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05-11-2005, 12:23 AM
Model Hydrogen Car – :-o :-o :-o

High School Sophomore Builds Model Hydrogen Car

05-11-2005, 03:51 AM
Unforunately the law of thermodynamics will always hold.

He would get MORE energy just simply using that solar energy to power an electric motor than breaking the bonds of the hydrogen and oxygen and then burning the hydrogen.

It all sounds good but simply is'nt.

Only fission, fusion or perhaps the exotic zero point energy will give more than the initial input. Perhaps cold fusion.

The key is most likely SIMPLE decentralization of the power source and simple energy saving devices.

$30,000 will make a house TOTALLY independant of the power grid. Add in some wind power and energy saving stuff and WULLAH!

If this was STANDARD in ALL houses the costs would come down to below $5-7000 dollars- Australian.

To be honest we dont need exotic energy replacements. We just need to adjust our lifestyles a little and use simple and proven technology like "The Orbital Engine"...%30-50 fuel savings but bought out and stashed by Ford.

The problem is again cartels and the power utilities who are not about to encourage people to be independant of centralised power in any form.

The West Oz government put the stops to a perfectly proven "tidal power" device that would have powered a remote town in the North West of Oz...why? It was a done deal. West Oz LIVES off the "fossil fuel" industry and huge pressure was put on the government by the ACTUAL people who run this State.

There will be NO large scale working examples of alternative energy sources unless it is owned and controlled by the usual suspects.

Sorry Jimbo...nice thought though.

BUT...there was a guy who made a similar full size thing. He alledgedly 'oscillated' the hydrogen/oxygen bonds apart and got MORE energy out than in. He was awarded the patent. He died 2 years later of a heart attack. It must have not worked though...the U.S army now have the patent.

The guy was quite big for a while, can anyone remember his name? Around 1998-2000.

05-11-2005, 05:16 AM
Stanley Myers ?

05-11-2005, 06:14 AM
Thats the guy.

Some say a fraud...possibly. The 'free energy' crowd is full of them.

What was most interesting was that i read despite all this the U.S army had aquired the patent.

The article had ALL the details but again...i am too lazy to search for it.

05-11-2005, 07:24 AM
Here's the video mentioning the pentagon interest

and showing the car on the news. He was killed

I say.


05-11-2005, 09:41 AM
No Room For Creativity, According To The Experts ??? :-o :-o :-o

truebeliever, you sound just as stubborn as those fundamentalists that will never even fathom to ponder upon the thought of faster than “light” speeds. Come, on… where is your faith in the “creative mind”. Where is your "faith in humanity." And besides, anything that exists, already does. It’s just a matter of “us” (our idiot selves) hitting it straight on w/ our nose… (our collective nose) & a matter of time, of course. And because we are so slow. Look at how long it has taken us to realize the "truths of Christ." And we still don’t get it. All “free-energy” patents are locked up in a vault, so that we (the masses) can never get there. Do you know anything about ‘zero-point-energy?” It’s true. The “ether” does exist. It always did. We knew about the “ether” way before “modern science” made a pact w/ the establishment to deny the fact & only consider the “visible” & easier to measure world of matter. But everything goes back in a circle, & now, they don’t have a choice but to re-introduce that which we knew hundreds of years ago. What a pity for “real” science. Can you write the “equation” for the “ocean” ? (Hint: You don’t have to include the one for the “rest” of the universe).


05-11-2005, 10:26 AM
I've been reading about zero point since 2001.

The law of thermodynamics is what it is and has stood the test of time. It is a simple and easy to understand law.

I am in essence a VERY practical person.

We have...right now...without a single conspiricy in sight, the ability to live without oil. Very simple and very unsexy technology which the cartelists simply buy up and lock away. Did you check out my post on the orbital engine above? Theres %30-50 less oil overnight with CONVENTIONAL technology.

Jimbo, i posted an article he a couple of days ago.

They are about to deploy "rail guns" on ships and the land that can hurl a projectile 500 km at speeds of 2500 meters a second...LIKE A MACHINE GUN!


What is powering that? Dont think we're not on the same wavelength.

Faster than light speed? I personally could'nt care less. I'd just be happy for a highly fuel efficient car and world peace.

I'm easily pleased.

I agree with you. Just not the hydro model car.

Like I said. A simple, highly fuel efficient, ready to go motor was simply taken and locked away in plain view and no one gives a shit...

05-11-2005, 11:05 AM
Cheap Energy Sources – That’s The Way Is Was Meant To Be – :-o :-o :-o

Platonic Solid Formation In Spherical Vibrating Fluid (http://ascension2000.com/DivineCosmos/Image120.jpg)

Ch03 - Sacred Geometry In The Quantum Realm

truebeliever, Sorry I jumped into conclusions. I didn’t really read your entire post at first. I was running too fast. My bad.

I’m all for “free-energy” sources & the “freedom” that could bring to “us all,” & not just a few. I think we already have the knowledge, the means, & the ability to “free” humanity. But we are being “held down” from “realizing” that world…

Scientists Break The Speed Of Light

And if you think about it, why would the “speed of light,” which is only “a part of” the entire “spectrum of energy,” which encompasses all, be the maximum speed? If there are frequencies slower than light, & then, frequencies faster than light, why would anyone accept the notion that “light” is just a mathematical “asymptote?” Perhaps because of that same “premise” that matter is the only “reality,” for us here on earth to accept. I personally think that the “speed of light” is just the “average speed” of the universe. Another way of looking at it is this – if every single atom inside ourselves, which when “split” are known to release enough energy to cause a “nuclear explosion” are also emitting “light” waves, why wouldn’t these “energy quanta” (as, in our limited capacity, we define them) be moving faster than light? I can see that in order for us to observe them (i.e., electron clouds) we have to slow them down to “light speeds,” to the only reality we can conceptually want to “perceive.” So otherwise, they are moving at faster than “light speeds,” & “infinitely” fast “into & out” of the “ether”… (zero-point-energy, hyperdimensional physics).

Don’t get me wrong, I studied a field in science. But humbly speaking, I’d say that “scientists” are nothing more than professional “observers” & perhaps “modifiers.” If anyone can write the “equation” for the “oceans,” I’ll be impressed.


05-11-2005, 06:13 PM
Never believe the lies from frauds like Einstein

Tesla knew this almost 100 years ago.


As an elderly man, Tesla discussed controversial topics such as free energy, particle beam weapons, cosmic rays that travel faster than light speed, a new magnifying transmitter which could harness these cosmic rays, interplanetary communication and also the claim that he could transmit energy at twice the speed of light. The identification of each separate invention became a somewhat confusing task for journalists and researchers because each of these ideas involve the transmission of energy to distant places: and the so called “death ray” apparently, in its final form, comprised features from some, if not all of the other inventions above. It is these exotic inventions that interest and fuels the free energy researchers imagination.

It was Tesla's claim that he could transmit

energy at twice the speed of light that brought

Tesla in direct conflict with Einstein's

suggestion that space was curved--the

conventional mode of thought at the time. Tesla's

unique views on the nature of radioactivity also

placed him out of the mainstream scientific



Listen to the man that the NWO deleted from
books of the schools of the world.

Were we," remarks B. A. Behrend, distinguished author and engineer, "to seize and to eliminate the results of Mr. Tesla's work, the wheels of industry would cease to turn, our electric cars and trains would stop, our towns would be dark, and our mills would be dead and idle."

05-11-2005, 06:52 PM
Thegreatest mystery about Tesla to me, is not his work but the fact that I had'nt heard of the guy till I was 27!!!! 1997!!!! And I read!!!!!

What the hell is going on!!!!!!!

If it was'nt for the net i'd still probably have no idea.

05-11-2005, 06:58 PM
truebeliever wrote:
Thegreatest mystery about Tesla to me, is not his work but the fact that I had'nt heard of the guy till I was 27!!!! 1997!!!! And I read!!!!!

What the hell is going on!!!!!!!

If it was'nt for the net i'd still probably have no idea.

I'm an information-aholic with a Masters degree.

I have purchased easliy over $20 000 in books

some I had shipped from Israel and other countries

because they were so rare and I never heard of

Tesla ! ! !

If they can blackout the bilderberg meetings

COMPLETELY and they have blocked out Tesla

COMPLETELY relative to others like Einstein

Everything you think you know has to be

questioned constantly.

05-11-2005, 07:03 PM
Tesla caused me to literally loose sleep many

nights because for me he shattered all the

notions I had about Jews being the smartest

people in the world.