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07-13-2005, 05:19 AM
What Is The EU Up To?

1. Regulating the net.
EU seeks to regulate television on the net.

2. Regulating the vitamin industry.
EU laws on sale of vitamins 'valid'

3. Regulating the computer industry.
EU raids Intel offices, other computer makers across Europe.
news?tmpl=story&u=/afp/20050712/tc_afp/euitchipcomputercompetitionlegalcompanyintel_05071 2141120

07-13-2005, 05:27 AM
What Is The EU Up To?


Thats what socialist, command and control freaks do.

As soon as the American public refute there own constitution and accept a new one returning power to Plato's "Philosopher Kings", the sooner the democratic facade can be dropped and the benovelent dictatorship of reason can begin.

Then the goodies can be rolled out (fusion and other suppressed technologies) and the kindly, benevolent "King" of the Earth can be proclaimed.

Shortly there after the cull can begin and ALL useless humans not serving Elite needs and wants can be disposed of.

Apparently Christ will be descending around then to rescue us but he may not have the appropriate documentation and be refused entry on possible terrorist grounds.

I see we will have to save ourselves.

07-13-2005, 04:37 PM

You couldn't be any more depressing, now could you??????????????????????????????

Fight the fight, and stop moaning in between!!

Just kidding, ya, old man!!

Anyway, I looked at the link and the article about Powell joining an investment firm caught ME eye.

He is now going to be their "strategic" advisor and although the company is located in Silicon Valley, Powell will remain in Washington.

This company helped bring AOL, Amazon and SunMicrosystems public.

WOW!! All those years in government and who would have thunk that Powell had a degree in investment banking.

Oh, well.

What the hell do I know????

He does know strategy, though, I'm sure!!!

See what a nice cushy government job will get ya when you retire.

But, no, I couldn't settle for that now, could I??

07-13-2005, 05:33 PM
truebeliever wrote:
What Is The EU Up To?
Same old bullshit, they just try to make it smell like potpouri. :-P

07-13-2005, 07:16 PM
I see NOHOPE is still the master of the SSR...

The Short Sharp Reply.

My favourite is still...."is'nt it funny how open mindsd are full of shit."

07-13-2005, 07:24 PM
Yeah, I'm trying to get as much mileage outta that one as possible. Reference--> The Sadest thing about this War thread. :-P