View Full Version : Now I want to talk about the Nazi dorks a little bit.

09-06-2008, 03:00 AM
I'm telling you, these Nazi people just really don't learn, do they. I'm talking about these little nazi people. These little whatever they are. They wave these nazi flags around and don't remember that they got themselves blown sky high. Well, they are going to get themselves blown sky high again. I think they are some sort of little Illuminati vandels or pirates or something. I don't know, they are too low for me to see. They are like little bugs for me to stomp on in my pleasure.

They wave this little nazi flag around. And I believe that is something about a black hole sun. Well, I'm simply saying that a black hole sun is a boring sun. What we need is a sun that is shinny, and gives some good light so that people can go swimming and maybe the gardeners can grow some vegatables and the cattle can graze and breed, and maybe people can meet under a tree and write poetry or some music together, or simply waft among the sun and clouds. I don't understand this nazi thing. I think you are stupid if you are a nazi. And I want you to know that I know MK Ultra, the Butterfly Effect, and the Book of Revelation so that if you practice nazi Mk Ultra you are going to die of spontanious human combustion.

Thank you.