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08-05-2008, 01:58 AM
If the mulitple sources of this information is accurate you now have exactly roughly 40 days to get food stores, survival stores and get your house in order in all forms... It should be noted that this information statistically will only circulate to a small number of individuals - and should not be considered an attempt to cause the event as a 'self-fulfilling prophecy.'

1. Leo Zagami references September 2008 Stock Market Crash...

A former Grandmaster of the European P2 Masonic Illuminati Lodge (who repented and now works against the order), and destined to inherit a high position in the secretive order - Leo Zagami gives a interview on Youtube to the ForeRunner777... It is unknown at this time where he is getting his information... Leo Zagami is hard to hear, the ForeRunner overdrives the mic, so the audio was cleaned up with a fresh MP3:
Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire (http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=6074186bc692943a1686155677bb2685b1b18f8c 189f0d69)

The original file can be found here:
YouTube - THE ECONOMY WILL COLLAPSE THIS SEPTEMBER 2008!!! (PART 1) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy7urlWLP84&feature=related)

2. LAPD Officer receives warning of Mid September 2008 Market Crash, followed by Feb 2009 Failure of US government from a relative who is high level US Military... Martial Law to be initiated at appropriate time as cities run out of food, and Halliburton Concentration camps are prepared... It cannot be stressed enough that it is VERY WISE to simply treat this warning as a coming reality and prepare accordingly. Do recall that 'just in time inventories' faced against a 'food run' would clean shelves off of food in the major cities in a matter of hours. People are not stupid everybody knows the system is tottering, but there is always a large portion of the population that will always 'wait for the herd to bolt' before taking action. When the herd bolts its too late. You have to learn to psychologically treat this as a reality now, and prepare. A large portion of the population waits for the media to tell them to panic when the media 'helps it along' by reporting that shelves are being cleaned out 1 week after the coming 'black Monday or black Tuesday' or whatever it becomes... Sep 15th is a Monday.

Here is the posting take what you will of it.

"Hi all, This might be the last thing I ever post on here but I need to warn you all. I have been with LAPD for a while and have learned alot of things. One of them is to be a little more independent. Don't put 100 % faith in other humans to take care of you. And yes that means the government 2. Well because things have gotten so bad in LA (Officers being shot at up 39 % in 2007) I decided to move to Idaho. And I love it by the way. Anyway what I'm going to say might shock you or even scare you, but please understand that fear does nothing but makes things worse kinda like stress. So instead of worrying do something to fix it. Remember there's no problems only solutions. This morning I got a call from my uncle who is very high up in the military and he told me to leave the city now. I hardly ever talk to him so he was unaware that I had already left LA. But he seemed very concerned but refused to tell me why. After about 20 minutes he told me the very basics. The first thing he said was to buy as much can food and water as possible. The second was to stock up on ammo. I have already stacked up on ammo because I knew it would become very expensive later and in LA there was a 1 year wait for .223 bullets for my AR15. But I was still very confused as to why he's calling out of the blue and telling me these things. Well what he said next is something the american people aren't suppose to know. He told me that there is an actual plan as to when the economy will completely crash. As of right now he said it will happen in the middle of sept of this year. Also he said that our Government will crash in Feb of 2009. He said that Mexico and Canada will merge with us and that a new dollar called the Amero is going to replace the dollar. But the most scary thing is what he told me he's been doing for the past couple of years. He's been overseeing the construction of Prison Camps being built all through out America. He said a Private company called Haliburton is building them. He told me that 1 camp in Alaska can hold 2 million people and there's almost 1000 camps in the USA. ( not including the ones underground) He also said that these will be used when they declare Martial Law. There's some more things but I promised him I would never repeat them. But just knowing that this could even be possible makes me say to myself " why not buy an extra 20 or 30 bucks of food I can store" each time I go shopping. I had about 2 weeks worth because in California you never know when that next big earthquake can hit not to mention the last year and a half we have been training on how to handle food riots in LA.( By the way the first step in the LAPD process is to stand back and observe) <Crazy Huh. Well use common sense and get what you can because once everyone wakes up it will be to late. Last but not least why I believe him is because he is the same one that told me beforehand not to fly in Aug and Sept of 2001 Do I have to go on ? Take care everyone and GOD Bless !!!"

This posting was back in March of 2008, and originally was found here :
Please Read Now !!! Sept 2008 Economic Crash, etc... (Bush, 9/11, enemy) - Politics and Other Controversies - City-Data Forum (http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/287794-please-read-now-sept-2008-economic.html)

Financial Analysts point to same thing...

US economy might crash in September 2008! George A. Marcelo’s Weblog (http://georgeamarcelo.wordpress.com/2008/06/04/us-economy-might-crash-in-september-2008/)

Market Oracle using market fundamentals shows strong down trending:

Dow Jones Stock Market Forecast to Sept 2008 :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website (http://marketoracle.co.uk/Article5442.html)

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