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09-25-2008, 09:10 PM

Operation White Shield is looking for volunteers who are willing to help inform Corporate America of the great possibility of a staged financial coup ongoing in the United States. This is evident in the maneuvering of the Feds and the Treasury Department in attempting to extort $700 Billion from the public, and how this entire event is actually being staged for public consumption - what the real outcome will be, and how it will affect the public at large.

The $700 Billion Dollar Bailout is a Dog and Pony Show for Your Entertainment.

How can this statement in all honesty be made? It is simple, the Federal Reserve is privately owned, and has the ability to create currency from thin air. This has been heavily documented, and shown in videos such as 'The Money Masters' which can be viewed for free at Google Video (http://video.google.com/) (search video.google.com for it - it shows up.)

What people commonly do not know is that the Federal Reserve who can create the US dollar on a whims notice has never been audited in its entire history. Think about that. So if they have never been audited, and can create currency out of thin air, why then are they in a negotiation with Congress for a $700 billion dollar bailout?

The Answer Is They Don't Need the Money.

Don't look for the answers because they are already there - look at the questions. But what they do need is a 'excuse' to crash the banking system and tighten credit and liquidity of the dollar. Why would they be interested in doing this - it is simple because they know they have pushed the American public and companies in as far of debt as they are able to pay / not pay. After that they then tighten the credit/currency supply until businesses and the public cannot service their debts and seize the assets. The result is they simply take your companies, industries and properties in exchange for paper debt that they created from nothing.

Thus at the time of this writing the Federal Senators are doing exactly what is beneficial to the Federal Reserve, and the ruling elite - that is stonewalling the funding. Remember THE FEDERAL RESERVE DOES NOT NEED MONEY THAT THEY CAN CREATE FROM NOTHING. But the public buys it all up, thinking that we must assume, or not assume an expanded debt in order to keep the financial system 'afloat.' This is the 'false dialectic' that is being presented the public when the real solution is always the third option that they refuse to talk about.

How You Will Know this Warning is Accurate.

If you do not want to believe any of this don't, but just watch what happens next - the $700 Billion bailout bill will be rejected and the American public will be praising their senate for not 'bowing to the the banking elite and bailing them out.' However what they will not know is that the $700 Billion dollar funding package was completely designed for public consumption, and it's planned rejection is nothing more than the excuse needed to cause a banking failure by design. This will be used to crash the financial system to start a massive resource grab of the last remaining assets of the United States. The news media will be telling tales of 'lack of banking liquidity' which will be true - they just will not be told that the liquidity is determined by the Federal Reserve at their discretion. The Federal Reserve can liquefy banks as much as they desire. As long as the expansion of circulating currency does not exceed the growth rate of the GDP they will not even have inflation.

Thus the end result after the 'staged crash' will be that businesses will have no access to credit or money - and will be forced into a state of bankruptcy, being unable to pay their basic bills. Millions will be laid off. International investors will then in time (maybe in 6 - 18 months from now) will magically come in and start buying up your industries for pennies on the dollar. They will have in effect stolen the Heart of America for nothing more than a piece of paper, and some computer digits.

What Can You Do.

The more people that are aware of this scam being played against the public, the less likely it is to succeed. It means educating everyone that the control of your currency must go back into the hands of your Government and not the private unaudited Federal Reserve. Consider studying and learning from expert senators that are exposing this sham such as Ron Paul.

Help Spread the Word

This is a list to links to federal and state legislatures, and businesses. Pick 3 senators / 3 businesses with last names with letters matching yours and write them. Inform the businesses of what happened, and ask the Senators why they are not moving to put the control of the Federal Reserve back into the hands of the government. Again DON'T BELIEVE IT TILL YOU SEE IT, BUT WHEN IT GOES PLEASE HELP. Save this posting to a text file on your computer, and when it unfolds, open it and take action.

If you are unable to read the entire list this posting has been converted to PDF and can be read at here:
The Staged Financial Crisis in the United States (http://www.scribd.com/doc/6230352/The-Staged-Financial-Crisis-in-the-United-States)

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There are three types of people in this world - those who take ground on a situation, those who hold ground on a situation, and those who give ground on a situation. In every problem and conflict that arises in your life are you taking ground, holding ground or losing ground?

09-26-2008, 09:57 AM
Thanks for all the info!

Viva la revolucion!

09-26-2008, 02:02 PM
I was wondering when someone was going to start an intelligent thread about this whole wall street scam going on. Some scams are just really corrupt, but this one stinks to high heaven!

I cannot really believe that people have not yet taken to the streets. THIS IS THE MOST ROTTEN OBVIOUS BLATENT RIPOFF OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE I PERSONALLY HAVE EVER WITNESSED! They're not even being secretive about it anymore! It's just a bunch of scoundrals ripping off the stock market and then Bush comes on a says, "Well, I really can't go into the details of the situation right now, but there's been a few problems here and there, and so I just want to inform the American people that we're going to need to a wee 750 Billion dollars from you real quick. And we're sure you'll understand. And we'll explain what it was all about at a more appropriate time.


What sheer arrogant, greedy, audacious INSANITY!