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04-01-2009, 04:32 PM
What Now, America?

Jill Ettinger

Like most Americans, Iíve been consumed with news about the circus our financial system has become, realizing this is probably just the first act of a much bigger show. And like many, Iíll admit my extremely limited knowledge of Wall Street dealings was never much of a concern to me. Yes, Iíve read Matt Taibbiís enlightening piece in Rolling Stone (April 2009 issue) and Jake DeSantisí resignation letter to AIG reprinted in the New York Times. I watch The Daily Show and even caught the hilarious latest episode of South Park where Stan tries desperately to return his fatherís ďMargaritavilleĒ machine all the way down the line to the Treasury Department. And while I now have a much better understanding of what actually is happening to our economy, Iím even more confused as to what I should feel about it all. If Iím angry, who exactly am I angry with? Certainly the greedy criminals who gambled with millions of people's money deserve any and all punishment that comes their way, but werenít most of their actions perfectly legal? Should I be disappointed at a political system that bends to lobbyists and corporations that bankroll elected officials so that they can continue doing the things that theyíve done? Should I be chagrined with myself and my fellow Americans for not really paying attention to what we were allowing to happen?

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