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01-08-2009, 03:16 PM
At first I was stunned by the content within this site, but a
little soul searching and studying showed me it is all very
real. I want to share the knowledge and issues it exposes.

Here's a grand list of subjects found on the front page. The
index of pages within any of these subjects is just a click away
from the front page. There are so many things to read and
understand, be sure to visit more than just one index or it's
impossible to get the full picture. For example, you may read
some really bad news in one area, and not be aware that in
another index is a page describing a way of escape for many.
Be sure not to miss the page with some very hopeful news, by
clicking on the Literal Hell link, especially after reading the
very ominous future for America.

"America's Churches" - The problem with America's Churches.

"Who is Jesus?" - Who Scripture says Jesus is.

"New Prophecies" - Prophecies that have yet to come to pass.

"Government" - How government has stripped us of our rights, and

"America Destroyed" - That, How, When, and Why God will destroy

"The Four Beasts" - The four beasts of Daniel and Revelation.

"Definitions" - Misunderstood terms in the bible are defined by

"Old Prophecies" - 24 Prophecies from the 1990s that have come to

"Babylon" - The fourth empire that God has vowed to destroy.

"The Beast that was, Was not, Yet is" - Explains America.

"Plagues Facing America" - Plagues that now face America.

"How, When, and Why" - Why God will destroy America.

"Literal Hell" - Heaven, and how hell is a scientific fact. A real place.

"Two Witnesses" - The two witnesses, and the prophesied Events.

"America Defined" - Documenting America to be the dreaded fourth

"The Desolation" - When man fell out with Almighty God.

"Doctrines" - Why most church doctrines are false and deceptive.

"The Seven Plagues" - The Economy, Drought, Blasphemy,
Pandemic, Destruction, Transportation, and Famine.

There are several other indexes at the site. Be sure to download their free

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