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05-10-2008, 01:47 PM
There are GOOD MOMS, and there are BAD MOMS, MY MOM IS THE BEST MOM! my dad taught me how to be a tough MAN, but, my mom taught me better qualities such as RESPECTING AND CARING FOR OTHERS, REGARDLESS OF RACE. and showing compassion toward others less fortunate in life. For that I am forever GRATEFUL! I would'nt be the GREAT MAN that I am right now, A GREAT DINNER AWAITS!!!

05-10-2008, 02:11 PM
Oh, by the way, I realize MOTHERHOOD IS A DYING CONCEPT in this NWO, but, if there are any MOTHERS left in this world, may your children cherish you.

06-01-2008, 10:27 PM
Nice Mother's Day post.

What is the deal?

Someone's going to pull up to your house in a black limousine with tinted windows; you're going to get in and your body is going to be found lying in a ditch with broken arms, legs and a few bullets in your head.

Is this the deal you speak about?

That person that got killed had just been out of prison for 2 months BA, he did 7 years in there, he evidently joined a prison mafia gang, when he got out they had him dealing and moving drugs around, he evidently stole some from them, his grandmother and father (his only parents) were threatened, so when that black car pulled up to his house, he knew somewhat that "was his last ride" so to speak, everyone knew it. That is what happens to people who join the Mafia, there is "no way out" unless of course you get out of the country or get in a witness protection program I suppose. But this brings up a interesting picture BA, I' m going to write up a AMERICAN UNDERWORLD THREAD, I will do some research, and write it here soon, I think many people would be surprised that most mafia prison gangs, no matter what racial ethnicity, and this includes the big city gangs throughout America are CIA/JEWISH ZIONIST/MASONIC CONTROLLED, as outrageous as that may be, I will "connect the dots" like no one else can. How else do you think the DRUGS gets dispersed throughout America??? NOTE: What I meant to say regarding joining a Mafia prison gang, is that many of the Prison Gangs are multi-generational in origin, such as the person I'm reffering to here, he had alot of FAMILY in the joint, FAMILY meaning biological, and Prison Brotherhood Family, ghetto friends and what not, not anyone can join The Mafia for obvious reasons, thus "family ties" are needed to gain entry, I know these people.