View Full Version : $700 Billion Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion

09-29-2008, 07:16 PM
“So now they try to solve the problem by having this credit bubble actually extended and I think the $700 billion will be like a drop in the bucket because the total credit market in the U.S. is something close to $60 trillion, then you have the CDS market – credit default swap – of around $62 trillion. Then you have the whole derivatives worldwide worth about a notional $1,300 trillion. So the $700 billion is really nothing and the Treasury is just giving out this figure when actually the end figure may be $5 trillion.”
$700 Billion Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion | War On You (http://waronyou.com/2008/09/700-billion-bailout-could-balloon-to-5-trillion/)