Hitler wipe out U.K forces at Dunkirk"? He did'nt need to...it was a goodwill gesture to the English public. The show was over and now England could make peace and continue it's fight for Empire against the Japanese...which Hitler offered several divisions to the English to help fight.

Hitler was deeply disturbed by the sudden appearence of Churchill and was dismayed by the sudden stubborness after all that had been given...hence Hess's little flight to catch up with U.K royalty to ask..."Vwat de hell iz going on"!

Hitler too was NWO through and through...an absoloute pagan. Liked Christ as a revoloutionary against the Pharasees but believed no further than that. In fact Hitler believed in himself as a Christ/hero figure who based his religion on Parsifal and his search for the holy grail. "Only when the individual takes on the mantle of hero can he do the work of God"---Attributed to Hitler. He was smart enough not to confront Christianity head on and in "Hitlers Table Talk" stated..."we shall let it wither on the vine". Hitler was oft quoted as saying in heated discussions with his Generals when they refused or hesitated carrying out orders less than kind..."what is it with my Generals and their moral and religious scruples"?

Himmler was not so lax on keeping out Priests from the Waffen SS and moved onto getting rid of them from the German army in general. Himmler was virtually an occult Satanist at times mixed in with new age herb gardens in the camps.

The Nazi movement was HEAVILY into the occult.

The conservative Masons of Germany were disturbed by Hitler but feared Communism even more.

Were it NOT for the Communist leviathen...NO ONE would have gone along with Hitler...no one. He barely held a majority and the German people were fearful of war. Of course, post 1934 when the economy really picked up this was lessoned and many Germans report these times as the happiest of their lives...the sense of community, of belonging and a common goal.

The common thread to the tragic unfolding of WW2 is Communist Russia. The people of Europe were terrified of it. Nothing could have happened without this looming octopus. It is the beginning and the end of the mystery...TOTALLY financed and supported by the West...go figure.

05-01-2005, 06:13 PM
Why was Hitler allowed to fail? Cuz he was a total stupid ass who had coming to him. That's what happens when you get drunk with power. :-P

05-01-2005, 06:21 PM
Drunk for sure...on Amphetamine I.V infusions by Dr Morrell and Cocaine eyedrops...the source of the amazing eyes and what Rommel called..."the sunshine cure"...where perfectly rational Generals sent to tell Hitler to seek peace terms would return hyped up for the war because Hitler (off his dial on the good stuff) did such an impressive presentation...so confident of victory...so very...very confident ;-)

Drugs play a huge role in the Elite lifestyle.

It's also how you get important people into compromising positions (which Hitler and Co did...Nazi homo's everywhere) by filling them with drugs...bringing on the high class hookers and then when drunk on "the gear" bring in the male prostitutes and there is your compromised lackey...

As a former druggie par excellance...i will tell you...Bush is an OBVIOUS cocaine/amphetamine addict...OBVIOUS.

That "bulge" was DEFINATELY a heart monitor...it does not zapp however...i used these alot in Coronary Care...he has burnt out his A.V Node (atrio ventricular) on his heart. This is where the heart beat originates. He suffers from "arythmia's" (irrigular heart beat)...due to his long term and current drug abuse.

trust me...I am %110 confident of this.

The Elite and their lackey's are FULL of drugs...prescription and NON PRESCRIPTION.

This makes them VERY dangerous.

BTW...Bush's black eye...i'll bet my life savings...after a big stimulent binge Bush got out of his chair in a hurry and fainted due to his bodies inability to keep his blood vessels constricted to maintain blood pressure.

After a binge...the nervous system is all out of chemicals that maintain the para sympathetic and sympathetic (roughly go fast go slow) balance.

He used up all his excitable chemicals in the binge and while lounging - recovering, fainted when he got up...quite common...also a common side effect coming off SSRI's.

05-01-2005, 06:29 PM
I wondered what that was sticking out of his back at the debate on TV with Kerry.

05-07-2005, 01:02 AM
In my opinion that was the main reason for WW2, millions of people died because Hitler decided to print his own money so Germany could get out of debt to international bankers.That's interesting.

I think that Hitler had full NWO backing in the beginning, just like Kennedy did, until these guys decided to pursue their own agenda and seek autonomy from the banksters.

05-09-2005, 07:12 PM
You know that Hitler was being financed by Bush, Sr.'s father and many other bankers (European as well). Right?

They knew about the Nazi scientists/doctors and the grosteque experiements they were conducting on Holocaust prisoners and the millions that were being exterminated. They just sat idly by. Waiting and waiting!!!

They were getting rid of the less desirables!! There are Jews and then there are Jews. Those of bloodline and those who aren't.

They needed Pearl Harbor so they could commence World War II and profit even more from war. Win and US is a hero. Stopped the slaughering of JEWS after how many? Stopped Hitler. Stole the assets of those who were exterminated and put it in Swiss bank accounts?

Afterwards the Nazi war criminal doctors/scientists were ushered into our country under Project Paperclip to continue where they left off in Germany.

The experiements conducted by Hitler continued here on American soil. Those in control of America are Nazi/fascist pigs!! Trust me!!!

The Dulles brothers and the OSS. Great gang!! NOT!!

Displaced Jews were moved and then the fighting began in the Middle East and has continued since. And, now we are there. Printing money and owning the oil. Stealing from the public at the gas pumps.

The "cold war." Just a joke!! More fear. Hurry kids. Hide under your desks!!

Don't let the communists take over and then they blast the brains out of JFK and takeover America even further.

Men without SCRUPLES!!


Power, greed, pedophiles and satanic cults.

:-( :-x

05-09-2005, 07:42 PM
Hitler Was Allowed To Fail :-o :-o :-o

Most likely along the same lines as Saddam, Noriega, etc. These powerful men were created, funded & built by other more powerful organizations. When their own visions get out-of-hand, & are no longer along w/ the “program,” they get “removed” or “terminated.” His purpose was served, but his services were no longer needed. The "Hitler Experiment" was over...

Hitler Is Dead –

And that’s about the only "good" he ever offered the World…