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06-07-2005, 05:09 AM
Senate bill S517. The weather modification bill. Gees, they been doing it for ten years, spraying toxic shit on the general populace and now it seems they would like to come out of the closet. Sponsored by get this, the representative from the great state of, yes you got it Texas. Must be a Satanic evil vortex down there, Florida too.

06-07-2005, 07:17 AM
I had to LOL!! about the vortex comment!!

Anywhere there is a BUSH should be of great concern to the American people.

With JEB sitting in the governor's seat in Florida for two terms, no doubt they'll serve him up on a platter for Presidential stature sometime in the near future.

Even after the fiasco with the 2000 election and Katherine Harris, the people will forgive and forget because when you are loyal to a party, it is very difficult to "switch sides" regardless of your candidate's lack of scruples.

"Looking for ways to affect the weather." Change weather patterns to cause what appear to be natural disasters.

They've been messing with the weather for decades.

I still want to know what REALLY causes CHEMTRAILS!!! especially on a CLEAR DAY!!

06-10-2005, 08:12 PM
Blue Angel
Chemtrails are absolutely real. After watching the skies for a year several times a day there is no way what is happening is natural. The Air Force on their own web site has bragged about "owning the weather in 2025". I collected clean snow just last winter. After melting down 2 gallons I got a concentrate. It glows green when exposed to UV light. Ok thats not normal.

06-10-2005, 09:06 PM
I have no doubt that contrails are "chemtrails."

In fact, when you think about the amount of children who suffer from asthma, food allergies and all the other various illnesses such as ADHD, autism, and adults who as children never experienced allergies but do so now, one would have to wonder what they are PUTTING IN OR FOOD and in the AIR!!!!

I seriously don't believe there is anything they keep their grubby paws and hands away from without attempting to find ways to alter and affect changes in it whether it be US or the environment.

Flouride was found to be a pacifier long ago and there isn't any reason why we need to have it in toothpaste and/or in our water supply. Try finding a toothpaste that doesn't contain flouride.

Who knows what kind of chemicals they use in our processed foods and what they're spraying on us and/or into the atmosphere from the back of those jets.

But, then again, are they immune?? Do they use Crest? Do they have a different source of water and/or food supply? Do they wear face masks when they are outside?

I have good reason not to trust the government of the United State's of America.

In Peace,