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06-16-2009, 12:56 AM
Public Supports Targeted Veteran Outside Pomona Police Dept.
Members of We Are Change L.A., Orange County 9/11 Truth and Inland Empire 9/11 Truth showed up to support Mohammed Abdullah at the Pomona CA Superior Courthouse on Friday June 12. Abdullah, who has had a restraining order filed against him by the Pomona city attorney at the request of the Pomona police department, had his first hearing at which he was to respond to allegations levied by the Pomona Police department. [See full story here.]. Mohammed, a Muslim U.S. Marine vet, has been standing outside the Pomona Police department handing out 9/11 dvds and documentaries for several months and garnering support for a new investigation into 9/11/01.

The crowd of supporters in Superior Court stood up when Abdullah's name was called and made their presence known to both the City Attorney and the judge in what amounts to a case involving the right to free speech, religious expression and political dissent critical of the government. "There are constitutional issues involved here", the judge said, and the observers seemed to agree that the judge in the case wanted to see this issue resolved without having to uphold the restraining order. He encouraged both sides to come to a mutual agreement regarding Mohammed's activities outside the police department. According to the lay court observers who attended the hearing, the judge also told the city attorney that since they are lawyers, they should know the law regarding the first ammendment, and implied that others, perhaps the ones seeking the restraining order, do not understand the law as they ought to.
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