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08-16-2008, 09:03 AM
Demver - Photos From Inside the DNC Protest Cage (http://blogs.westword.com/demver/2008/08/photos_from_inside_the_dnc_pro.php)


Over 700 ft away, Barrack Obama and the DNC convention has erected a 'Protest Zone."

And some judge has to decide if it will 'interfere' with the democratic process...

Remember the tactics Jesus used - when He was teaching the masses He used some of the most brilliant tactics ever seen - by sending the people back into their community He just spread and seeded His greater ideologies all over the place. How do you police and cordone that? Don't protest at the DNC - protest everywhere BUT the DNC. Don't protest the DNC, protest the fact its a false dialectic process - protest the freedom cage itself. Now ask the Secret Service how they plan to control that? Then if they make the whole city a protest free zone at the next event protest in every city BUT where the next convention is taking place. Now ask how the Secret Service is going to cordone a whole country? Don't protest when the convention occurs protest BEFORE it occurs, and start a boycott. Remember its all about getting people involved in a false dialectic process, and make them feel they were part of something - when in fact they had zero say in any of it, but thought they did.

Remember communism fell - or 'fell' depending on your research - because they could not economically police everyone. It is estimated over a million people worked for the KGB at its height and they were keeping files on every single man, woman, and child. This is a massive resource burn, and by constantly dispersing and amplifying like values of freedom and democracy and truth back into the community - it becomes resource impossible to 'freedom cage' an entire people. It has never been done in history, and it will never be done in the future, although the NWO is stupid enough to try.


- That is why its 'In a Freedom Cage.'
- That is why CIA and other agencies RUN THE PROTESTS. It gets people to 'exercise and vent' their frustration and think they made a statement (when they haven't done anything). So they tell everybody to get involved and let's 'show them'. So a pile of idiots that cannot figure this out will be screaming from inside their freedom cage while some operative with a blow horn will rile them up and make sure that they 'expend all their political energy.' And the convention will put on its false dialectic to make people think they were involved there too..

08-16-2008, 10:04 AM
Are they seriously calling that thing a Freedom Cage? Seriously?

08-16-2008, 01:01 PM
Maybe its for protection...doh! I have seen the construction barriers fall in the wind....No worries. If he is the anti christ I am sure the good christians will get through to kill him...lol...other wise the world will be in his cage and we better fear...lets pray(OMG). This is rediculous. Its a protection barrier. Its not the Concrete barrior that israel has to install to keep the real animals out. Don't be so offended. This is really out there for your own safety. Then you wont get clubbed when you get outta control. Double doh....

Freedom Cage.Keep the beasts out and the free will continue to live.It's a free election. VOTE!

08-16-2008, 01:03 PM
When the convention walkway and entrance leads into a sealed cage...THEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO FEAR.