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03-25-2009, 04:02 PM
Chemtrails. It's in the jetfuel.

So, I figured it has to be well hidden from pilots, mechanics and others could not easily detect the substance being used in the fuels (specifically type a / a1)

However, I am still convinced that pilots can turn it (chemtrails) off and on by switching tanks.

So, I have been looking for exhaust contaminations for some time to prove my theory. I have found stuff, but nothing that I would consider potential proof that the fuel is contaminated.

Now, I have found something. The fuel filters.

"Both EASA and FAA indicated that fuel is to be free of contamination," says an industry source close to the study who also works as an engineer with a major U.S. airline. "Now, there is not such a thing [as] fuel free of contamination."


And this was in recent news.

An Eurofly Airbus A320-200, registration I-EEZG performing flight GJ-1844 from Milan/Bergamo Al Serio (Italy) to Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt) with 179 passengers and 6 crew, diverted to Rome Fiumicino (Italy) after the crew received "fuel filter clogged" indications for both engines. The airplane landed safely on runway 16R about one hour after departure from Milan/Bergamo.


And remember when they ditched the plane in the Hudson. Both engines flamed out. I found an FAA report that said 1 in about 5500 flight actually get a dual bird hit on both engines, and they had no record of dual flame-out.

Jet-fuel fungus was found to be the culprit after the US Federal Aviation Authority, for example, issued a bulletin recently to principal maintenance inspectors describing how a major carrier had several incidents in which as many as four take-offs were aborted on one aircraft. Responding to these incidents, along with filter clog warnings, laboratory evaluations were made of the filters.

The cause in each case was determined to be fuel filter fouling caused by microbial contamination. Using microbe-testing kits, an inspection of 27 aircraft in the carrier's fleet resulted in similar instances of fuel contamination.

Asia Pacific Aviation News (http://www.aviationnews.com.au)...

And finally, if you are not convinced.

In February 2004, the CAA received notification that some aircraft were experiencing fuel filter bypass indications on medium-large transport aircraft using Jet A1 fuel. Subsequent inspections found that the filters contained a black sludge/film. Inspection of other aircraft found similar results to varying degrees.

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (http://www.caa.govt.nz)...

There is plenty more evidence, but I thing I have directed people to the source. Hopefully, we can work on this together.

Now, think about how witness explained the recent Montana plane crash. It seems to me that that is how a plane would react if it was sputtering, not getting enough fuel.

03-28-2009, 08:59 AM
So, here I have found a link between weather modification and fuel additives.

This invention was awarded a patent.
Multi-additive injection system for aviation fuel - Patent 6609534 (http://www.freepatentsonline.com/6609534.html)

The following invention relates to a multi-additive injection system primarily for aviation fuel. More particularly, though not exclusively, the invention relates to the real-time addition of additives in correct proportions both before and after a fuel filter in a hydrant servicer cart for use at airports.
For fuel additives that are hydroscopic, the tank can be provided with a silica gel crystal air vent to absorb water from the air.

Ever heard of "hydroscopic cloud seeding"?

The term “hygroscopic seeding” has been associated with warm cloud seeding. The objective is to enhance rainfall by promoting the coalescence process using hygroscopic salt nuclei generated by pyrotechnic flares or a fine spray of a highly concentrated salt solution

Cloud Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research (SOAR) (http://www.just-clouds.com/hygroscopic_cloud_seeding.asp)

03-28-2009, 09:12 AM
And one more source of information that I find eye opening.

It has become clear from my reading on the subject that silver iodide is certainly not a silver bullet when it comes to resolving our water crisis. A 1999 survey of the international experience of hydroscopic seeding conducted under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund concluded that the seeding evidence is highly interesting, exciting, provocative and problematical. It concluded that, "it seems particularly important to avoid now the often reckless enthusiasm that greeted AGI seeding in the 1950s, in many cases continuing up to the present."

03-29-2009, 08:15 AM
I took this picture the other day. I looked up, and saw three AC headed towards each other, two leaving chemtrails and the third spraying a short trail.
By the time I got my camera out, they had passed each other, but at the point of crossing, they were all three lined up. Note the previous trails.


And it makes clouds like these


This was taken with a cheap 10x optical zoom camera.

Think that plane was at 30,000 ft? (5+ miles high, above the Rockies)