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12-20-2008, 04:29 PM
This is a most recent and urgent conference call interview with Illuminati Grand Master and Reformer Leo Lyon Zagami. During a 2,5 hour interview Leo answers the questions of a number of different guest callers.

To learn more of who Leo is and what his mission is, visit:

About Leo Zagami (http://www.leozagami.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=44&Itemid=55)
Forum List - Leo Zagami Forum (http://www.leozagami.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=57)

To read the accompanying article communicating the synopsis of the talk, visit my blog here:

WAKE UP! Conference Call Interview with Illuminati Reformer Leo Zagami (1of4) The Chronicles of Illuminati Grand Master Leo Lyon Zagami (http://illuminatichronicles.wordpress.com/2008/12/20/wake-up-conference-call-interview-with-illuminati-reformer-leo-zagami-1of4/)

A grasp of questions asked:

-How did you become an Illuminati?

-What made you leave the Illuminati?

-What is protecting you from voicing this information not having them try to permanently silence you?

-Have you had any personal experience with alien groups at all?

-May Obama turn on the Bad Illuminati? How many attempts there will be on his life?

-Do you think they are gonna bypass ushering in the Amero and go straight to the one world currency based on our economic situation?

-What do we do to survive?

-Do the higher echelons of power, like the Vatican and the top US government officials, already know who this anti-Christ is?

-Does the Jesuit Order rule the world?

Interview downloadable here:
Wake Up - Conference Call Interview Illuminati Reformer Leo Zagami.mp3 (http://www.mediafire.com/?awzummvzyml)

12-25-2008, 01:24 PM
Leo has lost his wife and only son. How's that for a casual pass?

Only the Pope can order his death as he is Templar Knight, but he doesn't have the balls to do so, Leo says.

I've met with Leo, together with his entourage, this summer in Nice. He is as real as it gets.

12-25-2008, 01:31 PM
I just completed a videod version of the said interview viewable here:

http://illuminatichronicles.wordpress.com/...o-zagami-1of16/ (http://illuminatichronicles.wordpress.com/2008/12/24/wake-up-conference-call-interview-with-illuminati-reformer-leo-zagami-1of16/)