View Full Version : Eric Jon Phelps Outed-He's an Israeli Diamond Merchant, a Zionist, a White Supremacis

10-21-2008, 04:15 PM
Eric Jon Phelps, author of the error-filled, book, Vatican Assassins, has been very busy, as many of you know, defaming and smearing good patriots and Christians as well as a number of dedicated 9/11 truth movement people. He’s falsely accused Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Butch Paugh, Constance Cumbey and many others of being secret Jesuits, which is ridiculous and untrue. Which leads one to ask: Why? Why all this disinformation? Who, really, is Eric Jon Phelps?

Well, check this out: Zionist Champions (http://www.zionistchampions.com/)

Now we have some answers. On this website and others, Phelps has been exposed as an Israeli diamond merchant. He is also a self-professed "Zionist," and a "Hebrew Israelite" (Phelps’ own words) who has traveled back and forth to Israel and has some interesting connections there. And there’s more, including revelations in which Phelps brags he is a "White Supremacist" who hasn’t filed an IRS tax return for over 25 years.

Now perhaps we know why Phelps goes after anyone who exposes Zionism and also attacks 9/11 Truth people, etc.

Some have said Phelps is Mossad or FBI or even a Jesuit plant, which is what he falsely accuses others of being. Perhaps so, but for sure he is a self-confessed Zionist as well as a proven smear merchant and disinformation agent.