View Full Version : One-tenth of Americans already applies to food stamps

04-06-2009, 03:52 PM
One-tenth of Americans already applies to food stamps: Each month, the U.S. lost 680,000 jobs

Despite the rescue packages and Konjunkturptogramme, the U.S. president in Obama trillion level incentives Schwill initial unemployment in the U.S. continues to grow. In March the unemployment rate climbed to 8.5 percent, and 660,000 more people lost their jobs. In the financial sector, however, only 43,000. The White House went so far optimistic assumption that unemployment by the end of the year only to rise to 8.9 percent.

Since November 2008, a monthly average of 680,000 jobs lost - mainly in construction and in production. This should also be the reason why unemployment among men (8.8%) than among women (7%) is. At worst, the unemployment erwischt anyway disadvantage. For African Americans, it is at 13.3 percent, as it is high among people without high school degree. Although the unemployment of people with a college degree also increased, but their unemployment rate is 4.3 percent below average.

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