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02-14-2009, 02:21 AM
The Great Economic Recovery Deception
We, the American people are supposed to be in debt. That’s how the system works, right? If you’re listening closely, that’s what they’re saying. Politicians are sprinting wide eyed and panting to banks with billions and possibly trillions of “Taxpayer” dollars, OUR dollars.

Why? Because if they give the banks our money, we will be benefited. Huh? Forgive me but I don’t remember a time in history when any bank was looking out for my benefit. Hasn’t it always been a trade off, sort of like; After being carefully scrutinized, I go into debt and pay interest on money that they loan me while they invest and prosper from money I loan them by opening a bank account? Yeah that’s it; they’ve never given a darn about me. So what would make anyone imagine that now, in the toughest economy since the great depression, banks can be given enough money to benefit me? Won’t that benefit will be the gift of allowing me to go deeper in debt to them?

The real estate industry helped pull the plug on the economy by giving us toxic loans, Wall street is enriching execs with bailout money, banks are buying businesses and enriching execs with bailout money, so what’s really going on? Well, the truth is that it is our money, taxpayer money being thrown around like confetti and it’s being thrown to everyone but us.
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