View Full Version : The Economy Tanking rapidly! Faster than expected! Prepare NOW!

01-22-2009, 06:56 AM
The Economy Tanking rapidly! Faster than expected! Prepare NOW!

The economy is collapsing faster than expected. The dollar will be gone in a matter of months. DR Ron Paul said on Tuesday the Treasury is already looking for a new currency. The Banksters have stolen all the money they can from us! The economy will NOT get better for many years... Many many years...

And most Americans sit and watch their TV's and are told everything is going to be alright!

Its NOT and we know it!

PREPARE YOURSELVES NOW! Tomorrow may be too late!

A MUST SEE! Watch Ron Paul on Glen Beck, 1/21/2009!

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01-22-2009, 07:15 PM
Well, thanks, Dr. Ron Paul for warning Americans that the economy is tanking, as if we didn't know and blaming us because we stay glued to our television sets.

What the hell else are we suppose to do?

I'm open to suggestions.

02-08-2009, 03:38 AM
You can't do diddly! But your new president could sort it out in a single day.

Mutulise your banking system, that is transfer ownership to the depositors and debters like a credit union. nationalisation is no different to privatisation as the power is still concentrated with a few elite.

Set a national interest rate and convert all exisiting loans to this rate as of today. that means every personal loan every business loan and every mortgage. A huge chunk of the out goings of this nation as any other is interest, remove it and the money begins to flow again.

All we need is cheap money lent responsibly (not just for new cars) so that people can create again. The pursuit of quality should be our goal not quantity and filling our homes with chinese tat.

Its all going to be good this is just a lesson on what is important but it is true we do spend to much time sitting at home watching TV when we should at least be out having a good time and keeping the cash circulating.