View Full Version : Madoff and Company Spent Nearly $1 Million on Washington Influence

12-17-2008, 04:48 PM
The man behind a $50 billion Ponzi scheme that has roiled Wall Street and shaken up the nonprofit world was also a long-time contributor to Democrats, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics has found. Bernard Madoff was arrested last Thursday and charged with operating a fraudulent money-management business with which he advised investors, hedge funds and institutions, including charitable foundations. Madoff made a fortune, and he played politics with some of that money. In total, he and his wife, Ruth, have given $238,200 to federal candidates, parties and committees since 1991, with Democrats getting 88 percent of that. Overall, Madoff and other individuals at his company, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, gave $372,100 in campaign contributions since 1991, with 89 percent to Democrats. The firm spent $590,000 on lobbying in the last 11 years, all but $10,000 of it with the lobbying firm of Lent, Scrivner & Roth.

Frater 12038
12-31-2008, 04:11 AM
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As a Chaos Magician (IOT, Adept) and Master in Kabala... allow me to knit some things together. Answers to the question, where originate details of the story.

Madoff: Mathew small boys name "Mad"; off: to be gone

$372,100: the international telephone pre dial to Estonia, Baltics +372