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05-07-2008, 11:04 PM
It's been five years now, of not only being extremely interested in these subjects, but I have been researching during most of my free time, I have to admit; I'm bent on getting the information regarding verifiable conspiracies that continue to go unnoticed due to a combination of apathy & being basically the engineered slaves to the engineered system of control that we face during these times, & I'm quite certain that everything has been limited & controlled to get everything up to the certain current conditions to avert the spiritual awakening in 2012 & to cause a need for martial law & a World Government & every subject from finances to self fulfillment to environmental concerns amongst over-entertainment & a desire to relieve a boredom that is essentially a product spawned out of this elaborate conspiracy that has unfolded before the eyes of many of a minority throughout history, but the time is NOW to attempt to get this out to as many people as possible, otherwise it will be too late. :eek:

I've made a website that can be seen by clicking on my signature, & it's far from complete, but like a new club, it's good to have a few people in there to to make it inviting to join, & I 'm asking you to please join my forum, nut I want to make it clear that I in no way desire to detract attention to the forum you are now on, I do need more members, & for people to spread the word about criticalunity.org because I have a great collection of links.
I have not started making the site public, but by the time my youtube video is ready (a few days) the site will be pretty much 'ready'.

:o I want to add (as I have not made this clear yet,) but I want to say that I in no way am asking you to believe this; I am not shoving this down your throat. - What I intend to do is craete a site that the majority will find a hard time to deny or dismiss the info, for it shall be easy to understand. Check it out, & please tell me what you think. - What I think about what is going on is within, but please bear in mind that it's a work in progress: Social Justice, Awareness & Taking Action. If the truth is presented understandably, it will be believed... (http://criticalunity.org)

It's time... The time is now, & I don't care what i'm (my site, LOL) is wearing... because the emperor has no frickin clothes at all anymore, so what the hell do I care? :p

Have fun! :D

05-07-2008, 11:20 PM
I wanted the smiley face to be contained within my previous post.

Seems like it didn't happen that way.

I have no idea what you mean, but as to your first post, I made it clear that I don't want to take people away from this site, because first of all, that's impossible due to the large number of posts & information to look around & comment on, & when people search for criticalunity.org on Google or whatever, this is one of the forums that will come up.

I don't have any stock video footage to use , so I'm going to use still images to go with an audio track I put together made with sound clips arranged in what I believe to be a great order. - You can check out the entire sequence in the 'solutions' page, & my first video will be a fourth the 40 min file, since YT is limited to ten minutes.

Thanks for your input, Blue! Speaking of Blue, do you know the game ; Blue's Journet on Neo Geo? It's great! : YouTube - NeoGeo - Blue's Journey (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfYIj6B3mw8)


05-08-2008, 11:56 PM
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02-21-2010, 07:39 AM
You appear to be going the way of
reaching out to the world around.

I've got it at
handle things at your own end
and branch out from there.

The established world around
is way ahead of anyone just starting out.

They want you to - come into the outside world
so you can "loose" it to them.

They want to - nip you in the bud.
They want to cart you - where they will.

The established world around
that "lords" it over everything - from above and beyond
even has "pro be's" in their sights.

They don't want you to be
they want to be - all about you be
without you be - anywhere.