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05-11-2009, 05:05 PM
Action by NATO in Europe, brings China and Russia closer

F. William Engdahl

To the extent as it is clear that the U.S. foreign policy under President Obama in all major areas of nothing more than a continuation of the Bush policy, the two great powers in Eurasia - namely Russia and China - cautious steps to deepen their economic and military cooperation. Gradually, the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" (SCO) as a counterbalance to NATO as a defensive alliance. This development could have been avoided if NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union to an expansive approach would have been set.

At the end of April arrived, the Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie in Moscow, where he attend a meeting of defense ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization took part. I understand he also talks on bilateral cooperation between Russia and China. To the extent that NATO is the increased pressure in Eurasia, puts this issue more and more into focus.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was founded in 2001 as a regional economic and trade organization. Now that Washington, the war in Afghanistan and the Middle East expands, it takes more and more the role of a 'counter-NATO "a.

Besides Russia and China are the central Asian states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are members of the SCO. Iran, Pakistan and India have observer status, but for different reasons - not least because the SCO Bylaws, an agreement on mutual defense in case of an attack on one of the Member States provide - not yet, as members had been accredited. If Iran in the SCO as would the SCO in an attack Israel or the United States against the Iranian Atomanalagen committed in a conflict involved, very soon become a third world war could lead.

Apart from winning the mutual cooperation in Eurasia, especially between the two major powers Russia and China, rapidly strategic depth.

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