View Full Version : Doubling the National Debt in 2 Months!

11-25-2008, 06:35 PM
What is going on? Are all these conspiracy theories true!

Today, they are "getting" another 800 billion dollars$

The cost of the current "bailout" program is up to...

With this latest effort and Monday's $306 billion for Citigroup, the bailout tally now exceeds $8.5 trillion, including pledges for money market assets as the Fed dramatically expands its balance sheet
Another Day, Another $800B: Staggering Size of Bailouts Necessary, Economist Says: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance (http://finance.yahoo.com/tech-ticker/article/135352/Another-Day%2C-Another-%24800B%3A-Staggering-Size-of-Bailouts-Necessary%2C-Economist-Says)


We are nearly DOUBLING our national debt!

Guess who we owe!

Our own friggen British Crown controlled US Government.

Get ready for hell on earth.