View Full Version : Wonder Where That 3 Trillion Went Mr/Mr's U.S Taxpayer?

05-10-2005, 01:57 AM
They're bringing out the toys! Yeh! And I thought they'd wasted ALL that money.

Oh Tesla...it took them a while but it seems they've taken the lock off the big warehouse and are allowing the uniformed kiddies to play.

If they have this ready to be deployed then you can count on something still under wraps 20 years ahead of it.

They state the problem has been ""capacitor technology "" which can now be considered ""mature"".

In other words they have BIG power generator capacity. I wonder what the power is to fling a 15kg projectile 500km? Read the specs. By the way thats "pulsed" or like a machine gun...500km?

EM gun on the brink of fruition for land and sea applications

After more than two decades of research, the science and technology behind electromagnetic (EM) rail guns has now advanced sufficiently to allow practical exploration of novel military applications, according to Dr Harry Fair, director of the Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT) at the University of Texas (UT).

Speaking at the IQPC Future Artillery 2005 conference held in London in March, he told delegates that in the field of pulsed-power supplies, capacitor technology can now be considered mature, but still requires an excessive volume for land applications. Pulsed alternators are therefore emerging as the preferred option at relatively low risk and (particularly in the context of a ship) ensure a very large volume magazine. For shore bombardment, the high terminal velocities achieved allow small kinetic-energy penetrators to put as much energy on target as larger explosive-filled projectiles and at greater ranges.

The US Navy is initiating what Dr Fair characterised as "a significant science and technology programme for ultra long-range artillery", noting however that "gun life and high-acceleration tolerant guidance, navigation and control (GNC) will be critical issues". He added: "When successful, EM guns will provide overwhelming lethality and significantly improved survivability and logistics at unprecedented ranges."

UT-IAT has devised a common low-cost projectile concept for both naval surface-fire support and army non line-of-sight (NLOS) engagements using an EM gun launcher. It has a flight mass of 15 kg and contains either multiple kinetic-energy flechettes or a smaller number of sub penetrators made of tungsten. In its naval guise it has a muzzle energy of 64 MJ; a muzzle velocity of 2,500 m/s; a maximum range in excess of 500 km and an impact velocity of 1,600 m/s. From a more size-constrained land tactical platform it would be expected to have a muzzle energy of 20 MJ; a muzzle velocity of 1,400 m/s and an impact velocity of 700 m/s out to ranges in excess of 100 km