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02-26-2009, 01:30 AM
Leave the police state that is America
Some time between 9/11 and now America became a police state. I cannot pinpoint the tipping point because the last several years are a blur of laws and policies that were passed so quickly and in such volume that no one could track them, let alone provide analysis. Even lawmakers didn’t read what they were passing. Moreover, I am not sure how to define “a police state” as opposedto a quasi one…so pinpointing is a term of accuracy that doesn’t apply. But, like pornography, I know a police state when I see it and I see everytime I glance State-side. And the collapse of the American dollar has not even occurred yet. When that happens — and it will be as swift as the mortage collapse — the fear and panic generated could well allow/encourage the establishment of one of the worst totalitarian states the world has seen in a developed nation.
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The Old Medic
02-28-2009, 02:12 PM
Strange, but I can go anywhere I want to go in this world, without notifying anyone. I can move to a different state, at any time, without notifying anyone. I can go camp in a national forest, shoot my weapons, fish, etc., and nobody will interfere with me.

So long as I do not violate any laws, I won't be stopped. But if I speed, or refuse to register my car, etc., then I can expect to be stopped.

You have no idea what a police state really is.

How would you like to have to report to the local police if you moved from one apartment to another, in the same building? You have to do that in Germany.

You fools love to throw around your loaded words, when you literally do not have any idea what you are talking about.

I just drove through 23 states, and was never stopped once. I paid primarily cash for gas and groceries, so no records were kept on where I went or what I bought.

Now, if we actually did live in a police state, that could not have happened.