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06-29-2005, 10:11 PM
What a joke. The Oz Federal Police have raided 2 homes claiming (through leaks to the media) that they "may" have been planning to bomb well known Australian landmarks. They are all Muslims of course.

Strangely, no charges have been laid. That these raids took place just before the parliamentary review of the anti terror acts, giving even more draconian powers than the U.S Patriot Act, was of course MERE COINCIDENCE.

The sad fact for the F.P and ASIO in this country is that there are NO terrorists in Oz who will be kind enough to blow something up...Mossad cells excluded, though they've worn out their welcome in the Oceanic region.

All those dollars handed to various government departments! All those new powers! All those little empires brimming with lotsa cash! And the fucking miserable terrorists wont even say "death to Australia" over a monitored land line!

So what do you do to save your budget and keep paying your mortgage? How do you keep Australians believing this bullshit? How do you keep them distracted and preoccupied? Why, you stage a half assed raid on a few skull cap wearing suckers in the suburbs and leak total codswallop to a pathetic media then make sure the victims know that if they speak out publibly they will be jailed.

I hear often from people supposedly "in the know" in this country that...."ooooo, wish I could tell you specifics Brendon...but man, those terrorists have so many nasty things planned it's not funny...may God protect us..."

I ask them is that information comes from the same sources as the mythical WMD's out of Iraq?

Landline and Sattelite phone intercepts perhaps? "Increased communications between terror cells" or other such bullshit?

Actually, in a land far far away sits a little covert op's specialist called "The Mossad". In it's headquaters and various sattelite agency rooms all over the world, fluent Arabic, Indonesian and other speakers read from scripts detailing a tale of woe about to descend on the Wetsern world.

Twat spy "wannabe's" gasp in suitable awe as Ahmed details in wonderful detail the plans he has for world take over...obviously unaware that his Sat Phone could possibly be listened in on...

To the Federal Police and ASIO in this country...

You are a bunch of pathetic amatures who could'nt surveille a turd in a small toilet bowel.

Will you be inviting any hookers to your next Christmas party as eye candy? Flashing your badges and showing your guns to good looking ladies in hotel's in a teenage attempt to impress them? Fucking pathetic.

BTW...are Kelty (head of F.P) and the prat head of ASIO still fueding over funding and who gets all the toys?

Did you really think the more astute media in this country would'nt start laughing at you? Thank you George Negus.

Australia 'secret police' state
By Danny Rose
June 28, 2005
From: AAP

FORMER prime minister Malcolm Fraser has criticised the federal Government's anti-terrorism policies, saying they have created a "secret police" and a culture of fear.
Mr Fraser, a former Liberal Party leader, spoke after homes were raided in Sydney and Melbourne yesterday and last week.

Authorities claimed the arrests last week had disrupted the planning of terrorist attacks.

No charges have been laid after the raids which made headlines across the country and anti-terrorism laws prevent the families implicated from speaking out.

Mr Fraser told Southern Cross radio today the Government was exercising unique power through the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and ASIO.

"No other country has found it necessary to exert such powers, no European country, and the power is even greater than that that which formally exists in many parts of the US," Mr Fraser said.

Australians were losing fundamental democratic values, he said.

"You can be arrested because ASIO think you know something," Mr Fraser said.

"Your defence is to prove that you don't know it. But how do you prove a negative? And how do you prove you don't know something which you didn't know in the first place?

"I'm against the policy because the policy is truly terrible.

"To legislate for the arrest of somebody who is not suspected of any crime ... that turns ASIO into some sort of secret police."

Mr Fraser did not want to be perceived as criticising Prime Minister John Howard, said the Government was one of a few in the world that were fostering a fear of terrorist attacks a stance that was difficult to counter by political opponents.

The Government had "frightened the Australian community about the prospect of terrorist attacks, and therefore anyone who oppose those measures is seen to be soft on terrorism", he said.

"The Labor party supported this part of the legislation and I believe they were frightened of an argument with the Government about how firmly they were going to oppose terrorism," Mr Fraser said.

"They weren't prepared to stand up and so you had the major parties all in support and that, to me, makes it all the more a disgrace."

A spokesman for Attorney-General Philip Ruddock later said the powers criticised by Mr Fraser had in fact been introduced by his government.

"As a former prime minister he should know that ASIO doesn't have arrest powers," the spokesman said.

"The powers that have been used yesterday, search warrant powers, ... came into effect under his government.

"Effectively what he's criticising at the moment is the powers that he, himself, and his government gave ASIO."

06-30-2005, 08:02 AM
Glad I'm not the only one on this board who speaks to OTHERS who don't post here and actually asks questions of them!!

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P. S. But then again, maybe they do!!!

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