View Full Version : Traumatic Images. Instantly Orphaned Iraqi Children. Flash Animation. R-Rated

05-11-2005, 10:56 PM
Flash Animation.


Scroll half way down to "Instantly Orphaned".

I could cry when I see stuff like this. In fact I do.

I'm NO bleeding heart Liberal or long haired hippy. Just a human being.

The children will have to live with this trauma. Will their be ANY long term counselling for them?

"Casualties Of War"..."Unfortunate"...yes, until they're your kids.

In that case...to any Americans who happen to read this who espouse these views...the WTC was unfortunate but the inevitable result of U.S murderous Imperialism. 3000 dead..."oh well, shit happens".

This family is one of hundreds.

And when the U.S forces return you will have thousands of postal workers with guns to contend with...themselves traumatised by what they have seen and experienced and add to the fact they will inevitably find out they were duped. As usual.