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I posted a comment on the "Prince Harry - Learning To Kiss The Whip" news article but I thought it too important a point to risk it not being read.
Communism is alive and well, both in the "former" Soviet Union and in the U.S. and elsewhere.

To begin with check out the links below and also this link http://anti-communistanalyst.com/
As far as I am concerned Communism is Mankind's greatest enemy: it's Satanic, diabolical, Evil and their ultimate goal is the destruction of Mankind's Divine Spirit.


"Perhaps leaders of some of the most outspoken Jewish groups in the United Kingdom should be given private tours of the Gulag system. They can find mountains of bones--not conveniently incinerated as those claimed victims of the "holocaust"--or the bone-colored cement of the Baltic-White Sea Canal."

One slight problem though: they would find thousands of prisoners there - the Gulag system is still in use.

"Christopher Story, interestingly enough, in a fascinating interview with Bill McIlhany Report (310-275-3194), says that the former Soviet Gulag, made famous by former inmate and brilliant writer Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, still exists and concentration camps are full of prisoners. Story states that his exposure of this unpleasant fact has been entirely ignored by the media."

"According to Avraham Shifrin, author of "The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union," the Gulag system has been expanded under Boris Yeltsin. In mid 1997 Shifrin's correspondence with Christopher Story was excerpted in the May 1997 issue of Soviet Analyst. Shifrin is quoted as saying, "Basically the situation in the camps of Russia, the Ukraine (as well as other parts of the USSR with the exception of the Baltic States) has not changed."

The infamous Gulag labor camps of Stalin continue to operate. We have shamefully forgotten the millions who suffer hunger and persecution under one of the world's worst criminal regimes. It is sad to say, but the West has foolishly accepted the Kremlin "reforms" as genuine.

Of course, many Americans will refuse to believe the truth. Many will shake their heads and deny the reports of police repression in Russia. But those who imagine that the Soviet camps are closed, that the Gulag is a thing of the past, need to be splashed with a bucket of cold water."

I've submitted one book I've read by Christopher Story in the library: "The European Union Collective". I can't emphasise enough how important this work is, especially for Europeans.
Also, check out his publishing company http://www.edwardharle.com/

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Good points, Draken, and a well-needed reminder that communism and fascism are just opposite ends of the same dirty stick.

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The only reason Hitler wasn't allowed to succeed was that his form of Socialism was NATIONAL, not INTERNATIONAL like the Bolsheviks'.
But it was still Socialism.
People don't pay attention to the fact that "Nazi" is just a veiling of NA-tional So-ZI-alism (spelling in the German language.)
(When the Bolsheviks started printing money they used the swastika as their symbol, ferchrissake, in 1920! Juri Lina writes about it in the book Makow reviews, "Architects of Deception".)

Same deal with Tito in Yugoslavia and later Milosevic.

Yugoslavia had to be split up because they were selfsufficient, they didn't need the f**ing EU; the EU needed the fertile soil of Yugoslavia!

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Wow, no suprise there. :-P

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Draken wrote:
The only reason Hitler wasn't allowed to succeed was that his form of Socialism was NATIONAL, not INTERNATIONAL like the Bolsheviks'.
But it was still Socialism.
People don't pay attention to the fact that "Nazi" is just a veiling of NA-tional So-ZI-alism (spelling in the German language.)
(When the Bolsheviks started printing money they used the swastika as their symbol, ferchrissake, in 1920! Juri Lina writes about it in the book Makow reviews, "Architects of Deception".)

Same deal with Tito in Yugoslavia and later Milosevic.

Yugoslavia had to be split up because they were selfsufficient, they didn't need the f**ing EU; the EU needed the fertile soil of Yugoslavia!

Draken, that's a bull's eye! ;)

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Thanks alumbrado!

I try not to beat around the bush too much... ;-)

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The Perestroika Deception
by Anatoliy Golitsyn

Commentary by Cornelia R. Ferreira

Diehard fans of the theory that Communism is dead will not like this book, whose stated goal is to help such people recover from their blindness . The Perestroika Deception describes with unmerciful clarity the confusion and errors that have been engendered in the world and in the Church by the deceitful Communist strategy of perestroika, under whose reformist guise rebellions and wars have been promoted, and the Church persecuted, in order that the Communist goal of world domination is finally achieved. In other words, what it unintentionally depicts are the very events prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima if the Collegial Consecration of Russia is not done.
Anatoliy Golitsyn's 1984 book, New Lies for Old, forecast, with 94% accuracy, all the recent changes in the Communist Bloc, including the economic and political reforms, the rise of Solidarity, the removal of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany and the collapseof the Soviet Union. The Perestroika Deception, with extensive documentation, reinforces his contention in New Lies for Old that all the changes were meticulously planned years in advance. It explains how they fit into the devious Leninist strategy for achieving with Western cooperation a one-world Communist government orNew World Social Order , run by the Russians and Chinese, by 2000 A.D. It also analyzes current events up to the Chechnya struggle and forecasts and developments.
Golitsyn was a high-ranking KGB official involved in espionage and counter-espionage who defected to the Unites States in 1961. Convinced that Western interpretations of developments in the Communist Bloc were seriously flawed, he combined his study of Soviet long-range strategy with his inside knowledge of KGB and Leninist thinking in New Lies of Old. For over thirty years he has submitted memoranda to the CIA, in which he has provided very accurate analyses and forecasts of Bloc developments. The Perestroika Deception is a collection of dated memoranda covering the years 1984 to 1995.

The Great Deception

This book vindicates those politically incorrect Catholics who have been insisting that Russia has not converted because the Consecration has not been properly done. Its urgent message is that the West s failure to recognize that perestroika is atreacherousploy threatens the very continuation of Western civilizationas perestroika is intended to bring about the political and physical demise of Western democracies.
Golitsyn provides irrefutable proof that perestroika orrestructuringis not a 1985 Gorbachev invention, but the final phase of a plan formulated during 1958-1960. Perestroika refers to the restructuring, not just of the Soviet system, but of the entire free world. It is the Soviet strategy for a Second October Revolution , a temporary, non-violent World Revolution involving controlled fake democratization and strategic disinformation. Communist leaders envisaged the convergence of Communist/socialist systems with restructured capitalist systems into the One-World Communist Government. They realized that convergence could only be achieved by transforming Stalinism into a more attractive formofCommunist democracy . The KGB was reorganized to play a key role in implementing the strategy . Thirty years of rehearsal in countries such as Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania prepared the ground for the final phase perestroika and the controlled false democratizationof the USSR itself. That it is false is confirmed by Eduard Shevardnadze, Georgian president and a long-time Western friend . As late as 1993, he admitted that elections do not equal democracy.
Perestroika is a game of mind-control based on the principles of Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), who devised a new, improved model of Marxist-Leninism. Gorbachev was chosen to launch it. Perestroika is psychological warfare, involving the use of cooperation-blackmail . A theatrical display of democratism[is] designed to convince the West that a decisive break with the past has taken place.
This encourages Western governments to collaborate with the former Communists. At the same time, there is a threat of a return to the Cold War or worse if the West does not cooperate. Golitsyn demonstrates that every crisis , from Tienamen Square to the fake August91 coup attempt to Chechnya, has been deliberately designed according to the cooperation-blackmail equation. The new forces of democracy are shown locked in mortal combat with the conservative hard-liners and the West is told that only its cooperation and large infusions of aid will help the fledgling democracies to survive. The Communist price for peace is thus the restructuring of Western thinking and policies.
Soviet control of the Western mind is achieved through manipulation of the media, deceptive use of language, and the destabilization of society through corruption. According to the Gramscian formula, the Christian religion has to be secularized, and culture and morals corrupted, for the Revolution to succeed peaceably. With Western society deconstructed , the Western mind will be more receptive to collaboration with the enemy.

Part of the Long-term Plan

Golitsyn demonstrates that the present strategy is a continuation by the Russians and Chinese, with Gramsci's improvements , of the New Economic Policy (NEP) devised by Lenin in the 1920s Lenin had said "the lie is sacred and deception will be our principal weapon." The NEP was hailed by the West as a retreat from Communism, but it was a major deception. Pope Pius XI, in his 1937 encyclical On Atheistic Communism, warned that Communism was not converting, but he was ignored.
The NEP won for the Soviets aid from the West and helped to strengthen Russian Communism. Stalin continued the subterfuge to the point of showing some religious tolerance and dissolving the Communist International; however, his later repressions discredited Communism and impeded its global expansion. His condemnation by modern Communist leaders does not represent their break with Communism, but their anger that he hurt their cause .
Khruschev and Mao decided to abolish Stalinism and restore Leninism. A scientific study of the NEP was undertaken in 1957. In 1960, the Institute for the Study of the USA and Canada was set up in Moscow to help Soviets research these target societies. At the end of 1960, the long-range strategy based on the NEP was adopted by thirteen Communist Bloc states, including China.
Perestroika, the final phase of the strategy is meant to conquer the West from within by KGB-controlled dissidents and opposition movements and disinformation about the alleged existence of liberals and conservatives, reformers vs .hardliners . Glasnost or openness would combine accurate information with disinformation. The KGB was to create and control Communist Bloc officials of all political stripes. Leaders since 1960, including Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Rutskoi, Shevardnadze, Zhirinovsky and Primakov, have all been collaborators in carrying out the plan. Their power struggles are fictional.

The Infiltration of the Upper Echelons

KGB agents of influence have infiltrated Western elite circles, cultivating politicians, businessmen, scientists, religious leaders, journalists, movie directors, environmentalists, and so forth. Agents have included dissident like Andrei Sakharov and diplomats such as the Soviet Ambassador to Washington Anatoliy Dobrynin. Educational, scientific and cultural exchanges, as well as thousands of joint projects in all fields, aid Russian research, influence and recruitment. Whilst forging bonds with Western liberals, these techniques also identify and neutralize active anti-Communists. They are ridiculed as enemies of peace or removed from office. Assassination is always a possibility, and Golitsyn suspects that was the case with Pope John Paul I; but he explains why the evidence does not support the common belief that the KGB was involved in the shooting of Pope John Paul II. (Interestingly, in 1994, a claim that high-level Vatican officials were responsible was quickly quashed.)
Liberalization of Eastern Europe was meant to promote disarmament, the dissolution of NATO, the American withdrawal from Europe, and a neutral, socialist Europe, a Common European Home from the Atlantic to the Urals , as Gorbachev and Shevardnadze have described it. If NATO is not dissolved, then its effectiveness is to be reduced by penetration (note Partnership for Peace and East-West joint projects like Bosnia, which also help convergence), by reduction of its purely military role of defending its members (it is now peacekeeping in a non-member state), and by the acceptance of former European adversaries as members. Moscow s opposition to the latter is a dialectical tactic as such membership would actually increase penetration. One goal of the Chechnyan barbarity is to scare Russia s neighbors and strengthen the argument for their protection through NATO membership.
A major penetration success is Gorbachev s American bureau, which allows him to personally mobilize liberals in the cause of disarmament. Four months before the August 91coup attempt (showing that his job change from President to private citizen was anticipated in light of the coming planned collapse of the USSR), Gorbachev established, on American soil, the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Soviet Union known to us as the Gorbachev Foundation/USA. It operates out of a disused military base in San Francisco.
Poland has played a large part in the disarmament campaign. Solidarity was planned during 1958-1960 by the Bloc, and Golitsyn correctly predicted each stage in its evolution. There is clear evidence that the Polish Communist Party formed the original core and leadership of Solidarity, whilst Lech Walesa cooperated all along. He has also helped broaden the Communist base in trade unions across the world, enabling them to be manipulated against Western interests.
In order to increase Communist representation and influence in the UN, the European Union and international financial organizations, the Soviet Union was deliberately converted into independent republics. However, by 1994, all the republics, including the Baltic States, were controlled by Communists, but now within the fiefdom of Russia. This strategy mirrors the successful policy of Lenin, who gave a temporary independence to some republics in order to promote trade with the West.
The collapse of the Soviet Union serves several other purposes. One is gaining control of Middle East oil. The new democratic image of the Muslim republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is being exploited to develop alliances with fundamentalists in Arab countries so that pro-Western rulers can be replaced with Russian-controlled fundamentalists. Radical changes in Israel s position are part of the strategy. Nuclear weaponry is being channeled through the republics to Iran, whilst Russia, a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, looks innocent. Turkey, a NATO member, is already a major partner of Russia , purchasing Russian military equipment and cooperating with it (thus weakening NATO).
The United States has been unable to detect the long-range Communist strategy largely because of disinformation provided by KGB and Chinese spies who have penetrated the CIA since 1958. Perestroika and glasnost so confused American intelligence that it became dependent upon Russian sources. The Ames case, as reported by Time (November 13, 1995), confirms Golitsyn s contention about the confusion in U.S. intelligence services, which have accepted KGB plants as genuine sources. Aldrich Ames spied for Russia from the start of perestroika (1985) to 1994, helping to send ten valuable CIA agents to their death. This betrayal of American trust in perestroika prompts Golitsyn' s comment: The Ames case shows how blind and bankrupt is the American policy of aid to the new régime in Russia.

Communism's Manipulation of the Church

Perestroika strategists did not overlook the use of clergy as agents, nor the use of religious relaxation to further disarmament. In 1985, Golitsyn reported that Russian Orthodox priests are controlled and directed by the KGB in order to promote cooperation between Soviet churches and Western Catholics and Protestants to help establish a united front for disarmament (peace and justice movements?) and convergence. (Note that the Russian Orthodox Church joined the World Council of Churches in 1961.)
Unfortunately, in order to have Russian Orthodox observers at Vatican II, the Holy See promised not to attack Communism. This 1962 Vatican-Moscow Agreement, which still seems to be in force, is a form of persecution. It has silenced the Church and allowed the errors of Communism especially perestroika to invade both it and society unchallenged. Golitsyn notes the observation made by the outspoken anti-Communist Russian General Volkogonov that perestroika would not have been possible without a secret understanding between Gorbachev, Jaruzelski [Communist President of Poland until Walesa took over in 1990] and the Pope . In the absence of any elaboration, one can only speculate that the secret understanding is the continuation of the Agreement with the added twist of cooperation-blackmail: Vatican silence about Marxism would guarantee religious and civil liberalization, starting with Poland.
In 1990, Golitsyn warned of another aspect of religious relaxation:
"The Vatican should reverse its mistaken support for the renewal of the Communist régimes ... It fails to understand that greater apparent official tolerance of religion ... is accompanied by a secret drive to increase Party and KGB penetration of the Catholic and other churches and to use agents therein for political and strategic purposes ... As part of the programme to destroy religion from within, the KGB, in the late 1950s [other former Communists say 1930s], started sending dedicated young Communists to ecclesiastical academies and seminaries to train them as future church leaders. These young Communists joined the Church ... at the call of the Communist Party ... to implement its general line [unchanged policy] in the struggle against religion."
"In the present phase, secret agents in the Catholic and other churches are being used to implement Communist strategy.
"The extent of the deception can be gauged by Gorbachev s comment to his Communist cadres in 1987, after he had launched perestroika and religious relaxations: There must be no let-up in the war against religion because as long as religion exists Communism cannot prevail. We must intensify the obliteration of all religions."
Golitsyn condemns the participation of Communist leaders at Summits and their visits to the Vatican (which started in 1967) because these meetings give them credibility and the opportunity for manipulation. Remarkably, in 1991, he quoted one of our popes in order to remind the Catholic Church of her duty:
"The statement by ... Pope Pius XII [he must mean Pius XI] concerning the incompatibility and irreconcilability of Communism and religion is as correct as ever. The Vatican should reaffirm this dictum and should use its influence and divisions [Stalin s sarcastic term for loyal Catholic groups] to defend Western values from the new, deadly but hidden Communist assault (Golitsyn's emphasis). Unfortunately, because of her silence, Gramsci s strategy of perverting the Catholic Church is in full swing. The religion of God is being replaced with the religion of Man (and Heaven with an earthly, decadent utopia), facilitating Communist control of de-Christianized minds. Golitsyn assesses the consequences of détente for the Church: Never in its history since Nero has Christianity faced such a threat of possible destruction."

Free-Marketeers, Beware

He has a similar warning for industrialists and financiers involved in joint ventures with the Communists. They are expediting the revival of their adversaries ; while they may make some profits from joint ventures, in the long run they will be eliminated as a class through taxes and other means.
The grounds for rejecting perestroika are simple:
[The moral grounds are that] a system which has killed 20 million of its people (50 million if ... China [is] included), ... and brought ... misery to the peoples of the Soviet empire, does not deserve to be renewed. The American people are under no moral obligation to help with the reconstruction of such a plainly evil system.
The pragmatic ground ... is the need to protect ... the American system from restructuring and convergence with the Soviet system and to save the American people from the blood baths and reeducation camps which such convergence will ultimately bring. Thus, there should be no summit meetings, no credit and no western technology for ... Communist countries ... Communist régime[s] should be left ... to solve their problems without Western help since they claim that their system is the best model for the whole world ...Communists should be told:... don t ask us for ...help: we are not going to finance our own funeral .
The whole point of Golitsyn's writings has been to warn Western leaders not to be fooled by perestroika. He notes, however, that they have been fooled and wonders why they have ignored his warnings, even though his analyses have a 94% accuracy rating and Britain and the United States have honored him for his contribution to Western security . One is forced to ask has it ever occurred to Golitsyn that perhaps many of these leaders are not fooled, but are following orders? Is he aware of the role of Freemasonry in world affairs? That it is Masonry that desires the One-World Socialist Government? That Communism is merely its chief tool? That Masonry, financed by Western interests, built up Russian Communism and has kept it going in its various metamorphic forms for over seventy years?

A Power Elite?

In the last two pages of his book, in a memorandum dated October 1, 1993, Golitsyn does hint at a secret controlling force behind Russian Communism, but he lacks the facilities to study how it might be operating . He believes it may be functioning under cover of some front organization, such as the National Security Council. He advises the West to watch for signs of this group but he gives no indication that he thinks there might be parallel secret groups in the West. (Are even KGB officials kept in the dark about Freemasonry?)
Not merely is Russia the tool of Freemasonry, but it is also the instrument chosen by God to punish a sinful world, as Our Lady of Fatima warned. Anatoliy Golitsyn s painstaking research shows we are close to the fulfillment of Our Lady s prediction. As he soberly notes, the sword of Damocles is hanging over Western democracies, yet they are oblivious to it.
Because The Perestroika Deception is a collection of memoranda, there is much repetition. This can be tedious, but it greatly helps one to see the deception unfolding day by day. Since the memoranda were directed to CIA officials, Golitsyn probably assumed they would be familiar with the names and events mentioned; thus, titles, dates or historical details are generally lacking. This can cause difficulties for the layman . The tight" print of the book, especially in the footnotes, also makes for difficult reading. However, these footnotes, added before publication, contain vital up-to-date information substantiating Golitsyn s claims. The comprehensive, annotated Index helps make the book an invaluable geopolitical resource. It should be required reading of the entire Catholic hierarchy.

Reprinted courtesy of Catholic Family News, March 1996 issue.

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These are parts 1 & 2 of an apparently 3-part interview of which the third part wasn't to be found a this website, but it's probably quite enough. ;-)

Dispelling Disinformation

by William F. Jasper

This is Part One of an interview by William F. Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American, with Christopher Story, editor of the London-based Soviet Analyst, an intelligence commentary, and editor of The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn, the Soviet defector and famous author of New Lies for Old. The interview was conducted on August 16 1995 in the Presidio, San Francisco, outside the headquarters of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA.

Q. Why did you start publishing Soviet Analyst, and how does that publication differ from other sources concerned with Soviet Russia, Communism, etc ?

A. Soviet Analyst had been published since 1972 by a group of people in London with long-established connections with the British Foreign Office. Around midsummer 1991, they approached me, knowing that I might be interested in buying the paper, and revealed that they wanted to sell it. Their reasoning was that "it was all over"; the Soviet Union was finished. Interestingly, they thought this well before the "August coup," which took place on August 19, 1991.

Since these people had Foreign Office connections, they had essentially reflected the Foreign Office line. At the time, the Foreign Office was busily recognizing the alleged political "independence" of the Soviet Republics, one by one, and generally appeared to be doing everything possible to reinforce the illusions of "change" which were being staged by the Soviet strategists in pursuit of their objectives. We have inherited old issues of Soviet Analyst going back to 1972, from which it is very clear that Soviet Analyst was an "arm' s length" vehicle for Foreign Office opinion about the Soviet Union. In acquiring this title, I saw an opportunity to counter disinformation about Soviet developments. We started publishing Soviet Analyst in November 1991, stressing the Soviets' Leninist use of strategic deception, and explaining it to our readers. We started from the assumption that there had been no true discontinuity. Hence Soviet Analyst differs from probably all other publications in that our analysis shows that the apparent "Break with the Past" is a deception, and that "perestroika" and post-"perestroika" represent further stages of the Leninist World Revolution.

Q. From Oxford to Stanford to the Rand Corporation to London, Paris and Berlin, there are hordes of Sovietologists and Soviet defectors who are busily informing the West about what is "really happening" in the so-called '"former" Soviet Union. You have singled out the work of the Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. Why do you think he is unique ?

A. Golitsyn is probably the most important Soviet defector ever to have reached the West. The reason for this is that he revealed the details of a long-range deception strategy of which the West previously had no knowledge. When debriefed, he emphasized, as he has done ever since, that because of his background of working within the "inner KGB" — a super-secret strategic planning department of which not even ordinary KGB officers were aware — he was uniquely qualified to inform the West about Soviet strategy. One of the superficial criticisms frequently made about Golitsyn is that he has been "out of the loop" since defecting to Finland with his wife and daughter in 1961, so how could he possibly know what was going on? People who say this reveal a failure to understand Golitsyn's significance, and what he has to offer the West.

In summary, Golitsyn's importance is that, unlike all other defectors, Golitsyn discusses and elaborates upon Soviet strategy. By contrast, defectors like Oleg Gordievsky discuss mundane matters concerning the manner of their "escape" from the Soviet Union, perhaps revealing valuable operational information in order to gain the confidence of (in Gordievsky's case) Britain's MI6, before inserting strategic disinformation in their output. Golitsyn is different. He has spent his years in the West explaining patiently that the Soviets follow Leninist strategic principles, and are engaged in a deadly long-term war against the West. The Soviet revolutionaries have followed Lenin's advice to "work by other means."

Q. If we examine Golitsyn's record since 1961, do we have reason to place faith in his analysis and his analytical methods ?

A. At a superficial but easily explained level, Golitsyn's public fame derives from the fact that in 1980, he completed a work called New Lies for Old, which was in fact published in 1984. This book contained explicit predictions concerning the future course of Soviet strategy, which events subsequently proved to have been correct. In his recent book, published in 1994, entitled Wedge: The Secret War between the FBI and CIA, Mark Riebling explained that after carrying out a careful analysis of Golitsyn's predictions in New Lies for Old, he had found that out of a total of 148 falsifiable predictions, 139 had been verified by 1993 — "an accuracy rating of 94%." This achievement places Golitsyn in a league of his own, putting most other observers to shame.

Q. And the predictions he made concerned very significant, "earth-shattering" developments...

A. Golitsyn's main predictions included details of the forthcoming false liberalization of the whole of Eastern Europe, followed by similar developments in the Soviet Union. He predicted the removal of the Berlin Wall, the unification of Germany, the restructuring (if not abolition) of NATO. He even went so far as to specify that a "Break with the Past" process would start in East Germany, with the opening of its borders — as it turned out, to neighboring Communist countries. That was quite remarkable: Golitsyn knew that the process would start in East Germany; and it did.

Q. For 34 years, Golitsyn has remained in hiding. He has never been seen in public; his whereabouts are a closely guarded secret. Meanwhile, other defectors are conducting national tours, appearing on television, or writing in the press. I recently saw Yuri Svets on C-Span, hawking his new book dealing with his KGB activities while stationed in Washington. Is Golitsyn's secrecy a reflection of his prudence, or of paranoia?

A. Well, those who seek to discredit him routinely accuse him of paranoia. That is, of course, a mistake. Golitsyn was condemned to death in 1962, after Semichastniy, then head of the KGB, had formally asked the Party for its approval that he should be liquidated. A Soviet defector who I am advised is reliable, reported to me that he had seen a book on display in the Lubyanka [KGB headquarters] in Moscow, listing the names and details of Traitors to the Motherland, complete with photographs. Golitsyn features in this book, which states that those listed are to be reported or killed. Obviously, it is highly significant that, unlike KGB officers who have become prominent in the West such as the "two Olegs" — Oleg Gordievsky (who told Mrs. Thatcher how wonderful Gorbachev was) and KGB General Oleg Kalugin — Golitsyn remains under deep cover. It is significant that we don't know where he is, and that I have never spoken to him (he corresponds with me exclusively through intermediaries). If he can't present himself openly, and cannot live a normal life, there must be a reason for it.

The smear that he is paranoid does not provide a rational explanation. His books are not paranoid; they are written in moderate, carefully constructed language. To accept the lie that he is paranoid, it would be necessary to believe that a man who writes so carefully and rationally, nevertheless chooses to live in disguise, with a new identity and personality, out of direct contact with those he wishes to influence, and subjects himself to open-ended inconvenience in living out his paranoia. This scenario is manifestly absurd. In The Perestroika Deception, Golitsyn clearly acknowledges that his life is in danger. If this is so, it proves that he is a living threat to the Soviet strategists — since he has revealed the essence of their long-range strategy. Incidentally, Golitsyn explains that a strategy differs from a policy in the following respect: Whereas a policy is overt, a strategy contains within it a secret maneuver or dimension which is not revealed, the purpose of which is to ensure the realization of the strategy.

Q. And Golitsyn's moderate, careful predictions in New Lies for Old have been amply validated by the course of events in recent years, as we have seen.

A. Absolutely correct. New Lies for Old is an outstanding predictive document — which of course suggests that the sequel, The Perestroika Deception, provides further significant guidelines for understanding Soviet strategy today and how it will evolve in the future.

Q. Were you surprised when Golitsyn contacted you?

A. I was very surprised. What happened was that after we had been publishing Soviet Analyst — re-angled towards the truth — for six months, and explaing in successive issues that the Soviets were engaged in global strategic deception operations, I received a letter dated May 1992 from Anatoliy Golitsyn, enclosing a few pages from his Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency. The letter began as follows:

I have read few recent issues of Soviet Analyst with great interest. It seems to me that you have good grasp of Soviet strategy which probably causes them some concern .... I do not want to alarm you and I do not want to discourage you from [the] excellent courageous line you are taking in your publication. But I want to warn you on personal basis to be careful in your contacts.

I cite these extracts from the letter because it proves that Golitsyn approached me, not the other way around (I would not have known where to begin). This is important, in the light, for instance, of an article by William Satire which appeared on July 10th in the International Herald Tribune, which accused me of being an "acolyte," and also stated, as matters of fact, that "Anatoliy Golitsyn, the longtime Soviet defector ... tums out a newsletter in the United States, Soviet Analyst, and I am on his mailing list." This mis- or dis-in-formation — Soviet Analyst is published by my firm — seems to have been intended to implicate Golitsyn in any mistakes which I might inadvertently make in successive issues of Soviet Analyst. The International Herald Tribune has since agreed to publish a letter from me containing an appropriate correction.

By trying to portray me as an "acolyte," Satire, who has "connections," sought to convey the impression that I am a "follower" of Golitsyn, who basically reproduces what he says and writes. But as I have explained, the defector approached me, not the other way around. The significance of all this is that Golitsyn is not alone in having reached the conclusion that the Soviet/ Russian strategists and implementers are all Leninist revolutionaries. Golitsyn's enemies would like it to be thought that the only analyst who holds this view is Golitsyn himself, and that he is in a minority of one.

In his first letter to me, Golitsyn also wrote that "I think of sending you through my lawyer more extracts from my memos to CIA for possible publication in Soviet Analyst after this year's US presidential elections." I spent the summer and fall of 1992 wondering why he had made his decision to send me further Memoranda, dependent upon the outcome of the 1992 presidential election. After Clinton was elected, sure enough, we received a huge parcel (in early December 1992) containing well over 100 pages of his Memoranda to the CIA. It became apparent that Golitsyn felt that Clinton's election necessitated the publication of these Memoranda; and in his cover letter dated December 1992, he authorized me to quote from these documents in Soviet Analyst. In March 1993, it was agreed that I would edit the complete file of Memoranda to the CIA for publication. The Perestroika Deception is the consequence of our collaboration.


Leninists Still Leading

by William F. Jasper

This is part two of an interview by William F. Jasper, senior editor of THE NEW AMERICAN, with Christopher Story, editor of Soviet Analyst, an intelligence commentary, and editor of The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn, the Soviet defector and author of New Lies for Old. The interview was conducted August l& 1995 in the Presidio, San Francisco, outside the headquarters of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA.

Q. According to Anatoliy Golitsyn, "glasnost, " "perestroika," and the reforms and upheavals we have been witnessing in the '[former" Soviet Bloc represent controlled events which form part of a "Grand Strategy" rehearsed and planned decades ago. Could you explain the meaning of the phrase "strategic deception ?"

A. Golitsyn makes clear throughout The Perestroika Deception that the personalities on the stage of the so-called "former" Soviet Union are all secret members of the Communist Party, KGB officers, members of the huge Komsomol network numbering over 50 million, or members of the nomenklatura — or, at a lower level, druzhiny (vigilantes), who are used for staged demonstrations, televised provocations, and street events. As Golitsyn writes on page 19 of The Perestroika Deception:

Lenin advised the Communists that they must be prepared to "resort to all sorts of stratagems, maneuvers, illegal methods, evasions and subterfuge" to achieve their objectives. This advice was given on the eve of his reintroduction of limited capitalism in Russia, in his work Left Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder.

... Another speech of Lenin's ... in July 1921 is again highly relevant to understanding "perestroika." "Our only strategy at present," wrote Lenin, "is to become stronger and, therefore, wiser, more reasonable, more opportunistic. The more opportunistic, the sooner will you again assemble the masses round you. When we have won over the masses by our reasonable approach, we shall then apply offensive tactics in the strictest sense of the word." |Emphasis in original.]

If you examine the backgrounds of prominent Russian figures, you will find that they have long Communist Party/ KGB or Komsomol pedigrees. Yet for some inexplicable reason, the Western media have accepted their sudden, orchestrated, mass "conversion" to Western-style norms of behavior, their endless talk of "democracy," and their acceptance of "capitalism," as genuine. "Scratch these new, instant Soviet "democrats," "anti-Communists," and "nationalists" who have sprouted out of nowhere, and underneath will be found secret Party members or KGB agents," Golitsyn writes on page 123 of his new book. In accepting at face value the "transformation" of these Leninist revolutionary Communists into "instant democrats," the West automatically accepts as genuine the false "Break with the Past" — the single lie upon which the entire deception is based.

In short, the "former" Soviet Union — and the East European countries as well — are all run by people who are steeped in the dialectical modus operandi of Lenin. Without exception, they are all active Leninist revolutionaries, working collectively towards the establishment of a world Communist government, which, by definition, will be a world dictatorship.

It is difficult for the West to understand the Leninist Hegelian dialectical method — the creation of competing or successive opposites in order to achieve an intended outcome. Equally difficult for us to comprehend is the fact that these Leninist revolutionaries plan their strategies over decades and generations. This extraordinary behavior is naturally alien to Western politicians, who can see no further than the next election. Western politicians usually react to events. Leninist revolutionaries create events, in order to control reactions to them and manipulate their outcomes.

Before Gorbachev — acting on the instructions of the Leninist strategic collective — embarked upon perestroika, he achieved a breakthrough by convincing the former British Prime Minister, Mrs. Thatcher, that he was someone she could do business with. This was done by personal contact, and through the intermediation of a dispatched defector, Oleg Gordievsky, his role being to reassure the British government that Gorbachev was "genuine." in her book The Downing Street Years, Lady Thatcher even admits that she mistook Gorbachev's style for the substance. I explain this in my introduction to Golitsyn's new book: "As he cast his spell [over Mrs. Thatcher], Gorbachev unlocked the key to the control of the Western mind — and to the restructuring of the entire world. The West followed Lady Thatcher's prompting, mistaking the style for the substance. The disastrous consequences of this millennial error are now crowding in upon Western civilization, threatening its very survival."

The purpose of perestroika, culminating in the "Break with the Past," has been to convince the gullible West that Communism is dead, that the Soviet Union has collapsed, and that we are friends, not enemies anymore — a lie which was duly embedded in the Joint Declaration of Twenty-Two States, signed by Western and Warsaw Pact leaders on November 19, 1990. The Declaration asserted that the signatories are "no longer adversaries," and represented the culmination of the deception which had been managed for Western public consumption by Gorbachev's close KGB associate, Georgi Arbatov. Since publishing an article in the June 1988 issue of Kommunist, in which he said that "the image of the enemy" was being eroded and was vanishing, Arbatov had repeated this message at every opportunity. Of course, as a trained Leninist revolutionary who followed Lenin's advice to his associates to use language deceptively, Arbatov meant that the enemy would continue to exist. It was only his image which was to "vanish."

The trick worked. The West foolishly and recklessly ignored Arbatov's repeated mention of the phrase "the image of the enemy," and jumped to the hazardous and unwarranted conclusion that the enemy himself was disappearing.

After the West had bought the discontinuity deception, it readily accepted its corollary — namely, that a peaceful future for all mankind could only be assured through open-ended "cooperation." But in fact lasting "cooperation" with these Leninist revolutionaries is impossible, since their purpose is to dominate, control, and destroy us. The "cooperation" theme forms only one element of an equation which can be summarized as "cooperation/blackmail." In other words, the secret Leninist revolutionaries have told the West to "cooperate — or else." The blackmail element of this evil equation was made explicit by Gotbachev when he delivered his sinister "end of the Cold War" speech at Fulton, Missouri, a theatrical occasion at the location where Winston Churchill had delivered his famous speech announcing that Stalin had imposed an Iron Curtain across the center of Europe. Gorbachev's speech was sinister because it contained a menu of "conditions" on the basis of which the Soviet Union would be willing to "cooperate" with the West, plus several more or less explicit threats of world war if we failed to cooperate as instructed.

Of course, the Western media failed completely to understand the significance of the speech — just as today it fails to alert us to the war preparations the Russians are conducting in close collaboration with the Communist Chinese; and just as it has failed to question why, as a Reuters report noted on August 13, 1995, the "former USSR" maintains "dozens of closed military cities." The fact is that the West does not know what goes on in the dozens of closed secret military and nuclear cities. The press should be asking how this squares with the rhetoric that the "former" Soviet Union is no longer an adversary or a threat.

Gorbachev's Fulton speech contained the directives of the secret Leninist revolutionaries, with which the West was required to comply. If the required cooperation did not materialize, then this "window of opportunity" would close, and would not be likely to recur in our lifetime — so that the consequences for humanity could be grave in the extreme. The threatening tone was blatant, and the West proceeded to comply.

Q. Describe the Soviet "convergence" strategy.

A. This is the central objective towards which the secret Leninist revolutionaries are working. Their purpose has been to dismantle overt Communism, to establish apparently "normal" relations with the West, to remove travel restrictions so that large numbers of their agents would be accepted into Western societies, and to "cooperate" with the West — in parallel with the West dropping its antagonistic stance, dismantling its military power, collectivizing its security arrangements, and signing bilateral and multilateral treaties and accords with the "former" Soviet Bloc.

But the West does not understand that these Leninist revolutionaries intend that "convergence" is to be achieved on their (Communist) terms, not on ours. The Leninist meaning of "convergence" is that the West is to "converge" towards the Communists, contrary to the naive belief of Western policy-makers and political establishments.

In New Lies for Old, Golitsyn explained the detailed preparations for "convergence," and predicted that it would form the central theme of the forthcoming false "liberalization." He pointed out that the most prominent agent of influence preparing the West for perestroika was the nuclear scientist and controlled "dissident" Andrei Sakharov. He was the primary advance salesman for "convergence."

Today, the West erroneously believes that open-ended cooperation with these "former" Communists will lead to a peaceful world. That is not their intention. Their purpose is to control the world. They are proceeding towards this objective by eroding national sovereignty in accordance with Lenin' s diktat that the state is to "wither away."

All contemporary collective political arrangements — the so-called European Union; the North American Free Trade Area; the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, an intergovernmental agreement requiring the pooling of military intelligence and other anti-state measures; and new regional blocs like the South African Development Community, which has set Southern Africa on the road to integrated security, military and foreign policies, and seeks to usurp national sovereignty in the region — all are devices designed to undermine the state in order to replace nations with regional blocs which are to be the components of a world government. The destruction of national sovereignty is the paramount objective, since as long as nation states continue to exist, world government cannot be established.

Q. How is it possible for the strategists to plan, execute, and maintain the internal coherence of such a massive, long-term global deception, while retaining essential control in the "former" Communist countries, and yet actually appear to relax many of the features of the police state, and introduce relaxation of restrictions on travel, allow 'Tree "publishing, and so forth ?

A. The first part of the answer is that, as Golitsyn explains, the Leninist strategists are capable of planning and executing strategy over prolonged periods — that is to say, over decades and for periods of a generation or more. They refer openly to the strategy, without throwing any light on it, as "the general line." The apparatchik Viktor Chernomyrdin, speaking on the "Russia" TV Channel in December 1992, shortly after his appointment as Russian Premier, alluded deliberately to this "general line," asserting not only its existence but its inherent flexibility, without revealing its content, when he said: "My colleagues in the government who are working today will pursue this line. The planned line. The one which has been worked out .... Life makes amendments to our program, additions, perhaps changes. But we will keep to the basic line."

This, as indicated, was an explicit, authoritative affirmation of the existence of the established long-range strategy — one of the most important post-Gorbachev confirmations of the absolute accuracy of Golitsyn's analysis.

The Leninist strategists are capable of planning over decades. The West has no ability to plan beyond the next election, and little ability to do so even between elections. We have absolutely no concept of long-term strategy. In fact, we have no strategy at all; by which I mean, in the case of Britain, for example, a strategy for national survival, for the indefinite retention of our national sovereignty, or a strategy based upon any proper understanding of our country's inalienable national interests.

Not only do these Leninist strategists plan for the long-term, but they can operate long-term because they share the same collective purpose. As we have seen, the implementers of the strategy are professional secret Party members, KGB officers, and indoctrinated, purposeful revolutionary implementers of instructions. They are a disciplined, determined cadre. As Golitsyn told the CIA in March 1989, "the Soviet Party apparatus will become a true general staff of world revolution to be carried out through the strategy of 'perestroika.'"

Q. We have been told that the KGB was dissolved and is a shadow of its former self. How true is this?

A. The reverse is the case. The KGB has undergone a number of "label changes" since the "Break with the Past," as it had done under all Communist leaderships since Lenin first established the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution (Che-Ka's), instructing his murderous henchman, Dzerzhinsky, to open the jails and to recruit sadists, murderers, rapists, and other criminals into the ranks of the Che-Ka's.

Today, state security personnel proudly refer to themselves as Chekists. After the fake "August coup," Vadim Bakatin, allegedly a "liberal" who has more recently helped to "explain" matters for Western public consumption, was appointed head of the KGB in place of Vladimir Krychkov, whose strategy had called for the replacement of himself. Bakatin was allowed to function for precisely 107 days, before being removed in favor of Viktor Barannikov, who had previously served as a KGB gauleiter in the Caucasus, where he stirred up ethnic unrest.

In his new "helpful" role, Bakatin has described the KGB as "an independent force with its own interests and, objectively, it has become an institution positioned above the highest powers and decision-making organs of the Union and the Republics."

This statement, which has been widely quoted, contains important dis-information, and is only partially correct. The Communist Party and the KGB have, since the late 1950s, repenetrated each other, so that they "share the same bloodstream." It is impossible for the KGB to function without the oversight and participation of the Party, while the Party owes its existence (whether overt or underground) to the KGB ("the Organs").

Bakatin is unreliable and suspect, because in the above statement he promotes a primary deception theme, on which the "Grand Deception" itself depends — a theme which has been repeated by Western analysts. Because everyone knows that the KGB continues to function and has greater powers than ever, the strategists' apologists refer openly to this fact — but, crucially, stress that the KGB "acts alone." It does not. It acts in secret collaboration, as always, with the Communists, who direct its activities. By implying that "the Organs" are a power unto themselves, Soviet disinformation has "separated" the "democratists" from the KGB — leaving the field clear for the continuing deception that they are true democratic parliamentarians, whom the West must support to the hilt, in order to "preclude the return of Communism" — which, in reality, has been in control all along.

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Like I said before, Welcome to hell! Come sit down and warm your bones by the fire! There's enough of it to go around. The meek will truly inherit our fears. :-P

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moral of the story: COMMUNISM NEVER DIED! It exists today in every country under the guise of DEMOCRACY if they aren't outright dictatorships already. So, the question remains, how do we stop the world from becoming as one? How do we keep nation states from forming alliances? How do individual countries keep their sovereignty?

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Here is the third part to the interview of Christopher Story by William Jasper.

Part 3 (http://www.reformed-theology.org/html/issue09/perestroika_03.htm)

Red March to Global Tyranny

by William F. Jasper

This is the final part of an interview with Christopher Story, editor of the London-based journal Soviet Analyst and of The Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn, the Soviet defector and author of New Lies for Old. The interview was conducted by William F. Jasper, senior editor of THE NEW AMERICAN, and took place just outside the San Francisco headquarters of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA.

Q. Can you explain the various "reforms" and "restructurings" of the KGB over the past few years?

A. Viktor Barannikov was appointed in December 1991 to head the new Security Ministry, consisting of four elements of the KGB: internal security, foreign espionage, border troops, and the Russian intelligence service.

Legislation passed by the Russian Supreme Soviet in 1992 gave the KGB's successors the powers deployed by the KGB under the "former" USSR. Then, one day ahead of Yeltsin's KGB-planned attack on the Supreme Soviet in September 1993, Barannikov was sacked. Yeltsin's barbarous attack destroyed the "democratist" parliament, which has been replaced by the Duma. This "new" legislature consists of obedient servants of the regime, who vote as ordered. For instance, the Duma voted 234 to 0 this summer to impose sanctions on Croatia. In April 1995, this Duma approved legislation conferring powers on the further reorganized Federal Security Service, powers which equal or exceed those of "the Organs" in the Stalin era.

In December 1993, Yeltsin ostensibly "disbanded" the Security Ministry, although in practice this procedure consisted of nothing more than the redistribution of the Ministry's functions and facilities among several old and recently established security and law enforcement agencies. For a time, at least 14 agencies with intelligence functions were identifiable by Western analysts.

In short, the KGB is far from being a shadow of its former self. On the contrary, with their penetration, manipulation, and direction of the so-called "Russian Mafia, in order to establish a form of "state-controlled capitalism," "the Organs," working to the Party's instructions, are the center of all power in the contemporary Soviet Union.

Q. Does the KGB still run gulag-style cocentration camps ?

A. According to a report in the June 30, 1993 issue of the highly respected Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the Soviet gulag system remains. The February 11, 1993 Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported that the gulag system consists, as previously, of hundreds of known and dozens of unknown prison camps, containing between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 prisoners. Torture has continued, as well as the abuse of psychiatric treatment. The population in Soviet Georgia has mysteriously declined from over 5 million to less than 3.8 million since Eduard Shevardnadze replaced the legitimately elected President Zviad Gamsakhurdia in March 1992. No explanation for this catastrophe has been forthcoming, and there are no indications of migration from Georgia to the West on the scale implied. Shevardnadze works secretly and dialectically with Moscow, where he has an apartment. His job is to squeeze the last sign of resistance out of the brave Georgian people, and he is presiding over this evil by every means at his disposal: induced famine, invasions of city residencies by country people (as in the Bolshevik Revolution), withholding fuel, hyperinflation, drug operations, thuggery by the regime's special repression forces, and military activities — after "allowing" Russia to establish numerous military bases throughout the territory. As for the repression carried out by the Russians in Tajikistan, no one knows the scale of the carnage that has taken place there.

Q. What does Golitsyn mean in The Perestroika Deception by his warning that the West may yet experience its bloody feasts ?

A. The secret Leninist revolutionaries covet the mad objective of world government. By definition, a world government must be a world dictatorship, which will seek to maintain total control. Its architects are seeking to eliminate all opposition to the establishment of world government by enlisting, through deception, the West's enthusiastic cooperation in its establishment. Conceivably, they may not succeed, in which case there will be bloodshed before the final purpose is achieved. But what is certain is that, if it is ever achieved, maintenance of a global dictatorship will prove an impossible task, even though access to weaponry by the population will be precluded; and in order to simplify this task the controllers may resort, as Stalin did, to the wholesale liquidation of millions of people. The Communists are responsible for perhaps 150-plus million deaths; and it is this image they have sought to erase from the West's consciousness with their talk of the elimination of the image of the enemy. They need to erase this image precisely because as long as it remains embedded in our memory, we will resist their schemes, including their plans to establish global control.

Q. The West has been assured time and time again that the Communist Party was suspended and has been greatly weakened in the Soviet Union. Please comment on Golitsyn's explanation in The Perestroika Deception that the reverse is the case.

A. At the 28th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) held in July 1990, Yeltsin and Gorbachev spelled out the task the Party now faced: In brief, it was to subdivide itself into factions spanning the entire political spectrum in order to establish the conditions for "democratism" — fake democracy.

Yeltsin's own resignation from the Communist Party at the 28th Party Congress in July 1990 coincided with the emergence of all those instant Soviet "democrats," "anti-Communists," and "nationalists" mentioned by Golitsyn in The Perestroika Deception. Communists were given the freedom to adopt whatever deceptive political label they liked. Some became Stalinists, others Social Democrats or Liberals. Some remained Communists. Others moved incongruously to the right, or adopted a nationalist stance. All these sudden political "changes of heart" were fake. Their purpose: to create the apparatus needed in order to play the game of "democratism" — an essential ingredient in the deception campaign to persuade the West that "Communism is dead" and had been succeeded by "democracy."

At the 28th Party Congress, Gorbachev also confirmed that the Communist Party was to be splintered when he stated that we must now prove in practice ... the idea of a broad coalition .... The Party must, resolutely and without delay, restructure all its work and reorganize all its structures on the basis of the new Statutes and the Congress' Program Statement, so that under the new conditions, it can effectively perform its role as the vanguard Party. We must do everything to firmly establish in the CPSU the power of the Party masses based on all-encompassing democracy, comradeship, openness, glashost and criticism .... When there are various views and even platforms on a number of questions of policy and practical activity, the majority must show respect for the minority. We must study, learn and improve our [new] culture. If we embark on this path, it will be easier to interact and have contacts with other forces. The Central Committee and I as General Secretary will do all we can to help the Republic Communist Parties gain their new independent status as soon as possible — a status that will lead not to a fragmentation of Communists and nations, but to a new internationalist unity of the CPSU on a common ideological political basis.

Gorbachev revealed that the CPSU was to be restructured from top to bottom, enveloped in "democracy" — meaning that its new controlled factions and platforms were to compete amongst each other, thereby creating "democratism," the illusion of democracy — and that all Communists must "study, learn and improve our culture," meaning the new "culture" of democratism. As for the Republic Communist Parties and the Soviet republics themselves, "independence," of course, is false and strictly provisional, its purpose being, as Golitsyn warned the CIA in the fall of 1990, to open up scope for independent military action in the Republics. Hence the "post-Gorbachev" repression (and in some cases, genocide) in Georgia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabach, and Ukraine.

After the "August coup," the Communist Party was "banned." The West rejoiced (forgetting that the Chinese and Cuban Communist Parties, for instance, remained in place), and jumped to the reckless conclusion that Communism had collapsed. The assumption, presumably, was that having been "banned," the Party could not be "unbanned." But of course, it was only "banned" for cosmetic purposes. Today, the existence of the CPSU is openly acknowledged by Soviet/Russian and Western Communist sources.

Q. Most Western analysts pay close attention to the personalities on the Soviet/Russian stage, seeking to analyze the conflicting statements of the various characters. They attach Western-style political labels to these actors — describing one personality as "liberal," another as "further to the left," others still as Communists, and others as "non"- or "anti-Communists." From what you have explained, isn't such analysts completely futlie, since none of these people are political powers in their own right?

A. They are all servants of the revolution, and they cooperate closely while appearing to differ. They are not independent actors on the stage. To the extent that they may appear to differ genuinely on ephemeral matters, their differences are always of only passing significance; they have no possibility of ever achieving power in this environment which is so completely manipulated and controlled by the vast Communist Party network.

Q. Where, then, does the true locus of power lie?

A. Almost certainly, "the power above the state" is located in the Security Council, which is a continuation of the "Presidential Council" that existed under Gorbachev. Such an entity has existed since the Leninist state was first established, and it is to be found in other Communist states as well. Outside the Security Council, power resides within the cooperation network operative between the secret and overt Communist parties worldwide, since all participate fully in the implementation of the strategy to achieve world government through what Golitsyn refers to as the Second October Revolution ("Welt-oktober"). The closest cooperation exists between the Russian strategists and their Chinese counterparts.

Q. In New Lies for Old, Golitsyn explained that the Sino-Soviet "split" was .false, .forming part of a deception designed to persuade the West that the world Communist movement was disunited. What is the current position?

A. The Sino-Soviet "split" was indeed a classic Leninist dialectical deception which masked the continuing collaboration between the two most important and powerful Communist Parties in the world, in pursuit of the long-range strategy which was ratified, as Golitsyn explained in New Lies for Old, at the Eighty-One Party Congress held in Moscow in November 1960. It was at that Congress that the Communist parties agreed to collaborate over a period of decades in pursuit of the objective of "convergence" leading to world government.

Golitsyn is most frequently attacked for his assertion that the Sino-Soviet "split" was false, because this particular element of the deception strategy is the most sensitive of all. If the West were to become aware that in fact the Russians and Chinese have been working closely together all along, and are the closest of allies, it would recognize the grave danger it faces. But of course, we now have a facade which perpetuates the illusion of the "split."

The Tiananmen Square atrocity in June 1989 provided a clear signal to Chinese dissidents that political perestroika was not about to be permitted in China. Golitsyn explains in The Perestroika Deception that the core demonstrators who appear to have been controlled and carried banners supporting the Chinese Communist Party suddenly marched out of the Square in formation. The shooting started after they had left; those who were killed were true dissidents who had traveled to Beijing to join in the demonstrations.

The current spectacle is of "non"-Communism in Russia and overt Communism in China. This preserves the illusion of the "split," and has provided the backdrop against which the two countries are collaborating in a coordinated military buildup of ominous proportions. The Russian-Chinese military agreement of 1993 has been followed by further accords, and the scale of China's buildup is now causing serious alarm in Western defense circles, which still do not understand that the two countries are allies.

Q. What is Gorbachev's function today?

A. Photographs appearing recently in the Western press of the assembled Russian Security Council do not show Gorbachev. This is because, for Western public consumption purposes, Gorbachev resigned on Christmas Day 1991, and faded into the background. But in reality, Gor-bachev moved sideways into an organization called the Gorbachev Foundation based in the Presidio, a former U.S. Army base in San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate. The Gorbachev Foundation somehow took over the work of the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), which I have already shown to exist. The International Department, in turn, was the successor of Cominform and Comintern. Thus, the Gorbachev Foundation is a cover for the International Department — traditionally the most aggressive and devious enemy of the West within the Communist apparatus.

Q. You and I have today entered the American offices of the Gorbachev Foundation, which as this interview is being conducted is planning a high-profile "State of the World Forum" — an influence-peddling bonanza — to be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco (THE NEW AMERICAN'S report on this .forum appears on pages 23-28 of this issue.) We are sitting outside this old Admiral's House on the shore of San Francisco Bay, and it seems incredible that this building could be the chief branch of the International Department in the West. How can this be?

A. Well, we have been examining some of the documents we picked up when we entered the Gorbachev Foundation's building a couple of hours ago. And you can see from these documents that George Bush, Lady Thatcher, James Baker III, George Shultz, Senator Alan Cranston, and other well-known figures are scheduled to attend this event. How is it possible for the dozen or so young idealists we saw in the Gorbachev Foundation's offices to have invited all these big shots to their meeting? The answer, of course, is that this office works with the Gorbachev Foundation, Moscow, based at 49 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow 125468, which directs Gorbachev's campaign to co-opt Western elites in support of the [secret Communist] strategy.

In The Perestroika Deception, Golitsyn explains how Gorbachev himself kick-started the process of influencing the American elite when he visited Washington in the late fall of 1987, ostensibly to sign a treaty. But the real purpose of the visit was to meet members of the American intelligentsia, whom he referred to as "the yeast of events." Translated, this means that once they had climbed aboard, there could be nothing stopping progress towards what Golitsyn calls the Second October Revolution via the "restructuring" of the Western mind so that it would accept, without questioning, the entire secret Leninist revolutionary program for achieving hegemony over the whole world. When the West finally wakes up to the fact that it has been deceived, the blackmail element of the "cooperation-blackmail" equation will be used mercilessly, and the West may be compelled to submit to the demands of the Soviet-Chinese alliance.

I have discovered that the Gorbachev Foundation/USA was registered initially with the California authorities as the Tamalpais Institute on April 10, 1991 — that is to say, over four months prior to the "August coup." This has been established from an examination of the entity's founding documents. Precisely one year later — on April 10, 1992 — the organization changed its name to the Gorbachev Foundation/ USA. I believe that the establishment, over four months ahead of the fake coup, of the shell which later became the Gorbachev Foundation/USA provides convincing evidence of forward planning — revealing that the coup was indeed false, and that Gorbachev had received his instructions from the strategists well in advance.

Gorbachev had in fact hinted on several occasions that the "Break with the Past" was imminent. On May 17, 1990, he remarked that "we have entered the last lap," and one year later, at a press conference with President Mitterrand on May 6, 1991, he said:

The dangers lie in the fact that someone, analysing at some private moment or other, this or that instance or episode, or even event, including a dramatic event, should not make hasty conclusions and cast doubt on all that has been acquired and what we have created in putting international relations onto new channels, onto new rails, entering, as all of us have said, a period of peaceful development.

In this classically Aesopian Leninist statement, Gorbachev said three revealing things. First, he hinted at continuing anxiety in Soviet strategic circles at the possibility that Moscow's devious Leninist strategy of "convergence" with the West on Communist terms, facilitated by the forthcoming false "Break with the Past," might be exposed by someone like Golitsyn in the West who had done his homework on the strategic deception tradition of Lenin. Second, Gorbachev predicted the forthcoming "August coup" ("a dramatic event"), which the Soviets had actually code-named "Golgotha." Third, the Soviet president affirmed Moscow's pride in having successfully redirected Western thinking so that it was now ripe for accepting the Soviet (Leninist) view of the world's stateless future.

Lady Thatcher, George Bush, and the other prominent personalities who will be participating at the Gorbachev Foundation's "State of the World Forum" have all along been prepared to overlook Gorbachev's Leninist pedigree, and are lending their prestige to the global campaign by the International Department of the CPSU's Central Committee to "restructure the world."

Without elaborating here, the technique being used by the International Department/Gorbachev Foundation is to assert the existence of hideous "global problems" — the environment, world health, global security, the global crime epidemic, terrorism — which are "too big" for nation-states to handle. Accordingly, "global structures" are required in order to address these problems; and the Gorbachev Foundation projects these "solutions" to the international elite. A "global justice system," for instance, would require a national legal system to be revised so as to enable anyone to be arrested anywhere, for any "offense," at any time. Another theme floated by Gorbachev is that wherever human rights abuses are taking place, the international community should have carte blanche to intervene across borders. Such an arrangement, naturally, would render such borders pointless.

All these initiatives are subtly aimed at doing away with the nation-state, which is the core objective originally enunciated by Lenin shortly after seizing power. The Gorbachev Foundation is one of the leading contemporary instruments working towards this objective. It is much more dangerous than its predecessors because it has successfully deceived the West that its intentions are entirely altruistic.

The location of the Gorbachev Foundation's office here in the Presidio is significant. This place used to be an important U.S. military base, until it was closed two years ago, on the ground that "the Cold War is over" and the enemy has "disappeared." So here is Gorbachev's organization, linked to the secret International Department, today's Comintern, directing the secret Communists' further penetration and mind-control activities in America. The fact that Lady Thatcher, George Bush, and other "pragmatic" members of "the Great and the Good" in the West are obediently trooping to San Francisco this month to be honored guests at a conference hosted by the International Department of the CPSU summarizes the pitiful condition of Western analysis, and reveals with stark clarity how advanced the Leninist revolutionaries' "global restructuring" and mind-control activities have progressed in the space of just a few short years. It also reveals the woefully inadequate intellectual capacity of the Western elite and its gullibility in the face of the Communists' relentless onslaught against the West.

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Didn't Kruschef say that Amerika would fall into the hands of communism like a piece of over-ripe fruit from a tree? :-P

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Thanks gunnarj for the 3rd part!

nohope wrote:

So, the question remains, how do we stop the world from becoming as one? How do we keep nation states from forming alliances? How do individual countries keep their sovereignty?

Huge questions.

It seems to me that what Communism/Globalism/NWO is ultimately after is to sever the transcendental, Divine link between Man and God; to trick Man into thinking that She worships God when in fact She worships Lucifer.

I personally think "people" like the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, DuPont's and Bushes are too powerful in this MATERIAL world where money and material wealth is all that counts. They certainly have most of that!
I think one of the most important things to start with - and it certainly isn't easy - is to become financially independent. We are taking a lot of material things for granted, things that really is totally unnecessary luxury. Do I really need a mobile phone to survive? NO. A laser printer? NO. Stereo? No.

The NWO wants Man to believe there's nothing else than THIS life, "so you better make the most of it!", because when you're dead you're dead. If one falls in this trap then one is highly likely to start compromising oneself and ones' beliefs. All Lucifer wants is for you to compromise yourself, just ONCE.

The fact is that we need to realise that we have to take care of our Eternal, Divine Soul; cherish it, nurture it, feed it so it doesn't become neglected and die.

We need to realise that detatchment from material things and money is the key to bringing the corrupt elite down.

Personally, I believe that the world is in its final stages of The Iron Age, i.e. the darkest of times before the whole cycle "resets" and goes back to the beginning. This cycle is unstoppable; it's going to happen wether we like it or not. But we need to be vertically oriented; keep our center and not give in to the temptation to align with the decline of the world and forget our Sacred Unity with God.

Sorry, if you guys think I'm preaching. I don't want to, but I feel very strongly that the things we can do about this whole terrible thing is right in front of our noses.
We should look at our own lives and think about the things we take for granted that we simply don't need for a full, spiritually rich life.

Another important issue is that this action of resistance has to be an individual, personal one. The forces of Good simply can't be organised, because the moment they are, they become an institution and institutions become corrupt. Institutions also want to grow and they start to try to convince people of the necessity of its existence, for whatever reason: "order", "national security", "justice" etc. Soon it exists for the sake of existing and then it has become oppressive - Evil.

So it has to be an individual act of resistance; to lead by example - by ACTION, not words and certainly not guns.

The war against humanity is being fought on levels other than the material, worldly level. It's fought on a higher, spiritual level as well as many others and I think THAT'S where it can be won.

The body is only the vessel of the Soul. We don't have a Soul because we have a body; we have a body BECAUSE WE HAVE A SOUL.

Don't get me wrong; when the shit hits the fan we HAVE to defend ourselves, "the vessels of our Souls", and our loved ones by any means necessary, including force. But the same rule applies: without organisation. Unity in multiplicity. Multiplicity in unity.

This might be a very frustrating thing to realise. We all want the tyranny to end NOW. Me too. But ultimately we have to look for the way to free ourselves from our Ego.

Ultimately, there will come a time when the Divine Order is restored and the Priest-Kings will return. I hope I'll live to see the day.

Thanks for Your time.

Truth, Beauty, Love

01-23-2005, 06:33 AM
"Unity in multiplicity. Multiplicity in unity."

I understand what you wrote and agree 110%.

Get right with God, in your own mind. Faith is a personal thing between you and God. Is life God or business first?

Are you living a spiritual existence or a material one?

I have often said that I am in this world and not of it. Square peg - round hole. I don't know where my thinking comes from as I very rarely meet those who understand me as I understand them.

There are quite a few of us here that qualify under that above quote. How cool is that? The prize to keep your eyes on is peace - plain and simple. Peace in your life, your home, your family and most importantly - your mind. Ego is all B.S.

How many people can find peace in their mind in this day and age, knowing what we do?

There is a peace in the knowledge that the truth always comes to light. Cuz if the truth always comes to light, that means that the light of the world is turning the times, towards the truth... it is inevitable. Peace is coming.

The one thing I know in this life is that the truth always comes to light. For me, that paints a very bright future ahead... sooner or later. Maybe I am an eternal optimist?

Mary XXX

01-23-2005, 10:38 AM
Thank you both for your comments.
I agree as well.
The spiritual aspects of the global governance movement are too often ignored, but they have deep roots in the Luciferian world view, and it is to our detriment if we consider this to somehow be only myth and to be shrugged at.
There is plentiful documentation going back many years as to the spiritual beliefs and persuasions of those who would have us return to Babel - and also the guiding 'light' of those.


02-07-2005, 05:31 AM
:roll: Comon people what a joke!
You still all live in the deluded belief of communism is a threat.
Where who what communism?. The U.S is on its Imperial neo con mission to control the whole world under its neocon very Free trade capitalist empire and at this point in time Iran is next on the list and, you still believe there is communism. Where is communism in the U.S in canada where? Is President Bush a communist ha ha not likely surely? Blair chirac who?.No one nowhere it is all bollocks!.

NOwhere only in your deluded reactionary minds.
I am very surprised by some people in this thread that believe this.Let me ask you all this. If the u.s is being controlled by some communist elite as some of the less bright on the forum repeatedly claim why is Hugo Chavez in Venezuela one of the biggest thorns in the side of the NWO as is cuba as is Nth korea! Get Real all of You!.

:roll: :lol:

02-07-2005, 06:51 AM
Because Hugo Chavez is the Grand Orients' man and Bush&Co are Scottish Rite Anglophile Freemasons.
I do believe there is a power struggle going on between the different faction within Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

That collectivist, socialist, materialist, consumerist ideas have prevailed in US domestic and foreign policy is no secret. Neither is it a secret that Capitalism and Socialism is the different sides to the Communist agenda to make everyone into a non-questioning work machine and slave. Both Socialism and Capitalism want to uplift the value of WORK (slave labour that is) to a kind of "transcendent" level, to their material benefit.

Hugo Chavez is a thorn in the side of the NWO and the Bush mafia, not because he's a Socialist/Communist but because he's got a lot of oil that they want.

Remember, North Korea is one of very few countries where Freemasonry is totally forbidden and illegal.

Don't be fooled by the theatre going on ABOVE the surface.

If you're really interested to find out about Russian/Soviet/Communist longterm strategies, read Christopher Story's "The European Collective - Enemy Of Its Member States" and Anatoliy Golitsyn's "New Lies For Old" and "The Perestroika Deception".

Let me say that if you don't know who Anatoliy Golitsyn is, he is the Soviet defector who since 1961 has accurately forseen almost ALL (app. 94%) Soviet political developments incuding the biggest deception of the world i.e. "The Communist Collapse".

Until you are aware of these works it's pointless to discuss this issue.

If you after having read this thread and my thread "GULAG&Communism Still Operational"

and Vlad's thread "KGB strikes again!"

along with 55132's thread "KGB and STASI reinforce Homeland Security" http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=573&viewmode=flat&order=DESC&start=10&PHPSESSID=7800def115366b78c0e8c367a7b70427

and STILL don't realise the threat posed by Communism toward the whole world then I don't know what utopia you live in.

02-11-2005, 10:06 AM
:-? Draken:
That collectivist, socialist,

First of all i disagree that the U.S has ever had a collectivist sentiment. The whole history of the U.S has been that of the rugged Individualist carving his own lively hood for himself and family out of land of Native American savages and rough landscape.In many ways similar to Australias colonial past!.
The political ideologies or philosophies to come out of this for most ex anglo colonial countries were Whiggism, Laissez faire, Utilitarianism and Pragmatism all of these are very much liberal capitalist doctrines I cant see any collectivism in any american history either in the 19 th 20 th century and definately not now that is just flawed facts in my view!.

If you're really interested to find out about Russian/Soviet/Communist longterm strategies, read Christopher Story's "The European Collective - Enemy Of Its Member States" and Anatoliy Golitsyn's "New Lies For Old" and "The Perestroika Deception".

This is all very interesting but this author views are just one among many out there. Most of the phrophetic nature of his theories seem to be pure speculation not objective facts!. This Golitsyns is Russian KGB defector and a self proclaimed Market libertarian which said it all to me!.So iam not surprised that he would have anti russian anti communist slant to his speculations.After all it is obvious he doesnt exactly have anything to gain by stating balanced views rather than bias ones!.

It reminds me of another Russian that defected on a scholarship Ayn Rand the seminal Market Libertarian philosopher of sorts and look how anti russian and anti socialism she become to point of fanatical obsession.It was as though she was jumping from one ideological extreme to the other which i have seen in a large number of Eastern europeans and Russians also latin americans.None of her ultra capitalist theories would even work in the real world she is completely flawed!.

ntil you are aware of these works it's pointless to discuss this issue.

Well fair enough i have just read your links and authors before i posted this! I come to the conclusion that they are two things neocon zioganda or spurious speculations for the most part!. Now i have read your facts why not look at a few of mine?.






Here might Keep you busy!.

02-11-2005, 12:50 PM
First of all: are you a Communist? In that case I understand your defending it.

Ozziecynic wrote:
The whole history of the U.S has been that of the rugged Individualist carving his own lively hood for himself and family out of land of Native American savages and rough landscape.

Where? Where are these "rugged individualists"? All I see is a people stuck in slave labour, consumtion and hedonism, totally brainwashed.

Isn't it a typically American attitude that one should always "score for the team"; "the team is more important than the player"; "the player is nothing without the team" etc. That's collectivism, if you ask me. The only people who built anything in America are the Freemasons and other Satanists.

Ozziecynic wrote:
liberal capitalist doctrines

Liberalism is a Communist doctrine. It's in fact all the same! The thing they put on a piedestal is WORK - for the benefit of the Elite. It's a charade - call it what you want -capitalist/liberalist/communist - it's all the same. Secular, demonic, Satanist and ultimately Godless doctrines.

This is all very interesting but this author views are just one among many out there. Most of the phrophetic nature of his theories seem to be pure speculation not objective facts!

Well, you obviously didn't read the books. :-?

This Golitsyns is Russian KGB defector and a self proclaimed Market libertarian which said it all to me!.So iam not surprised that he would have anti russian anti communist slant to his speculations.

Wouldn't he have that if he was against slaughtering 300 million Christians? Maybe it's because he was intimately familiar with the longterm strategy?
Aren't you a VERY Christian person? That's what I thought, reading your posts...

It reminds me of another Russian that defected on a scholarship Ayn Rand the seminal Market Libertarian philosopher of sorts and look how anti russian and anti socialism she become to point of fanatical obsession.It was as though she was jumping from one ideological extreme to the other which i have seen in a large number of Eastern europeans and Russians also latin americans.None of her ultra capitalist theories would even work in the real world she is completely flawed!

I wasn't talking about Rand so there's no reason thrashing her. That's flawed logic from YOUR part; putting Christopher Story and Golitsyn (two people who's books you haven't read) next to Ayn Rand (a person who's ideas you seem to HAVE read) and then critisizing her as if I brought it up.

Gotta run to work now but to be continued...

02-11-2005, 03:36 PM
In support of Draken, look at post # 12 on this thread again. thanx :roll: :pint: 8-)

02-12-2005, 06:48 AM
Hey Draken...also alot of oil under that fertile soil in the former Yugoslavia.

Milosovich is giving them hell in the Haig.

02-12-2005, 07:22 AM
Hey O.C.

I have to agree here. Communism is not dead. It's alive and well and lives on in the U.N and their goal of destroying Christianity and replacing it with Secular Humanism.

The Communistic faith is defined by Dialectical Materialism. Rationality.

It's bent on destroying the human spirit and it's faith in a supernatural God.

It has it's base in the Illuminati.

The Illuminati despised the religious faith of the common people. They believe they are above faith and need only worship the faculty of reason.

The forcing of Lucifer into the demon image has distorted the ability of the common person to understand what the Illuminati stand for.

Lucifer was originally 'the bringer of light'. Cool rational thought. God operates through the feeling function and shows through with compassion and forgiveness.

By bringing these two functions into a synthisis we become complete people.

With the blind worship of reason and the intellect as well as a belief in only the physical world the human race will be plunged into an abyss.

The Illuminati believe the dumb ignorent masses must be led by the nose by a group of masters, an Elite. A business, political and intellectual Elite.

They Manufacture Consent in the masses by fooling them with scams such as 9-11. They do not believe in the individual, only the group. For the group to survive the Planet must be managed like a slick company.

All things must be 'managed'. This includes the amount of people on the planet.

Because the people are stupid and ignorent they must be forced into this like children because they do not know whats good for them. "They who would poke out the peoples eyes then complain they cannot see".

For many who follow this philosophical bent, they are not even aware they are in fact Luciferians...Satan worshippers.

Many of them are decent people. However, they have lost faith in the Human Race and it's divine origens. Because of this they now turn to reason to save them. To Lucifer.

Lucifer is filled with pride and refuses to doubt and reflect. Satan today walks the Earth in a business suit. He trusts only his spread sheet. He is a Dialectical Materialist.

And how, O.C asks, does this relate to business wanting to destroy itself by becoming Communist?

You confuse the middle managers with the CEO's.

Money, economics are pointless abstractions...they print the money, they own everything.

The means and the end are POWER. Power over people and crushing dissent...which wants to limit your power.

Unless you know power and can think on their level you cannot understand them.

What does a man who prints the money do with himself? As Henry Makow stated in an article..."pack up the kids and go to Disneyland"?

He has 10 Plasma T.V's. He owns his own jet. He has sex with high class prostitutes at huge Coke parties and orgies.

He has no simple joys in the struggle of day to day life.

His last aphrodisiac...P-O-W-E-R.

Till this is understood you can never understand the Elite of the NWO and why they want a Statist Command and Control Economy, based on the faith of Dialectical Meterialism.

02-12-2005, 08:45 AM
Well said, true.

I've commented earlier about the vilification of both Saddam and Milosevic but I thought to remind you, there are some interesting stuff there, with regards to the Show Trial in the Hague.
I'm not and never was a fan of Milosevic but I do admire his intelligence and presence of mind when standing up to those clowns in whigs masquerading as judge and jury.

The reason they stopped the daily TV broadcasts from the "trial" was because Milosevic, having a fraction of the time allowed as the prosecution had in "preparing" witnesses and no legal counsel - meaning he's defending himself, since he doesn't recognize the legitimacy of the Tribunal - STILL whoops their arses on a daily basis!
They even tried to poison him TWICE because he's too intelligent and well informed AND he's a professional lawyer.

Actually I wonder how he's doing lately...

Saddam & Milosevic Vilified By Western Media
http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=588&forum=24&post_id=5534&PHPSESSID=a4b382fca80feb557a37343881dffb53#forumpo st5534

02-12-2005, 08:31 PM
Draken: :-?
First of all: are you a Communist? In that case I understand your defending it.

I have already stated various times in posts on this forum what iam and what i believe. I have been more than open about it considering the kind of people that might be cruising this forum!
If you still choose to doubt my sincerity that is your problem!.Really i Dont care what you think i am does it matter!

Where? Where are these "rugged individualists"? All I see is a people stuck in slave labour, consumtion and hedonism, totally brainwashed. Isn't it a typically American attitude that one should always "score for the team"; "the team is more important than the player"; "the player is nothing without the team" etc. That's collectivism, if you ask me.

The individualism is everywhere in post modern capitalism. It is enterprised based and family based sure. However it is a form of individualism all the same. Perhaps families competing against one another might be closer to the mark because essentailly thats the way it seems to manifest itself in our laissez faire capitalist system. The actual single adult individual seems to count for nothing outside the family in our system.
The liberal definition of individualism is the independent contractor that owns is own enterprise or a Manager in a large enterprise and has a Nuclear family of one 1.2 offspring. That is the Liberal sense of individualism.

Draken you seem to thinking of individualism in the creative existentialist sense like Nietszche or Satre rather than the liberal capitalist defintion based on market Liberals like Hayek and Rand who ultimately obtained it from Adam smith!.There is a huge difference ofcause!.

Liberal individualism was soley created for the purpose of entrepeneurs and especially big business not for existentialist hippies artists etc.It is rationalist in nature not creative in the metaphysical sense!.

How can a team be collectivist. If your going to call a sports or work teams collectivist then you may as well call a family collectivist also following that logic which is ofcause absurd!.

The Marxist meaning of collectivist was institutional via the state arms of law enforcement!.It uses forced coercion in an attempt to force people to associate for a common good on a large scale. That is huge leap from speaking of sporting, work teams which are formed out of free choice of association and natural friendship on a micro scale. To say they are collectivist is absurd!.

The only people who built anything in America are the Freemasons and other Satanists

Thats strange are you trying to now defend those whom in other posts you have vehemantly attacked. Are you for real Draken or is your religious stance simple sophistry designed for this forum!.You have me suspicious :roll:

Liberalism is a Communist doctrine. It's in fact all the same! The thing they put on a piedestal is WORK - for the benefit of the Elite. It's a charade - call it what you want -capitalist/liberalist/communist - it's all the same. Secular, demonic, Satanist and ultimately Godless doctrines.

They are not at all the same it is acedemically and practically false to call communism liberalism and liberalism communism. Its like calling a swan a duck or a cat a dog.Two different ideals are like two different species of animals they are just not the same!.To call them the same is the act of the uneducated reactionary to lash out falsely at the wrong targets!.I would thought you were smarter than that Draken.
In this case i believe communism is simply a red herring to excuse the pun! It is not the present cause or drive of the NWO. For example i dont see large government controlled enterprises in Australia or the rest of the globe.However I do see several of the same multinationals everywhere over the globe in a very monopolistic fashion!.Many of these multinationals are also U.S based and headed.If it seems like communism then it is very possible as have stated in previous posts and threads that it is neo corporatism which is definately not communism.

Infact it has far more incommon with capitalism than communism because it favours the corps far more than than any other parties involved in its structure!.If you want a definition of corporatism here it is:http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=3054

Well, you obviously didn't read the books.

I did read your links reasonably extensively. As for the book i simply dont agree with it enough in summary to bother purchasing it as well as the fact am already fully occupied with reading my own selections at the present time also posting on this forum! By the way you havent read my links i suspect.If you want respect from fellow posters you also have to give it you know!.

Wouldn't he have that if he was against slaughtering 300 million Christians? Maybe it's because he was intimately familiar with the longterm strategy?

I dont condone anything about communism. Iam not marxist! The reason i dont like the this mc carthyite paranioa that many of you carry on with on this forum is that it takes attention off the real cause of the problems which are not one ideology more than another!. At the moment communism is simply not a serious threat!
I came into this forum initially thinking that many of you were beyond the left right ideological paradigm and had realised there was a third position out there.

It seems i have been mistaken many of you are simply caught in this left right political spectrum.And most of you seem to be unashamedly Right wingers!So please dont tell you have moved beyond this because it is clear you havent Draken!.You are clearly a market libertarian especially judging from the sites you get your information from!.

In my view that makes you part of the disease not part of the cure!.

As for gibe about my christian faith you should ofcause realise that there all shades of people calling themselves christians these days.
They can be any ideological position under the sun they do not have to be rightwing.Take the Quakers or the Methodists as good example they have many social justice based positions in their theology which could be described as leftwing by fundermentalist christians.
You spoke of the massacre of christians in the USSR what about the massacre of many christians in chile in the 1970s under General Pinchot a U.S Milton friedman assisted free trade fascist stooge!.Not to mention the total covert esponiage the CIA has been involved in globally which I have already given you links to above.But there is no one so blind as those that will not see as the saying goes! :roll: :-?

02-12-2005, 08:52 PM
Trouble is OC, Capitalism has never existed.

Take Ralph Sarich and the Orbital Engine. Sarich is a true capitalist. He borrows money for an original idea and then tries to market it, and what happens?

He is prevented from marketing it by a socialist, command and control world economy.

If we had a Lazze Fair (spelling) capitalist economy his idea would have immediately been on the market.

Instead we have gigantic corporations who's sole purpose is to prevent competition and form cartels amongst themselves and divy up the world.

It has always been this way.

I recommend G.E. Griffen on this matter..."The Politics Of Cancer Therapy". He ranges far and wide into WW2, the rise of Hitler and the cartels and their agreements.

OC you'd like him. I'm sure the CEC push him as well.

You may not have seen me write that I like the CEC and LARouche but I have a few problems with political parties of any persuasion. Societies problems will not be solved through simple economic reforms.

We need a spiritual resurgence as well based on truth and justice and dare I say it love.

P.S OC seems the CEC is making inroads with all the talk of big infrastructure projects happening...water canal and all.

02-12-2005, 09:56 PM
In support of Draken, look at post # 12 on this thread again. thanx

:roll:Yeh thats right buddy have another budweiser like good trailer park tool. Just dont bother with dumb posts! :roll:

02-12-2005, 10:16 PM
Trouble is OC, Capitalism has never existed.

Try telling that to Donald Trump or Rupert Murdoch or Kerry Packer!. In fact tell that to the the next self employed tradesperson you see!.
Will they agree? I doubt it!.

If we had a Lazze Fair (spelling) capitalist economy his idea would have immediately been on the market.

No your wrong mate it is definately spelt Laissez faire. I have an Oxford Dictonary in front of me to prove it! I think you are wrong!. :roll:

Instead we have gigantic corporations who's sole purpose is to prevent competition and form cartels amongst themselves and divy up the world.

Yeh Its called Corporatism. I have already posted a link to it before but one more time the for dummy or those that choose to ignore stuff I suppose!. :-o :roll:
http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=3054 :-? :-o

02-13-2005, 03:11 AM
OC ya have really got to chill.

I put (spelling) because I was'nt sure of it and I could'nt be bothered looking it up.

You can call it Corporatism if you want or Fascism. I prefer to call it Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for the poor which is where your self employed tradesmen come in.

Who is the current King of Facism? Adolph? And what did he call it? National Socialism.

The melding of the Corporation and the State is more properly called Socialism as it amounts to Elites sharing the world amongst themselves equally and fairly. Some before called it Fuedalism. I just prefer to call it the rich and powerful shafting the poor and weak as they've always done.

A true Capitalist is someone who produces something new and value adds to the economy. In the strictist sense of the word a self employed tradesman does not qualify.

He is simply maintaining the structure.

Hence my example of Ralph Sarich...a true value adding Capitalist.

For me, that is why Libertarian values work for me. It values the individual and the creative impulse. It is positive about human beings and believes in them.

Sometimes you live up to your Forum name to often.

I'm not the enemy. I merely disagree about the level of the debate. To often the forum is caught up in somantics. The rich and the powerful want to stay rich and powerful and they are using different systems and scams to manufacture consent in the people. The people must be led to where the Elite want them while making people think they wanted it all by themselves.

To be honest you should post less articles and try figuring things out for yourself. I dont often fall back on a dictionary. I'm more interested in the big picture.

You dont go back far enough and need to study the rise of the Illuminist movement and the banking and finance sector which funds both sides of the debate, sets them at each other, then provides the soloution that they wanted all along.

One World Socialist Government based on the value system of 'Secular Humanism' with it's origens in Marxist 'Dialectical Materialism'.

They are Rationalists, Luciferian and ultimately Satan worshippers for all the imagery that provokes. Certainly their aim will produce a hell on Earth. Just ask an 80 year old European.

As for Murdoch and Trump? Just how do they qualify as Capitalists? They produce NOTHING. They are lent money by the international financieres and simply buy up larger and larger shares of a given market. They are perveyers of mindless speculative activities. They are Marxists in Capitalist drag!

They are useless dead weights on the economy called Managers who are good at supporting existing structures but dont have the balls of the real Capitalist to venture into uncharted territory.

They'd like to think they're movers and shakers but they're just arrogent pricks with a spread sheet who do as their boss tells them.

They own and produce nothing. They are owned by Rothschild and his ilk.

Bill Gates is the same. He's never made a thing in his life! He bought out his friends idea with his rich,corporate lawyer, well connected Daddy's money and with the assistence of some very heavy background players forced IBM to accept his dog of an operating system. The rest is history...he produces nothing new...he steals and buys out.

You are mistaking these useless gutless pricks for Capitalists? Dont use their pathetic names in the same sentence.

They are nothing but lapdogs for the real owners of the planet.

I dont need the Socialism of the Left to tell me how to live amngst my fellow human beings.

They're 2000 years to late.

Though my tone may have turned a little acidic...i respect your intelligence and knowledge. I just think we have a mixed up vocabulary and are not communicating perhaps what we intend.

02-13-2005, 03:16 AM
true, OC is a disruptor thats been around since this site opened. He likes to create endless debates about isms and ists. I believe I'll be the third one to say this by now. :-P

02-13-2005, 03:27 AM
Perhaps I'm just being overly sensitive.

OC are you one of those loveable grumpy old guys?

And one more really silly question from out of left field...are you Jewish?

02-13-2005, 04:49 AM
8-) Well I am afraid we are just going to have to agree to disagree TB. To me it is laissez faire capitalism that has morphed into corporatism!.That is the best way for me to describe our current situation in western democracies. Communism it is definately NOT.
I really think this a ruse by neocons and market libertarians many of whom are jews to divert people on this forum away from the financial oligarchy who are obviously the real target of all our indignation!But for the most part yeh TB i still agree with you!. And no I am not a yid ;-)

02-13-2005, 06:14 AM

02-13-2005, 06:44 AM

I'm not looking for respect from anyone.


I'm far more "Right wing" than you could possibly imagine. Your imagination is too limited to Western secular politics. Look up where the term came from originally. Alternatively, check out my post SOLIPSISM for an explanation of the "right wing attitude".


Just because I state a fact like Freemasons and Satanists built the USA doesn't mean I support them.


I don't care if I have you wondering wether or not I'm whatever you want to think I am.

02-14-2005, 01:46 AM
:-o I'm far more "Right wing" than you could possibly imagine. Your imagination is too limited to Western secular politics. Look up where the term came from originally. Alternatively, check out my post SOLIPSISM for an explanation of the "right wing attitude".

Well mate thats the only form of politics the world deals in, so if that is the case then i dont know what politics your speaking of.I live in pragmatic western reality not Hyborea fantasy land! :lol:

In that case you have learnt anything. But are going in circles! If you cant see beyond being self centred which is the core of Liberal/Libertarian political philosophy then you are nothing but an Ego tripper yourself and cetainly no better than anyone else on the forum.
Which is a surprise because you and your mate vlad seem to behave as though you have all the answers and your feaces Dont stink!.

I don't care if I have you wondering wether or not I'm whatever you want to think I am.

Yeh what i think you are is full of shite to pardon my French! All hail the sufi master! :lol:

02-14-2005, 02:28 AM
Oc you are officially a cock!

I dont like being told to get fucked via a PM from some arrogent Eastern state cock.

Beleieve me you'd pm a little nicer if my 110kg 6ft frame was in front of you.

You're a paranoid idiot...too late. You've now officially made a fool of your self.

Theres nothing worse than a half informed idiot of which are most definately one.

I will be verbally disemboweling you from now on twit.

P.S...Prozac really does work! Give it a go! You've nothing to lose but that agro, paranoid, idiotic, half informed false self you've created.


02-14-2005, 02:34 AM
And by the way you smell...

02-14-2005, 02:44 AM
Ozziecynic wrote:
""You sound like the PerfectModel citizen then!
So what is your Problem not being paid enough!
Taxes too high Big deal get over It. Some dont even have jobs""!

Actually I'm unemployed. I drive a $200 car.

I am a former brikies labour'r. Mine worker - Fire Assay and shotfiring, night club bouncer and finally Registered Nurse- ICU, CCU, E.D and General Wards.

I've seen more things and spoken first hand to more people on how the world works then you've had hot dinners.

Because I am a friendly chap who likes people, people tend to tell me things. Even people in high places.

You are an unaproachable/arrogent/opinionated arsehole who is so defensive because the ground on which you stand is so shaky.

You read to much and simply rehash what you read.

As for taxes being to high, I am on the bones of my ass and happily so.

I spoke out heavily against the system of health care and was ostricised for it. It cost me work, relationships and the nice life I had lined up.

Dont speak to me about your bleeding heart socialist shit. Australia is the luckiest country on Earth. Cant make ends meet...boo fucking hoo...go to Asia. Go to Africa...theres fucking hardship mate.

Mate ive dun it ard! You know nothing about people who write into this site. You are simply a very frightened individual hiding behind some intellectual brik brat you picked up out of a Noam Chomsky book.

Save it for the Labor party meetings.

Real life goes on.

02-14-2005, 03:03 AM
:-o Well in that case what position are you in to talk about other peoples degeneracy their are no bigger organised crime figures in redneck Australia than OLMCs.
Except for sydeny where they dont have the balls to tread because of a few lebs and asians or is it because they would sell dexys to asian and lebs and to wipe out ordinary Austrlian youth! No apologies I dont believe you are owed any.
I could well do without your hypocrisy though since you are nothing but a hypocrite!

Btw If you were in gang i doubt you have the first idea about what is to be an individual!

02-14-2005, 03:11 AM

What the fuck are you on?

I think you've mixed up B-R-I-C-K-I-E-S L-A-B-O-U-R-E-R with BIKIE...i'm just guessing.

O for fucks sake...pass me the street-sweeper some one.

Please stop. I have no wish for you to embarrass your self further.

I agree though. The bikies are a gutless bunch of twats except for the ones who work for the Jewish mafia who dont fuck around as one particular gang found out.

Kiss kiss.

Back to the Uni pub boy'o. Plenty of talk to be had there.

I have no wish to exchange pleasentries with you anymore.

The site seems to have made up their minds with you. So have I.

Save the anger for the daddy who did'nt kiss you enough as a child.

And one more thing...you smell.

P.P.S This tells me one last thing which explains alot. You froth at the mouth so much you dont actually read the post. You scim it, find something you can bitch about then launch your scattergun diatribe. R-E-A-D, and think and get out of the misfit socialist gang of which you seem a part.

Just who supported Marx whilst writing his Manifesto red boy? Where is he buried? You work it out.

Whats more apolagise to Draken ya hard done by bum. Unlike you he's lived under Communism.

02-14-2005, 04:35 AM
:-x TB: You have shown yourself to be a reactionary klutz making vulgarity and insults your only redeaming quality!
Your insults about those lower on the food chain than yourself show the kind of bonehead ego centric callous wanker you really are!.
All you say is bullshit because you dont believe it!. You just like the sophistry factor!.
It is people like you that i am fighting against not with you degenerate waste of space!. :-x

02-14-2005, 04:55 AM
Oh dear...yawn, yawn...

02-14-2005, 05:56 AM
Hey true!

I STILL live under Communism. The system in the country I live in is totally organized and manned by Communists. It's a one-party system. Sure, they make it look like democracy but plenty of domestic documentaries have been made about how the system actually IS NOT a democracy.

The above situation concerns not only politics but culture as well. People with the "wrong attitude" just don't get a foot in.
About 80% of all media personalities like journalists, artists, entertainers, news anchors and TV presenters are Communists who got their jobs and positions during the 50's, 60's and 70's - the worst time for educated, intelligent, talented and knowledgable people. They were put in place to serve and protect the overtly Socialist/covertly Communist government. They infiltrated all institutions and strata of society with the use of Gramsci's strategies.

It turns out my parents defected from one Communist country to another...

Maybe you've read this little book but I'll post the link anyway and put it in the Book List section as well.

The Soviet Art of Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

"PSYCHOPOLITICS - the art and
science of asserting and maintain-
ing dominion over the thoughts and
loyalties of individuals, officers,
bureaus, and masses, and the ef-
fecting of the conquest of enemy
nations through "mental healing.""

02-14-2005, 06:58 AM
I'll have a look at it.

What a shame the only people who like Communism/Socialism are the ones who've never lived under it.

Best mate.

02-14-2005, 07:14 PM
Hey, we're getting back on topic...

In case anyone's still reading I'll put my view forth.

First, Draken, I agree with your view as I see it of Communism. However it is REALLY hard to convince people about Communism. I think it's the label, and a series of assumptions. I happen to think that Communism is the 'invisible gorilla' in the living room that we should all be talking about. It certainly is worth exploring why people can't see the gorilla.

OzzieCynic wrote: “At the moment communism is simply not a serious threat!”

I used to think that way as well. I thought I was seeing behind the veil of a pro-war Western media (which I was). Now, I realize that just because Team A is demonstrably corrupt and ‘hates’ or in this case used to hate Team B – does not mean that Team B is not also a negative force.

It’s almost a fact of life that the unexpected dangers are the worst ones. I feel I was duped by Gorbachev. Both Communism and Capitalism serve the same master, if unwittingly. This article: http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com/keytopics/threats.html took a while to sink in for me, but it makes sense of all the anomalies that I’ve noted.

As for getting beyond left/right I think I have. Communism is a label, it really is “Military Dictatorship, with enforced Patriotism”. There’s other labels like Democracy, which doesn’t seem to actually exist anywhere although it’s deemed the best system. The "Communist" label is remarkably untalked about in any media. So much so that it is conspicuous by it's absence. A remarkable achievement I suggest, where both left and right wing folk have given Communism a free ride - no longer a threat. Phew! An achievement that likely could only be brought about behind the scenes (hence the title of this site)

As Henry’s current article touches on, banking has been a perennial enemy of freedom, and of life for centuries. The two C’isms are working together, whether as in the Cold War as enemies, or today as rivals and antagonists. They are working towards war and economic collapse.

The video, now a DVD at www.themoneymasters.com/ was the first bit of conspiracy theory I was exposed to several years ago. But it’s only about 5% theory, it’s basically suppressed history and quotations about the evils of banking. They drive home the point that neither Communist nor Capitalist “leaders” have a problem with the current financial system. But they should, because it is an impossible system to keep up with, without empire or constant productivity improvements. The conclusion is that all governments are in bankers’ hands.

TrueBeliever wrote: “I prefer to call it Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for the poor”

Yes and didn’t one of the Rockefellers call “Competition a Sin”?

02-15-2005, 04:05 AM

Your brief comment is spot on!

People don't realise Communism and all its doctrines and strategies have totally infiltrated the West, without them noticing. Christopher Story says in his book "The European Collective" that the reason for this blindness lies in the Western way of thinking - pragmatism. Basically, his opinion is that the pragmatic mind is shortsighted and can't see more than a few years ahead. It's not familiar with conspiracy as a means to an end. The Eastern, Mongol mind on the other hand, is totally familiar with longterm strategies and conspiracies. There's a reason why Easterners (and Jews) are the best chess players in the world. They don't have a problem with planning ahead - 20-30 years ahead. Also, they know full well that the best way to defeat your foe is to attack him with a weapon that doesn't LOOK like a weapon.

Now think about another factor Story brings up, which is "criminalism". Basically, the Communist leaders have polluted, terrorized and forced the people into a mentality of "you have to cheat to survive". They've grown accustomed to crime as the only way to survive in a corrupt system. Now, that Communism has "collapsed" the West is actively inviting the "former" Communist states to join the EU. The West is arrogant and believes they won the Cold War and that Communism is defeated.

They obviously have not read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War".

Never before have such mass immigration taken place from the "former" Eastern Bloc states. And since Communism is "no longer a threat" the guard is down and nobody is checking who's ACTUALLY getting into the country.

Communism is a label, it really is “Military Dictatorship, with enforced Patriotism”. There’s other labels like Democracy, which doesn’t seem to actually exist anywhere although it’s deemed the best system. The "Communist" label is remarkably untalked about in any media. So much so that it is conspicuous by it's absence. A remarkable achievement I suggest, where both left and right wing folk have given Communism a free ride - no longer a threat. Phew! An achievement that likely could only be brought about behind the scenes (hence the title of this site)

If there ever was a utopia it's DEMOCRACY.

Nowhere in the world exists a democracy which is uncorrupted. Actually, democracy invites any conspirators to conspire unchecked, since it's they can claim it's their "human right" to work for "their cause". Lobbyists are nothing more than agents - PSYCHOPOLITICIANS - of this or that ideology, using the immense freedom (chaos, actually) of a democratic system to, totally unhindered, subvert it and ultimately bring it down.

just because Team A is demonstrably corrupt and ‘hates’ or in this case used to hate Team B – does not mean that Team B is not also a negative force.

People often don't know in which pidgeonhole they should put me, because when I say I'm anti-Communist then they say "oh, you're a Nazi then?" No, I say, it's the same rubbish: totalitarian terrorist dictatorship. Only difference: Communism=International Socialism; Nazism=NATIONAL Socialism.
But chances are they haven't lived under either so they are not able to recognize it's characteristics. So really, most people don't know what they're talking about; I mean: if you were a Communist in Hungary in the 60's and if you didn't ask any questions you probably had a very good life that looked and felt like you had a choice of parties, opinions etc. You were allowed to travel abroad, got invited to party functions where you were treated to all kinds of luxuries. As far as you're concerned, any dissident is in the best case stupid not to want that life, or in the worst case a dangerous subversive threatening your comfortable lifestyle and the system that's providing that lifestyle.

I've run out of ammo (temporarily!;-)) so I'll stop.

Communism has overtly taken over almost half the world: Russia and China, and covertly even more: Africa. Almost all governments in Africa are Socialist or Communist. If not, then there is a guerrilla faction of Socialists or Communists fighting for supremacy.

How can people NOT see it?

02-15-2005, 01:20 PM
“How can people NOT see it?”

We don’t want to see it. The Cold War was enough of a nightmare. To think that it never really ended but took a devious twist and we are now on the losing side is too much to consider. If we are left wing, we comfort ourselves in saying that it is the right wing war hawks in the US that are raising international tensions with pre-emptive wars and NATO expansion. Whatever is left wing militarism is justified self-defense. If we are right wing, we know that Reagan’s military build up “won the Cold War” and so we are reassured that we are on the right path. All the Commies need is a whiff of good old freedom to make a buck and they’ll never look back. Each side deluded into not seeing the reality.

We can't see that the US helps Communist nations whether through technology transfers, job losses to China, or good old military provocation. The US is playing the doofus bad guy.

02-16-2005, 05:05 AM
Actually, I think people don't see it because the media is of course in the hands of the Communist "useful idiots". They took control via Gramsci tactics of subversion and they are spreading lies and disinfo, along with covering up facts like the governments of most states in Africa are Socialist/Communist.

If other people - people who realise the threat of Communism - would be in control of the media of course they would see to it that people didn't miss facts like that.

What surprises me is that just because they change a few public figures at the top suddenly Communism has collapsed?!? What about all the other I don't know how many MILLION party members of the second and third echelon who have been thoroghly brainwashed and groomed to take over when the present generation leaves?

02-17-2005, 05:10 AM
Actually, I think people don't see it because the media is of course in the hands of the Communist "useful idiots". They took control via Gramsci tactics of subversion and they are spreading lies and disinfo, along with covering up facts like the governments of most states in Africa are Socialist/Communist.

I believe that many people in Eastern Europe still do somewhat live under communism!.It is possible.

However the reality in Anglo western nations is far different! As i repeatedly keep stating ultra capitalism is more of threat in countries like Australia. One hundred percent Privatisation of public utilities in Australia is about to be realised for the first time in our History.

In country like Australia which as always traditionally had a common good some say suedo socialist mixed capitalist economy in the past, that is huge leap into the unknown as is the FTA Free Trade Agreement with the U.S.
There is anything but communism happening in Australia.

However I dont doubt your reports from eastern europe what would i know about eastern europe. If communism is on the rise there that is very interesting.I have seen lots of Eastern europe and Russia also turning to Neo Nazism also.
I Believe even Russia has various Neo Nazi groups and even a chapter of the KKK. So i would say by the sounds of things the social and economic fabric are very messed up over there right now allround!.

02-17-2005, 06:52 AM
Yeah, Ozziecynic, I do talk about Eastern Europe as in Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Poland but also Sweden, Norway, England, Holland, France. All contries in Europe got Socialist governments after WW2 until the present day. Everytime anything NEAR Right Wing tries to gain momentum it's shouted down with "anti-Semites!", "Nazis!" etc. which is of course bollocks.
It's all the Left Wingers getting nervous their little Internationalism/Globalism scam is going down the drain.

I don't know Australia that well, but check out your central bank and their policies concerning the so-called Free Trade.
As far as I know Australia still sings the praise of "The Queen" which means you're nowhere near independence from "The Crown" - and I don't mean the British Royal House... :lol:

BTW... Don't think you're safe from Communism in Australia; remember, it's INTERNATIONAL. They mean to take over the world, which unfortunately incudes Australia. Europe's mistake was to believe the "collapse" of Communism and assume the threat to be neutralized. The illusion of safety was Europe's fall.
Remember Sun Tzu's "The Art of War".

02-17-2005, 07:07 AM
Draken and this, life in canada is communistic and who would believe me? Only someone who had also lived under communism. All the signs are there and people think they are free!

You are canadian, now drink your Canadian beer! :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :-?

From cradle to grave

Found this response letter tidbit on Henry's site and really like it. Thought I'd share with my fellow conspiracy nutters.

"From cradle to grave, Henry!! That is their motto.
We are brainwashed from cradle to grave and,
therefore, our reality is what they have created for
us. ...
We have not been taught to "reserve judgment." We
have been conditioned to JUDGE!!

God does not approve."

Best to keep an open mind and reserve judgement - that does not mean ignore reality and the truth. Discernment is key!

02-17-2005, 07:19 AM
That's right mary.

As far as I'm concerned every society that is occupied with overconsumption, work as definition of existence, hedonism, entertainment and at the same time lacks transcendent heroism, and any and all spiritual, religious and divine aspects and metaphysics is Communist.

02-17-2005, 08:55 AM
Cynic, there is probably something to compare between Canada and Australia related to the privatization issue. It's probably worth talking about, however in one of your posts you seem to not care about 'Armageddon' since it's phrophesised which seems a little defeatist.

Every world ends at some point, it certainly did for WWII Germany, for Ceasars's Rome I guess, etc. In biblical times they only knew their world, and major battles spelled the end of their world, as they knew it. Battles were fought on the hill of Megiddo as I understand, and the end "was near" for the Roman empire or whatever take you want to have on that.

I'm familiar with the privatization issue in Canada, it certainly seems to be at cross purposes to Communism - on the surface. I suggest however that losing labels makes the discussion easier. In 1988 or thereabouts Canada signed the Canada/US Free Trade deal. It was a treaty that allowed either side to buy up assets regardless of nationality. It had no power to affect US law.

There were and continue to be more trade disputes after the deal was signed than before it. The US doesn't like to be outcompeted, and flaunts the spirit of the agreement. The US wanted the agreement so it had guaranteed access to the continent's dwindling energy resources. Canada signed it hoping to get protection from punitive US trade practices. As the US continues to out-subsidize it's agriculture, our farmers are retiring and giving up. The only Canadian sectors protected by the deal - dairy, beer, and film production, have survived so far.

I have wondered whether the push for privatization is a cyclical one, maybe government ownership will be the next craze to keep us distracted. There is a revolving door in the West between the halls of government and industry. Every time a deal is made between the two there is an opportunity to scam the public. Get the gov't to build the stadium or toll-road then sell (at reduced value) to a corporation (bank financed deal). Did the corporation go bankrupt, unable to pay it's taxes, creditors and employees? Oh well, I guess the gov't better step in and guarantee another loan. Or pick up the pieces.

The point is, corrupt government allows corrupt practices. And we like it that way apparently. Our whole financial system is corrupt, and you won't hear a Communist (or Capitalist) complain about that. Either they don't know, or more likely that's not part of their programming so it's not an issue.

I think when the labels are dropped it's easier to see parallels between corrupt power brokers, no matter their team colours. A decade ago a Canadian state/province elected it's most overtly socialist leader to date. He was a protegé of Maurice Strong, the millionaire who is assumed to be a UN communist, and probably is. Bob Rae was elected to bring in public car insurance because the public was tired of getting fleeced. Rae backed down when elected but kept secret his reservation - that under the FTA treaty his government could be sued for lost profits. Rae is a Rhodes scholar like Clinton, and I guess just about as useful. They play a part to bring about change, in a flavour that is acceptable in their region.

If we are approaching a world wide economic crisis, and wars to go along with it, the governments want to be able to step in afterwards to pick up the pieces as they did in 1945. Change is stressful, so they're always working towards that. In the meantime privatization allows for maximum fraud and loss of money. It's also a good way to get left wing activists excited, who will some day lobby for more government control.

02-17-2005, 09:32 AM
Apparently, the grass is no greener, it's a cumminist world, by far and wide. It is only a different shade of shit brown.

"Welcome back Kotter" to the "Mash"ed up world of the 'shroom from the 70's. They keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit. I remember that t-shirt.

"The only Canadian sectors protected by the deal - dairy, beer, and film production, have survived so far." this

So sad and sooooooooooo truuuuuuuue!

The dairy feeds us our regular dose of poison and hormones - see notmilk.com

The beer keeps everyone drunk and stupid, slutting it up and fighting. Alcohol - the great social lubricant of fools.

And the film industry produces the propaganda to tell us why canada is such a great place.

Hongcouver is rated number 2 city in the world according to local 'news'. I stayed their for six weeks and can appreciate the humour of Hongcouver- are their any white Canadian folks out there left? It's like moving to Hong Kong, Triads and all. Many are oriental in their facial features and outward appearance.

02-17-2005, 04:39 PM
Hongcouver? Wow! I bet they all speak French too! Wouldn't that be somethin'? 8-)

02-17-2005, 08:29 PM
Most the white people have moved to the interior, away from the city center, just like Toronto I guess.

I remember helping some Japanese tourists once, and they asked me where they might find some more "Canadians"! :lol: 8-)

02-18-2005, 07:07 AM
Draken wrote:
That's right mary.

As far as I'm concerned every society that is occupied with overconsumption, work as definition of existence, hedonism, entertainment and at the same time lacks transcendent heroism, and any and all spiritual, religious and divine aspects and metaphysics is Communist.

I thought of another aspect of Communism: the morbid fascination with biological, physical bodily functions manifesting of course in the obsession with sex and sports. Analogically, it connects to the Stalinist propaganda posters that depicted young, strong workers, out on the fields harvesting, or engaging in sports, all happily working together for "glory" and Stalin and Communism.

Everywhere in Western mass media sports features prominently along with sex. You can see all and any kind of sport, related statistics, commentaries, tournaments, events of any kind, Olympics, World Cups, European Cups, National etc.

Needless to say, the physical obsession with sports and sex as entertainment is everywhere in the West. I consider that fact to be another negative sign of Communism's infiltration of, and assault on our Western civilization.

If as much effort was invested in encouraging young people to use their mental, psychic and spiritual capacities as in physical capacities society would probably cease to stagnate, or at least would not stagnate at such an incredible speed.

But of course, the usurpers of power - who totally lack any sacred spiritual dimension - don't want us to develop our mental, psychic and spiritual capacities. That would mean that becoming REALLY free - SPIRITUALLY free - would be a very real possibility.

Another thought I had lately was that if Christianity as the latest Western religion really is misused by the elites since 2000 years to control the masses; and if Christianity's hold - and established religion's hold in general - on the masses is slipping, partly because of subversion by the Illuminati but partly because of more and more people waking up from the illusion; is not mysticism and esoterism really a revival of, or a falling back on more genuine, inner, truthful ways of following a certain religion?

Esoterism is after all the inner aspect of ANY religion. It exists in Christiality, as well as in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc.

If the exoteric aspect of a religion is likened to a tree and its branches, the esoteric aspect would be the sap that vivifies the tree. The tree and its branches is any given religion's outer form and doctrine, and the sap that vivifies it and runs through every cell is the esoteric, inner aspect of its mystic doctrine.

If the assumption (that was made on another thread) - that the further back we go in history, the closer we get to the civilizations that understood the "Big Mystery" and The Truth; the Divine Immanent/Transcendent Reality of The Supreme Being - is correct, then why should we fear esoterism and mysticism?
Being from an age closer to The Truth and the peoples who understood it better than us, should we not try to understand the knowledge that's there instead of ignoring it out of fear of using "occult", evil forces?

I'm not saying 'yes' or 'no' to any of the questions asked above; I'm just asking if we really should be scared of "esoteric", "mystic" knowledge or if that's in fact what the NWO people WANT us to be?

Truth, Beauty, Love

02-18-2005, 10:37 AM
Draken wrote: "should we not try to understand the knowledge that's there instead of ignoring it out of fear of using "occult", evil forces?"

that issue might apply to someone like Edgar Cayce. By all accounts he spent his life helping people, and on occasion warned about using occult powers. Since his remarkable story became known he is said to have spawned the new age movement, which perhaps was not his intent.

02-19-2005, 07:45 AM
As far as I'm concerned every society that is occupied with overconsumption, work as definition of existence, hedonism, entertainment and at the same time lacks transcendent heroism, and any and all spiritual, religious and divine aspects and metaphysics is Communist.

What kind of society/system, would you have in mind to Draken to replace the status quo in your corner of the world. Are you for an extreme form of Liberalism if so i cant see how this will remedy anything. We already have that right here now in Australia and it is a nihilistic hedonist deadend like the one you claim to be against above!.

BTW Where are you located Draken?.Where is Hypoborea Carpathian

02-19-2005, 08:10 AM
It's probably worth talking about, however in one of your posts you seem to not care about 'Armageddon' since it's phrophesised which seems a little defeatist.

Since the Fall in Eden and the temptation for forbidden knowledge.Humanity is imperfect there fore that is why the world is going to be destroyed. Not a matter of defeatism there is nothing to be perfected in the temporal dimension.We are simply imperfect and must be punshied for our lack of submission to God!.

As for the communism subject! Are you deluded! Sure there maybe an excuse for draken over there in hyperborea Carpathian for believing in such a thing still. But for you in canada which is much like Australia in terms of its economic system i find plain dumb to call Laissez faire capitalism or Corporatism under the name of communism unless ofcause like so many others your a reactionary redneck righwinger of the uneducated kind. In that case we arent really on the same side as many others here are also finding out slowly!.:roll:

02-19-2005, 08:38 AM

CANADA IS LAISSER-FAIRE - on this point we agree.

Canada is also communistic by nature and unless you have lived here and perhaps also in a different country so as you may have a reference to compare against, you really don't know.

Life experience is the ultimate school of hard knocks where truth is at its most absolute rawest form.

We have five different varieties of local police. There is the HRM police. The RCMP. The "Community" RCMP. The military police. The lake police and the list goes on and on. I can only speak to the city police and all the other police branches can fcuk with me. Doesn't that sound odd?

All mainstream radio stations are in the same building which is also the same building that houses the monopolised television stations that exist in canada, outside of CBC - government owned. Doesn't that paint a ludicrous picture you would expect to find in communist China and not capitalist Canada?

The rock station, the country station, the pop station, I can go on..., all in one building? Seeing and experiencing Canada is a truly communistic experience, Ozzie. I have no reason to lie regarding this issue, or anything I post, for that matter.

That's the problem, people in Canada think they are free and do not understand just how many of their rights, as a human being, have been stolen away from them by organized crime - federal, provincial, and municipal political corruption. It's who you know and who you blow, all the way here. Communism dictates that the few at the top feed their greed while the surfs get their fair and equal ration - my ass.

It's laisser-faire, like you say. We, the people, the canadian population, allow the Canadian government to commit their crimes through turning a blind eye.

In Canada, if you are a mason, your ass is covered. If not, the law is a law unto itself and the goal posts are constantly changing. The media is in bed with the government and the CRTC is the long arm of the poopaganda machine. Does that sound like a democratic system to you?

02-20-2005, 05:16 PM
With as much corruption as you see on a day to day basis with your own eyes, I must marvel at your optimism of the future, Mary. The only way I can explain it is, God gives you joy despite all the bullshit. Anybody else,(including me) would usually feel miserable. :roll: :pint: :evil: :-o :oops: :-?

02-20-2005, 08:24 PM
I guess I should reply to Ozziecynic's jibe aginst me to the effect that I see a Commie under every bed, as the saying used to go.


The above link that I posted earlier on this thread was on the topic of communist Russian and Chinese threats to the world. I DON'T think that Canada is going to rise up and take over the world, just for the record.

When I talked about dropping labels to consider why we in the West no longer think that international Communism is a threat, it's because labels blind us to the reality underneath. Westerners think we are the First World and believe our own media, even our own politicians, even our own resistance press who are blind to Russia's likely Ruse perpetuated late last century and still in effect.

02-21-2005, 06:50 AM

You hit the nail on the head. This corruption happens every day in plain full view of all. I just happen to be paying attention unlike some ignorant folks on the rat wheel.

My hope is my joy and my hope is from God. Despite the corruption of Canada, my home and native land, I live in HOPE. I will not live in fear. I fear no man nor any politically corrupt system - God has my back.

Through my worst of experiences, and their have been a few, I always cling to my faith and my hope. Fear is not a part of my make up which I suppose leaves a lot of room for hope.

I have been challenging these folks here to take to me to court, for anything. I have turned their rules upside down as I don't back down. They ran me out of town once and I came back, much to their dismay. When I run into local politicians, they bow their heads and walk on by. What does that say? Shame?

I still hold my head high, speak my mind and defend those I love with a passion they cannot effect.

I have three beautiful children and a lot of love in my life. I have good friends. I also know how to make a business and make some money. No matter what these fools do, my life is going forward - hurdles to stepping stones.

I am also very creative in my thinking - inspired - which gives me great motivation to move ahead, despite the corruption. Thank you God.

For me, it's all about keeping your eyes on the prize - a successful peaceful life. Sometimes they kick my ass and still I get up again and keep right on going.

I'd be a fool to let a bunch of skeezy politicians wreck my future, try as they may.


"Since the Fall in Eden and the temptation for forbidden knowledge.Humanity is imperfect there fore that is why the world is going to be destroyed. Not a matter of defeatism there is nothing to be perfected in the temporal dimension.We are simply imperfect and must be punshied for our lack of submission to God!"


That quote is nothing but defeatist. I have learned through the love for my children about God. If I love my children this much... how greater is God's love for us - his children? Eternal is my answer.

Assuming that God has unconditional and eternal love for his creation - humanity - his children... I'll reflect that onto my little microcosm.

Am I going to punish my children eternally because they are not perfect? Shall I teach them that this world is going to be destroyed by God. My rational sense tells me that is the devil's funny idears and it is evil that is attempting to destroy this world, not God.

While I will punish my children for their wrongs it is most important for me to focus on what they do right, reward them as such, and encourage them towards a better end, yes? I reward them more for good behaviour than I punish them for bad behaviour. I am a lowly mum in comparison to God as a parent and I try my best.

Most folks seem to focus on the bad and the uselessness of even trying - just what the devil wants. I teach my children to focus on the good and stay away from the bad. I teach my children to believe in good things/do good things and not believe the lies that bring forth bad actions that are ultimately self-destructive.

Come what may, I will live in hope until the day I die.

"No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity." George Benson

They can't touch or take from my faith either.

02-27-2005, 02:53 PM
I just read a post by 55132 talking about Monsanto not allowing private ownership of seeds. It seems to me that this is an example of a linkage between the left and right hands of the NWO.

They would like a military dictatorship of the world, so they made sure Communism was up and running. Capitalism and corporations were a great way to enhance wealth and power so they kept that going pitting both hands against the other to squeeze us in the middle.

Monsanto it seems is where the hands actually touch for all to see. There must be other examples where the stated aims of Communism (World Dictatorship by any other name) are being brought to us by "Capitalism".

02-27-2005, 03:53 PM
Capitalism and communism.

They truly are one and the same things in my mind. One is just politically correct. They both achieve the same outcomes. Eventual collapse. Some just haven't realised this fact when thinking about national debt, personal debt and moral corruption.

02-27-2005, 06:47 PM
If you hav'nt already watched these two clips I urge you to as they are the best I know of, of explaining well the origens of the NWO, communism/socialism etc...

NWO Soloution or Seduction?


The managerial class we have today do not want to compete.

They are Marxists in Capitalist drag.

The cartels that stifle competition around the globe are all persuasive and are run by a very few bankers and financiers.

It's hard for people to understand why the so called capitalists are in fact socialists.

They want a centralised command and control economy with all facets of daily life controlled to the Nth degree.

It will be run by a Political/Business and Intellectual Elite.

Power is the game. Fuck money...they print the fucking money. Power over people and things.

This has had it's origens at least as far back as when the first human built a boat and decided he liked the greener grass over there...

After all...who wants the stress of competition? Far better to 'share' the resources of the world. It will be a nice fascism/socialism...as long as you do as you're told and dont complain about being knocked off at 30 to control the Earths population.

There's the rub. It's all cool when you're at the top...God help the rest of us peasants.

Fuck em.

P.S Actually, lets call them what they really are Fuedalists...Neo Fuedalism. A King...a vast managerial class and a big bunch of docil peasants at the bottom cleaning the toilets...actually robots will do that...actually there's no need for peasants...actually we're all going to be killed off.

Of course in the old days the King was ordained by God...who is the God who will be crowning the King in the NWO days of Secular Humanism?

02-27-2005, 08:06 PM
That's right, True! The world is looking for king. I imagine the NWO days to be like Nebedchudnezzar circa Babylon where everyone is forced to bow down before a statue of the king or the king himself or face death. I can see a police state in the near future, but for some reason or another, I can't imagine that kind of tryranny. Maybe, I will when the police state is here. :-?

02-28-2005, 12:09 AM
Yeh just like that but with the Internet and mobile phones.

A technological dark age.

I'll bow down...so they can kiss my ass!

03-04-2005, 11:23 PM
Ran across this link today, Orwells preface to Animal Farm:

According to George Orwell, the intelligentsia was pro communist Russia during and before WWII. Their media and intelligentsia excused all sorts of crimes they wouldn't excuse of their own empire. This perpetual fawning of Totalitarianism spread to areas in their own lives.

He noticed that people, being forced in our modern lingo to accept a 'cognitive dissonance' were losing their humanity. I guess he was analysing the British media/PR propaganda industry in it's early days.

Some excerpts:

“The enemy is the gramophone mind, whether or not one agrees with the record that is being played at the moment.”

“it is the liberals who fear liberty and the intellectuals who want to do dirt on the intellect: it is to draw attention to that fact that I have written this preface.”

03-05-2005, 01:58 AM
<a href="http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/Jshaw.htm">George Bernard Shaw</a> went to Bolshevik Russia in the 20s on an mission from the British government to convince the British public that the Communists are nice people and that they don't have anything like concentration camps, "that's just a vicious rumour". He knew full well what was going on of course, but being a Fabian Socialist he had an agenda...

03-07-2005, 01:59 AM
Let me draw attention to Makow's latest article, "Tyranny Comes to Amerika."
For all those living under the illusion Communism is no longer a threat to America or the world, this article is a must read. If you don't want to take my word for it, take Henry's, Christopher Story's, Golitsyn's, Joseph D. Douglass'... etc., etc....

03-07-2005, 02:06 AM
<a href="http://www.lumpen.com/coup2k/coup2k-all.html">What is a Coup d'Etat?</a> (excerpt from COUP 2K by John Dee Copyright © 2001 by John Dee. All rights reserved.)

One of the landmark studies of the mechanics of coups d'etat was first published in 1968 by Harvard University. Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook was written by Edward Luttwak, a conservative scholar with a long career in the national security system. During the Reagan-era, he served as a "consultant" to the National Security Council and the State Dept. Currently, Luttwak is senior fellow of "Preventive Diplomacy" at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think-tank with close ties to US intelligence. He is also a member of the National Security Study Group of the Dept. of Defense. 3

In his study, Luttwak writes that while a coup may have characteristics of other, more violent forms of extra-legal seizure of power, "the coup is not necessarily assisted by either the intervention of the masses, or, to any significant degree, by military-type force." 4

But if a coup does not use warfare or a mass uprising to seize control, then where does it get the power to do so? "The short answer," Luttwak says, "is that the power will come from the state itself... A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder." 5

Normally, a coup does not seek to destroy the basic structure of the existing government, which is more typical of a revolution or a war for liberation. Instead, Luttwak explains, those undertaking a true coup d'etat "want to seize power within the present system, and [they] shall only stay in power if [they] embody some new status quo supported by those very forces which a revolution may seek to destroy." 6 (Emphasis in original.)

In other words, the coup takes advantage of the governmental structure itself, as well as the bureaucratic nature of modern governments. There is an established hierarchy, an accepted chain of command, and standard procedures that are followed when instructions come down this pipeline. So long as the instructions come from the appropriate source or level of authority, they will almost always be followed even if from a new, and illegitimate, holder of that authority.

Luttwak explains that a coup "operates by taking advantage of this machine-like behavior: during the coup because it uses parts of the state apparatus to seize the controlling levers; afterwards because the value of the 'levers' depends on the fact that the state is a machine." 7

Thus, by gaining control over a few carefully selected pivotal points of power within the government bureaucracy, the plotters of the coup can effectively gain control over the entire "machine" of state.

03-10-2005, 03:24 AM
<a href="http://www.newswatchmagazine.org/weekly_editor/10.13.00.htm">Editorial from Newswatch Magazine, Oct 13, 2000</a>

October 13, 2000

Dear Newswatch Magazine Listeners/Readers:

Dimitry Manuilski, head of Lenin's Military School in Moscow, stated in 1930 that Russia was not powerful enough to attack the United States at that time. However, he said that war between Capitalism and Socialism was inevitable. He gave the PLAN of waiting until Russia or Communism was equal to or more powerful than the United States, then they would feign - pretend - weakness while making unheard of concessions. The Berlin Wall came tumbling down. East and West Germany merged into one nation again. The West would disarm. Apparently, the Union of Socialist Republics collapsed, and each nation became independent. But are these really independent nations? Let's investigate WHY the media and the federal government keep repeating that Communism is dead!

After the supposed fall of the Soviet Union, International Currency Review published a list of the leaders of the so-called independent republics. The list revealed:

Azerbaijan: KGB General Gaidar Aliyev, former Communist Party First Secretary.

Armenia: Levon Ter-Petrosyan, KGB-controlled nationalist leader.

Belarus: Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vyacheslav Kebic, Communist Party Soviet Union Central Committee members, opposed to the USSR breakup.

Estonia: Lennart Meri - assuming things are exactly as they appear, Meri is the only genuine non-communist leader of a former Soviet republic.

Georgia: MVD General Eduard Shevarnadze, USSR Politburo member under Gorbachev, Georgian Communist Party First Secretary, and non-voting member of Brezhnev's Politburo.

Kazakhstan: Nursultan Nazrbayev, USSR Politburo member under Gorbachev, Kazakh Communist Party First Secretary, and President of Kazakhstan S.S.R. Minister under Gorbachev.

Kyrgyzstan: Asar Akayev and Apas Dzhumagulov, Kyrgyzstan Communist Party Central Committee member and Premier of the Krgyzstan S.S.R. respectively.

Latvia: Valdis Birkavs and Anatolijis Gorbunovs, Communist Party Secretary and Latvian Communist Party Secretary for ideology.

Lithuania: Algirdas Brazauskas, First Secretary of the Lithuanian Communist Party.

Moldova: Mircea Snegur. Communist Party Soviet Union Central Committee member and Communist Party First Secretary, Moldavia S.S.R.

Russia: Boris Yeltsin, non-voting member, Communist Party Soviet Union Politburo. Followed by Anatola Putin, KGB.

Tajikistan: Rakhmon Nabiyev, Tajik Communist Party boss.

Turkmenistan: Saparmurat Niyazov, First Secretary of the Turkmen Communist Party, member of Gorbachev's Politburo.

Ukraine: Leonid Kuchma, former communist director of a USSR missile plant.

Uzbekistan: Islam Karimov, Communist Party First Secretary of Uzbekistan.

(International Currency Review: 22, 3-4)

What this list demonstrates is the continuity of the Communist Party staff under the Commonwealth of Independent States. Therefore it is not surprising that the old GULAG prison camps are still packed with prisoners. It is no wonder that arms limitation and reduction treaties are being violated as nuclear war preparations continue by Russia and her Federation along with China.

With this background, Avraham Shifrin, who wrote The First Guidebook to Prisons and Concentration Camps of the Soviet Union, sent a letter to Christopher Story on June 5, 1996. In the letter he said "the situation in the camps of Russia, the Ukraine [as well as other parts of the USSR with the exception of the Baltic States] has not changed."

Even the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan is a classic deception. Note the following facts: One of the main warlords recently fighting for control of Afghanistan was <a href="http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/afghanistan/dostum.htm">General Abdul Rashid Dostum</a>, an ethnic Uzbek whose troops entered Afghanistan as part of the Soviet Army. During heavy fighting in the summer of 1997, General Dostum's army received air support from Soviet-made bombers based in "former" Soviet Tajikistan. How did this happen? Dostum's Uzbek troops were declared "mercenaries" in the mid-1980s, dropping out of the Soviet Army by permission of the Soviet leadership, and were declared "Islamic" prior to the Soviet withdrawal. After Dostum's defeat in 1998, <a href="http://www.sptimes.com/2002/09/09/911/The_man_who_would_hav.shtml">General Masoud</a> took up the fight with Moscow's help.

This leads to the question: Did the West really win the Cold War? When you see Communist victories in the Congo and Angola, together with Nelson Mandela's victory in South Africa, and Bill Clinton in the White House in Washington, it seems to be unrecognized Western defeats. But nobody remembers that Mandela is a communist and Clinton did business behind the Iron Curtain in the 70s!

As Avraham Shifrin said in his letter to Christopher Story: "The West believes the Russian lies, as it wants to believe there will be a quiet life, BUT THERE WON'T BE."

Read Ezekiel 38 after ordering our book:



David J. Smith

Also check out the story on the related massacre at <a href="http://www.projectcensored.org/newsflash/corporatemedia.html">Mazar-i-Sharif</a> and filmmaker Jamie Doran's documentary <a href="http://www.fantompowa.net/Flame/massacre_mazar.htm">Massacre at Mazar - the documentary</a>

03-10-2005, 08:00 PM
Communism never died. The cold war was just a diversion. Prison slave labor/death camps still thrive today. The Soviet Union still exists under the current Soviet dis-Union of individual States. Communism infiltrated Amerika, but disguised itself as Fascism. Communism succeeded in making a coup d'etat in the current Amerikan administration. The police state is already in place and waiting for the right catalyst to implement it. And people wonder why I'm frustrated. WTF, man?! The best slaves are those who claim to be free when they're too busy to notice their chains. But I expect everybody here already knows that, so I'll just shut-up now. :-P

03-11-2005, 09:22 AM
Never lose hope.

The slaves fought to be free men and so will we.

Always have faith.

03-11-2005, 07:25 PM
What I hate hearing most if not all of the time, is when people say the red empire fell. The red empire has never fallen. It still thrives in individual states that it divided itself into. The division was/is a surface illusion, a facade, so the west could be fooled into appeasment of soviet demands. Amerika's been bending over backwards for them ever since. Those pinko commie bastards understood the exception to the rule of, "United we stand, divided we fall". Divided, they appear, United, they sure as shit are! I think Draken said somethin' about Sun Tzu's Art of War, being required reading material for the adept Marxist. I think that's damned good book for understanding diabolical minds along with Machiavelli's The Prince. What's funny in a really fucked up way, is Amerika has always known that China was red and we have had them as Most Favoured Nation status and have outsourced all our technical and manufacturing jobs to them for I don't know how long. I don't see the people waking up to this grand deception any time soon. :-P 8-) :hammer: :pint: :evil: :-o :oops: :roll: :hammer:

03-12-2005, 02:19 AM
Yeah, hope, I agree. The problem of the Americans (and most of the world) waking up is that it's too much out in the open. It's really no secret at all, and people think that if it's no secret then it's no deception!!!

<a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/">Michael A. Hoffman II</a> pointed out this tactic and calls it The Revelation Of The Method, and though he was talking of the Cryptocracy and their mind control via ritual murder, it applies to any deception of this kind. Also <a href="http://www.tetrahedron.org/">Dr. Leonard Horowitz</a> talks about this; he says the best covert operation is the one conducted in broad daylight, for the same reason mentioned above.

03-18-2005, 04:01 AM
<a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/communist.html">The Prop-Masters</a>
Perpetrators of the holocaust against Christian Russia transform themselves into "survivors" of a holocaust.

The portraits above are of the same man but in two different incarnations. On the left we see Martin "Gray" in retirement after a successful career peddling fake antiques to gullible collectors. He is holding his mass market paperback, For Those I Loved, which is filled with his exploits as a saintly "Holocaust Survivor" who was supposedly forced to help clear bodies out of the Treblinka "gas chamber." The earlier portrait on the right is of the youthful Gray as a decorated officer in the Soviet NKVD (the forerunner of the KGB), responsible for the murder of millions of Christians and gentiles in Russia and Eastern Europe. Even Establishment researchers have had to admit that Gray's book is as phony as the antiques he peddled. But Gray's scam is symbolic of countless other Communist ghouls who have managed to land on their feet in the West, disguised as poor, persecuted "Survivors of the Holocaust" and feted as the saints and martyrs of the universe. Meanwhile the holocaust they perpetrated against millions of Christians slips further down the dark environs of Orwell's memory hole.

In chapter 13 of Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, Dickens notes that Fagin has an inexhaustible supply of props and disguises.

03-19-2005, 02:49 PM
from Draken's above link:

"When we look at these gruesome personalities, who are only the tip of the Jewish iceberg that was Soviet Communism and who were responsible for the deaths of upwards of thirty million people; when we realize how little is written or filmed about their crimes, we begin to realize that the exclusive focus on the crimes of the Germans, real and imagined, is a function of propaganda.

If the facts about the Jewish Communist holocaust against the peasants and Christians of Russia and Eastern Europe were given massive publicity, the supposed "special evil" of the Germans would stand exposed as a racist fraud.

German actions during World War Two must be viewed in a vacuum in order for the New World Order to advance its covert objective of Jewish supremacy.

When Nazi actions are placed within the context of Jewish Communism's abominable crimes against the Christian people of Russia and Eastern Europe, the public will begin to understand that Hitler and the Nazis were a reaction, however unbalanced and excessive, to the Jewish Communist genocide against millions of Christians and peasants in the East.

This is why the crucial facts about Jewish Communism must never be documented in Hollywood films, discussed in university courses or pictured in contemporary news magazines. This is why Malcolm Muggeridge's book, an eyewitness account of the Jewish Communist holocaust against Christians, Winter in Moscow, has been tightly suppressed."

03-21-2005, 02:17 AM
Hey this! Here's a question for you and anyone else familiar with Communist subversion Gramsci-style:

What can we do to combat Gramsci-style subversion?

If unchecked, is there a point of no return, from where it is impossible to counter a Gramsci-style covert attack?

03-21-2005, 04:01 AM
Brilliant quotes:

"Those who accept uncritically the idea that "Communism is dead" fail to understand the true nature of the enemy. Communism is not an ideology in which one believes. Rather, it is a criminal conspiracy in which one enlists."


"The hard core of the Communist movement consisted of ruthless criminals, clear-eyed in their understanding of the intellectual errors of Marxism, who were willing to employ any necessary means to obtain the power they sought. For such hardened, hate-intoxicated conspirators, ideology is a tactic, a means of mobilizing supporters and rationalizing criminal actions.

The Bolsheviks did not come to power in Russia by any uprising of the workers and peasants, but by a coup d' etat, orchestrated by a tightly disciplined Marxist cadre and ultimately consolidated by civil war. They also received--lest it be forgotten--critical help from Western political and banking elites."


"The only popular revolutionary upheavals recorded in the 20th century have been anti-Marxist "counter-revolutions," such as the revolt in Berlin in 1954 and the Hungarian uprising of 1956."[Actually, concerning the Hungarian "revolt" I'm sorry to say recent information and research in Hungary confirm the fact that this "popular uprising" was in fact orchestrated and planned by the Soviet Communists, to manifacture an excuse not to leave Hungary after the agreed timespan with the West, of 10 years of "control."/Draken]

From the article <a href="http://www.grecoreport.com/gramsci's_grand_plan.htm">Gramsci's Grand Plan</a>

03-25-2005, 09:15 AM
<a href="http://www.worldaffairsbrief.com/keytopics/threats.html">ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC THREATS
By Joel M. Skousen</a>

As I'm reading Skousen's analysis of the Communist threat to the US and the world a few things spring to mind.

First of all, Skousen's report is on par with other sources of comprehensive competence I've read, like Christopher Story's book <a href="http://www.edwardharle.com/edwardharle/the_european_union_collective">"The European Collective: Enemy Of Its Member States"</a>.
My response to those who think these are paranoid ideas is that if I can think them so can the geopolitical strategists in the Kreml, WHOSE JOB IT IS to think these thoughts!

Secondly, the overall picture seems to me to be that while the Communists are building up military power in preparation for WW3, their intelligence services are going to help by infiltrating US intelligence and political structures. That way they can stall inspections of military bases, make the Americans sign treaties that they themselves NEVER intended to keep in the first place, etc. This is what seems to be happening as we speak.

Thirdly, I've been wondering for some years now what all those nuclear, biological and chemical weapons - apart from the new highly sophisticated exotic weapons like Ultra Low Frequency Sound Beam weapons and space-based laser and pulse weapons - are going to be used for, IF NOT AGGRESSIVE ASSAULT as opposed to DEFENSIVE activities.
Somehow I don't think the Marxist-Leninists are going to be content fighting a proxy war forever. The current war of deception and lies <a href="http://all.net/books/tzu/tzu.html">Sun Tzu-style</a> is only a build up to the war proper, whenever they decide the time is right.

Regarding Russia's supposed complete release of countries like Poland, Hungary and former East Germany; I wonder how much of a "release" it really is when 2nd and 3rd echelon Communist cadres have taken over every level of economic, social, political and cultural life in these countries. On the contrary; the fact that they could withdraw their troops in total confidence they would keep their grip and control of these countries is just a part of the grand deception of "The Fall of Communism". And it's worked fabulously, suckering Europe to invite even, the "former" Communist countries into The EU, not realizing this is EXACTLY what the Marxist-Leninists wanted!

Regarding the supposed competition between China and Russia, I've heard from sources in Hungary that an immense amount of Chinese are flooding the country and has been since at least 10 years now. I suppose they come in to "work" for companies, so they are in a way legal. But the amount is worrying; if you think about the fact that in England you simply don't have Asian police officers - because the Freemasons who control the British police force are scared shitless that if they start employing Asian people they soon will be taken over by the Chinese Triads - then the current events in Hungary really makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Christopher Story mentions the Marxist-Leninist strategy of exporting <a href="http://www.edwardharle.com/edwardharle/the_new_underworld_order">"criminalism"</a> to the world. This means to export organized crime and mafias as a strategy of conquest, and since the GRU/KGB is the source of funding and organizing the Russian mafias I see a method to the madness of the Russian mafia spreading like a virus all over the world.

Check out Christopher Story's new book <a href="http://www.edwardharle.com/edwardharle/the_new_underworld_order">"THE NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER - Triumph of Criminalism: Dark Actors Playing Games"</a>

03-25-2005, 04:14 PM
Draken wrote:

"What can we do to combat Gramsci-style subversion?

If unchecked, is there a point of no return, from where it is impossible to counter a Gramsci-style covert attack?"


I need to learn more of what a Gramsci style covert attack is, however perhaps a solution lies in his own weaknesses?

Gramsci is an interesting figure in that he was disillusioned AND deluded. He had no knowledge of the reality behind the scenes of the criminal elites sponsoring Marx and Stalin so he had no context to figure out that he was fighting an imaginary fight for the wrong reasons. It's like he was working for people he didn't realize were against his ideals. Like an idiot savant he may have accomplished much 'insight' into his obsession, but we need to counter with a more informed reality.

I suggest that exposing truths that are conveniently neglected is still a good tactic.

03-25-2005, 05:12 PM
Alright, a better answer. Gramscism is just what we've been living with for a long time in the West, gradually turning us from sensible to senseless.

It is exactly the struggle I entered to on this forum with the Communism angle. Even though those who take the time to understand the news, think they are open minded, their minds are largely shaped already by schooling, parenting and other indoctrination from the media.

Bush is the danger, or is it Monsanto? Well yes, but don't forget the Soviets. No, that collapse was likely a ruse. Haven't thought of that till now? Join the club. We all have to recognize that very little of our thoughts are that original. In a way we have to accept that we might be better of forgetting all we know and starting over again. Even reversing every one of your assumptions just might start to break your own programming.

As I mentioned before, how many people look both ways before crossing the road? Why?

03-27-2005, 02:45 PM
In reference to my previous post <a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/communist.html">Judaic Communists</a> on this thread the following link is extremely important. It seems Zionists are playing both sides - not that that is a surprising statement; by now this particular aspect of NWO deception should come as no surprise to this forum.
For me though, living in Europe, this information is new: I've never heard of these cases of fake Nazism in America.

<a href="http://judicial-inc.biz/Klassen.htm">Real Nazis or more Jewish hoaxes?</a>

<a href="http://judicial-inc.biz/Hate_Hoax_summary.htm">FBI statistics on "Hate Hoaxes"</a>

And this seems to be their modus operandi:

<a href="http://judicial-inc.biz/Red_lake_pyschotic.htm">Benzodiazepines and Methamphetamine</a>

04-24-2005, 08:51 AM
From the article <a href="http://www.cephas-library.com/nwo/nwo_the_planned_destruction_of_christianity.html">The Planned Destruction of Christianity</a> (all emphasis mine./Draken)

"The historian Rene Sedillot...calculates that the [French] 'revolution', on account of the terrorism and the civil war, claimed at least 600,000 victims." Juri Lina (author; quote taken from his book <a href="http://www.geocities.com/jyrilina/english/scorpion.html">Under the Sign of the Scorpion</a>) ((NOTE: The French Revolution took place from 1789 through 1799.))
"The entire membership of the [Russian] Communist Party, which in 1918 numbered perhaps no more than 100,000, was turned into an instrument of murder. Its aims were two-fold: to inspire dread and horror among the Russian masses, and to exterminate the middle and upper classes...these people were the best that Russia had. They were the leader class. They were the priests, and lawyers, and merchants, and army officers, and university professors."

Frank L. Britton (author; quote taken from his book <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0911038825/qid=1114352720/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/104-9851688-9389517?v=glance&s=books">Behind Communism</a>)
"Before the Bolsheviks [i.e., the Russian Communists] seized power there were 360,000 [Russian Orthodox] priests in Russia. At the end of 1919 only 40,000 remained alive."
Juri Lina (quoting author Vladimir Soloukhin; quote taken from Lina's book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion) ((Ed. Note: The above means that the Russian Communists exterminated 320,000 Orthodox priests in just two years!))

"1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia... According to official Soviet reports from May 1922, 1,695,904 people were executed from January 1921 to April 1922. Among the victims were bishops, professors, doctors, [military] officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers and farmers...Their crime was 'anti-social thinking'." Juri Lina (from his book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion)

"During [Communist leader] Bela Kun's three month reign of terror [Ed. Note: in Hungary in 1919], tens of thousands of people "priests, army officers, merchants, landowners, professional people" were butchered." Frank L. Britton (from his book, Behind Communism)

"During the Spanish Civil War [Ed. Note: 1936-1939], Communists killed four thousand Catholic priests." - Richard Wurmbrand (pastor; author; quote taken from his book, <a href=http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0891073795/qid=1114352377/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/104-9851688-9389517?v=glance&s=books">Marx & Satan</a>)


The 'common thread' in the French, Russian, Chinese, and other Communist Revolutions consists of the following:
1.) Mass terror and murder was used to:
* bring in a totalitarian police state;
* eliminate entire 'classes' of people;
* suppress all opposition to the police state.

2.) Generally speaking, Christians (more than any other religious group) were especially targeted for imprisonment, torture, and execution.
I listed relevant quotes at the beginning of this newsletter to show you the categories of people that the Communists and other assorted Socialists (such as Fascists and Nazis) targeted. In general, one can easily see that these 'Revolutionaries' wanted to immediately remove the leadership (or potential leadership) of any opposition to their 'Revolution'. In some countries (such as Russia under the Bolsheviks) the entire middle and upper classes were targeted for 'extermination'. In particular, these 'Revolutionaries' targeted: any clergy (and often their followers) who would not 'play ball' with the Revolution; military officers; writers, artists, and other intellectuals; professors and teachers; merchants; independent farmers and other landowners; etc. ((Communists seem to have a particular hatred and fear of farmers and ranchers. This is because the farmer and rancher are NOT dependent upon the 'State' for their livelihood. Soviet Communists slaughtered and starved to death MILLIONS of farmers in the Ukraine (a part of the 'former' Soviet Union).

Another group of people the Communists (and other Socialists) particularly hate and fear are the preachers, pastors, and priests (i.e., the clergy) who have the courage to oppose and speak out against the totalitarian police state. During the French Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, the Russian Revolution, and the Communist takeover of China we find the clergy being viciously tortured and murdered in LARGE numbers. And after the Communists eliminated the vast majority of the clergy who opposed them, they then infiltrated their own Communist stooges into high positions within the church. ((NOTE: A book that details Communist infiltration into the Russian Orthodox Church is entitled <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007E9Z6E/qid=1114352926/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/104-9851688-9389517?v=glance&s=books">How the Communists Use Religion</a> by Edgar C. Bundy 'Radio Liberty used to carry a very limited number of this book' you can call toll-free 800-544-8927 to order it.))


By a number of Reviewers of book: 'Behind Communism', we are told the book is essential for researchers. February 25, 2002 -

#1 Reviewer: Jeffrey Leach (Omaha, NE USA). Even a cursory interest in the so-called "far right" political movement will quickly turn up this little pamphlet. Behind Communism is available from a wide selection of groups, from Christian Identity to Neo-Nazi organizations. This is because the booklet addresses the main concern that all of these groups share: the Jews and their machinations. The cover is somewhat deceiving, as it shows a rather hazy image of Uncle Joe Stalin. This is surprising because the author admits that Stalin was one of the few non-Jews involved in the higher echelons of world Communism. It would seem a picture of Anna Pauker would be more appropriate, but apparently not. The booklet is written by Frank Britton and it seems to have been first published in 1951 or 1952, although my copy is not dated.

Britton starts his exegesis by examining the history of the Jews. He spends considerable space showing how their presence in Europe shaped both Christians and Jews. Christians, according to Britton, despised the Jews because of their tendency to dominate unpleasant occupations such as money lending and the like. The Jews themselves lived in self-imposed ghettos where they built up a rabid dislike of gentiles. It was from these ghettos that Communism and Zionism emerged. Britton's concern, of course, is with Communism. He sees Communism as a Jewish racial movement and that this accounts for the high percentage of Jews present in its ranks, especially at the top. Most of the pamphlet details the Russian revolution and how Jews brought about Communism. Pictures and names of prominent Jews are thrown about quite a bit. Britton points out that although Lenin wasn't a Jew, he was married to one, as was Stalin (Britton is often concerned with Jewish-Gentile marriages. He seems to feel that a Jewish bride is one step away from being a Jew.). The last section of the booklet attempts to show how Jews in America have time and again been involved in Communist plots. The Rosenbergs, Klaus Fuchs, the Hollywood Ten and others all make an appearance here. Britton finishes by listing name after name of Jews involved in Hollywood, from actors to directors to musicians.

I will say this is not the most hysterical anti-Jewish writing I've ever read. There is much worse out there. There are a few times Britton slips into slur, but most of the booklet tries to remain calm and reasoned. There are errors to be found. At one point, Britton points out that almost all of the Russian intelligentsia were Jews, due to educational preferences. Later, when discussing the Red Terror, Britton says that the Reds wiped out the entire upper class of Russia. If Communism is a Jewish movement, why would the Jewish Reds wipe out their racial comrades? Britton also says that Nicholas II was in the process of turning Russia into a constitutional monarchy when he was forced to abdicate. Everything I've read to date points to the contrary. Nicholas II was an autocrat who had no intention of giving up real power to the Duma or anyone else. Almost every attempt at reform made by the tsarist system was an abysmal failure. To credit Nicholas with this type of enlightenment is just wrong. Even if Nicholas was attempting this type of reform, it came WAY to late to do any good.

Behind Communism is an essential reference to anybody doing research on anti-Jewish groups. Reading this pamphlet alone will definitely give insights into how these people think and feel.

#2 Reviewer: The How, Why and Who of international Communism., March 2, 2003
Reviewer: Derek Pillion "OrthoByzEgypt" (Camp Hill, PA) - This stapleback pamphlet gives a summarized history of Communism, the Bolshevik/Communist Party in Russia, and Communist infiltration of American society and its institutions. The subject delineated here is the massive Jewish involvement in Communism. The author posists that the whole movement is a Jewish racial cause, with some gentile followers. BEHIND COMMUNISM is full of pictures, lists and diagrams showing who the Communists are. The top-dog Communist leaders, Lenin and Stalin are gentiles, but they were married to Jewish wives. Stalin is always portrayed as a virulent "anti-Semite" and pogromist, but he was married to the daughter of the Politiburo member Kaganovitch, and Stalin's daughter was married to Kaganovitch's son. Soviet Forign Minister Molotov's wife was also Jewish. In fact, she was the sister of Karp, owner of Karp's Import-Export Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The latter part discusses the Communist Party in America, which had a disproportionate Jewish membership and whose members were highly educated professionals rather than working-class men. Many of those convicted of selling nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union were Jewish, such as the Rosenburgs. Finally the Hollywood film industry is shown as the world's leading producer of Communist propaganda. The author explains how Hollywood films are designed to cause race-hatred among black and Mexican minorities and at the same time instill whites with a sense of guilt about race relations. There are some instances where the author makes inapropriate remarks, but these are minimal. The tone is relativly balanced, maintaining a pro-Christian, pro-European viewpoint.

In all, BEHIND COMMUNISM rails against the romanticism that liberals attribute to the Russian Revoloution. When the Jewish Communists took power in Russia, all H-E-double-hockey-sticks broke loose. Tens of thousands of Christians were massacred, and five million landowners in the Ukraine were intentionally starved to death during the early 1930's to solidify Communist dominance and freedom of Religion was abolished.

Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand, Paperback: 143 pages, Publisher: Living Sacrifice Book Co; (December 1, 1986) ISBN: 0891073795

The connection between Satan worship and communism, March 11, 2003
#1 Reviewer: Jill M. Heins (Lenexa, KS United States) Richard Wurmbrand's book was a revelation to me, and yet at the end I felt foolish that I hadn't seen the connection between Satanism and communism earlier.

Wurmbrand quotes Milovan Djilas, the Yugoslav communist leader, who wrote of Marx and his cohorts, "They make a semblance of believing in the ideal of socialism, in a future society without class. In reality, they believe in nothing but organized power."

The precursors to the Russian Communist party called themselves succinctly, "Hell." This Satanic parallel undoubtedly prompted Dostoyevski to write, "The Demons" and Wurmbrand successfully argues that communism is simply a front organization for Satanism.

While the Nazi passion for the occult is more well-known, the communist's lesser-known fascination with it is disturbing. Russia has a vested interest in keeping many of Marx's writings unknown--they would sound bizzare to people unaware of the demonic connection or those naive enough to buy into the class struggle argument.

Anatole France, the renowned French communist writer, was not only a Satan worshipper but had a special chair dedicated to presiding over Satanist rituals. It had horned armrests and legs covered in goat fur. This unusual chair was exhibited in Paris, but brought to Moscow. Oddly, it's not exhibited by the Russians. However, black magic rites are still practiced at Marx's tomb so it's not difficult to imagine that France's chair is still used today.

Hess taught Marx that socialism is inseparable from globalism. The communists have traditionally used race and class struggle as a crutch and are undoubtedly proud of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's work to promote revolution for revolution's sake in the US.

Peter Verhovensky is quoted as saying, "We are already terribly powerful . . . Jurors who acquit criminals are completely ours. The District Attorney who trembles in court not to be considered liberal enough is ours. Administrators, men of letters, we are many, very many, and they don't know they belong to us."

Wurmbrand's argument is convincing and well-researched. He encourages others to delve into the connection between Satan worship and communism, and I hope a journalist takes him up on his offer.

#2 Reviewer: David Marshall (Seattle area) May 22, 2004 - This book deserves serious consideration. As a grad student in China studies, I once made the mistake of referring to Marx and Satan in the footnote of a paper for a very by-the-book scholar. He circled the title in heavy red ink and wrote in the margin with even heavier sarcasm: "Might the book have a bias?"

Richard Wurmbrand certainly did have a bias, though not the one the "one star" reviewers below accuse him of. No, this is not "anti-Semitic drivel;" Wurmbrand was himself a Jew, persecuted by the fascists for his race, who loved his people. No, he is not a "reactionary fanatic," nor does this book represent "the scarier mindscapes of the Bible Belt." Wurmbrand is actually from Romania, which is I believe some distance from Texas, and you read his many fascinating books, you will find he was actually quite thoughtful. But yes, he was biased against communism. He spent many years in slave labor camps, was tortured, and saw friends die. (A slave labor camp, I might point out, is rather a scarier place than a Southern Baptist church; tens of millions of people died in such places in the last century.)

Despite the provocative title of this book, such experiences did not render Wurmbrand bitter or unhinged. His argument here is not a vitriolic piece of ad hominem; rather it is a serious suggestion, backed up, it seems, by a fair amount of circumstantial evidence.

It is commonly argued that Marx had nothing to do with the crimes of communism. Even if Wurmbrand's central thesis does not convince you, the evidence he offers does at least show the spiritual or psychological continuity between Marx and the crimes committed in his name.

The book has its flaws, true. The evidence Wurmbrand offers is not overpowering. Wurmbrand sometimes takes phrases like "demonic fury" a little too seriously; I suspect it was often mere hyperboli. Also, he is not critical enough with his sources. Although he does not base anything on it, in one place he seems to accept the "Ritual Satanic Abuse" scam, for example.[Scam?/Draken] Finally, the book is a bit gossipy.

Still, Wurmbrand knows a great deal about communism. He seems to have read very widely in primary sources, and provides strongly suggestive quotes to back up his thesis. He shows caution at times, and is knowledgeable and thoughtful.

A few months ago I came across a dissertation in my university library entitled "The Role of Atheism in the Marxist Tradition." The author of the dissertation, a journalist named David Aikman, wrote it under the guidance of Donald Treadgold, editor of the Slavic Review and a leading historian of the Soviet Union. It was interesting to me to find that Aikman took Wurmbrand's thesis very seriously, and in his own study of Marx, Engels, and Lenin, had found additional evidence that seemed to point in the same general direction.

What did Marx and his chief disciples really believe? As Wurmbrand admits, Marx and Satan is not the final word on that question. But I think this little book does point out a set of facts that more conventional history largely ignores, and that ought to be considered; and not only as an intellectual curiosity. Wurmbrand was not an arm-chair critic, but a witness, survivor, philosopher, and passionate lover of God and man. The facts he points out, and his observations on this subject, are worth considering, if not just for their own sake, for the sake of those who died.

#3 Reviewer: "poixr" (Orem, Utah United States) - Excellent!!!, April 21, 2004
This book dives right into something that is ignored by even most critics of Marx - his satanic roots.

Marx, like Engels, both were involved in satanic teachings of "the communist rabbi" Moses Hess. He wrote a number of satanic poems. In fact, his doctoral thesis was entitled "I hate all the gods." Marx was delving into satanism long before he knew anything about economics. He had no knowledge of the plight of the working man or "proletariat" at that time.

One of the critics of this book says that it is just anti-semetic and rediculous. Interestingly, if you look at that same critic's other reviews, his other reviews are for the band T.S.O.L which is an L.A. "death rock" band which he favorably compares to early Christian Death. His other reviews are for the band "Death Church" (which he likes) and "Jesuseater."

It's pretty hard to take a guy like that serious in a review of a book about satanism and Marx.

Anyway, this book sheds quite a bit of light on the topic of Marx's turn to satanism during his school years. Marx's poetry about desiring to destroy the world and take the place of the creator is downright haunting.

04-24-2005, 08:25 PM
People have a feeling that Communism is evil but it is ALWAYS surpassed in peoples eyes by Hitler and fascism. I think it's the cold blooded organisation that gets them going...though thats up for debate.

I dont want to paint Hitler in too nice a light but I believe he was far surpassed in brutality by Stalin...far.

An awful lot of the dead after 1943 were because of the intense focuss of bomber command on the vital basic infrastructure of Germany...they could barely afford to feed their own army and people let alone the millions of workers and concentration camp inmates. Hence the wasted emaciated bodies of the camps.

This was not deliberate. Does anyone think the efficient Germans would starve to death their workers? What sense does that make?

Germans supported Hitler because just to the East of them was a gigantic monster that threatened to devour Europe. In fact...read Marx's Communist Manifesto...he lays it out - world domination is the means and the end...Communism will not stop until it is world wide. It's simple and to the point.

Stalin had 30,000...thats 30,000 armoured vehicles on or near the border. What were they for? Touring?

Stalin was cocky...he had the support of powerful Western forces and he knew it. By 1937 with the huge build up of Germany he knew he may have been double crossed or at least his bluff called. Then came the great purges of his Officer class.

Germans in general simply could not understand why the West was not supporting them in a crusade to rid the world of what was undoubtable a COMPLETELY evil system...Stalin murdered his Generals hand over fist when they failed him in battle...Hitler sacked them.

I'm starting to believe the 'holocaust' and so many of the other stories regarding Germanies behaviour in the war have been grossly exaggerated to cover for the obvious...the Wests support for one of their most evil creations to date. They needed a good reason to be supporting a monster like Stalin.

You can only do that when you are supposedly fighting a worse one.

04-28-2005, 11:05 AM
<a href="http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/1361995/posts">Communist Subversion of Religion</a>

by Christopher Story, Part 1

Canon Wright invites a KGB Agent to Coventry

In 1979, a British clergyman purporting to be a priest of Christ called Canon Kenyon Wright occupied the post of ‘Director of the International Ministry’ at Coventry Cathedral, arguably the most pagan of the British Anglican cathedrals (and the location of a televised parade of clerics who danced in a snakelike formation behind a fanged Chinese dragon on 23rd March 1998).

He organised a conference on ‘Disarmament and Hunger’ under the joint auspices of the Christian Peace Conference [CPC], a Soviet front, and the Cathedral–inviting a Vice-President of the CPC, Metropolitan Gregarios of the KGB-penetrated Russian Orthodox Church, to speak. All propaganda activities of the Russian Orthodox Church, of which this appearance was on, ‘were’ organised by the Department of External Church Relations [DECR] of the Moscow Patriarchate, established in 1946 under Stalin, a former trainee priest himself. In 1943, Stalin had made a ‘concordat’ with the Russian Orthodox hierarchy under which, in return for the restoration of certain earthly rights, they promised to support Soviet foreign policy. He then set up a State Bureau, the ‘Council for the Affairs of Religion’, which effectively placed the activities of the Church under the control of the NKVD (later the KGB).

This in turn ensured that only those clergy willing to promote Soviet propaganda and the Party’s ‘General Line’ (grand strategy) were appointed Metropolitans (Bishops). Therefore, in inviting Metropolitan Gregarios, Canon Wright (a long-term fan and supporter of the Soviets) knew precisely that he was inviting a KGB-approved church official. We have ourselves separately proved that Catholicos Patriarch Ilya II, the friend of the Archbishop of Canterbury and of the far left Bishop Richard Harries of Oxford, has been a KGB agent since 1962. It is a certainty, therefore, that Gregarios was likewise.

In 1981, Wright was appointed General Secretary of the Scottish Churches Council, an office he held until 1990. At the same time, he was a Vice-President of the British Regional Group of the CPC, as well as being a member of the international Committee of the CPC. Canon Wright has all along been hyperactive in his commitment to the penetration, politicisation and subversion of the ecumenical movement: for instance, in 1982, he drafted the important theme-setting ‘conference message’ along with Metropolitan Gregarios for a conference called by the Russian Orthodox Church for ‘Religious Workers for Peace for Saving the Sacred Gift of Life from Nuclear Catastrophe’, attended by representatives of Buddhism, false Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Talmudic Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. The draft text reiterated the contemporaneous Soviet line demanding world disarmament.

After this initial period of direct collaboration with the KGB front, Canon Wright was given a key role at a Moscow-based propaganda event, incorporating attendees from 90 countries. In 1984, the CPC organised an international seminar entitled ‘Towards a Theology of Peace’ in Budapest, which was attended by representatives of 19 ‘Christian’ denominations from 30 countries. The main discussion group at this event was chaired by Wright. And, underling Wright’s emergence as a senior CPC official, he took part that same year in a CPC delegation to Sweden, Finland and Germany with the aim of winning support from leading churchmen for Soviet disarmament policy. His fellow-delegates included the Chairman of the Christian Peace Conference, Karoly Toth; its Secretary-General, Lubomir Mireojovsky; and Metropolitan Filaret, one of the CPC’s KGB controllers.

Orthodox KGB Agents Exposed on Purpose

Under ‘glasnost’, the Soviets later revealed that Metropolitan Filaret, along with A.S. Buyevsky, the ‘Lay Secretary’ of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department of External Church Affairs, were KGB agents, and that Buyevsky was a member of the World Council of Churches’ Executive and had used his position to influence the policy of the World Council so that it reflected the Soviet ‘line’ in all respects.

These exposés were made as a means of throwing Western observers off the scent– a standard Soviet deception method, based on the correct assumption that weak-minded Western analysts would be ‘satisfied’ with such revelations, assuming them to represent a break with the past; thus, the West could be relied upon to overlook the fact that Russian Orthodox Church leaders have never, over the past 57 years, acknowledged their subservience to Soviet intelligence on the instructions of the Party, and their long-term compliance with Stalin’s requirement that in exchange for the ‘restoration’ of certain previously confiscated ‘privileges’, they must ensure the total subservience of their stance and propaganda to that of the Soviet Party-State and its world revolutionary agenda. A.S. Buyevsky, by the way, was appointed ‘Lay Secretary’ of the DECR in 1946, and remained in his position for 40 years.

The genuine KGB defector Anatoly Golitsyn has revealed that in 1958, Khrushchev summoned the top leadership of the intelligence community to examine alternative means of achieving the Soviet Party’s aim of dominating the world by methods other than nuclear war–an encounter which gave rise to the momentous refurbishment of revolutionary strategy referred to by Golitsyn as the ‘long-range strategy’ which has reached an advanced stage of development under Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin (selected by the strategic collective to front successive stages of the strategy). The intelligence community reported that they had so many agents and agents of influence in place throughout the West that they could be deployed in a strategy of global deception [Peter Wright, Spycatcher, Heinemann Australia, 1987]. In Golitsyn’s more precise terms, the Party instructed the KGB to realise its full strategic revolutionary potential, and mass two-way penetration of the Party and the intelligence services then took place, to facilitate this momentous development.

In 1987, the KGB officer Mikhail Gorbachev–who had attended the crucial 21st CPSU Congress in 1961 as one of 5,000 hand-picked delegates–presided over a conference in Moscow, attended by 1,000 personalities from all over the world, to support his call for a ‘nuclear-free world for the survival of humanity.’ The purpose of this meeting, as with all Soviet influence-building operations, was to create and galvanise a ‘constituency’ which could be relied upon to ‘call for’ the line being espoused by the Soviet strategists. ‘Useful idiots’ like Yoko Ono, Graham Greene, and Peter Ustinov, vociferously supported this event.
The attendees were divided into groups, and the subdivision for ‘religious personality’ was organised by the top leadership of the KGB-controlled Christian Peace Conference. On his return from this event, Canon Kenyon Wright gave an account of it on a local radio show. In that interview, Wright boasted of having spoken with President Gorbachev, Raisa Gorbachev and Eduard Shevardnadze; and Wright even conveyed a message of good will from Gorbachev to the people of Scotland. Throughout the interview, Wright enthusiastically supported Soviet disarmament propaganda.

In September 1990, it was announced that the Christian Peace Conference, the Soviet front, was closing down and that (nevertheless) Canon Kenyon Wright was to be its ‘Interim Secretary’. This of course raised all kinds of questions. What was a Church of England Canon doing acting in an official capacity for a KGB front–and which was supposed to be ‘closing down’? As it happened, Wright was now at a critical stage of his service to the Soviet KGB. For in parallel with his ‘ecumenical’ activities, Canon Wright was simultaneously agitating behind-the-scenes for the establishment of a Scottish Parliament, and had been using his influence in international and domestic ecumenical foray to orientate ‘religious’ constituencies in favour of Soviet
disarmament strategy.

We will show that Wright’s ‘new’ interest in Scotland reflected the KGB-GRU’s ultimate objective–the closure of the United Kingdom’s Trident nuclear submarine bases, which are located there. The even greater objective is the dismemberment of the United Kingdom itself, in fulfillment of Lenin’s sub-strategy of ‘separation precedes federation’, which would mean that the international legal doctrine of Impossiblity of Performance would apply, given that the original signatory of innumerable treaties and accords, the United Kingdom, would have ceased to exist.

British Churchmen Activated by the KGB

The truly mind-blowing dimension of this long-term KGB offensive operation against Britain and the West is that it has been fronted all along by Canons of the Church of England, who have been exploiting and influencing ‘soft ecumenical’ opinion in favour of Soviet disarmament strategy. And the Soviets have been exceptionally thorough, as always, with their influence-building and penetration operations in the loose, flaccid ecumenical movement. For instance, the once respected Keston College, Oxford, which specialises inter alia in religious affairs in the ‘former’ Soviet Bloc, has been thrown off course by the far-Leftist Canon Oestreicher, of the British Council of Churches. We discovered this when checking whether the Bishop of Oxford, Richard Harries, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, had been briefed by Keston College, in advance of their trip to Tbilisi in 1993, that Catholicos Patriarch Ilya II of Georgia had been a KGB agent since 1962. The Canon in charge of ‘foreign affairs’ at Lambeth Palace, headquarters of the Church of England, confirmed to us that Keston College had failed to provide this crucial information.

Canon Keynon Wright moved from Coventry to Scotland in 1981, which significantly was the year when NATO and the British Government decided to base Britain’s Trident submarines there. He immediately set about using his ecumenical clout to leverage the setting up of a Scottish Parliament, which now threatens Trident and therefore the security of the United Kingdom and the whole of Europe.

Today, Canon Wright is involved in agitation for a ‘Civic Forum’–linking all Scottish local Councils, Trade Unions, voluntary organisations and of course ‘soft’ ecumenical groupings–which is intended to ‘advise’ the Scottish Parliament. In due course, this body will agitate for the removal of the Trident bases, claiming (falsely) to represent Scottish opinion, and thus providing the Parliament with what could be interpreted as a ‘mandate’ legitimising any call for the removal of Trident the Parliament any make in due course.


Communist Subversion of Religion, Part II
by Christopher Story

Everything He Touches is Politicised

From 1981 to 1990, Canon Wright was General Secretary of the Scottish Churches Council [SCC], the Scottish ecumenical organisation. He effectively politicised this body, converting it into a platform for pro-Soviet policies. And from 1985 onwards, Wright developed what he called the ‘Inter-Church Process’. The Minutes of a meeting of the Council’s Committee on ‘Community, Justice and Peace,’ held on 17th March 1986, which are in our possession, dealt with every political subject under the Soviet sun and made no mention whatsoever of Jesus Christ. Among the subjects covered in the Minutes were nuclear issues, links with Eastern Europe; the Helsinki Assembly of the European Forum of Christian Women; the forthcoming visit to Scotland of a delegation from the Soviet Women’s Committee; Canon Wright’s report on his attendance at the Christian Peace Conference in Bulgaria, also attended by representatives of the Orthodox, Congregational and Baptist Churches; and a forthcoming British Council of Churches visit to Moscow. The Council’s Committee also ‘welcomed’ an invitation extended to Canon Wright for him to attend a Round Table Conference in Moscow. The Minutes of its meeting further show that the SCC was involved in agitprop operations concerning Namibia, South Africa and Latin America, and that in respect of developments in Nicaragua, the SCC believed that the ‘contras’ ‘seemed to have no objective other than the destabilisation of Nicaragua.’

There was a report on a Church visit to China, and disappointment was expressed that a conference held in January on the ‘development of a common strategy in churches’ had not yielded much progress, since ‘churches still seemed to want to pursue their own programmes.’ But the Minutes added that ‘the initial reports on the Inter-Church Process’ were very encouraging.

Canon Wright has been highly effective in politicising virtually every dimension of Scottish ecumenical and church activity on behalf of the Soviets. In this endeavor, he has prominent allies. It is, after all, the notorious Bishop of Edinburgh, the Most Rev. Richard Holloway, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, who has pronounced from the pulpit that he is an atheist, campaigns for the decriminalisation of marijuana, challenges traditional Christian views on the sanctity of marriage, promotes the recognition of homosexual relationships despite the condemnation of Paul in his Epistle to the Romans (Chapter 1), and has, since 1997, openly backed the ordination of practising homosexuals. Both men have openly promoted ‘liberation theology’, which was immediately adopted as the new basis for ‘church unity’ in the context of the so-called ‘Inter-Church Process’.

The first stage of this subversion campaign was the establishment of a nationwide network of interdenominational groups to discuss a booklet entitled ‘What on Earth is the Church For?’ Based on the same principles as the corrosive ‘Alpha Course’ which masquerades as an induction into Christian belief but which in actual fact questions all faith, demolishes true Christian belief and substitutes a politicised ‘social agenda’, the booklet contained a loaded questionaire enabling participants to state what they thought ‘the church’ should be doing. The atheistic BBC seized upon the results and proclaimed that the majority supported its proposals for increased ecumenism (pantheism). In the second stage, regional conferences were held in 1987, at which the Roman Catholic Cardinal Hume called for a commitment to church unity. By 1989, the Catholic Biships of Scotland had agreed to the final stage–namely, to join the other church bodies in ‘calling for’ a new ecumenical organisation named ‘Action of Churches Together in Scotland–ACTS’. As a result of these manoeuvres, the ecumenical organisation in Scotland, masterminded by the KGB-controlled organisation in Scotland, masterminded by the KGB-controlled Canon Kenyon Wright, was able to claim much greater authority.

No sooner had this umbrella group been formed than it started at once to meddle in security affairs and to promote Soviet policies–calling for the abolition of Britain’s nuclear deterrent, the Trident submarine system. According to the ‘Catholic Herald’ [29th November 1991], the Revd. Maxwell Craig, General Secretary of ACTS, wrote in support of Scottish Christian CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), to the Lord Advocate for Scotland, Lord Fraser, complaining that ‘the preparation and planning for the use of weapons of indiscriminate and mass human destruction’ was an indispensable ingredient of the Trident project, and that ‘the whole project may be illegal in international, military and criminal law. The people engaged in these activities are being employed by Her Majesty’s Government to undertake work which renders them liable to prosecution, in terms of the Nuremberg’s principles, for crimes against peace, and in the event of use, for war crimes’. In a statement to the newspaper, the Revd. Craig added: ‘ACTS has traditionally been opposed to Trident. We are now trying to place that opposition before the people in a constructive way.’

How Wright Set Up the Scottish Convention

Writing in the Church of Scotland’s magazine ‘Life and Work’, May 1989, Canon Kenyon Wright described himself as General Secretary of the Scottish Churches Council, a Methodist Minister, and Chairman of the Scottish Constitutional Convention. As a consequence of his activities in the 1980s during the various strikes of that decade, Wright had forged links with many Labour and Liberal-Democrat MPs (the Liberal-Democrats being of the extreme left, but masquerading as ‘middle-of-the-road’ politically). These MPs could be relied upon to ‘call for’ whatever he suggested, in essence, since they were of the same political orientation.

As indicated, Wright used these contacts and the leverage he was able to generate through his ‘Inter-Church Process’ to politicise the ecumenical movement. One outcome of this activity was that a subcommittee of the Scottish Churches Council, the previously mentioned Community, Justice and Peace Committee, was given precise direction by Canon Wright. As confirmed in the Roman Catholic weekly paper ‘The Universe’ of 27th November 1988, delegates from seven Christian denominations issued a statement from Scottish Churches House, Dunblane (headquarters of the Scottish Churches Council), backing ‘calls for’ a Scottish Convention. The paper noted that ‘the delegates...agreed that the convention should consist not just of politicians, but also of representatives of the main Scottish institutions such as education, the law and the Churches’.

The statement also promoted the Soviet formula for democracy in the West (as opposed to ‘democratism’–the illusion of democracy–practiced in the East) as follows: ‘In addition, we need to move towards a new form of democracy which ensures a greater degree of real and constant participation in our society. We recognise...that the constitutional convention is not in itself a Scottish Assembly, but could be the proper forum within which all matters relating to such an Assembly would be discussed’.

In his ‘proposals (dated July 1986) for a conference held in March 1987 as an element of the Inter-Church Process’ (‘process’ being a tell-tale word derived form Soviet usage, for it is always the process which is coveted, for leverage purposes, not the pretext), Wright called for a session to debate the political future of Scotland, urging the SCC to invite MPs and trade unionists to the session in order to establish a ‘consensus’ with delegates. Within a few short months, the outcome was the establishment of a steering committee to launch the Constitutional Convention.

As we have seen, in the 1980s, Canon Kenyon Wright–who ought to be concerned exclusively with spiritual matters–devoted his time to making the ecumenical movement serve the Soviet political agenda. Through his involvement in strikes and the ‘peace movement’, he forged relationships with radical MPs. Scotland was fertile territory for his subversive activity anyway, since there was much hostility there at the time against the Conservative Government; and since Canon Wright had converted Scottish Churches House into the focal point for this opposition, it was a short step from fomenting political dissent to developing a movement for the establishment of a separate Scottish Parliament. Predictably, this is a hotbed of revolutionary action and dissent, posing a direct and lethal threat to the continued existence of the United Kingdom over the medium term.


It is clear from the record (of which the preceding analysis is a condensed summary, based upon comprehensive documentation) that Canon Kenyon Wright is a long-term KGB agent or (at the very least) agent of influence, whose preoccupation is not the Life and the Truth of Jesus Christ but the subversive agenda of the Leninist World Revolution.

He has remained hyperactive both on the open stage and behind-the-scenes in politicising the ecumenical movement and the churches, and in broadening his artificial groupings to form constituencies which ‘call for’ components of the Soviet agenda–of which the abolition of Britain’s nuclear deterrent is the top priority. The spin-off is to be the catastrophic breakup of the United Kingdom, which will have global implications–although it is well on the way, given Britain’s poisonous membership of the European Union collective with its destructive regional policy which divides the country into ten regions owing ‘allegiance’ to Brussels.
Most interestingly of all for students of Soviet strategy: you have just read the outline of a long-range Soviet subversive operation against the United Kingdom which can be traced back without discontinuity to the 1970s.

Soviet Analyst, Vol. 26 Number 4, pp. 5-7

04-29-2005, 01:55 PM
I'm pretty sure the police state in the UK is a model for the US to copy. Has anyone read anything new about the North-Amerikan Union (NAU)Canada,Mexico, and USA? From time to time, I read somethin' about it and then it disappears into the ether again. :-P

05-26-2005, 08:02 PM

By: Alan Stang

Please pardon the terseness of this message but…
Man, you seriously got to give it a rest. I mean, BushCo are probably the most despicable s---heads ever to run this country, but to call them Communists is patently absurd, and you should be embarrassed to show your face in public for being so obtuse as to say so, or for circulating this absolutely ridiculous screed. This piece of anti-intellectualism would be laughed out of a third grade classroom. I mean, you can’t possibly be serious?
Bush et.al are Fascists. They employ none of the tenets of Communism. They are totalitarian fascists, marrying State and Corporate power. The last thing on earth these people would ever want is to dismantle private ownership in favor of State ownership, or provide communal education, health care, housing, and pensions, which are the hallmarks of Communism. They are the ultimate privatizers, and Socialism is their mortal enemy.
What country have you been living in? Have you been in a coma the last 25 years?
All you manage to do by circulating this harebrained garbage is undermine our ability to get rid of these people on legitimate grounds. You make the resistance look like a bunch of shrill, dimwitted, sectarian idiots.
Please, for all of our sake, stop. Or learn how to read and do research.
A friend of mine loves to repeat what his grandmother used to say. "When you throw a rock in among some hogs, the one that screams is the one you hit." The screaming hog we quote above is the editor-in-chief of an internet site, whose primal scream I quote in its entirety, except for his name and url, which we leave it to him to promote; and the insertion of some hyphens to blunt his profanity.
His message is one of many in the growing avalanche of response to my piece, below, entitled "The Coming Resistance," and many readers have asked me to respond. I leave it to you to decide how well I read and do research, and whether I should be laughed out of a third grade classroom. His main complaint is that I call Communist world government traitor George W. Smirk a Communist. Our visiting expert says he is instead a Fascist.
As you can see, he is furious, so furious he makes himself silly. Why? Because I am exposing his dirty, little secret. He is a far leftist, a collectivist, who bills his internet publication as part of the "new counterculture," which means he counters our American culture. Notice his breathtakingly loving rendition of Communism; his moralistic assertion that Smirk & Company are mortal enemies of Socialism.
For too long, far left cohorts like him have been allowed to get away with the preposterous assertion that Communism and Fascism are opposites. In the neat formulation our visiting expert and his collectivist colleagues endorse, the Communists, on the left, offer the benefits that flow from complete government control; the fascists, on the "far right," are the "ultimate privatizers."
The tactically brilliant reason the Communists defend this utterly phony formulation to the death—your death—is that it allows them to discredit everyone who is not a Communist as a Fascist, or a Nazi. That is why Hollyweird keeps the "Nazi threat" alive, a full sixty years after Viennese homosexual prostitute Hitler finally flushed himself in Berlin.

The way the metastasizing Holocaust industry tells it, one would think the Nazis were about to stage a coup. There are thousands of horror stories about Communism waiting to be told, but Hollyweird will not tell them, despite the fact that Communism remains a mortal threat today; to do so would destroy this immensely valuable weapon in the arsenal of dialectical materialism.
So, what is the difference between Communism and Fascism? There is a difference in style, the same difference there is between people. But that’s all it is. If you and I do exactly the same thing, there will be differences, for the obvious reason that you and I have different personalities, different styles.
That won’t change what we are doing. Thus, Clinton, our first "black" President, drops his pants and asks for sex. Smirk, our first "homosexual" President, does not. It doesn’t matter because they are doing the same thing, going to the same place. It is a difference without a distinction.
Thus, the Communists want total government. The opposite of total government is—the envelope please!—no government. But the Fascists do not want no government. They too want total government. Remember? That was how Mussolini "made the trains run on time." That was why FDR’s Washington spoke so lovingly of him.
You already knew that. I am simply reminding you of something you already knew. Yes, there were the inevitable differences—Mussolini was horrified by Hitler’s homosexual Nazis, but they agreed on the basics. Hitler was a Socialist. How do we know? He said so. The term "Nazi" is merely the contraction formed from the first two syllables of the German words for National Socialist. Didn’t Adolf hand out the same handouts our visiting expert attributes to Communism? Yes, he did. It’s called "bread und circuses."
Corporal Hitler said this: "[T]here is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it. There is, above all, genuine, revolutionary feeling, which is alive everywhere in Russia except where there are Jewish Marxists. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communists always will." (Quoted in Hermann Rauschning, Hitler Speaks, London, T. Butterworth, 1940)
So, Hitler was a man of the far left. Remember that he and Stalin began World War II as treaty allies. Nazi Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop said he felt at home in Moscow. There is a little known photo of Hitler in a procession carrying the coffin of a deceased Communist leader and wearing Communist insignia. The proof goes on and on. Yes, Hitler attacked Stalin. Mafia chieftains attack each other. So what? Haven’t you ever seen a movie?
How does this apply to President Smirk? First, remember that the United States government installed the Communists in power in Russia, and then saved the Soviet Union again and again from collapse. I have proven this so many times, I do not need to repeat myself here. Go to my writing and look.
The District of Criminals installed the Communists in China. The District of Criminals installed the Communists in Cuba. And on and on. It is not at all an exaggeration to say that without the decisive influence of the District of Criminals, Communism would be nothing more than a footnote in a college textbook. Instead, we have far leftist Richard Nixon, who confessed his Socialism when he said, "We are all Keynesians now." Keynes was of course sodomite economist John Maynard Keynes, a hero in the Soviet Union.
Finally, our visiting expert says Smirk & Co. are the "ultimate privatizers." Is that true? It is just as true as it was under Hitler. Yes, there is endless talk about "privatization." What does "privatization" mean? It means no government. It means private people doing business without government interference. It means people to people communication. Is that what we have?
No, we have just the opposite. We have "Socialism for the rich." The District of Criminals tells us that its "trade agreements" like NAFTA, amount to "free trade," because "free trade" sounds so appealing. Do they? No, they impose literally thousands of pages of government regulations. We have less free trade than we had before.
Yes, you could call this Fascism. But as we have seen, Fascism and Communism are the same thing at heart. It is as Communist as it is Fascist. Doesn’t the District of Criminals already own outright almost half the land area of the United States? Yes, it does. Isn’t it moving rapidly to control it all? Yes, it is. Isn’t government control of the land the first plank of the Communist Manifesto? Jawohl!
The reason we must call Smirk a Communist is that it drives the Communists crazy. As we have seen, calling him a Communist ruins the immensely helpful dialectical tool they have used for decades to terrify and neutralize opposition. Many people shrink from opposing the Communists for fear of being called a Nazi. Most important, the fact that Communism and Nazism are basically the same puts the Communists in bed with Hitler, where they belong.
Yes, our visiting expert is the hog we hit. Go back to your sandbox, Sonny. We won’t play your game.

06-18-2005, 06:11 PM
Alan Stang | June 18 2005
It was Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian writer, who made the "gulag archipelago" part of our language. He won the Nobel Prize for the book of that name, lived here in exile and was mentioned in the media almost every day—until he made the fateful speech at Harvard, one of many universities founded to spread word of Jesus Christ.
On June 8th, 1978, Solzhenitsyn told a Harvard audience that "convergence" of the Soviet and American systems was doomed. "Convergence" has of course been one of the main purposes of the conspiracy for world government since the beginning. While he spoke, it was well under way.
Solzhenitsyn also made these telling comments: "As humanism in its development became more and more materialistic, it made itself increasingly accessible to speculation and manipulation at first by socialism and then by communism. So that Karl Marx was able to say in 1844 that ‘communism is naturalized humanism.’" Humanism is of course the official government religion of this country. Maybe he didn’t know that.
He concluded as follows: "There is a disaster, however, which has already been under way for quite some time. I am referring to the calamity of a despiritualized and irreligious humanistic consciousness. . . . To such consciousness, man is the touchstone in judging and evaluating everything on earth. Imperfect man, who is never free of pride, self-interest, envy, vanity, and dozens of other defects. We . . . have lost the concept of a Supreme Complete Entity which used to restrain our passions and our irresponsibility. We have placed too much hope in political and social reforms, only to find out that we were being deprived of our most precious possession: our spiritual life."
With these remarks, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was confronting and exposing the insane Communist monsters who have usurped control of this country. Before that speech, the Communist media had made him an international celebrity, perhaps because the conspiracy for world government found his revelations about the horrors of the gulag temporarily useful. After that speech, he disappeared from public consciousness like a comet. Today, few Americans can remember his name.
What did Solzhenitsyn say about the gulag? "At what exact point, then, should one resist? When one’s belt is taken away. When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one’s home? . . . ." The same questions that are bothering you now. Solzhenitsyn bitterly laments the Russian failure to resist:
"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? . . ."
Apparently, they had no guns. Solzhenitsyn does not mention them. But he believes that axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else they had, could have done the job. He continues: ". . . After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur—what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!"
One is reminded of "Death Wish," starring the late Charles Bronson. The architect hero was not a terrorist, i.e., he did not kill indiscriminately. He did not kill the innocent. He was mild, even harmless, until the guilty attacked. Then, he brought out the hog leg and went to work. Whenever he did so, the theater audience cheered. Acting alone, he turned New York on its ear. Other inmates, inspired, began to do the same. Criminals were indignant. Didn’t these New Yorkers know that packing heat was illegal? Crime fell. Imagine the effect of an epidemic of Bronsons.

That is what Russians should have done, says Solzhenitsyn. Of course, they didn’t do it. They "burned in the camps later" lamenting that fact: "If . . . if . . . We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more—we had no awareness of the real situation. . . . We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward."
They lost everything because they were too cowardly to act, because they didn’t love freedom enough. Of course, they were Russians, not Americans. Instead of SWAT and IRS CID, they had Organs. For centuries, they had lived under tyranny, benevolent or otherwise. They were emerging from that tyranny when the Communists perpetrated their coup by seizing a few buildings in Petrograd. They didn’t know what Communism was. They could not look back at what the Communists had done.
They did not have the benefit of more than two centuries of liberty. They did not have the untrammeled American spirit. They did not have thousands of retired Marine Corps snipers who still can stick it in your eye, and other thousands of retired Screaming Eagles who still can bring death from the sky. They did not have the guns. They did not have the .50 caliber rifle. They were not Americans. They had not stood with Stonewall Jackson.
What kind of resistance is Solzhenitsyn talking about? He is clearly not talking about a military unit, not even about a militia or any group at all. He is talking about what we might call leaderless, unorganized resistance, what later in the century, in Vietnam, Americans called "targets of opportunity," the people acting individually, their acts adding up to a devastating whole, a "life wish." There would have been nothing to infiltrate and no leader to kill.
By then, the Russian people had the moral right to do whatever they could get away with, like the German people under Hitler, like anyone living under a totalitarian dictatorship. The dictators had cancelled the law, which is a contractual agreement, so the people who had been defrauded no longer were required to perform. If you sign a contract to buy a house, and the owner refuses to vacate, you don’t need to make payments.
Of course, nothing I have said so far has any application here. Not at all. In fact, do not—do not—do not even contemplate doing what Solzhenitsyn says he and his fellow Russians should have done. After all, have not our Communist media utterly discredited him? I recall it simply because I am a history buff and it is interesting history. This is nothing more than a book review.
Certainly, I am not suggesting anything. It would be presumptuous to tell you what to do. Your own principles and circumstances will guide you. As Frank "The Chairman" Sinatra, warbled, "I did it my way!" And to paraphrase the liberaloid mantra, "If it feels right, do it."
A word should be said about Romans 13. For many years, pulpit pansies in the pay of the powers that would like to be have preached that Romans 13 teaches unconditional obedience to government. Whatever government does, according to this teaching, we have to endure it, because God has installed government for good.
Yes, He has, but since the men who run government are men, the chance is great that they will go bad. That is why God did the job Himself, through His judges, until His children demanded a king. Through Samuel, He warned them what a king would do. He would eat out their substance, etc. When stiff-necked Israelites would not yield, He gave them Saul. Guess what? God was—is—right. Scripture is full of cases of government run amok. When that happens, God sends someone to overthrow it.
King Jabin, the government, was oppressing the people. Jael lulled Sisera, his commanding general, to sleep and then nailed that old boy to the ground with a spike through his temples. Scripture says Jael is "blessed above women." The children of Israel sang about her in celebration of her exploit.
Eglon, king of Moab, oppressed the people. Ehud parked a knife in his belly. His majesty was so fat his belly closed around the knife, so that for a while the coroner couldn’t find the cause of death until crime scene investigators showed him the weapon. Scripture says Ehud was a deliverer whom the Lord had raised up.
Wasn’t Paul a notorious jailbird? Wasn’t Peter? Wasn’t Jesus a criminal? He must have been, according to today’s pansy preachers, because the government—the Sanhedrin and the Romans—said He was. Didn’t He destroy property and use violence when He kicked the moneychangers out? Didn’t He break the law Himself?
If you preach that the government can do no wrong and must be obeyed blindly whatever it does, that is where you must wind up. Romans 13 means that you must obey and defer to government as long as it does what God installed it to do. When government stops doing what God installed it to do—stops clearly and incontrovertibly—your obedience is no longer required. Weren’t our Founding Fathers criminals?
Is God a Nazi? That is the question. If you subscribe to the preaching of today’s pansy preachers, you believe He is. You believe you must obey Hitler because he is the government. You believe you must defer to whatever crimes the government commits because of what some pansy preacher says about Romans 13.
So you see, pal, the fact that you may put your collar on backward or have three first names, etc., cuts you no slack here. And by the way, those pansy preachers revere Martin Luther King, Jr. Wasn’t King in the Birmingham jail when he wrote his famous letter from Birmingham jail (if he wrote it)?
Wasn’t he there because he defied the government? Which governments does Romans 13 say we must obey? Regular readers will also remember that today’s Christianity has been infiltrated from top to bottom by Communists, starting even before World War II. Could that be the reason today’s pansy preachers pervert Romans 13? Are they deliberately trying to neutralize the faithful?
The gulag is coming, tovarish. What will you do?

08-07-2005, 10:13 PM

08-08-2005, 06:10 AM
Ive been studying the nature of power for quite a while, and was enjoying this thread until I felt compeled enough to actually register to make two points:

#1 truebeliever knows his stuff, he has made some of the most elequent, succinct, and well thought out statements regarding the true architecture of power

#2 Ozziecynic is one of the dumbest functional retards ive seen trolling a forum, who has absoltely no concept of world power outside of a carefully engineered & prescribed paradigm

seriously, sometimes i wonder if this moron can tie his shoes, yet hes got near perfect spelling. where the fuck do these pseudointellectual douchebags come from? this retard contradicts himself in ways he clearly cant even comprehend.

08-08-2005, 06:18 AM
the other effect of the perestroika deception is the current generation that doesnt even begin to comprehend WHAT the soviet union even was.

for example

when i was a child we understood clearly and without question what tyranny was, it was a large police state that had shit like internal passports and police with ultimate powers. we could even look at it and point at it and know it.

i see that the current generation that will be actually implementing the soviet convergence of america has no fundamental comprehension of what communism actually is.

basically, my nation is being disassembled by ignorant children

08-08-2005, 06:50 AM
Ozziecynic wrote:
It's probably worth talking about, however in one of your posts you seem to not care about 'Armageddon' since it's phrophesised which seems a little defeatist.

Since the Fall in Eden and the temptation for forbidden knowledge.Humanity is imperfect there fore that is why the world is going to be destroyed. Not a matter of defeatism there is nothing to be perfected in the temporal dimension.We are simply imperfect and must be punshied for our lack of submission to God!.

As for the communism subject! Are you deluded! Sure there maybe an excuse for draken over there in hyperborea Carpathian for believing in such a thing still. But for you in canada which is much like Australia in terms of its economic system i find plain dumb to call Laissez faire capitalism or Corporatism under the name of communism unless ofcause like so many others your a reactionary redneck righwinger of the uneducated kind. In that case we arent really on the same side as many others here are also finding out slowly!.:roll:

see kid, its the same thing. you are a useless elitist twit who believes hes "educated" out of the "false left right" and at the same time arguing that corporatism and communism arent actually the same fundamental ideology. why is that? HAHA thats because you are deeply entrenched in the false paradigm you pretend to dispute.

my god the irony is rich

ps. you should learn the difference between you're and your when you are pretending to be so educated. also using so many exclamation points just makes you seem like the manic turd you are!!

08-08-2005, 07:19 AM
nobody will ever convince me that all of western intelligence is just too stupid to figure out whats going on. and western 'capitalists' are just simply too ignorant to understand what moving the high-tech manufacturing base to china would really mean.

oh yah and that the richest bastards on the globe are really "right wing capitalists"... right OC? hahahahah

08-09-2005, 02:50 PM
No, Western intelligence and "capitalists" are Soviet/Communist trained <a href="http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/7006/psychopolitics.html">psychopoliticians</a>. This is the true subversion and destruction of the Western World and the Western mind; this Satanic Communist brainwashing is highly contagious and spreads like a global virus and destroys the possibility of a spiritual reality for 99.9% of all people.

The Leninist-Marxists of Communist Russia have planned the destruction and submission of the world for over 100 years.

08-09-2005, 04:58 PM
yah no kidding,


who are you talking to?

08-10-2005, 12:25 AM
You and anyone else who's reading. Just commenting on your last post.

08-15-2005, 08:59 PM
Some really good snippets of history at the following website, including a few excerpts below:




“In the spring of 1943, a faction within the German Secret Service was prepared to assassinate Hitler, and surrender, on one condition– that the Soviets would not be allowed to advance into Central Europe. Roosevelt refused to accept, and postponed a planned European invasion, in order to give the Russians more time to advance, and occupy more land. According to military documents released in 1970, Gen. Eisenhower allowed the Russians to get to Berlin first, before the Americans, which eventually allowed part of the city to fall under Communist control.

Russia was able to come away from 1945 Conference in Yalta with so much, because Roosevelt believed that the Russians were “perfectly friendly. They aren’t trying to gobble up the rest of Europe. These fears that have been expressed by a lot of people here that the Russians are going to try and dominate Europe, I personally don’t think there is anything do it ... I have just a hunch that Stalin ... doesn’t want anything but security for his country, and I think that if I give him everything I possibly can, and ask nothing in return, he won’t try to annex anything and will work for a world of democracy and peace.” Russia walked away from the bargaining table with Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, eastern Poland, east and central Europe, N. Korea, the Kuril Islands, and the northern part of Sakhalin.

An American General, Albert C. Wedemeyer, was convinced that Russia was the only winner of World War II. He said: “Stalin was intent on creating favorable conditions for the realization of Communist aims throughout the Balkans and Western Europe. He emerged as the only winner of the War. We insured the emergence of a more hostile, menacing predatory power than Nazi Germany, one which has enslaved more people than we liberated.”



In the Pacific Theater, the stirrings of World War II actually began years before. China had allowed Japan to drill for oil in several provinces, because Standard Oil’s price for kerosene was too high. Through contacts in the Chinese government, Standard Oil had been able to keep anyone from drilling, until the Japanese came and developed huge fields. Standard Oil pushed them out, but the Japanese vowed to return, even going as far as saying that they would seize China to recover their oil investments.

When the Japanese invaded China in the 1930’s, one of their first acts was to destroy Standard Oil property, because they had been responsible for their ouster.

In 1931, Henry L. Stimson, the Secretary of State (a Rockefeller lawyer and agent), met with President Herbert Hoover, on behalf of the Illuminati, to make a deal. The international bankers promised to end the Depression if Hoover would declare war on Japan, and send in the military to protect Standard Oil property. Even though Hoover accommodated the bankers in many cases, this was one deal that he refused.

So Stimson pitched the idea to Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt (who has a dozen U. S. Presidents in his family tree), who was indebted to them because of his philanthropic operation at Georgia’s Warm Springs. “

08-16-2005, 10:14 AM
<a href="http://www.ety.com/HRP/rev/fdr.htm">Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Communist Dictator</a>

If you went to a public place and started asking people, 'Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?,' what sort of answers do you think you would get? 'Hmm, I'm not sure.' 'Who?' 'Ehh, the dude on the dime.' If you ran into a more informed zombie, most likely someone over the age of forty, he might say, 'He was a president or the man with the New Deal.' Even the most informed you could chance to run into are in reality just as ignorant because they probably got their information from

The History Channel, which is nothing but a brain-washing tool that constantly seeks to cover up the facts, distort events, muddle the issues and in fact totally rewrite what actually occurred to maintain the status quo of Jewish thought. So in quest for the answer to the question, 'Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt?,' the President with the New Deal, let's take a look at a dark chapter in American history in order that we may discover the Real Deal. Was FDR a great hero of the twentieth century or the Red Devil? You decide.

"FDR was born January 30, 1882. He became the New York State Senator in 1910. From 1913 through 1920, he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy. In 1920, he became a Vice Presidential candidate. The years 1920 and 1921 were eventful. A Senate subcommittee concluded that FDR had committed perjury before a Naval Court of Inquiry. This was in relation to his investigation of a homosexual ring at the Newport, Rhode Island, Naval Station. As Assistant Secretary of the Navy, FDR had approved the use of men 'undercover' [pun intended] to entrap faggots. Young sailors were instructed and ordered by FDR's men to perform sodomy and the lewdest forms of homosexual acts imaginable.

"When it became an issue to the court, he lied about it. He had signed an order for the investigators to go all the way and absolutely take it 'to the limit.' Under oath, he denied that he had read what he had signed and swore that he had no idea what was in the order. What FDR stated was obviously untrue as he had personally taken charge of the case on June 11, 1919.

"As more facts arose, FDR more and more adamantly denied having any knowledge and stated that if he had known anything about it he would have stopped it. FDR remained arrogantly defiant as his testimony before the Naval Board of Inquiry in May, 1920, was blown to pieces. He was asked how he thought that evidence for sodomy could be obtained and his reply was 'I had no idea.' He was asked if he realized that the investigation of such matters very often has led to improper actions. He replied, 'I never had such an idea. Never entered my head.' He was also asked, 'How did you think evidence could be obtained?' To this question, he replied, 'I didn't think. If I had thought I would have supposed they had someone under the bed or looking over the transom.' The Senate subcommittee also found 'Roosevelt's actions displayed an utter lack of moral perspective' (See First Class Temperament, Geoffrey Ward, 1989, pgs. 488-90; Eleanor Roosevelt, Viking, 1992, vol. 1, pgs. 267-71).

"At the time of the publication of the Senate report, FDR contracted polio. He was broken in more ways than one. It seems evident that he was financially struggling. Reportedly as a condition of running for governor in 1928, he got a filthy Jew named Raskob to pay off his quarter million dollar debt. Backed by Jews and Jewish money, he won the election and became governor of Jew York, the stronghold of the Communist Party in the United States, thanks mostly to the influx of Russian Jews and hardcore Bolsheviks. The seeds of the 1929 Depression were sown in 1928 in New York State while FDR was governor. Herbert Hoover had begun implementing Marxist programs as President of the US, and then simply passed the ball to FDR. When FDR got the hand off, he pulled his ears in and ran like hell. The same Communist Jews working with Hoover later went on to work with FDR, but that's not to say that FDR didn't pick up his own Jew friends.

"Roosevelt opened the offices of the government as never before to Jews. Henry Morgenthau Jr., Samuel Rosenman [the one that coined the name New Deal], Felix Frankfurter, Benjamin Cohen, David Niles, Anna Rosenberg, Sidney Hillman, and David Dubinsky were among his closest advisors in politics and government. Rabbi Stephen Wise, the pre-eminent spokesman for American Zionism, and his daughter Justine Polier, were personal friends of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt with as much access to the White House as anyone' (America, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Holocaust, William J. Vanden Heuvel). (Bracketed words are added.)

"Roosevelt had served the Jews so well that they were only too glad to aid in securing his nomination to run for the presidential election. '[T]he Jewish support for Roosevelt in 1932 was so overwhelming that it seemed almost unanimous. Fuchs, who has carefully analyzed the balloting in heavily Jewish electoral districts, points out that FDR received 84.7% of the vote in the 20 most Jewish precincts of Ward 24 of Chicago (which is over 90% Jewish).

"In the same precincts, 96% of the voters supported Henry Horner, the Democratic candidate for Governor, who was a Jew. In New York City, presidential candidate Roosevelt and gubernatorial candidate Herbert Lehman (Jewish) carried 92% of the two-party vote (that is to say, excluding the Jewish vote for the Socialist and Communist candidates) in the 17th Assembly District Jews, even those of a secular bent, saw in Roosevelt's programs the embodiment of ideals which were deeply embedded in the ethical teachings of Judaism' (The Jew in American Politics, Nathaniel Weyl, 1968, Arlington House, pg. 100).

"During the campaign, FDR dispatched Jonathan Horwitz's Jewish grandson, William C. Bullitt, to become the first United States Ambassador to the USSR, during the same time that Uncle Sammy's twin brother Uncle Joe Stalin's Communist era was resulting in the deaths of 45 million white Ukrainians and Russians. Bullitt was no stranger to the Communist oppressors in Europe.

"In fact, he had worked closely as a liaison officer with them years before his involvement with FDR. Bullitt had been President Wilson's emissary to Lenin, and FDR considered him the perfect man for the task of making sure he was buddy-buddy with Stalin. Undoubtedly, William Bullitt had the qualifications that would foot the bill, but this was only the beginning of Bullitt's instigation that would play a major role in leading up to the Second World War.

"In 1933, FDR became President. He then imposed the 'New Deal,' a tyrannical, plutocratic, Communist program for a Jewish collectivist state. Roosevelt broke every promise he had made and did the exact opposite of what he had promised. 'I propose to you that the government, big and little, be made solvent and that the example be set by the President.' Roosevelt swore to 'reduce the cost of government operations twenty-five percent.'

"Was he lying? Oh, yes. From 1933 to 1936, government expenditures sky-rocketed up 83%. He confiscated the gold and made it practically illegal for Americans to own gold, doubling the price. He took the wealth from Americans and put it into the Jews' hands. Banks were shut down en mass and after only a few months this New Deal (or more precisely this Jew Deal) was such an utter failure that it had to be revamped in an attempt to salvage the program, and all this while the White House was being turned into a whorehouse. Roosevelt was a promiscuous man both before and after he got polio. He was preoccupied with his moral weaknesses, having affair after affair. This is only one side of the coin. On the other side you have Eleanor, the bisexual / lesbian, engaged in all manner of perverted escapades. Sort of reminds you of a recent American President, doesn't it?

"Huey Long, an accomplished orator and statesman, had pointed out many of the fallacies of Roosevelt and the Jew Deal and many people were starting to listen. Roosevelt had become alarmed at the up and coming man who was affectionately known as Kingfish, and was terrified at the prospect of Mr. Long becoming a presidential candidate. He knew that the Jews could not control all the strings in such an election, should it in fact take place, due to Long's immense popularity.

"FDR made several indirect threats, which included threatening to have the Kingfish killed. Long was fully aware of Roosevelt's plans and this was part of the reason he asked for his broadcast of March 7, 1935, to be put in the Congressional Record on March 12 of that same year. In the broadcast, he stated, 'It has been publicly announced that the White House orders of the Roosevelt administration have declared war on Huey Long.' Long thought that making this statement a matter of public record would be a deterrent and give him an edge of protection against FDR actually carrying out the threats.

"Unfortunately, this was not the case and Roosevelt's Jewish hit squad went to work getting the 'message' to some of Long's closest people, even personal bodyguards. The conspiracy to eliminate the up-and-coming Presidential election's opposition came to a head on September 8, 1935, when a Jewish doctor named Carl Weiss almost botched the deal.

"While he did manage to shoot Long, he had used a small caliber .22, which, of course, didn't finish the job. It seems clear now that all that was really desired was to make sure that Huey P. Long went to the hospital where another doctor was waiting to make sure Long never left the hospital.

"It is interesting to note that this same tactic was later exercised on the people's Presidential candidate George Wallace of Alabama. When one truly studies history, one cannot help but see that it is the left wing, Marxist, Communist Jews who are truly the perpetrators of violence and terrorism, while the so-called right wing has committed few violent crimes for political reasons.

"The Jewish physician Authur Vidrine knew that two of Louisiana's top surgeons were on their way from New Orleans. He knew they could easily save Huey's life. Though under qualified in comparison to the surgeons speedily on their way, he declared that he would have to perform emergency surgery before they had a chance to arrive. Long's kidney had been damaged.

"When preparing for and performing the 'operation', Vidrine gambled that by withholding a simple blood urine test that he knew Long desperately needed, that he could claim he had tried to save the man's life, but wasn't aware of everything that was needed to be done when he had his victim opened up.

"When the surgeons got in, they were appalled at Vidrine's obvious and calculatingly incompetent job. Thanks to Vidrine, who was soon to become Long's true assassin, it was determined that the patient, who had become very weak by this time, could not survive another operation and therefore there was nothing at this point that reasonably could be done.

"As a result of Long being withheld and/or not receiving proper medical attention, on September 10, 1935, at 4:06 a.m. he subsequently died. Thus, this 'doctor' had finished the incomplete work of the first. In retrospect and hindsight, it seems fair to speculate that the plan to eliminate Huey Long did not necessarily include the Jewish doctor Weiss to actually kill Huey Long but rather to attempt to kill him.

"Fortunately, Huey Long's bodyguards reacted with swift vengeance, shooting the Jewish doctor more than 30 times. Such a reaction was, to say the least, excessive. It is now probable that Huey's bodyguards wanted to make sure that Weiss was killed to forever silence his part in the conspiracy. The fanatical Jew Weiss may well have been a patsy, believing that he would simply hospitalize Long, while being tried for attempted murder under a new political regime in Louisiana, or at the least, be pardoned by the Roosevelt administration.

"When thinking of The Great Depression, many people know there was a stock market crash in 1929, but unless they have done some serious research or lived through it themselves they do not realize the true gravity of the situation. They think it just happened one day and it got tough for a while, but things improved in 1930; or, they simply do not know.

"Perhaps they never thought much about it and really don't care. The truth is that things did not improve in 1930 or 1931. 1929 was only the beginning of four consecutive depressions (plural) that lasted throughout the 1930's and that were only abated by the Jewish contrived World War II. In many ways, the late 1930's were worse than 1929. The New Deal, or shall we say Jew Deal, was a total failure. John L. Lewis, President of the United Mine Workers said in 1940:

"'Mr. Roosevelt made depression and unemployment a chronic fact in American
life.' Grace Abbott told the DNC: 'There is in Chicago and in a very large part of the country, more suffering than there was in 1933 when the President came to office. It is a common sight to see children salvaging food from garbage cans.' Almost unbelievably, the homosexual Winston Churchill said in 1937, 'The Washington administration has waged so ruthless a war on private enterprise that the US is actually leading the world back into the trough of depression.'

"These figures were compiled by the AFL and used by John Flynn in 1955 in his report in The Freeman: 'In 1932, when Roosevelt was elected, there were on relief 4,155,000 households, containing 16,620,000 persons. In 1940, eight years later, there were 4,227,000 households on relief, containing 16,908,000 persons. In this period farm employment fell off and has never recovered.' Yes, indeed, the New Deal was nothing but the Jew Deal.

"Cohen, Frankfurter, and Brandeis were but the top echelon. Other Jews joined the New Deal apparatus. Abe Fortas was assigned to the new SEC; Mordecai Ezekiel was sent in as the Agriculture Department's economist; Henry Morgenthau Jr. became Secretary of the Treasury; Charles Wyzanski went to the Labor Department; Isador Lubin took over the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in effect becoming F.D.R.'s economist; David Niles became the first of what is by now a line of special White House 'point men' for handling minorities' affairs; the young Joe Rauh became part of it, after serving as a law clerk first to Justice Cardozo, then to Frankfurter after his appointment to the court; and there were Bernard Baruch, David Lilienthal, and Sam Rosenman, to name a few others' (Jews and American Politics, Stephen Isaacs, 1977, Doubleday).

"Following are a few of the main points that FDR wanted to force feed the American public with the Jew Deal. Let us take special note that these governing principles advocated by Roosevelt almost exactly parallel the same tyrannical governing principles advocated by the world Communist Party, backed and endorsed by world Jewry, as Communism is an arm of international Zionism.

1). Impairment of all independent judicial powers. In plain language, the federalization of everything.

2). Eliminate any and all parliamentary principles. This meant complete control of Congress through money, bribes, and blackmail.

3). Strengthen and control, through Jewish Socialism, the entire economics of the nation. This was achieved with the implementation of the Federal Reserve.

4). Extend big Jew governmental executive powers to rule by Jewish regulations (of its own elite Jews' making) in all areas of life.

5). Wield complete power over the individual by giving him no personal rights as a citizen, thereby thwarting self-determination. This included the elimination of the Bill of Rights, especially stifling freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. In other words, make any opposition, dissenting voice, or dissident a political criminal. Part of Jewish Socialism is playing the word game of phony euphemisms attached to things the Jew desires to cover-up. A political crime would no longer be called a political crime, but a hate crime, to name but one example of Jew-speak.

6). Weaken all opposing powers whether religious, state and local governance or private enterprise. This would primarily be achieved with the plutocratic principle of 'anyone can be bought.' A relentless war on white man's culture was declared by the Jews on Christian Americans from the very first day the first congregation of Jews became a reality in the United States. Jews are responsible for all anti-Christian, anti-white culture philosophy. A few examples would include Spinoza, who advocated Humanism, and Hegel, who was embraced by the Jewish Communists. '[Engels was] in favor of the more systematic and all embracing philosophy of Hegel as expounded by the 'Young Hegelians,' a group of leftist intellectuals, including the theologian and historian Bruno Bauer and the anarchist Max Stirner. They accepted the Hegelian dialectic; basically that rational progress and historical change result from the conflict of opposing views, ending in a new synthesis As their first assault was directed against the foundations of Christianity '('Engels, Friedrich', The New Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 4, 15th ed., pg. 494). In plain language, they espoused and practiced the principle of attacking white culture by any means available to the hand of the Jew (including finance, philosophy, humor, religion, politics, etc.).

"I wonder how many of you know that the New Jew Deal was really the Old Jew Deal? If you happened to take a look up FDR's family tree, you might run into Clinton Roosevelt, who wrote a booklet entitled Science Of Government Founded On Natural Law (Dean & Trevett, NY). What makes this work important is that this little document contains most of the New Deal/Communist Manifesto. And what makes the thing interesting is that it came out in 1841, several years before Karl Marx's work! The truth is that both Clinton Roosevelt's Science and Karl Marx's Manifesto were plagiarizes of yet an earlier eighteenth century collection of writings by another Jew named Adam Weishaupt.

"Weishaupt died in 1830 and Clinton Roosevelt simply picked up the torch and passed it on to Marx. In 1849, Horace Greeley, the Jewphile, Jewite owner of the New York Tribune, the country's first national newspaper, and Clinton Roosevelt gave monetary support to the Communist League in London to assist the publication of Marx's Manifest der Kommunistichen Partei or Communist Manifesto (1848). Greeley put Marx right on the newspapers' payroll. Other financial contributors were, of course, the English Jew Stepney and the Hegel antichrist Engels.

"FDR worked directly with Earl Browder, Head Chairman of the American Communist Party, right inside the White House. 'The head of the Communist Party, USA, Earl Browder, worked on political deals with FDR. The arrangements were mutually beneficial. House Rules Chairman John O'Conner told the Senate Judiciary Committee that during 1938 and 1939, when Earl Browder was a frequent guest at the White House, he helped direct a 'purge' of conservative Democrats who had opposed FDR's policies. "'In fact,' the congressman acknowledged, 'during the President's 'purge' of 1938, Browder directed a purge operation from the White House, from which he telephoned instructions' ('The FDR Legacy: Lest We Forget,' William Hoar, The New American, 1997, Vol 13, No.13, June 23).

"Merle Thorpe, a Roosevelt supporter, wrote in 1935, 'We have given legislative status, either in whole or in part, to eight of the ten points of the Communist Manifesto of 1848; and, as some point out, done a better job of implementation than Russia.'

"The following is a comparison of the planks of the Communist Manifesto with but a part of the administration of Roosevelt. You can find those specifically created by Roosevelt listed by the inception dates. Be aware, the beginning dates are only part of the story because there were also some changes that occurred to those that were already in place.

Point 1: Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. [This was one of the first things Roosevelt called for, as early as his second inaugural address. He initiated several programs to help accomplish his goal, including the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.]

Point 2: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. [FDR certainly was responsible for making this an unpleasant fact of American life by creating the Wealth Tax Act, with-holding taxes, and was even pushing for a $25,000 earning limit. This made the Communist principle of the redistribution of wealth possible in the United States of America.]

Point 3: Abolition of all rights of inheritance. [Inheritance taxes, introduced in 1935, were the culmination of the graduated taxes begun earlier in 1913.]

Point 4: Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. [In 1941, Roosevelt confiscated the property of 117,000 Japanese on American soil and interred them in American concentration camps. Of course, Germans and Italians were affected as well, and none were paid any reparations for the crimes against them.] Point 5: Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. [The confiscation of gold in 1933 put the wealth in the hands of the Jews. Other parts to his diabolical plan included the Gold Reserve Act (1934) and the Banking Act (1935), which further removed the wealth from the American people.]

Point 6: Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state. [In addition to putting private air mail carriers out of business and using the Army to deliver mail in 1934, Roosevelt opened the gate to the enemy and the Jews bought out newspapers, radio and television stations. FDR also created several government agencies regulating communication and transport, including the Federal Trade Commission and put the already existing Interstate Commerce Commission on steroids.]

Point 7: Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state; the bringing into cultivation of wastelands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. [In addition to TVA, Roosevelt proposed several other Tennessee Valley Authority like projects and almost actually passed off the Property Seizure Bill that would have allowed confiscation of all private firearms and given him essentially a dictatorship, with complete power over all business and industry. Additionally, he created more big government, Jewish programs: National Recovery Administration, the Rural Electricification Administration, Public Works of Art Project, Farm Credit Administration, etc.]

Point 8: Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture. [Civilian Conservation Corps, Civil Works Administration, National Industrial Recovery Act, Work Progress Administration, etc.]

Point 9: Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equitable distribution of the populace over the country. [Resettlement Administration, etc.]

Point 10: Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. (Yeah, in its present form.) Combination of education with industrial production. [National Recovery Administration, among others.]

"Coincidence? The U.S. Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal wrote:

"'Played golf today with Joe Kennedy. I asked him about his conversations with Roosevelt and Neville Chamberlain from 1938 on. He said Chamberlain's position in 1938 was that England had nothing with which to fight and that she could not risk going to war with Hitler. Kennedy's view: That Hitler would have fought Russia without any later conflict with England if it had not been for Bullitt's urging on Roosevelt in the summer of 1939 that the Germans must be faced down about Poland; neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington. Bullitt, he said, kept telling Roosevelt that the Germans wouldn't fight; Kennedy that they would, and that they would overrun Europe. Chamberlain he says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war' (The Forrestal Diaries, 1951, Viking).

"The Supreme Court unanimously ruled FDR's National Recovery Administration unconstitutional [Schechter Poultry vs US, 295 US 495 (1935)]. And again the following year the Supreme Court ruled FDR's Agricultural Adjustment Act unconstitutional [Butler vs US, 297 US (1936)], stating that the AAA was 'a central government exercising uncontrolled police power in every state of the union.' This was the ludicrous, insane program that had farmers slaughter millions of their animals and needlessly plow under their crops. Production was so drastically cut that the US had to import produce from abroad. Importing America's major foodstuffs is a practice that today has become the norm.

"While FDR's Communist programs were helping those in the upper Jewish circles worldwide, the mass majority of the American public were suffering in abject poverty. Life in the city had become so bad that many people who could, because of ties with friends or relatives, left the cities, some literally starving, and returned to the countryside where there were potential sources of food. In the 1930's, many people still lived and worked family farms.

"Great numbers of these people had no money at all; their livelihood was from the land itself and their existence did not depend completely on the almighty dollar. If it had not been for the farmers and backwoods country folks, God only knows what would have become of those helpless victims of the FDR era of Communist rule. Today, the effects would no doubt increase a hundred fold.

"The criminal mind of FDR did not stop at this point. In the mid 1930's, Roosevelt wanted an established policy that the Russians could build armaments in the USA and vowed that if he couldn't give direct assistance, then he was going to funnel support to his comrades through England or elsewhere in Europe.

"Jewish war profiteers loomed on the horizon, foaming at the mouth. In the 1940 election campaign FDR promised over and over to keep the country out of war while he was doing absolutely everything in his power to involve America in a war. The honorable Congressman Hamilton Fish gave a radio address on the NBC network on April 5, 1939, in which he stated:

"'If Hitler and the Nazi government regain Memel or Danzig, taken away from Germany by the Versailles Treaty, and where the population is ninety percent German, why is it necessary to issue threats and denunciations and incite our people to war? We repudiated the Versailles Treaty because it was based on [Jewish] greed and hatred, and as long as its inequalities exist there are bound to be wars of liberation. The sooner certain provisions of the Versailles Treaty are scrapped the better for the peace of the world I believe that if the areas that are distinctly German in population are restored to Germany, except Alsace-Lorraine and the Tyrol, there will be no war in Western Europe.

"'There may be a war between the Nazis and the Communists, but if there is, that is not our war or that of Great Britain or France or any of the democracies New Deal spokesmen have stirred up war hysteria into a veritable frenzy. The New Deal propaganda machine is working overtime to prepare the minds of our people for war, who are already suffering from a bad case of war jitters President Roosevelt is the number one warmonger in America, and is largely responsible for the fear that pervades the nation I accuse the Administration of instigating war propaganda and hysteria to cover up the failure and collapse of the New Deal policies, with 12 million unemployed and business confidence destroyed.

"'The war profiteers, munitions makers and international bankers [Jews] are all set up for our participation in a new world war I believe we have far more to fear from our enemies from within [Jews] than we have from without. All the Communists [Jews] are united in urging us to go to war against Germany and Japan for the benefit of Soviet Russia' (Congressional Record Appendix, Washington, Vol. 84, Part 12, pgs. 1342-43). (Bracketed words have been added by the author.)

"The Jewish community had a man they could count on and they were trying to make sort of a cult leader out of FDR. They withheld information from the public at large concerning the real FDR, things they were afraid for the people to know, because they were afraid or knew people might react negatively. A perfect example of this was how they did not want the masses to know FDR was in a wheelchair. Many people even during WW 2 never knew he was a cripple. In 1944, FDR had a heart attack. The physicians told him it would kill him if he got over exerted and that he was not to work or be active over four hours a day. Almost unbelievably, it was still decided for Roosevelt to go on for a fourth term.

"Now, might I take a moment to remind you that by this time the country was right in the middle of a war. In 1944, FDR spent approximately two thirds of the year either in rest, medical treatment, or travel to get medical treatment. With no commander at the helm, the Jews had free reign to do whatever they pleased [not that FDR would have made any difference, being one of them].

"Nevertheless, FDR's health was an issue that the American people had a right to know about. For many months before the election, FDR had been utterly unfit physically to fulfill the duties of his office. With millions of lives hanging in the balance, to continue on with this man as President was nothing short of irresponsible.

"So you tell me, How would you think a reasonable person would have felt if he knew the facts? Give them Bob Hope and a few go-go dancers and the stupid goy will never know the difference Germany was thirty or forty years ahead of the rest of the world technologically speaking, and the Jew coveted Germany's achievements. FDR hated white men and he hated the concept of white civilization for any white people. No doubt Communism had suffered a loss in Germany when Chancellor Hitler was elected. Mr. Hitler stepped up to the plate and put it out of the park.

"Mr. Hitler did more in two years for his people than FDR ever accomplished throughout his whole entire Jew Deal or in his whole life, for that matter. But then, Mr. Hitler was working for the German people to rid his nation of the international parasite, the Jew Communist, and to truly work on behalf of the good interests of the German people. This cannot be said of Roosevelt. According to Roosevelt's own personal papers, this infuriated him to no end. Once, when aviation hero Charles Lindbergh came back from a visit to Germany and spread around a few compliments, Roosevelt became so enraged that he did everything he could to get Colonel Lindbergh, a national hero, stripped of his rank and thrown in jail. Roosevelt hated Lucky Lindy, and no doubt Lindy knew the truth.

"'The pressure for war is high and mounting. The people are opposed to it, but the Administration seems to have 'the bit in its teeth' and hell-bent on its way to war. Most of the Jewish interests in the country are behind war, and they control a huge part of our press and radio and most of our motion pictures the international financial interests, and many others' (The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh, May 1,1941, Harcourt Brace, 1970, pg. 481).

"All this, but when FDR spoke to his top aids concerning Russia, FDR made it clear when he said, 'We can let them have almost everything they want.' And, in fact, he did, because it was FDR who set-up his friends, the red bastards in Russia, with all the supplies and information they needed to build 'the bomb'. In this sense, he was responsible for the creation of the whole crazy Jewish Cold War as well. (See 'Hearings Regarding Shipment of Atomic Material to the Soviet Union During World War II', Eighty-first Congress, House of Representatives, Second Session, Committee on Un-American Activities, United States Government Printing Office, Washington,1950.)

"Hypocritically, the Rosenbergs, a Jewish couple who attempted to give atomic secrets to the Communists in Russia, were convicted in 1951 and executed in Sing Sing shortly thereafter after several appeals. Were these Jews chosen as martyrs to cover-up FDR's treasonous activities? Perhaps this is a question that remains to be answered.

"The Swedish explorer Sven Hedin expressed an insightful and sound perspective regarding Roosevelt's role in initiating World War II:

"The question of the way it came to a new world war is not only to be explained because of the foundation laid by the peace treaties of 1919, or in the suppression of Germany and her allies after the First World War, or on the continuation of the ancient policies of Great Britain and France. The decisive push came from the other side of the Atlantic.

"Roosevelt speaks of democracy and destroys it incessantly. He slanders as undemocratic and un-American those who admonish him in the name of peace and the preservation of the American way of life. He talks about freedom of speech and silences those who don't hold his opinion. He talks about freedom of religion and makes an alliance with Bolshevism. He talks about freedom from want, but cannot provide ten million of his own people with work, bread or shelter. He talks about freedom from fear of war while working for war, not only for his own people, but for the world, by inciting his country against the Axis powers when it might have united with them, and he thereby drove millions to their deaths. This war will go down in history as the war of President Roosevelt' (Amerika im Kampf der Kontinente, Brockhaus, Leipzig, 1943).

FDR wanted war, but not in just any way. He wanted to wage his war on Germany. October 8, 1941: Franklin Delano Roosevelt orders US vessels to fire upon German vessels on sight. Roosevelt blatantly lied to Congress and the American public on numerous occasions to try and get them to declare war on Germany.

They didn't buy FDR's nonsense and it only further destroyed his already shaky credibility with the public in general, and Congress as well. Remember, more than 75% of the American people were against getting involved in Roosevelt's Communist aggression against Germany. At this point he was even more angered and purposeful in throwing the USA into war against Mr. Hitler, the man he had without provocation grown to hate so much, and ironically of whom he was incredibly envious.

Within a week of his inauguration as President, Franklin D. Roosevelt invokes emergency war powers that effectively suspend the Constitution. Gold is confiscated from private citizens and the new currency is backed by a lien on all property, public and private, in the United States. (remember the land banks?)

A Carnegie Institution Genealogy; Roosevelt's Jewish Ancestry: A reprint from the October 18, 1936, Issue of "The Revelator," of Wichita, Kansas, Rev. G.B. Winrod, Editor.

The chart shown below has come as a socking revelation to millions of American citizens. It explains things in connection with Roosevelt's Administration which can not otherwise be understood.

Famous Sons of Famous Fathers:

The Roosevelts

The Roosevelt Lineage

Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt Wife Jannetje Samuels or Hamel or Thomas

Nicholas R. Wife (1682) Heyltje Jans Kunsy

Johannes R. Wife (1708) Heyltje Syvert or Hilote Syverts

Jacobus R. Wife (1746) Annetja Bogart

Jacobus R. I Wife (1793) Maria van Schaack

Carnelius van Schaack R. Wife Margarey Barnhill

Theodore R. Wife Martha Bulloch

Elliott R. Wife Ann Rebecca Hall

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Jacobus Wife (1719) Catherine Hadenroock

Isaac Roosevelt Wife (1752) Cornelia Hoffman

James Roosevelt Wife (1786) Maria Walton

Isaac Roosevelt Wife Mary E. Aspinwall

James Roosevelt Wife Sarah Delano

(Genealogical chart prepared in the Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C., under direction of Dr. H.H. Laughlin, per Asso. Press dispatch March 7, 1934. In the Daily Citizen of Tucson, Arizona a similar chart was published by the Washington, D.C., Star, of February 29, 1934)

Even a hasty perusal of this factual document convinces one as to the President's Jewish ancestry. From the viewpoint of eugenics, it explains his natural bent toward radicalism.

It shows why he has given hundreds of so-called Liberals, Socialists and Communists powerful positions in the national government. It reveals the origin of the sinister spirit which today animates the White House. It proves unmistakably, that the Roosevelt Administration offers a biological, as well as a political problem.

The New York Times of March 14, 1935, quotes the President as saying: "In the distant past my ancestors may have been Jews. All I know about the origin of the Roosevelt family is that they are apparently descended form Claes Martenszen van Roosevelt, who came from Holland."

Additional information regarding the nationality of the Roosevelt family, was given by Chase S. Osborn, early in 1934, at St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Osborn was formerly Governor of Michigan. The leading newspaper of the city (The Times) carried the following report after the interview:

"Although a Republican, the former Governor has a sincere regard for President Roosevelt and his policies. He referred to the 'Jewish ancestry' of the President, explaining how he is a descendant of the Rossocampo family expelled from Spain in 1620. Seeking safety in German, Holland and other countries, members of the family, he said, changed their name to Rosenberg, Rosenbaum, Rosenblum, Rosenvelt and Rosenthal.

"The Roosevelts in North Holland finally became Roosevelt, soon becoming apostates with the first generation and others following suit until, the fourth generation, a little storekeeper by the name of Jacobus Roosevelt was the only one who remained true to His Jewish Faith. It is because of this Jewish ancestry, former Governor Osborn said, that President Roosevelt has the trend of economic safety (?) In his veins."

Roosevelt inevitably draws upon his Jewish ancestry. It is, therefore, as natural for him to be a radical, as it is for others to be true Americans. This is why he can boast of flouting conventionalities, and publicly gloat over destroying those traditions which are fundamental to our national character. HE IS NOT ONE OF US! This may also explain why he attaches so little importance to his word of honor, and has no hesitation in breaking his promises.

It is to be doubted if he, himself, understands the inner forces that surge through his being, driving him further and further toward the Left! It's in his blood. Meanwhile, the result of 160 years' constructive effort on the part of Christian patriots threatens to be swept away.

For this reason, one of his first official acts after becoming President, was to invite Finklestein alias Litvinoff, to the White House for the purpose of establishing diplomatic relations with the Jewish dictatorship of Moscow. For this reason, he has appointed Jewish Ambassadors to such strategic diplomatic posts as Paris, Stockholm and Moscow. For this reason, Bernard Baruch has lately been called "the unofficial President of the United States."

For this reason a super-cabinet, known as the "Brain Trust" an organization of appointees denominated by powerful Jewish intellects, has been set up to usurp constitutional powers of our duly elected lawmakers.

We do not condemn Roosevelt for coming from Jewish stock. We condemn him for being a leader in the international radical movement which is throwing Gentile governments, the world over, into convulsions. In like manner, the Jewish mind is incapable of assimilating the Christian and American viewpoints sufficiently, to risk placing the destiny of 120,000,000 human beings in the hands of a few members of their people. (End of Reprint)

Confirmation From Other Sources: In the 1938 "World Almanac" under the heading "Biographies of U.S. Presidents and their wives," page 237, appears:

"Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the son of James Roosevelt, a direct descendant of Ciaes Martenzen van Rosenvelt, who arrived in New Amsterdam in 1649 and married Jannetje Samuels."

The following is from "The House of Roosevelt" by Paul Haber, 1936 edition:

"Claes Rosenvelt entered the cloth business in New York, and was married in 1682. He accumulated a fortune. He then changed his name to Nicholas Roosevelt. Of his four sons, Isaac died young. Nicholas married Sarah Solomons. Jacobus married Catherina Hardenburg. The Roosevelts were not a fighting but a peace-loving people, devoted to trade. Isaac became a capitalist. He founded the Bank of New York in 1790."

The American Freedom Magazine of Los Angeles, Calif., April, 1938, issue, reproduced the quotation below:

"In and address to the National Convention of the D.A.R., President F.D. Roosevelt said that he too was of revolutionary ancestry. BUT NOT A ROOSEVELT WAS IN THE AMERICAN ARMY. They were Tories, busy entertaining British officers. The first Roosevelt came to America in 1649. His name was Claes Rosenfelt. He was Jew. Nicholas the son of Claes, was the ancestor of both Franklin and Theodore. He married a Jewish girl named Kunst in 1682. Nicholas had a son named Jacobus Rosenfelt. In the family tree there are 351 persons bearing biblical names of the tribe of Israel." (From the Corvallis Gazette-Times, of Corvallis, Oregon).

FDR's "Distinguished service to Jewry" New York Jews having designed and struck off a medal with the head of Roosevelt on one side and the six point Solomon Star, synagogue symbol of possession and world power, on the other, with a mystical so-called "Good Luck" idiom in the center of the star, the undersigned and his associates investigated to ascertain the significance, if any, and report the implications: "Good Luck and Wisdom to Franklin D. Roosevelt, our Modern Moses, Leading Jewry in 'The Promised Land' (America) under the 'Seal of Solomon.'"

The following New York item was published from Coast to Coast under an Associated Press date line of May 8, 1937:

"President Roosevelt will receive the tenth award of the Gottheil Medal for 'Distinguished services to Jewry.'"

Another such Jewish medal was given him December 22, 1938, according to the New York Herald-Tribune of December 23, 1938.

What "distinguished services" has Roosevelt rendered to Jewry?

Professor H.J. Laski, Jewish Socialist of England, was quoted in the London "Fascist" of January 1935, thus:

"If the experiment for which Roosevelt is responsible, should in any serious degree break down, as a result of the association with it of a number of eminent Jews, there would be an outbreak of Anti-Semitism in the U.S. more profound than anything Anglo-Saxon Civilization has so far known."

The National Elections of 1938 show the Roosevelt experiment is breaking down; and New York City is Pogrom-Conscious!

The Delanos Jewish Also: Writing in the "Hadendreuzbanner" of May 14, 1939, Professor Dr. Johann van Leers of Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, publishes an exhaustive analysis of Roosevelt's ancestry. While it is apparent that the authorities quoted are not convinced regarding the authenticity of the Holland Rossocampo-Roosevelt Jewish genealogy, a new discover is quoted to show that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's mother; Sarah Delano, is from a Jewish-blood family.

"At once the veil falls" comments Dr. von Leers:

"The President's father married Sarah Delano; and it become clear. Schmalix (genealogist) writes: 'In the seventh generation we see the mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as being of Jewish descent. The Delanos are descendants of Italian or Spanish Jewish family; Dilano, Dilan, Dillano. The Jew Delano drafted an agreement with the West Indies Co., in 1657 regarding the colonization of the island of Curacao. About this the directors of the West Indies Co., had correspondence with the Governor of New Holland.

"In 1624 numerous Jews had settled in North Brazil, which was under Dutch Dominion. The old German traveler Uienoff, who was in Brazil between 1640 and 1649, reports: 'Among the Jewish settlers the greatest number had emigrated from Holland. The reputation of the Jews was so bad that the Dutch Governor Stuyvesant (1655) demanded that their immigration be prohibited in the newly founded colony of New Amsterdam (the New York of today). It would be interesting to investigate whether the Family Delano belonged to these Jews whom the Dutch Governor did not want. It is known that the Sephardic Jewish families which came from Span and Portugal always inter-married; and the assumption exits that the Family Delano, despite Christian-confession, remained purely Jewish so far as religion is concerned.'"

Jewish mothers bear heredity:

"What results? The mother of President Roosevelt was a Delano. According to Jewish Law (Schulchan Aruk, Ebenaezer IV) the woman is the bearer of the heredity. That means: children of a full-blooded Jewess and a Christian are, according to Jewish Law, Jews. It is probable that the Family Delano kept the Jewish blood clean, and that President Roosevelt, according to Jewish Law, is a blooded Jew even if one assumes that the father of the President was Aryan.

"We can understand why Jewish associations call him the 'New Moses;' why he gets Jewish medals; highest orders of the Jewish people. For every Jew who is acquainted with the law, he is evidently one of them. The secret surrounding President Roosevelt solves itself though the assiduous investigations of Schmalix.' In this connection it is noteworthy that Who's Who in American Jewry lists the New York Brentanos as Jewish; Sephardics from Italy or Spain. Delano and Brentano end with "o." Jews expelled from Brazil settled in the U.S. Genealogist Schmalix is quoted in the article mentioned as saying: "When the Delanos changed to the Christian religion can only be ascertained by further investigations in America."

With this alleged Jewish Delano descent added to the other records herein the fact that New York Jews on the East Side constantly refer to the President proudly as "Rosenvelt," it would seem that Dr. von Leers, in his letter of May 14, 1939, to the undersigned, transmitting his latest discoveries, is justified in exclaiming: "It being true that the Delanos are well-known Jews from the Netherlands, President Roosevelt is, from the standpoint of Jewish Heredity Law, as good Jew as Bernard M. Baruch."

Baruch is a Sephardic Jew, whose family is reported to have come from Europe via Brazil to North America. Signed Robert Edward Edmonton.

So this explains why Roosevelt, coming from a prominent and wealthy family, moved America into the direct path toward Communism. The Jewish name's in FDR's family stand out; Samuels, Schaak, and Jacobus. Since Jews frequently intermarry with their relatives, Roosevelt's wife was a distant cousin and a niece of former President Theodore Roosevelt.

The Universal Jewish Dictionary of 1943 states:

"Sara Delano Roosevelt, born 1855 and died 1941, was often the guest and advisor to Jewish institutions. After her death, the Roosevelt New York City home was bought by the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation and converted into the Sara Delano Roosevelt Interfaith House for students of Hunter College."

FDR was extremely pro-Zionist from the very beginning of his political career and was often honored by Jews. Henry Morgenthau, Jr.; Bernard Baruch and Samuel Rosenman were among the Jews who influenced his twelve years of office. Thus you can see how Jewish Communism penetrated so deeply into the American government, in spite of the warnings from early American leaders, such as Benjamin Franklin, who warned that this would happen.

The American Jewish Congress, led by Rabbi Stephen Wise and Samuel Untermayer, join the war movement, calling on all Jews to unite in a 'Holy War' against Nazism. In a speech given on 11 February 1933, Henry Morgenthau states: 'The U.S. has entered the phase of a second war.' Other Jewish leaders join in the chorus. This is six years before the 'start' of World War II with the German invasion of Poland (formerly East Prussia), and almost nine years before Pearl Harbor.

Total membership of the Communist Party in America is estimated by Earl Browder at 1,200,000. There are over 600 Jewish radical and Communist newspapers and Jewish periodicals being published in the U.S.

Strange times are these in which we live
when old and young are taught in falsehoods school.
And the one man that dares to tell the truth
is called at once a lunatic and fool

The above article has been partly taken from www.nationalistfreepress.com, Volume 1, Number 3.
Revisionism Politics

08-16-2005, 03:56 PM
Thanks Draken for the Rosenvelt article. It's amazing how many hidden agendas were pulled over the public 70 years ago. Should we be surprised when it still happens?

Just to re-iterate:

An American General, Albert C. Wedemeyer, was convinced that Russia was the only winner of World War II. He said: “Stalin was intent on creating favorable conditions for the realization of Communist aims throughout the Balkans and Western Europe. He emerged as the only winner of the War. We insured the emergence of a more hostile, menacing predatory power than Nazi Germany, one which has enslaved more people than we liberated.”


Which also co-incides with Orwells observation that Russia was well favoured in 1930's British intelligentsia. The worldwide elite clearly wanted Russia to move up in strength and influence.

from britannica..

Albert C. Wedemeyer

born July 9, 1897, Omaha, Neb., U.S.
died Dec. 17, 1989, Ft. Belvoir, Va.

U.S. army officer.

He graduated from West Point and served in China, the Philippines, and Europe until World War II. As a staff officer in the war-plans division of the U.S. War Department (1941–43), he was the principal author of the 1941 Victory Program for U.S. entry into the war and helped plan strategies such as the Normandy Campaign. He became chief of staff to Gen. Chiang Kai-shek and commander of U.S. forces in China (1944–46). He retired in 1951 and was promoted to general in 1954.

a better bio with picture:


that hints that he disapproved of US post war policy against communism. He probably could see that the US was promoting it.

from http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v11/v11p495_Manion.html

Says Wedemeyer, and I quote: "The Soviet colossus would not now bestride half the world had the United States kept out of war -- at least until Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany had exhausted each other. But Franklin D. Roosevelt, the proclaimed champion of democracy," continues the General, "was as successful as any dictator could have been in keeping Congress and the public in ignorance of his secret commitments to Britain. Commitments which flouted the will and the wishes of the voters who had reelected him only after he had assured them that he would keep us out of the war. The fact that Japan's attack had been deliberately provoked was obscured by the disaster at Pearl Harbor," says Wedemeyer. "President Roosevelt had maneuvered us into the war by his patently unneutral actions against Germany and the final ultimatum against Japan."

So much for the beginning of the Wedemeyer Reports! Near the conclusion we find this, and I quote again:

"On December 4th, 1941, we received definite information from two independent sources that Japan would attack the United States and Britain, but would maintain peace with Russia. On December 6, our intercepts told us, the Japanese would strike somewhere the very next day. President Roosevelt," he says "had ample time to broadcast a warning that might have caused the Japanese to call off the attack." "In any event," continues the General, "we would not have permitted 3,500 Americans to die in Hawaii without an opportunity to fight back."

08-18-2005, 11:32 PM
I don't necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed in this little article but as far as the historical and political facts are concerned it's accurate.


<a href="http://www.nationalist.org/docs/reports/arrowcross.html">Anti-Communist cause resurgent</a>
Similarities and distinctions

In Hungary, there is a government prohibition against what Americans call the Crosstar and what Hungarians call the Arrowcross. The two are similar, but different, from different origins. In Budapest, if someone wears the Arrowcross, the police will come and take him away and lock him up in prison. On the other hand, the Red Star of communism is openly displayed. It is seen woven into dresses and on beer glasses. It even has been displayed in fireworks which were supposed to be honoring King Stephen, the great Hungarian hero. The term "Hungarianism" traces back to the founding of the Arrowcross Party by Ferenc Szalasi. The Arrowcross was the symbol of "Hungarianism," long ago, which would be the counterpart to what Americans call "Americanism." Intense patriotism. Ardent Nationalism. Consummate devotion. All for land, people, blood and honor.

There is much heroism connected to the Arrowcross, as well. Under that symbol, Hungarians fought against the Communists, the same as Americans fought against the Reds in Vietnam under the Crosstar. Both Americans and Hungarians have suffered beyond what mere words can describe in the most bitter of battles, in the name of freedom. Ince Hunya wrote home from what he referred to as "this dirty Russian land" on April 2, 1944 that he was fighting "to be worthy of you." He added, "Pray for me, because I will never be coming back home, again." On July 24, 1944, just before he was killed, he wrote: "I feel good, but I have pain in my leg when I walk because I have been shot beneath the knee. But the doctors removed the bullet. I am returning now to the battlefield, where I am prepared to give my life for my country." So,both Hungarians and Americans have lost wars to the Communists. First the Russians hauling down the Hungarian flag in Budapest, then the Viet Cong trashing the American flag in Saigon.

Struggle against occupation

Some have characterized the four-pointed symbol as representing "lost causes" in the fight against North Vietnam and the Soviet Union, but Nationalists insist that the fight goes on. One difference between the defeat of Hungary and the defeat of America is that none of America's actual homeland was lost, whereas Hungary lost two-thirds of its homeland. Then, too, Hungary suffered the most horrible of occupations under such names as Cohen, Augstein, Schwartz, Schreiber, Roth, Honig, Weinberger and Lefkowitz installed by Moscow in 1956. However, their counterparts, Wolfowitz, Fleischer, Bolten, Grossman, Goldman, Brodman and Bloomfield, were installed over the White House in 2001, as well, under the "special-relationship" imposed by the Israeli Lobby. So, while there are differences, there also are similarities between the American and Hungarian cause and symbolism in lifting the Red yoke.

In Budapest, a musical group was broken up by officials because it used the Arrowcross as its insignia and Justice for Hungary as its slogan. In Mississippi, the State Fair Commission banned Nationalists from erecting an exhibition using the Crosstar and slogan America for Americans under a regulation prohibiting "racial materials." In Hungary, many Nationalists have had to work underground, whereas in America they have had the Fair regulation struck down as a violation of the First Amendment. In Hungary, Nationalists openly conduct their Day of Honor, although Communists have attacked the assembly and police have been slow to protect the participants. In America, Henry Schaad Day has been celebrated, with the Crosstar flying openly at City Hall in York, Pennsylvania, with police, under court-order, protecting the participants and, even, arresting the Reds. One thing seems certain. The Red Star is setting. And the Crosstar is rising.

08-22-2005, 03:12 PM
After all the talk on if, how, when the Communist take-over of America is going to happen, this is one of their modus operandi.

Before going any further I have to point out that the Communist take-over has been continuously going on since AT LEAST the Bolshevik Revolution, and I would say it is now in its final stages.

Christopher Story (check out his two books <a href="http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/booklists/singlelink.php?cid=6&lid=5&PHPSESSID=0593d969b78419a461d8f18d91cb790e">HERE</a> and <a href="http://www.clubconspiracy.com/modules/booklists/singlelink.php?cid=6&lid=30&PHPSESSID=0593d969b78419a461d8f18d91cb790e">HERE</a>) calls it "criminalism" which the "Russian" Marxist-Leninist long-term strategists in Kreml have been planning to unleash on the world since the days of Lenin and Stalin.

The use of a Fifth Column is wellknown and has been used throughout history. One of the most recent applications of this strategy was during the two world wars and in their respective aftermaths.


<a href="http://www.ety.com/HRP/jewishstudies/jewmob.htm">American Dissident Voices Broadcast of July 22, 2000

The Jewish Mob in America</a>

By Dr. William Pierce

I promised last week that I would tell you in more detail about what organized Jewish criminals are doing in the United States, and that’s what I'll do today. Actually, I've discussed this subject with you a few times in the past, especially in my broadcast of May 16, 1998, which was titled "Paying the Organizatsiya." There have been many new developments in Jewish organized crime during the past few years, and although the mass media have carefully avoided talking about these developments, never using the word "Jew" and referring only to "Russian" organized crime when they do occasionally mention the subject, a new book was published just a few weeks ago by Little, Brown and Company, which provides an up-to-date and reasonably good introduction to the topic of Jewish organized crime. I'll refer occasionally to the book during today’s broadcast. The title of the book is Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America.

Interestingly enough, the author of the book, Robert Friedman, is a Jew himself, which just goes to show that when there's money to be made, whether in selling books or pushing drugs, Jews will even turn on each other. Certainly, the Jewish gangsters turn on each other often enough in Friedman's account. Both in Russia and in the United States, members of the Jewish mobs machine-gun and bomb each other today even more readily than the members of the Italian gangs used to shoot it out in Chicago back in the 1930s. And although Friedman adopts the standard media ploy of referring to the gangsters as "Russians," he really cannot help revealing that nearly all of them are Jews.

For example, when he comments on the reluctance of the FBI and local and state police to crack down on the so-called "Russian Mafiya" or even to investigate it, he notes, and I quote: ". . . [I]n general, state and Federal law enforcement agencies were loath to go after Russian mobsters, instead devoting their energies to bagging Italian wise guys .. . . And because the Russian mob was mostly Jewish, it was a political hot potato, especially in the New York area." -- end quote --

Friedman even points out that the mainstream, "respectable" Jewish organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B’rith, pressured the police agencies to take it easy on their kinsmen in the Jewish crime gangs, claiming that any publicity associated with investigations or arrests would -- quote -- "foster anti-Semitism" and lead the Gentile public to protest against the continued influx of Jewish gangsters into the United States from the Soviet Union as refugees." Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, however, writes Friedman, and again I quote: "Jewish organizations continued to lobby the Justice Department to downplay the threat posed by the Russian mob. 'The Russian Mafia has the lowest priority on the criminal pecking order,' admitted FBI spokesman Joe Valiquette during a1992 interview." -- end quote -- Well, I'm sure it hasn't been too difficult lobbying the Clinton Justice Department to be nice to Jewish gangsters, since they have been the source of so much of Clinton’s campaign money.

The Anti-Defamation League, of course, has a long history of cozy associations with Jewish crime bosses and with the FBI, giving the Jewish pressure group a great advantage in pulling the necessary strings to shelter the most important of the Jewish gangsters from prosecution. And it wasn't just the Anti-Defamation League which sheltered the flood of Jewish thugs, extortionists, murderers, drug dealers, White slavers, and racketeers pouring in from Russia. The Jewish religious establishment in America did everything it could to facilitate the influx. That's a noteworthy point because the Jewish gangsters are portrayed by apologists for the Jews as being barely Jewish, Jews with no real consciousness of being Jewish, while the Jewish religious establishment is portrayed as being a pious bunch of rabbis, especially the Orthodox Jewish establishment. Actually it was in the Orthodox establishment that the gangsters formed their most useful connections.

The Daily Telegraph
Jan. 30, 1997, p. 16:

"Economists estimate that since 1992, more than £90 billion has been exported ille-gally from Russia. Favorite destinations are Israel ..."

Friedman points out that the first of the Jewish mob's godfathers in the United States, Evsei Agron, owed his crime career to a politically connected Orthodox rabbi, Ronald Greenwald. Rabbi Greenwald had gotten his political connections working for Richard Nixon's 1972 reelection campaign. He was Nixon's ambassador to the Jewish community. In the 1980s Rabbi Greenwald became mob boss Agron's one-Jew think tank and facilitator. Mob insiders report that most of Agron's rackets were planned in Rabbi Greenwald's Manhattan office. A leading mob member in Toronto, Joseph Sigalov, is also a leader in Canada's Orthodox Jewish community and the publisher of an influential Orthodox newspaper.

So, if these Jewish mobsters get invited to Democratic Party fund raisers and serve as advisers to Republican reelection committees and are intight with the Orthodox Jewish religious establishment, and if the FBI thinks they're not really as important as the Italian gangsters, maybe we shouldn't worry about them either. Maybe they're really not such bad guys. Maybe they're just nice, Jewish boys who sometimes step over the line and break the law.

Well, the Italian gangsters certainly don't look at them that way. A member of the John Gotti gang in New York was recorded with a wiretap warning an acquaintance: -- quote -- "We Italians will kill you. But the Russians are crazy -- they'll kill your whole family." -- end quote --This view also is shared by policemen who have had to deal with the Jews. A New York City policeman told Friedman, and I quote: "The Russians are ruthless and crazy. It's a bad combination. They'll shoot you just to see if their gun works."

One leading Jewish gangster in the United States, Monya Elson, was a hitman, a contract killer, before he became a gang boss. He began by murdering Ukrainians in Kishinev, his home town. Then he went to Moscow and murdered Russians. Then he came to America and began murdering Americans. He boasts that he has more than 100 confirmed kills. And it’s not just that the Jews are more ruthless, vicious, and bloodthirsty than the members of the Italian Mafia. They are smarter, better organized, better protected politically, and much greedier: while the Mafia is stealing a million dollars, the Jews are stealing a billion. Finally, there are many more Jewish gangsters in America than Italian Mafia members. By the early 1990s there already were some 5,000 hard-core Jewish gangsters from the former Soviet Union operating in the New York area alone. That's more than the members of all of the Italian Mafia families in the United States.

And the Jews are continuing to pour into the country from Russia. The current flood began nearly 30 years ago, when corrupt politicians in the Congress, working with mainstream Jewish organizations and the Jewish media, enacted legislation which opened a sewer line from the Soviet-Jewish underworld to America. The late Washington Democratic Senator Henry Jackson, who never went to the bathroom without getting permission from the Jews, spearheaded the effort to tie trade agreements between the United States and the Soviet Union to an increase in the flow of Jews from the Soviet Union to the United States.

The pretext for giving special status to Jews, for using U.S. economic power to persuade the Soviet government to permit Jews to leave when no one else could leave, for allowing the Jews who left to come to the United States without the usual immigration background checks -- even for having American taxpayers foot the bill for flying them over here and then pay for subsidized housing, food stamps, and other special benefits for them -- all of this was based on the pretext that Jews were persecuted in the Soviet Union. The mass media over here portrayed the Jews in the Soviet Union as the principal victims of communism, rather than as its originators and its principal beneficiaries. That's an especially egregious example of the Jews' "big lie" technique, in which they brazenly stand the truth on its head, because with their monopoly control of the media there is no one to contradict them.

Friedman interviewed a well-known Jewish gangster in Miami, known to his associates as "Tarzan." His real name is Ludwig Fainberg. He came to the United States from Ukraine, a country whose natives have traditionally hated the Jews, for very good reasons. Fainberg is not a religious Jew, but he certainly is very Jewish, the kind of Jew the real Ukrainians instinctively despise. But was Fainberg persecuted in Ukraine? Hardly. Friedman reports, and I quote: "To . . . [Fainberg] being Jewish simply meant having certain privileges. 'Jews were the richest people in town, ‘he told me. 'Jews had cars, Jews had money, Jews lived in nice apartments. We were comfortable. My mother had nice clothes and jewelry. We took a vacation once a year to Odessa, a stunning city with a boardwalk and gorgeous beaches. It was filled with mobsters and entertainers. It was a city with a Jewish flavor.'" -- end of quote --Fainberg is describing his life as a Jew in Ukraine in the 1960s and 1970s at the height of the supposed persecution of Jews by the communist regime. There was persecution, all right, but it was the Ukrainians who were persecuted by the Jews, not the other way around.

The same story is told by other Jewish gangsters. Marat Balagula, the Jewish godfather of organized crime who succeeded Evsei Agron in New York after the latter was assassinated, also came from Ukraine. He told Friedman, and I quote: "Jews had some of the best positions in the country, They were the big artists, musicians -- they had big money." -- end of quote --

The Soviet government did crack down on dissidents of all races, of course, and this included those Jews who tried to undermine the government’s policy in the Middle East because they considered it pro-Arab, just as it included Ukrainian nationalists and other ethnic separatist groups. But it did not include members of the Jewish organized crime gangs, who were not dissidents. The Jewish criminals --and the Jews generally -- were happy with the situation in the Soviet Union, because it allowed them to exploit the Russians and the Ukrainians. They already were living high on the hog in the Soviet Union when their Jewish kinsmen in the United States opened the border to the Promised Land for them, and they seized the opportunity to live even higher on the hog.

The collapse of communism made things worse for the real Russians and Ukrainians, because it destroyed the order in their countries and allowed the Jews to run wild, plundering and pillaging at will. But it did not dampen the desire of many of them to come to the United States and plunder and pillage even more. Friedman quotes Boris Urov, formerly the chief investigator of major crimes for the Russian attorney general. Urov said, and I quote: "It's wonderful that the Iron Curtain is gone, but it was a shield for the West. Now we've opened the gates, and this is very dangerous for the world. America is getting Russian criminals. Nobody will have the resources to stop them. You people in the West don’t know our Mafiya yet. You will. You will!" -- end quote --

The name of the game in Russia after the breakup of the USSR in 1991 was "privatization." It was praised by the bought politicians and the controlled media in the West as a giant step toward a free-enterprise society, with inefficiently managed state-owned enterprises and natural resources being sold to private businessmen, who, spurred by the profit-motive, would manage everything much more efficiently, resulting in a great increase in Russian productivity and prosperity. That was the theory. Actually, privatization was a massive looting of Russia's wealth by the Jews. The Jewish bureaucrats inside the government made "sweetheart" deals with the Jewish mobsters outside the government, who in any case were the only citizens with the capital to buy anything.

Everything which previously had been owned, in theory, by all the people collectively and managed by the state ended up in the hands of the Jews, and the Russian people had nothing, not even in theory. Instead of becoming more prosperous, the Russian economy has declined every year since the end of communism in 1991. The Russian people have been reduced to a state of beggary. While Russian and Ukrainian peasants kill one another fighting over a few potatoes in the fields, in Moscow and St.Petersburg and Odessa Jews cruise the boulevards in their Mercedes, wearing diamonds and furs, eating in glitzy restaurants where a mealcosts more than a real Russian earns in a month, and patronizing sexclubs stocked with beautiful Russian women.

The Jews aren't even trying to use the stolen wealth of Russia to get the country back on its feet. Like a plague of locusts they have devoured everything they could, and the rest they have moved out of the country. Hundreds of billions of dollars of Russia's capital is taken out of the country every year by the Jews as the looting continues. It’s not just that they want to be the richest people in a rejuvenated, capitalist Russia. Their greed is purely destructive. It's a grab-and-run operation. When the U.S. government, through the International Monetary Fund, sends billions of dollars in loans to Russia, it simply disappears. The Jews squirrel it away, and it's never seen again in Russia. And over here the politicians pretend that they don’t know what's going on.

But they do know what's going on. The CIA's spies send a steady stream of reports back to Washington. They reported that Boris Yeltsin and the crowd around him were all on the take and were controlled by the Organizatsiya. But the Bush administration and then the Clinton administration pretended not to know. All the Bushites and the Clintonistas cared about was that Yeltsin was the candidate being promoted by the Jews in Russia -- and of course, by the Jew-controlled media over here -- and so they promoted him too.

I don't know whether or not you remember when Yeltsin was running for reelection in 1996, but I do. All of the Jewish media people over here were sweating it. They were afraid that a real Russian nationalist, a Russian patriot, might win. The Clinton government was holding out the promise of more money for Russia only if Yeltsin won. In fact, Bill Clinton was campaigning as hard for Yeltsin's reelection as Yeltsin was.

I'll tell you what would have happened if an honest and intelligent Russian nationalist had won instead of Yeltsin. He would have replaced the key leaders in the Army and the secret police with people he could trust. He would have done this carefully but quickly. And then he would have sealed Russia's borders and halted communications with the rest of the world for perhaps 48 hours. At the end of that time there would not have been a Jew or a collaborator with the Jews left alive in all of Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church would make him a saint, and the Russian people would remember him with gratitude and affection for as long as the Russian nation lasted. But of course, with all of the Jew-controlled media in Russia pushing hard for Yeltsin, and with plenty of vote-stealing going on, Yeltsin was reelected, and the looting of Russia continued.

And in America the Jewish mob has continued to consolidate its power. The Miami gangster, Ludwig Fainberg, was really gloating when he explained to Friedman the difference between the Jewish situation in Russia and the American situation and what the Jewish gangsters have in mind for America. The Jews of Russia are cunning predators, he explained. That's the way they have survived the hard conditions therefor centuries. But the Americans are soft and trusting, like sheep ready to be fleeced and slaughtered. American laws were made only to be broken by the Jews.

A New York police detective lamented to Friedman, and I quote: "Why are we being victimized by non-citizens who can run to Israel or Russia and can’t be extradited? The Russian gangsters have told me that they’ve come here to suck our country dry. . . . How did the Russian mob become so entrenched? They are into Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid fraud. Why is it that every ambulance service in Brooklyn is run by The Russian mob? Why are so many of their doctors practicing without al license? They have invaded Wall Street from boiler-room operations to brokerage houses. Nothing is too small for them to steal. Even the guys with the multi-million-dollar Medicare scam still have to have their food stamps." -- end of quote --

I'll add two comments to Friedman's report on Jewish organized crime in America. First, it will not be stopped, regardless of whether Al Gore or George Bush wins the White House this year. The FBI has essentially put the Italian Mafia out of business in the United States during the past decade, but it won't put the Jewish Mafiya out of business, and the reason is that the Jews have vastly more money at their disposal for corrupting the system than the Italians ever did, and America is rapidly becoming as corruptible as Russia.

In fact, I have a strong suspicion that the reason the FBI suddenly made a major effort to cripple the Italian Mafia was to make room for the Jews. The Italians and the Sicilians thought they had the fix in, but the Jews trumped them with a bigger fix. In the sort of country America has become since the Second World War, any criminal organization run by intelligent men with hundreds of billions of dollars at their disposal to corrupt the system -- and with the protection of the mass media --can't be stopped by governmental action. Individual Jewish gangsters will be arrested, and have been arrested in the past, but the sort of decisive action needed to stop Jewish crime cold will not be taken.

My second comment is that the Jewish Mafiya does not operate in a vacuum. It operates within the Jewish community as a whole. It operates with the support of the Jewish establishment, from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith to Hollywood and the New York Times. It also operates with the support of the Christian establishment, from Billy Graham up to the Pope. These support groups won't put up a fuss if the FBI arrests a Jewish contract killer or a Jewish extortionist or two now and then, but any realistic effort to stamp out the whole kehillah will have all of the support groups screaming bloody murder. To use other words, what we must deal with is not a criminal problem but a Jewish problem. The problem will be solved only after this fact is generally understood. Meanwhile, the American sheep had better resign themselves to a good fleecing.

09-10-2005, 01:06 PM
<a href="http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v15/v15n4p-8_Weber.html">Simon Wiesenthal: Fraudulent 'Nazi hunter'
by Mark Weber</a>

For more than 40 years, Simon Wiesenthal has been tracking hundreds of "Nazi criminals" from his "Jewish Documentation Center" in Vienna. For his work as the world's most prominent "Nazi hunter," he has been awarded several honorary degrees and numerous medals, including Germany's highest decoration. In a formal White House ceremony in August 1980, a teary-eyed President Carter presented him with a special gold medal awarded by the US Congress. President Reagan praised him in November 1988 as one of the "true heroes" of this century.

This living legend was portrayed in flattering terms by the late Laurence Oliver in the 1978 film fantasy "The Boys From Brazil," and by Ben Kingsley in the 1989 HBO made-for-television movie "Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story." One of world's most prominent Holocaust organizations bears his name: the Simon Wiesenthal Center of Los Angeles.

Wiesenthal's reputation as a moral authority is undeserved. The man whom The Washington Post has called the "Holocaust's Avenging Angel" (1) has a little known but well-documented record of reckless disregard for truth. He has lied about his own wartime experiences, misrepresented his postwar "Nazi-hunting" achievements, and has spread vile falsehoods about alleged German atrocities.
Different stories

Szymon (Simon) Wiesenthal was born on December 31, 1908, in Buczacz, a town in the province of Galicia (now Buchach in Ukraine) in what was then the eastern fringe of the Austro-Hungarian empire. His father was a prosperous wholesale sugar merchant.

In spite of all that has been written about him, just what Wiesenthal did during the war years under German occupation remains unclear. He has given conflicting stories in three separate accounts of his wartime activities. The first was given under oath during a two day interrogation session in May 1948 conducted by an official of the US Nuremberg war crimes commission. (2) The second is a summary of his life provided by Wiesenthal as part of a January 1949 "Application for Assistance" to the International Refugee Committee. (3) And the third account is given in his autobiography, The Murderers Among Us, first published in 1967. (4)
Soviet engineer or factory mechanic?

In his 1948 interrogation, Wiesenthal declared that "between 1939 and 1941" he was a "Soviet chief engineer working in Lvov and Odessa." (5) Consistent with that, he stated in his 1949 declaration that from December 1939 to April 1940 he worked as an architect in the Black Sea port of Odessa. But according to his autobiography, he spent the period between mid-September 1939 and June 1941 in Soviet-ruled Lvov, where he worked "as a mechanic in a factory that produced bedsprings." (6)
'Relative freedom'

After the Germans took control of Galicia province in June 1941, Wiesenthal was interned for a time in the Janowska concentration camp near Lvov, from where he was transferred a few months later to a camp affiliated with the repair works (OAW) in Lvov of the Ostbahn ("Eastern Railroad") of German-ruled Poland. Wiesenthal reported in his autobiography that he worked there "as a technician and draftsman," that he was rather well treated, and that his immediate superior, who was "secretly anti-Nazi," even permitted him to own two pistols. He had his own office in a "small wooden hut," and enjoyed "relative freedom and was permitted to walk all over the yards." (7)
Partisan fighter?

The next segment of Wiesenthal's life -- from October 1943 to June 1944 -- is the most obscure, and his accounts of this period are contradictory. During his 1948 interrogation, Wiesenthal said that he fled from the Janowska camp in Lvov and joined a "partisan group which operated in the Tarnopol-Kamenopodolsk area."8 He said that "I was a partisan from October 6, 1943, until the middle of February 1944," and declared that his unit fought against Ukrainian forces, both of the SS "Galicia" division and of the independent UPA partisan force.9

Wiesenthal said that he held the rank of lieutenant and then major, and was responsible for building bunkers and fortification lines. Although he was not explicit, he suggested that this (supposed) partisan unit was part of the Armia Ludowa ("Peoples Army"), the Polish Communist military force established and controlled by the Soviets.10

He said that he and other partisans slipped into Lvov in February 1944, where they were "hidden by friends of the A.L. ['People's Army'] group." On June 13, 1944, his group was captured by the German Secret Field Police. (Although Jewish partisans caught in hiding were often shot, Wiesenthal reports that he was somehow spared.) Wiesenthal told much the same story in his 1949 statement. He said that he fled from internment in early October 1943 and then "fought against the Germans as a partisan in the forest" for eight months -- from October 2, 1943, to March 1944. After that, he was "in hiding" in Lvov from March to June 1944.

Wiesenthal tells a totally different story in his 1967 autobiography. He reports there that after escaping from the Ostbahn Repair Works on Oct. 2, 1943, he lived in hiding in the houses of various friends until June 13, 1944, when he was discovered by Polish and German police and returned to a concentration camp. He makes no mention of any partisan membership or activity.11

According to both his 1948 interrogation and his 1967 autobiography, he tried to commit suicide on June 15, 1944, by cutting his wrists. Remarkably, though, he was saved from death by German SS doctors and recovered in an SS hospital.12 He remained in the Lvov concentration camp "with double rations" for a time, and then, he reports in his autobiography, he was transferred to various work camps. He spent the remaining chaotic months, until the end of the war, in different camps until he was liberated from Mauthausen (in Austria) by American forces on May 5, 1945.13

Did Wiesenthal invent a past as a heroic wartime partisan? Or did he later try to suppress his record as a Communist fighter? Or is the true story altogether different -- and too shameful to admit?
'Nazi agent'?

Did Wiesenthal voluntarily work for his wartime oppressors? That's the accusation leveled by Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, himself of Jewish ancestry and leader for many years of his country's Socialist Party. During an interview with foreign journalists in 1975, Kreisky charged Wiesenthal with using "Mafia methods," rejected his pretense of "moral authority," and suggested that he was an agent for the German authorities. Some of his more pertinent remarks, which appeared in Austria's leading news magazine Profil, include:14

I really know Mr. Wiesenthal only from secret reports, and they are bad, very nasty. I say this as Federal Chancellor ... And I say that Mr. Wiesenthal had a different relationship with the Gestapo than I did. Yes, and this can be proven. I can't say more [now]. Everything else, I'll say in court.

My relationship with the Gestapo is unambiguous. I was their prisoner, their inmate, and I was interrogated. His relationship was a different one, I can say, and this will come out clearly. It's bad enough what I've already said here. But he can't clear himself by charging me with defaming his honor in the press, as he might wish. It's not that simple, because that would mean a big court case ... A man like this doesn't have the right to pretend to be a moral authority. That's what I say. He doesn't have the right ...

Whether a man who, in my view, is an agent, yes, that's right, and who uses Mafia methods ... Such a man has to go ...

He is no gentleman, and I would say, to make this clear, so that he won't become a moral authority, because he is not ... He shouldn't pretend to be a moral authority ...

I say that Mr. Wiesenthal lived in that time in the Nazi sphere of influence without being persecuted. Right? And he lived openly without being persecuted, right? Is that clear? And you perhaps know, if you know what was going on, that no one could risk that.

He wasn't a "submarine" ... that is, submerged and in hiding, but instead, he was completely in the open without having to, well, ever risk persecution. I think that's enough. There were so many opportunities to be an agent. He didn't have to be a Gestapo agent. There were many other services.

In response to these damning words, Wiesenthal began efforts to bring a lawsuit against the Chancellor. Eventually, though, both Wiesenthal and Kreisky backed away from a major legal clash.
Mauthausen myths

Before he became famous as a "Nazi hunter," he made a name for himself as a propagandist. In 1946 Wiesenthal published KZ Mauthausen, an 85-page work that consists mainly of his own amateurish sketches purporting to represent the horrors of the Mauthausen concentration camp. One drawing depicts three inmates who had been bound to posts and brutally put to death by the Germans.15

The sketch is completely phony. It was copied -- with some minor alterations -- from photographs that appeared in Life magazine in 1945, which graphically record the firing-squad execution in December 1944 of three German soldiers who had been caught operating as spies behind the lines during the "Battle of the Bulge."16 The source of the Wiesenthal drawing is instantly obvious to anyone who compares it with the Life photos.17

The irresponsible character of this book is also shown by Wiesenthal's extensive citation therein of the supposed "death bed confession" of Mauthausen Commandant Franz Ziereis, according to which four million were gassed to death with carbon monoxide at the nearby Hartheim satellite camp.18 This claim is totally absurd, and no serious Holocaust historian still accepts it.19 Also according to the Ziereis "confession" cited by Wiesenthal, the Germans supposedly killed another ten million people in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.20 In fact, this fraudulent "confession" was obtained by torture.21

Years later, Wiesenthal was still lying about Mauthausen. In a 1983 interview with the daily newspaper USA Today, he said of his experience in Mauthausen: "I was one of 34 prisoners alive out of 150,000 who had been put there."22 This is a blatant falsehood. The years have apparently not been kind to Wiesenthal's memory, because in his own autobiography he wrote that "almost 3,000 prisoners died in Mauthausen after the Americans liberated us on May 5, 1945."23 Another former inmate, Evelyn Le Chene, reported in her standard work about Mauthausen that there were 64,000 inmates in the camp when it was liberated in May 1945.24 And according to the Encyclopaedia Judaica, at least 212,000 inmates survived internment in the Mauthausen camp complex.25

After the war Wiesenthal worked for the US Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner of the CIA) and the US Army's Counter-Intelligence Corps (CIC). He was also vice chairman of the Jewish Central Committee in the US occupation zone of Austria.26
'Human soap'

Wiesenthal has given circulation and credence to one of the most scurrilous Holocaust stories, the charge that the Germans manufactured soap from the corpses of murdered Jews. According to this tale, the letters "RIF" in bars of German-made soap allegedly stood for "Pure Jewish Fat" ("Rein judisches Fett"). In reality, the initials stood for "National Center for Industrial Fat Provisioning" ("Reichstelle fur industrielle Fettversorgung").27

Wiesenthal promoted the "human soap" legend in articles published in 1946 in the Austrian Jewish community paper Der Neue Weg ("The New Path"). In an article entitled "RIF," he wrote: "The terrible words 'transport for soap' were first heard at the end of 1942. It was in the [Polish] General Government, and the factory was in Galicia, in Belzec. From April 1942 until May 1943, 900,000 Jews were used as raw material in this factory." After the corpses were turned into various raw materials, Wiesenthal wrote, "The rest, the residual fat stuff, was used for soap production."

He continued: "After 1942 people in the General Government knew quite well what the RIF soap meant. The civilized world may not believe the joy with which the Nazis and their women in the General Government thought of this soap. In each piece of soap they saw a Jew who had been magically put there, and had thus been prevented from growing into a second Freud, Ehrlich or Einstein."28

In another imaginative article published in 1946 entitled "Belzec Soap Factory," Wiesenthal alleged that masses of Jews were exterminated in electrocution showers:29

The people, pressed together and driven on by the SS, Latvians and Ukrainians, go through the open door into the "bath." Five hundred persons could fit at a time. The floor of the "bath chamber" was made of metal and shower heads hung from the ceiling. When the room was full, the SS turned on the 5,000 volts of electric current in the metal plate. At the same time water poured from the shower heads. A short scream and the execution was over. An SS chief physician named Schmidt determined through a peep hole that the victims were dead. The second door was opened and the "corpse commando" came in and quickly removed the dead. It was ready for the next 500.

Today no serious historian accepts the stories that Jewish corpses were manufactured into bars of soap or that Jews were electrocuted to death at Belzec (or anywhere).

Wiesenthal's imaginative view of history is not limited to the twentieth century. In his 1973 book Sails of Hope, he argued that Christopher Columbus was a secret Jew, and that his famous voyage to the western hemisphere in 1492 was actually a search for a new homeland for Europe's Jews.30

Wiesenthal is not always wrong, of course. In 1975 and again in 1993 he publicly acknowledged that "there were no extermination camps on German soil."31 He thus implicitly conceded that the claims made at the postwar Nuremberg Tribunal and elsewhere that Buchenwald, Dachau and other camps in Germany proper were "extermination camps" are not true.
'Fabrications' about Eichmann

In more than 40 years of "Nazi hunting," Wiesenthal's role in locating and capturing Adolf Eichmann is often considered his greatest achievement.32 (Eichmann headed the wartime SS Jewish affairs department. He was kidnapped by Israeli agents in Argentina in May 1960 and hanged in Jerusalem after a trial that received worldwide media attention.)

But Isser Harel, the Israeli official who headed the team that seized Eichmann, has declared unequivocally that Wiesenthal had "absolutely nothing" to do with the capture. (Harel is a former head of both the Mossad and Shin Bet, Israel's foreign and domestic security agencies.)33

Wiesenthal not only "had no role whatsoever" in the apprehension, said Harel, but in fact he endangered the entire Eichmann operation. In a 278-page manuscript, Harel carefully refuted every claim by Wiesenthal about his supposed role in identifying and capturing Eichmann. Claims by Wiesenthal and his many friends about his supposedly crucial role in capturing the former SS officer, said Harel, have no foundation in fact. Many specific assertions and incidents described in two books by Wiesenthal, said the Israeli official, are "complete fabrications."34

"Wiesenthal's reports and statements at that period prove beyond any doubt that he had no notion of Eichmann's whereabouts," said Harel.35 (For example, just before Eichmann's capture in Argentina, Wiesenthal was placing him in Japan and Saudi Arabia.)36

Characterizing Wiesenthal as a rank opportunist, Harel summed up: "All the information supplied by Wiesenthal before and in anticipation of the [Eichmann] operation was utterly worthless, and sometimes even misleading and of negative value."37
Reckless charges in Walus case

One of Wiesenthal's most spectacular cases involved a Polish-born Chicago man named Frank Walus. In a letter dated December 10, 1974, he charged that Walus "delivered Jews to the Gestapo" in Czestochowa and Kielce in Poland during the war. This letter prompted a US government investigation and legal action.38 The Washington Post dealt with the case in a 1981 article entitled "The Nazi Who Never Was: How a witch hunt by judge, press and investigators branded an innocent man a war criminal." The lengthy piece, which was copyrighted by the American Bar Association, reported:39

In January 1977, the United States government accused a Chicagoan named Frank Walus of having committed atrocities in Poland during World War II.

In the following years, this retired factory worker went into debt in order to raise more than $60,000 to defend himself. He sat in a courtroom while eleven Jewish survivors of the Nazi occupation of Poland testified that they saw him murder children, an old woman, a young woman, a hunchback and others ...

Overwhelming evidence shows that Walus was not a Nazi War criminal, that he was not even in Poland during World War II.

... In an atmosphere of hatred and loathing verging on hysteria, the government persecuted an innocent man. In 1974, Simon Wiesenthal, the famous "Nazi hunter" of Vienna, denounced Walus as "a Pole in Chicago who performed duties with the Gestapo in the ghettos of Czestochowa and Kielce and handed over a number of Jews to the Gestapo."

The Chicago weekly newspaper Reader also reported on the case in a detailed 1981 article headlined: "The Persecution of Frank Walus: To Catch a Nazi: The U.S. government wanted a war criminal. So, with the help of Simon Wiesenthal, the Israeli police, the local press and Judge Julius Hoffman, they invented one."40 The article stated:

... It is logical to assume that the "reports received by Wiesenthal [against Walus] actually were rumors... In other words, Simon Wiesenthal had no evidence against Walus. He denounced him anyway.

While [Judge] Hoffman had the Walus case under advisement, Holocaust aired on television. During the same period, in April 1978, Simon Wiesenthal came to Chicago, where he gave interviews taking credit for the Walus case. "How Nazi-Hunter Helped Find Walus," was the Sun-Times headline on a story by Bob Olmstead. Wiesenthal told Sun-Times Abe Peck that he "has never had a case of mistaken identity." "I know there are thousands of people who wait for my mistake," he said.

It was only after an exhausting legal battle that the man who was vilified and physically attacked as "the butcher of Kielce" was finally able to prove that he had spent the war years as a peaceful farm laborer in Germany. Frank Walus died in August 1994, a broken and bitterly disappointed man, man.

Wiesenthal's recklessness in the Walus case should have been enough to permanently discredit him as a reliable investigator. But his Teflon reputation survived even this.
Wrong about Mengele

Much of the Wiesenthal myth is based on his hunt for Joseph Mengele, the wartime physician at Auschwitz known as the "Angel of Death." Time and time again, Wiesenthal claimed to be close on Mengele's heels. Wiesenthal reported that his informants had "seen" or "just missed" the elusive physician in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Greece, and half a dozen locations in Paraguay.41

One of the closest shaves came in the summer of 1960. Wiesenthal reported that Mengele had been hiding out on a small Greek island, from where he escaped by just a few hours. Wiesenthal continued to peddle this story, complete with precise details, even after a reporter whom he had hired to check it out informed him that the tale was false from beginning to end.42

According to another Wiesenthal report, Mengele arranged for the murder in 1960 of one of his former victims, a woman he had supposedly sterilized in Auschwitz. After spotting her, and her distinctive camp tattoo, at a hotel in Argentina where he was staying, Mengele allegedly arranged to have her killed because he feared that she would expose him. It turned out that the woman was never in a concentration camp, had no tattoo, had never met Mengele, and her death was a simple mountaineering accident.43

Mengele regularly dined at the finest restaurants in Asuncion, the Paraguayan capital, Wiesenthal said in 1977, and supposedly drove around the city with a bevy of armed guards in his black Mercedes Benz.44

Wiesenthal announced in 1985 that he was "100 percent sure" that Mengele had been hiding out in Paraguay until at least June 1984, and charged that the Mengele family in Germany knew exactly where. As it turned out, Wiesenthal was completely wrong. It was later definitively established that Mengele had died in 1979 in Brazil, where he had been living for years in anonymous poverty.45

Israel's ambassador to Paraguay from 1968 to 1972, Benjamin (Benno) Varon, remarked in 1983 on the Mengele campaign: "Wiesenthal makes periodic statements that he is about to catch him, perhaps since Wiesenthal must raise funds for his activities and the name Mengele is always good for a plug." Wiesenthal "failed miserably" in the Mengele case, the diplomat said on another occasion.46 In the Mengele case, former Mossad chief Harel remarked, "Wiesenthal's folly borders on the criminal."47

In truth, the bulging Mengele file in Wiesenthal's Vienna "Documentation Center" was such a jumble of useless information that, in the words of the London Times, it "only sustained his self-confirmatory myths and gave scant satisfaction to those who apparently needed a definitive answer to Mengele's fate."48

In the considered view of Gerald Posner and John Ware, coauthors of Mengele: The Complete Story, Wiesenthal spent years assiduously cultivating a mythical "self-image of a tireless, dogged sleuth, pitted against the omnipotent and sinister might of Mengele and a vast Nazi network." Because of his "knack of playing to the gallery," Posner and Ware concluded, Wiesenthal "ultimately compromised his credibility."49
'Incompetence and arrogance'

Eli Rosenbaum, an official with the US government's "Nazi hunting" Office of Special Investigations and an investigator for the World Jewish Congress, took aim at Wiesenthal's carefully cultivated "Nazi hunter" reputation in a detailed 1993 book, Betrayal.50 For example, Rosenbaum mentioned, Wiesenthal "had all these reports placing Mengele in almost every country in Latin America except the one he was in -- namely, Brazil."51

Wiesenthal, wrote Rosenbaum, has been a "pathetically ineffective" investigator who had "gone far beyond the buffoonery and false boasts in prior years." Much of his illustrious career, Rosenbaum said, has been characterized by "incompetence and arrogance."52

Bruno Kreisky once summed up his attitude towards the "Nazi hunter" in these words:53

The engineer Wiesenthal, or whatever else his title is, hates me because he knows that I despise his activity. The Wiesenthal group is a quasi-political Mafia that works against Austria with disgraceful methods. Wiesenthal is known as someone who isn't very careful about the truth, who is not very selective about his methods and who uses tricks. He pretends to be the "Eichmann hunter," even though everyone knows that this was the work of a secret service, and that Wiesenthal only takes credit for that.

'Commercializing' the Holocaust

The Los Angeles Wiesenthal Center pays the Vienna "Nazi Hunter" $75,000 a year for the use of his name, the director of Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust center said in 1988.

Both the Center and Wiesenthal "commercialize" and "trivialize" the Holocaust, the director added.

Wiesenthal "threw out" the figure of "11 million who were murdered in the Holocaust -- six million Jews and five million non-Jews," said the Yad Vashem official. When asked why he gave these figures, Wiesenthal replied: "The gentiles will not pay attention if we do not mention their victims, too." Wiesenthal "chose 'five million (gentiles)' because he wanted a 'diplomatic' number, one that told of a large number of gentile victims but in no way was larger than that of Jews ..."54

"What Wiesenthal and the Los Angeles Center that bears his name do is to trivialize the Holocaust," commented The Jewish Press, a weekly that claims to be the largest-circulation English-language Jewish community paper in America.

In recent years Wiesenthal has been concerned about the growing impact of Holocaust revisionism. In "A Message from Simon Wiesenthal" published by the Center that bears his name, he said: "Today, when I see the rise of antisemitism here in Europe ... the popularity of Le Pen, of David Duke, of the Holocaust revisionists, then I am convinced more than ever about the need for our new [Wiesenthal Center] Beit Hashoah-Museum of Tolerance" in Los Angeles.55

Wiesenthal is often asked why he does not forgive those who persecuted Jews half a century ago. His stock answer is that although he has the right to forgive for himself, he does not have the right to forgive on behalf of others.56 On the basis of this sophistical logic, though, neither does he have the right to accuse and track down anyone in the name of others. Wiesenthal has never confined his "hunt" to those who victimized him personally.
'Driven by hatred'

It is difficult to say just what drives this remarkable man. Is it a craving for fame and praise? Or is he trying to live down a shameful episode from his past?

Wiesenthal clearly enjoys the praise he receives. "He is a man of considerable ego, proud of testimonials and honorary degrees," the Los Angeles Times has reported.57 Bruno Kreisky has given a simpler explanation. He said that Wiesenthal is "driven by hatred."58

In light of his well-documented record of deceit, lies and incompetence, the extravagant praise heaped upon this contemptible man is a sorry reflection of the venal corruptibility and unprincipled self-deception of our age.

(Notes can be found at the original link for the article.)

09-19-2005, 03:41 AM
<a href="http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=6010">Leftists Stage Sick 'Tours' of Marxist Crime Scenes</a>
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-06 16:23:31
Macabre junkets celebrate 'glories' of Communist genocidehttp://www.nationalvanguard.org/images/teaser/kaganovich.jpg

We've heard of sex tourism, where wretched perverts, including child molesters, journey to Eastern Europe and elsewhere to quench their lusts. Now a similar trend has taken hold amongst wealthy Western Marxists.

Sick members of the White-hating far left in Europe and the United States are taking 'tours' of communist and ex-communist hell-holes to revel in the 'glories' of Marxist slavery. Commie Travel operates a travel-guide website and e-store giving tips and advice to those who want to gloat at places that have seen untold suffering due to the ideology red tourists still espouse.

Find the grey concrete hell of the former East Germany inviting, where one out of three citizens was a police informant? Commie Travel will steer you to all the hot spots. Or how about North Korea, still a Socialist Paradise? Commie Travel enthuses: "Visits to Korea are always very [luxurious]." Unfortunately, Commie Travel isn't too enthused about Red China: "It's hard to call the PRC still a communist country." Same goes for Cambodia, since Pol Pot was overthrown, but Commie Travel has plans in the works to help with visits to the nation where communism killed one-third of the population.

Image: Lazar Kaganovich, Jewish butcher of millions of Ukrainians

Commie Travel may be on to something here. Revolutionary tourism has been popular in Western leftist circles for generations, with tour groups going to the Soviet Union in its hey-day on all-expense-paid junkets to view Potemkin villages and meet pre-screened 'comrades.' And over-fed, privileged US college students still make annual pilgrimages to cut cane in Cuba, free to leave the suffering peasants behind in time for the fall semester.

Commie Travel puts things in perspective:

"Today the world is different. The history has been rewritten and the communist period has been reduced to a black page in the history books. A page to be turned quickly. As if life in Russia under Tsar Nicolas was a cosy happening, Batista in Cuba didn't build the biggest Brothel of the world and Vietnam should be better off as a French colony. There are different attitudes as well. In many countries in Eastern Europe communists are elected in the parliaments. In East-Germany (the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik) a wide range of "Ostalgie" - museums about life in the DDR can be visited. In a Georgian village near Tbilisi the Kunelauri family have erected a private Mausoleum for Stalin. There are many travellers who like to visit places of the communist development. Travellers who won't forget the historical importance of communism. To find these places you have to read a lot of travel guides. And most travel guides don't tell you much about the background of these places. Or they tell you only a few highlights. This internet-site has the ambition to tell about all the existing places with an importance to the left-wing development all over the world. Yet this site is far from complete. Only a few countries and a little background has been documented. We invite everybody to send us information to make this site as complete as possible. In the future we like to make this site inter-active as well."


Hey THIS, maybe the lovely guys at Commie Travel could help you find that beautiful <a href="http://oag.ru/library/hodos/js3-3.html">statue erected in fond memory of Judas/Lucifer in the city of Sviazhsk, Russia</a>? :-x

09-24-2005, 07:23 PM
Can anyone verify this?

<a href="http://www.radioislam.org/judaism/mind.htm">Neo-Communism</a>
(Scroll to the end of the document to find the excerpt below./Draken)

How the Ten Planks of the
were Accomplished in America

Communist Manifesto Plank #1: Abolition of property (rights) in land and application of all rents (taxes) of land to public purposes

Democracy: Zoning, School tax (from Property "rents") Equitable interest in land, no alodial title. No free holders. Accomplished: 14th Amend U.S. Const. 1868. Title 17 health and safety code.

Communist Manifesto Plank #2: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

Democracy: 501 (c)(3) corporate churches/businesses. Income tax - IRS (Title 26) Fed. tax can take up to 88% of income. Social Security. Public Property (state police powers)

Accomplished: 16th Amend U.S. Const. 1913. Social Security Act 1936. JHR 192, 1933

Communist Manifesto Plank #3: Abolition of all right to inheritance.

Democracy: Limited inheritance via inheritance tax.

Accomplished: Estate tax 1916

Communist Manifesto Plank #4: Confiscation of the property of emigrants and rebels.

Democracy: Confiscation of drug-merchant property "War on Drugs" IRS confiscation of private property without due process. RICO Act (Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Organizations) Imprisonment of "terrorist" and those who write or speak against the government.

Accomplished: Public Law 99-570 1986. Established 1970. Sedition Act 1798 also used in 1940's and 1988.

Communist Manifesto Plank #5: Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

Democracy: Federal reserve Banks. All local banks use credit & are members of Fed. reserve System and regulated by the U.S. Govt. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Accomplished: Federal Reserve Act 1913. Federal Reserve Act 1933.

Communist Manifesto Plank #6: Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state.

Democracy: Interstate Commerce Commission. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) US Civil Aeronautics. Federal Aviation Agency (FAA)

Accomplished: ICC Act 1887. The Commissions Act 1934. Est 1938. Est 1958.

Communist Manifesto Plank #7: Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state, the bringing into cultivation of wastelands, and the improvement of the soil generally with a common plan.

Democracy: Anti-trust Acts. Department of Commerce and Labor. Dept. of Agriculture. Dept. of Interior (Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Mines, Nat'l Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service)

Accomplished: Established 1902. Established 1903. Established 1862. Established 1849.

Communist Manifesto Plank #8: Equal liability of all labor (for the National debt). Establishment of industrial armies, especially for Agriculture.

Democracy: "Two income families" because of inflation and National debt. Woman's Suffrage. Affirmative action. Socialist Unions. International Workers of the World (Chicago)

Accomplished: Women in the work place 1920's 19th Amend., U.S. Const. 1920. Civil Rights Act 1964. Established 1869. Established 1905.

Communist Manifesto Plank #9: Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.

Democracy: Farms lost to "the suburbs" and manufacturing/commercialism. Perverted technology/corporate farms. National farmers Alliance and Industrial Union

Accomplished: 1880-1990's (Title 17 "Zoning") Took hold 1910-1990's/ 1870's-1880's.

Communist Manifesto Plank #10: Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form.

Democracy: Sate run, tax financed schools. Socialized/progressive education. Child Labor Act, Pennsylvania. Children now work with State approval. Abolition of private education.

Accomplished: Horace Mann 1837-1848. John Dewey 1870-1910. established 1848.

09-24-2005, 08:21 PM
Just to note...

Have finished reading...

Stalins Folly: The Secret History Of The German Invasion Of Russia, June 1941. Constantine Pleshakov


Hitler came very close to winning the Second World War in June 1941. Despite obvious preparations, his invasion of Russia caught the Red Army by surprise and almost destroyed it in the first ten days. The catastrophe has often been laid at Stalin's door but the true story is only emerging now as secret Russian archives are opened at last. Since 1991 a wealth of hitherto secret Soviet material has become available: cables from Russian spies, Politburo documents, diaries of Stalin's generals and secret police - but they are all in Russian and have not been translated.

Russian historian and novelist Constantine Pleshakov reveals what really happened in the critical first ten days of the greatest land campaign in history; how Stalin massacred his own officers to stay in power; when he planned to attack Germany; and who stepped in when he panicked and fled the Kremlin. From the torture chambers of Stalin's secret police to the inside story of the critical politburo decisions, and the key events at the frontline, this is a major new contribution to the history of the Second World War.

Stalin was poised on the offensive to invade Western Europe. He was to attack in Mid 1942.

Perhaps the role of Hitler will be rewritten now to a more honest accompanyment.

09-24-2005, 09:14 PM
I see Stalin as possibly the only "informed" world leader re the Illuminati, thanks to his Red Symphony intelligence. The rest probably were only "useful idiots" who had some pieces to the puzzle.
I believe that Stalin gave the Illuminati a run for their money for nearly two decades, a cat and mouse game. Hitler may have been a pawn in that game, provoked to attack Russia in order to circumvent Stalin's own initiative.

09-30-2005, 10:52 AM
see kid, its the same thing. you are a useless elitist twit who believes hes "educated" out of the "false left right" and at the same time arguing that corporatism and communism arent actually the same fundamental ideology. why is that? HAHA thats because you are deeply entrenched in the false paradigm you pretend to dispute.
Hey Nay palm Man I think youve been watching Apcalypse Now, Hamburger Hill and Platoon one too many times try the Marine sargent drill somewhere else asshole since I am not in any military unit you havent earnt my respect oh well back to your high brass fantasy land, location couch HQ in suburban living room amongst pizza boxes and bud bottles!.

By the way I am an adult male your addressing.
The example you decided to attack was more of a religious statment than a political one it is suppose to look rich in irony that was no accident.The point i was trying to make is Humanity isnt perfect.However apprently like so many other conceited superegos you happen to believe you are infallible without human frailty!.

You can make all the presumptions you like Americans like you are always so conceitedly right, I suppose that is why your empire is screwed up whether due to natural disasters that just cant be handled or by being bogged down in foreign wars you will Never win!. Remeber vietnam you fat american lard ass you lost it get it LOST THE WAR! like you will lose in Iraq!.

And by the way what makes you presume i am on your side!Draken and a few others here from the past already now I am not on their side.However this doesnt seem to exclude me from debating here.I think cc needs a few enimas like myself as too many posters here seem to be just repeating each other ad finitum in a manner which is a tad predictable i think.
After all what is the point of a forum if no opposing arguments are posted you should be grateful for the opposition!.

CC has never made its ideological position clear especially not to someone from Australia like myself that does not use the same political terms as someone from the US so my confusion about some of you here only continues to grow!. :-? :roll:

10-01-2005, 06:46 AM
:roll: By the way Goose stepping stazi have yet to pound on my door and tell me my home and car are now state property!.
Talk of laissez faire and Privatisation are everywhere in the great southern land Telstra has just been sold off and Industrial relations laws will soon mean that employees have zilch in terms of job security and conditions in the future yes i can see those yellow hordes from the north and overhead MIGs with dollar signs inside red stars coming anyway despite the best efforts of our Economic Priests and Business councils to out compete the Yellow tide from the North on the issue of monkey feed for shit kickers. :roll: :lol:

10-20-2005, 02:49 AM
Communism Dead?

<a href="http://www.darrenweeks.net/documents/mccarthy/acceptedasfact.html">Senator Joseph McCarthy's Charges 'now accepted as fact'</a>

By Jon Basil Utley
WorldNetDaily | February 8, 2000

WASHINGTON -- Although Joseph McCarthy was one of the most demonized American politicians of the last century, new information -- including half-century-old FBI recordings of Soviet embassy conversations -- are showing that McCarthy was right in nearly all his accusations.

"With Joe McCarthy it was the losers who've written the history which condemns him," said Dan Flynn, director of Accuracy in Academia's recent national conference on McCarthy, broadcast by C-SPAN.

Using new information obtained from studies of old Soviet files in Moscow and now the famous Vanona Intercepts -- FBI recordings of Soviet embassy communications between 1944-48 -- the record is showing that McCarthy was essentially right. He had many weaknesses, but almost every case he charged has now been proven correct. Whether it was stealing atomic secrets or influencing U.S. foreign policy, communist victories in the 1940s were fed by an incredibly vast spy and influence network.

The conference, a gathering of old McCarthyites and younger scholars, commemorated the senator's first speech, in Wheeling, West Virginia 50 years ago, when he first held up a list of names of employees of the State Department whom, he said, were major security risks. McCarthy questioned how, in six short years after America's winning of World War II, the communist world was triumphant and had expanded to include 800 million people.

Of the lists, a key one consisted of 108 names from a House Appropriations Committee report, of persons declared as "security risks" in the State Department -- the Lee List. The House committee chairman had complained that State wasn't bothering to do anything about the suspects. Details of the list and its accusations were presented at the conference.

Speakers detailed many of the cover-ups used to smear McCarthy. Veteran journalist and teacher Stan Evans, director of National Journalism Center, told of the Tydings Committee, which had investigated McCarthy's charges of communists in government. Its report had exonerated everybody. Among the accused it stated categorically that there was no evidence against Owen Lattimore, a man McCarthy said was a major figure in the communist conspiracy.

Lattimore had been Roosevelt's key advisor on China policy. Yet Evans showed evidence from 5,000 pages of FBI files on him -- files released only a few years ago to the public, although the White House had access to them.

However, evidence before the committee showed that Lattimore had supported Soviet policy at every turn, even declaring that the Stalin purge trials in Russia, "sound like democracy to me." With then-Vice President Henry Wallace in Russia, Lattimore compared concentration camps to the Tennessee Valley Authority, and later urged Washington to abandon China to communism and to withdraw from Japan and Korea. FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, who had fed information to McCarthy, broke with him afterwards, fearing McCarthy would prejudice FBI sources of information for its criminal prosecutions.

Although most of McCarthy's cases involved actual spies and "security risks," the really important issue was that of communist influence over American foreign policy, argued Evans. Harry Hopkins, Roosevelt's closest advisor who lived in the White House, had regular contacts with Soviet intelligence. He helped bring about the disastrous Yalta and Pottsdam agreements. The Morganthau Plan, to prevent German reconstruction and starve the Germans to make them desperate enough to go communist, was the product of Laughlin Currie and Harry Dexter White at the Treasury Department. The abandonment of Chiang Kai-shek by denying military support was the product of "China Hands" led by John Stewart Service, John Patton Davies, and Lattimore. Evans described other major spy networks -- in England, the Burgess Maclean group which infiltrated Washington as well as London.

Reed Irvine, chairman of Accuracy in Media, told how he himself had been a leftist in his early career. He had been against McCarthy, but McCarthy's speeches had made him think and start to read "evidence that I had avoided." He described how all during his military career as a Marine officer and later in Japan with the U.S. occupation he had never hidden his leftist views and later had even been offered a job at the CIA. Irvine argued that real communists were only in the hundreds, but that thousands of leftists, such as he, all feared McCarthy and had wanted him discredited.

Pulling all the latest evidence together was luncheon speaker Professor Arthur Herman. His new book, "Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy of America's Most Hated Senator," and featured in the Sunday New York Times Magazine, shows the vindication of most of McCarthy's charges. Herman, who is also coordinator of the Smithsonian's Western Heritage Program, said that the accuracy of McCarthy's charges "was no longer a matter of debate," that they are "now accepted as fact." However, the term "McCarthyism" still remains in the language.

Asked whether McCarthy had understood all the forces arrayed against him, Herman said no, that McCarthy hadn't realized he'd be fighting against much of the Washington establishment. President Truman was fearful that exposures would reflect on key Democrat officials, he said, and big media and the academic world were very leftist, a heritage of the Depression and World War II. High government officials also feared investigations of their past appointments and associations with people who turned out to be communists or sympathizers.

That was the reason McCarthy was so demonized, he said.

Joe McCarthy had been a Marine air gunner, an amateur boxer, a county judge and towards his end, under constant attack, he began to drink heavily. Herman said he certainly was over his head and his fall came about after sweeping attacks on General Marshall and the Army. Senator Taft and other key supporters began to draw away from him.

If Robert Kennedy, his competent and well-connected co-counsel, had stayed on, McCarthy might have behaved more carefully, said Herman. An argument with other co-counsel Roy Cohn left Cohn in charge, but Cohn and staffer David Schine were disastrous for McCarthy. Still, McCarthy's original charges helped bring about Eisenhower's electoral victory and the defeat of the Democrats and key leftist Democratic senators such as Tydings of Maryland. Four years after his original charges, Joe McCarthy was censured by the Senate and died shortly thereafter.

On the evening of May 1, 1957, while convalescing from a bout of hepatitis at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, the courageous Senator was quietly administered poisonous carbon tetrachloride by persons unknown. (Eight years earlier the CIA had murdered Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, in that same hospital. Forrestal had been working on an expose of Soviet espoinage rings in the Pentagon and treason in the Truman Administration when he was suddenly silenced in 1949).

There is more evidence to come. Herb Rome Stein, another speaker, who started out with the old House Un-American Activities Committee, is writing a book about the Vanona FBI intercepts and their links to other evidence from his comprehensive study in Russia of Soviet archives, made available to Westerners since the fall of communism. His book, The Vanona Secrets, will be released by Regnery Gateway this fall.

© 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

10-20-2005, 02:57 AM
Cactus Island yesterday made me LOL.

Howard is explaining how he fixed health care, and Industrial Relations, then explains that he's going to fix weights and measures, by moving forward to miles and gallons.

"George said it makes more sense"

05-20-2012, 04:38 AM
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