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05-10-2009, 01:29 PM
The Avatar Awakens


We have just celebrated the bonfires of fertility with Beltane and May Day, honoring the re-unification of Persephone, released from the underworld, and her mother, our earth mother, Ceres, an asteroid related to the nurturing principles of abundance. What are we fertilizing this spring? What do we seek to nourish this summer?

Mercury retrograde begins yet again Wednesday May 7th at 1 degree Gemini and ends at 22 degrees of Taurus Sunday May 31st with Mr. shapeshifter techno-traveler trixter asking us to question our value system, what we're really willing to invest in and become responsible for. In some ways, this cycle will mirror our recent Venus retrograde cycle thru Aries in March and April, where our relationships and creative projects underwent serious scrutiny. What crop do we wish to tend and what social and interpersonal soil will help our gifts bloom in the physical, sensual garden of manifestation?

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