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12-05-2008, 11:50 AM
Japan's Crazy History

Japan's Conspiracy (2) P2 (http://book.geocities.jp/japans_conspiracy/0102/p002.html#page148)

Japan is really a country of mystery. I am Japanese. I was born and brought up in Japan. In addition, I have been harassed by mysterious people. I have had unbelievable events in my life. I have been personally investigating the cause of the troubles. And finally I have reached a conclusion thanks to the Internet search engines and Wikipedia. The main culprit was the Japanese government.

The reason why I put this accusation in English and in foreign sites is that all the countries in the world have been deceived and exploited by the Japanese collaborators. They actually control the police and the media in any country by distributing secret money. But, to tell the truth, the money does not come from Japan. The money originally comes from people exploited by Japanese collaborators. They often include politicians, celebrities and terrorists.

For about two years, I complained to the Japanese authorities for the troubles, but in vain. And I finally have known that no one except me is publicly protesting against the government. Some critics and journalists are actually government's spies.....

My story is endless, sorry. Please read the site above. Thank you in advance.

11-24-2016, 09:12 PM
Celebrities Are Mostly Camouflaged Japanese throughout World


The global empire has taken advantage of its unique deceptive strategy to the full.

The strategy is to divide vertically the human beings, such as dividing them by region, religion, language and skin colors.

However, the global empire has controlled unilaterally throughout the world.

The challenge against the empire is the revolt against them by the rest of the human beings.

So, vertical division strategy has worked very well insidiously for the purpose of making the rest of the human beings not mind the global control and forget the insidious conspiracy by the global empire.

( http://park.geocities.jp/jpcdebate/0203/p036.html )