View Full Version : Marines Establish Military Presence in California

12-16-2008, 06:44 PM
Branson Hunter, writing for the Big Bear Observation Post blog, reports that the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) and the local California Highway Patrol will be working together over the holiday “in a joint effort to reduce accidents and drinking and driving” in San Bernardino County.

A clip from Alex Jones’ 9/11: The Road to Tyranny. Military invades the town of Swansboro, North Carolina

Hunter contacted Corporal Knuesn of the MCAGCC Provost Marshal office and MCAGCC Public Affairs Chief, Gunny Sgt. Chris Cox. Both confirmed the USMC will be present on public roads in order to setup a military presence during routine DUI check stops. “They will be working closely over the month to cut down of traffic accidents,” said Cox, “the Military Police will observe DUI check points and watch for their own guys. The intent is to have military presence out there.”
WAR INFO: Marines Establish Military Presence in California (http://war-info.blogspot.com/2008/12/marines-establish-military-presence-in.html)