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06-09-2008, 07:54 AM
First I just want to say Hi to everyone. Im new here, this is my first post. Im 22, living in lovely Ireland, Im an artist and a student. Hello!!!

Over the past months I have been researching this thing as far as I could using just an Internet connection. Not the most reliable source of information but a source which undeniably must contain some truth as it is the surest method to a voice of a people

Though short-lived it may be….

Ok now I want to be brief as people tend not to read long posts. Firstly regardless of the methods or possibilities, the source of their power is military, money, media.

Their worst enemy is not civilians with tanks, or loosing what they thought were fixed elections,…
but just you. You that know.

Yes yes we can plead with the American people to order the government to regain control of the Federal reserve, audit the Gold reserve and even give it back to the people. Or we can order our little rallies on little things, or we can continue to panter about doing nothing while we have this great thing the Internet at our fingertips.

Their worst fear is exposure. We must post, blog, email, talk of this constantly to as many people as possible. Get involved! Bring other people to your revelations. We must come up with more and more various media’s telling the world what we have come to learn.

I thank god I found you, as there seems to be not much of a resistance. We are few, and if we accomplished things tomorrow it would be a very early revolution indeed. So realize no early expectations. It is indeed up to you. If only you convince five people that is enough.
I beg you.

here we must continue with ever more convincing and simple ways to explain this to make it easier for people to swallow and us to spread.
Compile linked information of any media, soundbytes, film, poster etc. Anything!
Discuss amongst ourselves but be awareWe have to start something now.

12-11-2009, 12:30 AM
we are growing faster than the truth is coming out so we are all ready for it go to lard monckton on google or something althow it seems google are free masons or worse, Then go to you tube and look up the OBAMA DECEPTION.

Its gut wrenchingly true but it sure feels better than lies. are government here in canada is almost useless bescause of it, they are now offering huge wages for cops, luckly from my last jail visit for freedom of speach there were no chargers. and the cops well at least the cream of the crop hasn't been brain washed yet.
And best of all this week a canadian judge threw out all the freedom of speach laws in a case and called them unconstitutional, which means open up the flood gates and let in the truth. I do fear that the internet will soon be completly controled. climategate has some boycott targets , also look up the world renown journalist benjamine fullford he's interesting and has had a uneek life. I think he is a free mason and speaking out, my guess is he will be murdered very soon, I think I know what your going threw and just telling people to watch the OBAMA DECEPTION and lord moncton helps you regain some faith in humanity.

12-18-2009, 03:01 PM
Im with you on this.

However it seems to me that most people dont want know the truth because they could'nt handle it. Lets say we unravel the last few threads on the ever thinning blanket of deception and reveal to the world that we are merely slaves to the rich and political elite.

Do you really think people are going to fight a long side us when the shit hits the fan. Or simply do what they've been brainwashed to do from birth and comply with whatever "the man" says. Even if it means sacrificing true freedom.

Making us in to the enemy. The destroyers of there cosy lives. How are we supposed to compete against the media, the military and the money.

Im here now doing my bit. Do i seriously think it will make a difference? Not really but i'll do it anyway!

"No alarms and No supprises" to quote Thom yorke

Thats the mentality were facing and i believe its so deep seeded that even the blunt truth wont sway people in to action.

12-21-2010, 11:23 AM
Dude have you seen any other New World Order documentaries? I would NOT recommend the Obama deception to people if it's going to lead them to a disinfo agent like Alex Jones. Yes the Obama deception is a good watch but you could do better than that. There is plenty of evidence showing jones to be working FOR the powers that be rather than fighting against them.
If I were to recommend anything it'd be 'Esoteric Agenda' which documents Codex Alimentarius- the biggest threat to our survival. There are a few others I'd recommend to you like 'Jordan maxwell exposes the Illuminati'- he's been researching this stuff for over 40 years. I'd also recommend 'Kymatica' - sequel to E.A and the excellent series 'The Arrivals.'
you can see them via google videos and you can check out the arrivals via youtube. I'm not saying everything in these films are 100% true. Things have to be researched. I hope this helps ; )

Chaser Tiponi
11-05-2011, 05:55 PM
Misinformation is they deter their fears. They are scared but they lie around everything. But you are right that continued exposure is a killer tool.

Persistence pays off or so they say....

02-17-2012, 04:29 PM
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05-19-2012, 02:27 PM
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