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Ban Freekmasons
07-08-2008, 11:02 AM
This is a question from Elirien in the David Icke forum that I feel needs to be distributed to a bigger audience. This is not about Joe Stirling, its about everything that breathes on this planet.

"Well I'm just saying this as an option and not accusing you of anything but who could possibly prove me that you are not a freemason.

just shouting off un-documented and researched hate is a good way to discredit sceptics of freemasonry like when the rothschild-zionist gang killed khazar jews in WWII and later on destroy anyone who questions that topic being a semite or not with calling him anti-semetic through the ADL. (geez what a sentence).

I hope you are a sincere person and would begin by reading some books on the whole subject to bring this group of people that you dislike so much 'out of the light'. That would be quite good to further to ban them eh? Better then crying out loud backed with nothing. You can do that too of course. I'm not getting bothered being a researcher of these things but I think it would help you.

Although I still think that you are working for some of them by shouting insults but you also use some of their techniques of demagogy against them by unceasingly insulting them writing annoying (not for me) posts.

I'm not sure about you, but I think it would help if you would read some masonic literature to 'fight them with their own weapons' so to speak.

I hope you don't get me wrong. "

Dear Elirien,

I have been asked to reply. My name is Joe Stirling I'm a founding member of the Anti Corruption Party. We are a support group for victims of Freemasonry. Yes, we have tons of undeniable evidence on the criminal religious-cult-network-organisation that is known as Freemasonry. We want to produce this evidence to a live, filmed, independent audience. We want to do this professionally and transparently. We can bring this evil to a halt. The Masons know this, which is why they won't challenge, contact or sue us. This is why I am a prisoner in my own home with 24/7 surveillance by the corrupt Masons, all paid for by the law abiding taxpayers in the UK. I get constant persecution by local and non-local Masons. All well documented and very provable.

We at ACP are fed up researching and talking and we now want to force this serious issue. Most people do not understand about the inner-outer cores of Masonry. This evil NWO/Masons Money Monster is destroying us.

No, I am not a Mason or have ever been in a Masonic Lodge in my life. The Masons spread rumours, that's their tactics, surely they could tell me which Lodge that I was supposed to have been initiated ?. Anyway, I'll say this again, I am prepared to take any scientific truth set up. I will take any lie-detector test. I will take the truth drug, even though it has serious side effects. I would like to do this alongside my Masonic perpatrators. You will find that most of our now vetted, genuine victims will do the same, no problem.

Anyone can join ACP, it's free. Our goal is to help and educate each other. We're not into hatred or revenge. Our articles are a bit pushy and truthful, designed to waken the public. We support David Icke and all truth-seekers 100%. We are presently fighting for a public register of Freemasons, not any other group or religion. This will comprehensively prove if its a good or bad organisation. Let me put it this way, 99% of the public are not aware of Masonic Theatre, where Masons actually stage situations that look normal to the untrained eye. In every situation you can think of. For example, almost every person who works in the emergency services is a Mason. Now, where lies their impartiality as a creditable witness ? So, when you see these people on the Masonic owned media as a witness, who are you going to believe ? 9/11 - 7/7 - Diana, etc. Simple logic, we need a public register of FMs.

I would like to thank you personally for directing me to the OOBE post from where you got your signature. lol, Joe www.joestirling.com