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02-09-2009, 12:21 AM
Workers rebel in East Europe
Thousands of demonstrators in Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria have attacked government buildings and called on their governments to resign as unemployment soars in Eastern Europe.

Living standards in these countries were always below those for many countries in the imperialist West. But during the existence of the USSR and the socialist bloc, workers in these countries enjoyed secure jobs and guaranteed access to education, health care and retirement benefits.

Police attack demonstrators in front of Latvia’s Parliament building in Riga Jan. 13. Experts predict a regional increase of 15 million to 18 million unemployed in the coming months, with no relief as jobs for immigrants disappear in Western Europe and the United States.

Neil Shearing at Capital Economics in London says that “Unemployment in the Baltic countries could spike to more than 15 percent. Industry has absolutely collapsed because of shrinking demand” in Western Europe and the U.S. He continues, “The recession will essentially engulf the entire economy of the region.” (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Jan. 29)

The world capitalist economy (http://seotricksguide.info)is collapsing. The rightist pro-capitalist regimes that have been ruling these countries since the early 1990s are imposing severe cuts on the remaining social safety-net programs. As a result, workers are rising up in protest.
Workers rebel in East Europe by Heather Cottin | War On You: Breaking Alternative News (http://waronyou.com/topics/workers-rebel-in-east-europe-by-heather-cottin/)