View Full Version : Urge Olympic Committee to Help End the Canadian Seal Slaughter

06-08-2009, 04:36 PM
Urge Olympic Committee to Help End the Canadian Seal Slaughter

The Canadian government has begun its annual war on seals. This year, sealers will beat and skin up to 338,200 of these gentle animals. Now more than ever before, it is vital to speak up and demand a permanent end to the cruel seal slaughter and to urge everyone you know to speak out as well.

All eyes are on Canada as it prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. This extra attention will bring increased scrutiny and comes with the added responsibility of setting a positive example for the world. That's why we are calling on the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee to use its clout to help stop the Canadian seal slaughter.

During Canada's annual seal massacre, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are shot or have their skulls crushed, all for the sake of "fashion." Sealers routinely hook seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging the pelt, then drag the seals across the ice, in many cases without checking to ensure that they are unconscious.

Baby seals stand no chance against club-wielding trappers, and they must look on as fellow pups are bludgeoned to death before meeting the same bloody fate. The anguish that a mother seal feels as she watches her baby being beaten to death just a few feet away from her is horrifying and can be heard in her desperate cries and seen in her attempts to get to her baby.

Please write to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee and demand that it help bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter. Share this action alert with everyone you know. A few minutes of your time will make a huge difference for baby seals.

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